DIPOLESUSA MONTHLYCont.FIELD DAYDON’T MISS ITBy Mike N1YKH (LOGO BELOW BY THE ARRL)Field Day is one of the best On AirAmateur Radio activities.More importantly it is the best way forAmateur Radio Operators to flex theirPublic Service and EmergencyPreparedness muscles.So let’s say that you’re a new Ham orsay that you‘ve never participated inthe ARRL Field Day Exercise. This yearshould be the year you to try it out.Were to start, If you belong to a club,check to see if they are running a FieldDay Site. If they are not or if you’re nota member of a local club, check out thelink below to see the ARRL’s Field Daysite Locator.You’ll find information on sites nearyou along with contact info for that FDsites planners.CLICK HERE FOR THE LOCATORNow for some ARRL Field Day basics.ARRL Field Day is always held onthe 4th full weekend in June. Anastounding 40,000 hams in North America exercise their abilities to set up temporary transmitting stations in publicplaces to demonstrate ham radio. FieldDay sites can also be located in a backyard, an EOC, or a home. The first FieldDay was back in 1933 and it brags as being the most popular event in ham radio.This years Field Day will be held on June25th and 26th.So are you going to Field Day 2022?If you have been looking forward to itsince packing up from last year’s FD youmost likely have already started planning months ago with your club orgroup. For newcomers you may be reading this saying “YES I want to participate”! Just use the locator and send anemail to whomever’s the contact for theFD site you’re interested in going to thisyear. Let them know you want to comeand what your level of participation willbe. For example “This is Mike N1YKHand I would like to participate in FieldDay at your site. I have HF and contestexperience.” I think they’ll be thrilled toget the extra help. Maybe you just wantto attended to observe, fine. Maybe getsome training on Emergency Operations,Great! They’ll be glad you’re coming.Let’s look at some of the benefits of FD.Besides meeting people with the sameinterests and great food, it’s HAM fun!Continued top rightContinued next pageVOLUME TWO ISSUE FIVEPAGE TWO

DIPOLESUSA MONTHLYContinued from previous PageField Day 2022Hidden BenefitsNot only is it fun, you can expanded onwhat you already know.Cont be able to have an experienced HF operatorat your side. They would love to show youhow to log a contact, spin the VFO for a newcontact, or if you prefer, just sit back towatch, listen and learn.If you are a licensed Technician or aperson without an Amateur Radio license, you’re going to love this, Youcan operate on all the bands that theclub license is granted. That's right, nonHAMS are allowed to “Get On The Air”.This is usually a special tent or positionfor non HAMS. It’s designated as theG.O.T.A Station. There’ll be a licensedoperator manning the G.O.T.A andlooking forward to seeing you. Whywould they be excited to see you? Thepoints for sure, but mostly your interest in their hobby, which I believe is thebest hobby you could have, and a greatway to keep your mind sharp by learning new skills.Hopefully after reading this, if you wereon the fence about getting to a Field Day sitenow you’re ready to tune up at a local FieldDay. I put a few links below to the ARRL’swebsite. If you’re not a link follower justsearch the internet for ARRL Field Day andyou’ll find The ARRL Site. Hope to hear you onthe air.Now for you Technicians that want tosee what all the fuss is about with HFoperations, here’s your chance to experience HF. Another benefit is you’llARRL FIELD DAY 2022 RULESContinued top rightPlease send me an email [email protected] your Field Day Plans or a great FieldDay Memory. If your in New England see ifyou can find me on the ARRL Field Day Locator and let me know if you want to check outour FD 2022 Site. 73 MikeARRL FIELD DAY MAIN SITEARRL FIELD DAY LOCATORField Day 2018I ordered a cake withthe ARRL Field DayLogo for 2018.The cake was great.FD is usually a PotLuck Just anotherreason to go andenjoy.What a typical G.O.T.A. Station might look likewhen you visit.VOLUME TWO ISSUE FIVEPAGE THREE

DIPOLESUSA MONTHLYMORE PAST FIELD DAYPICTURESN3FJP SOFTWARERULES FIELD DAYOne of our goals at DipolesUSA is to promoteHAM radio. In 1997 or so I came across a few linesin QST where the ARRL mentioned Scott N3FJPand his Amateur Radio Software. I checked it outand have been a customer ever since. For a onetime payment you get your Logging and Contestsoftware with lifetime upgrades. N3FJP is constantly adding some new and fun feature to makehis HAM radio software even better. I asked Scottif I could use one of his many articles from hiswebsite and share his software.N3FJP’s ARRL Sections MapAbove is just another example ofN3FJP’s professionism. Another reason I look forwarded to Getting on theAir when using Scott’s software. Thesoftware is easy to setup and will giveyou a free trial up to so many contacts.Check it out atN3FJP's Amateur Radio SoftwareVOLUME TWO ISSUE FIVEPAGE FOUR


DIPOLESUSA MONTHLYSpotlight on our T3FDBUILT TO LASTWild Summer Storms are in theforecast. Let’s look at some of thedesign characteristics that makethe Dipoles USA T3FD one of thebest antennas when it comes tosurvivability.CONTINUED “BUILT TO LAST”have a 10 year warranty for UV exposure due to the coating appliedat the factory, and they're AmericanMade!Dipoles USA also offers our T3FDAntennas in high strength stainless steel cable for EOC and Military deployment. Contact us for acustom quote today.THE WINNER ISThe picture above shows the T3FDCenter Supports that the Over Supportropes threads through. In the picture below you get a full view of the Over Support Rope. The longer the antenna themore of these you can add. Maybe youget high winds frequently, We’ll custombuild your T3FD to your needs. The extra center supports would connect toany or all of the spacers. Rememberthese spacers are made using non splintering fiberglass, CONTINUED TOP RIGHTK K in TexasHe WON A DIPOLES USABASEBALL CAPIn closing the June 2022 Dipoles USA Newsletter wewould like to thank you all. You have either supportedDipoles USA in the past or have recently found us at alocal hamfest, attached to the ARRL monthly Newsletter,or were referred by a fellow Ham. This months promocode can be found atPROMO CODES - DIPOLESUSA.COMBUT, We know that not everyone enjoys newsletters sentto their in box ,so please use the unsubscribe link. Youwill still have access to the newsletter at DipolesUSA.combut will miss out on the latest promo codes and giveaways.Newsletters can be accessed here:NEWSLETTERS - DIPOLESUSA.COM73 LeeAnn K1YKH and Mike N1YKHMy Field Day 2022, That’ll be in our next Newsletter. 73Mike N1YKHVOLUME TWO ISSUE FIVEPAGE SIX

N3FJP SOFTWARE RULES FIELD DAY One of our goals at DipolesUSA is to promote HAM radio. In 1997 or so I came across a few lines in QST where the ARRL mentioned Scott N3FJP and his Amateur Radio Software. I checked it out and have been a customer ever since. For a one time payment you get your Logging and ontest software with lifetime upgrades.