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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI take this occasion to thank God, almighty for blessing me with his graceand taking our endeavour to a successful Culmination. I extend mysincere and heartfelt thanks to my esteemed guide, Mr.V. Damodaran,for providing me with theright guidance and advice at the crucial juncturesand for showing me the right way. I extend my sincere thanks to myrespected Head of the division Mr.Pramod Pavithran, for allowing me touse the facilities available. I would like to thank the other faculty membersalso at this occasion. Last but not the least, I would like to thank myfriends and family for the support and encouragement they have given meduring the course of this work.Rameez E.ASreejesh.P.VNijin Raj.AYaseen Ashraf.U.T

ABSTRACTOur project basically manages the ticket booking process of amultiplex, providing an interface to the user to book movie tickets ina more easy way. At the front end we have used PHP and at theback end My SQL server. The project proceeds through a sequenceof well-designed forms provided with validations to ensureconsistency, reliability and most importantly correctness ofinformation fed into the database.i

LIST OF FIGURESFig 2.1Internet Booking5Fig 3.2.1ER Diagram13Fig 3.3.1Data flow Diagram14Fig 3.3.2Activity Diagram 115Fig 3.3.3Activity Diagram 216Fig 4.1Home Page20Fig 4.2Ticket booking page21Fig 4.3User login22Fig 4.4Admin login23Fig 4.5Admin control24ii

LIST OF TABLESTable 5.1 Test Number 126Table 5.2 Test Number 227iii



Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemChapter 1INTRODUCTION1.1 OBJECTIVESCinema-going is one of the most popular out-of-home cultural activities, affectinga serious of social, economic and cultural phenomena in modern societies.Cinemas are considered to be an integral part of cities and they contribute to thedefinition of a local geography and identity. They also contribute to thepreservation of the collective memory, since they constitute a significant socialand cultural practice linked to a specific place, which acts as a commonreference or landmark for many individuals.Through this project we present a comprehensive solution for ticket booking inmultiplexes. Theater management system, an online ticket selling software that iseasy to understand, easy to use and offers the simplicity of fast point-and-clickservice to the customers.This powerful software program is specifically designed for theater owners,to sell tickets online. This intuitive visual interface makes day-to-day aspects ofselling, exchanging, refunding, and reporting fast and easy for both the user andadministrators. Theater management controls all back-end functionalities like,movie details, ticket rate and show time, customer information and sales historysaved in a database, etc. Theater admin manages the report details like counterwise report, daily, weekly, monthly report and movie report etc.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE1

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System1.2 LIMITATIONSOur project has the following limitations:1. In this system the customer will not select seat number. The authorizedpeople in this process will be the employee who works at the cinema.2. In this system the customer can book the tickets only for the present day.Advanced booking for the upcoming movies (2 or 3 months before themovie is released) is not included but can be included later.3. Also, a printing system will not be in this project. In future, a ticket printingsystem can be integrated.4. The customers who have booked the tickets must reach the multiplex 30minutes prior to the show time or else ticket will get cancelled.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE2

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemCHAPTER 2STUDY OF EXISTING SYSTEMFor studying the existing system on ticket booking, we conducted a case studyon a major ticket booking venture present today in India.2.1 A case study on KVR Cinemas:An Online Ordering, Payment And Loyalty Management Solution For KrishnaVillage Roadshow (KVR) CinemasKVR Cinemas has broken many national records in field of cinema exhibition.Their theatres, the first chains of multiplexes in the country, boast of the highestbox office collections in India for 5 consecutive years. The cumulative admissionstill date have exceeded more than 6 million movie goers.KVR Cinemas is a brand name synonymous with state-of-the-art cinemaexhibition in India. It started operations as a joint venture between KrishnaExhibitors and Village Roadshow Pictures, one of the world’s largest mediadistribution conglomerates. KVR Cinemas specializes in developing andoperating state-of-the-art Multiplexes and has been a pioneer in multiplexdevelopment by setting up India's first - KVR Anupam 4, at Saket in city of Delhi.Over the last three years, KVR Cinemas has established itself as a very strongbrand associated with movies, quality exhibition, food and youth targetedpromotions. The company presently has 4 multiplex theatres with 12 screens inthe city of Delhi with another 7 screen theatre under construction in city ofDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE3

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemGurgaon, which is the fastest growing suburb in India. By attracting a recordnumber of urban middle & upper income consumers to the complex, majornational & international brands - have opened their outlets in the multiplexes,making KVR the destination for complete family entertainment.SituationFaced with an increasing number of customers standing in long queues outsidetheir theatres, KVR faced the challenge of providing "Customer Delight".Customers desperately wanted a easy way of ordering and paying for theirtickets without the delays and inconvenience of standing in long queues.KVRneeded a mechanism to administer their loyalty program "The KVR Movie Club",as well as provide for other promotional and membership services to helppartners maximize their presence at the multiplexes. KVR Cinemas hadintroduced phone booking but it was not to prove viable, as customers were often"no-shows", leading to un-sold seats. This affected business profits.Solution1. Movie Ticket Booking over the InternetIn response to the KVR Cinemas requirements, we proposed an Ebusinesssolution using Microsoft Platform which would enable movie goers to book theirtickets electronically over the Internet from the comfort of their office or home.With the advent of the modern age, the typical user didn't have enough time tostand in line outside the theaters. The online solution allows users to select theirDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE4

Multiplex Theater Online Booking Systemshows, book and pay for their tickets. This guarantees them a ticket even beforethey arrive at the cinema hall.2. Secure electronic booking through bank payment gatewayCustomers were provided with a convenient option of booking tickets through theInternet via a secure channel using Verisign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and forthe first-time the customers experienced the advantages of an electronic orderingsystem. This feature enabled customers to get confirmed tickets online from theweb site by making payment using their credit card or debit cards. Trisoftintegrated the online transaction seamlessly with the bank Payment GatewayServer.Fig 2.1 Internet bookingDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE5

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemIn order to market the website to the customers and increase thecustomer base for online booking, KVR Cinemas introduced the concept of amovie club for those users who register themselves as members. Once acustomer becomes a member, they are allowed to buy tickets within minutesusing their credit cards and, can participate in contests and win prizes. Memberscan also subscribe to newsletters containing movie-related events and moviecharts.3. Statement of Account and Payment ReconciliationThe application also provides the facility to generate an end-of-month statementof transactions executed by the system. This helps the KVR staff to reconciletheir accounts with the Citibank Payment Gateway and has drastically reducedthe time-consuming process of manual reconciliation.4. The TechnologyThe website runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Microsoft SQL Server2000. It receives more than 200,000 hits a per day and has the capacity to caterto 250 concurrent users at any given time.BenefitsThe movie portal has benefited KVR in many ways out of which a few have beenoutlaid below: Convenient online ticket booking through the Internet, which in turn leadsDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE6

Multiplex Theater Online Booking Systemto more, and repeat customers and shorter queues. Access to information and other movie-related promotional news throughthe newsletters. actionreconciliation at the month end. Online Brand extension by projecting a tech-savvy image, and appealingto Generation Y consumers who spend a lot of time browsing the Internet. The Club Class memberships through the portal have built successful andlasting relationships with customers who are provided with specialservices like contests, loyalty points and redemption against exciting gifts,home delivery of tickets at a nominal cost, online account maintenanceand more.2.2 Proposed SystemWe propose a system which is more reliable, entertaining and easy thanthe present system. Our solution targets those users who do not have spare time to stand inqueue for booking tickets. We propose an easy way of ordering andpaying for the tickets without any delays and inconvenience. The people who book tickets are assured of a ticket before going to thetheater without their physical presence. Customers who book tickets will receive an instant message (m-ticket) inDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE7

Multiplex Theater Online Booking Systemtheir mobile phone. By splashing this m-ticket at the counter of multiplex,the customer can get the physical ticket. The staff at the multiplex no longer needs complicated manual ticketavailability and tracking mechanisms for issuing tickets. The ticketinformation is stored securely in a database which can be accessed anytime for verification.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE8

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemChapter 3DATABASE DESIGNThe database-planning phase begins when a customer requests to develop adatabase project. It is set of tasks or activities, which decide the resourcesrequired in the database development and time limits of different activities.3.1 SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION(SRS)3.1.1 Collection of RequirementsRequirements analysis is done in order to understand the problem, which is tobe solved. That is very important activity for the development of databasesystem. The requirements and the collection analysis phase produce both datarequirements and functional requirements. The data requirements are used as asource of database design. The data requirements should be specified in asdetailed and complete form as possible.In parallel with specifying the data requirements, it is useful to specifythe known functional requirements of the application. These consist of userdefined operations that will be applied to the database (retrievals and updates).The functional requirements are used as a source of application software design.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE9

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemThe Data-requirements are given as follows :User Module User Registration User Register with Name, A Username(for logging in later),Password,Phone Number, E-mail address. User Login User Can Book the Ticket After Log in. User Login with User Name and Password. Forgot Password use for Retrieve Password. Check Availability After Login, User, Can Search Movie From Movie List. User Can Check Ticket Availability. User can also check the Movie Running Hours. If Ticket is Available User Can Book Ticket. Book Ticket. User can book ticket by specifying username and Phone Number. Then Select Number Of Seats to Book. A conformation Message will be sent to the Given Number. The contentof the message is as shown below:“Film name-Random 5 letter Code-Show Time”Division of Computer Engineering, SOE10

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemAdmin Control: Admin User Login. Admin User Login with Admin User Name and Password. Show Manage. Admin Can Change Show Name and Show Time. Movie Mange. Admin Can Add New Movie. Admin Can Edit Old Movie Details. Admin Can Delete Movie. Schedule Manage. Admin Can Add New Movie Schedule. Admin Can Edit Movie Schedule. Admin Can Delete Movie Schedule. User Manage Admin Can control the signed up users Admin can delete the account of users who didn't show up for the movieafter booking tickets. Counter Control Counter Employee Login with Counter User Name and Password. Counter Employee type the message shown by the Customer in the fieldgiven and confirm the user. Tickets are issued from the Counter.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE11

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System3.1.2 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS1. The schedule of the movies will be generated via a query according to thedata selected by the user.2. A way in which users(both customer & admin) can login to the system toperform different operation.3. A way in which the customer can commit order by “Point and Click”method.4. The system can verify the data before transaction.3.1.3 SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Intel core i3 2nd generation is used as processor because it is faster &provide reliable and stable working environment. A RAM size of 1gb is used as it will provide fast reading & writingcapabilities.3.2 CONCEPTUAL DESIGNOnce all the requirements have been collected and analyzed, the next step is tocreate a conceptual schema for the database, using a high-level conceptual datamodel. This phase is the conceptual design. The result of this phase is an EntityRelationship (ER) diagram. It is a high-level data model of the specific applicationarea. It describes how different entities (objects, items) are related to each other.It also describes what attributes (properties) each entity has. It includes thedefinitions of all the concepts (entities, attributes) of the application area.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE12

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemFig 3.2.1 ER diagramDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE13

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System3.3 Logical DesignThere are rules how the ER model or class diagram is transferred to relationschemas. The relation schemas are the basis for table definitions. In this phase(if not done in previous phase) the primary keys and foreign keys are defined.While preparing the logical design part, we applied relational data model.To do this, we decided to use MySQL tailsRegisterContact usmticketFeedbackFig 3.3.1 Data Flow DiagramDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE14

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemActivity Diagrams1. Booking TicketsFig 3.3.2 Activity Diagram 1Division of Computer Engineering, SOE15

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System2. Issuing TicketsFig 3.3.3 Activity Diagram 2Division of Computer Engineering, SOE16

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System3.4 IMPLEMENTATIONThe various system tools that have been used in developing both the front end,back end and other tools of the project are being discussed in this chapter.3.4.1 FRONT END:JSP, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPTS are utilized to implement the frontend.Java Server Page (JSP)Different pages in the applications are designed using jsp. A java sever pagecomponent is a type of java servlet that is designed to fulfill the role of a userinterface for a java web application. Web development write JSPs as text filesthat combine HTML or XHTML code, XML elements, and embedded JSP actionsand commands. Using JSP, one can collect input from users through web page.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)HTML is a syntax used to format a text document on the web.CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)CSS is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of adocument written in a markup language.Java ScriptJS is a dynamic computer programming language. It is most commonly used aspart of web browsers, whose implementations allow client-side scripts to interactwith the user, control the browser, Communicate asynchronously, and alter thedocument content that is displayed.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE17

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemPHPPHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but alsoused as a general-purpose programming language. PHP code is interpreted by aweb server with a PHP processor module, which generates the resulting webpage: PHP commands can be embedded directly into an HTML source documentrather than calling an external file to process data.3.4.2 BACK ENDThe back end is implemented using MYSQL which is used to design thedatabases.MYSQLMySQL is the world’s second most widely used open-source relational databasemanagement system (RDMS). The SQL phrase stands for structured query.3.4.3 SMS GATEWAYAn SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive short message services(SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messagesare eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. Many SMS gatewayssupport media conversion from email and other formats. A direct-to-mobilegateway is a device which has built-in wireless. GSM connectivity. It allows SMStext messages to be sent or received by email, from web pages or from othersoftware applications by acquiring a unique identifier from the mobile phone'ssubscriber identity module, or "SIM card". Direct-to-mobile gateways are differentfrom SMS aggregators, because they are installed on an organization's ownnetwork and connect to a local mobile network.The connection to the mobile network is made by acquiring a SIM card numberfrom the mobile operator and installing it in the gateway. Typically, direct-tomobile gateway appliances are used for hundreds to thousands of text messagesDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE18

Multiplex Theater Online Booking Systemper month. More modern appliances now offer the capability of send up to100,000 messages each day. Several vendors that have historically providedGSM Gateway equipment for voice also have SMS capability. Some are moreprimitive than others. The more capable devices are designed with SIMmanagement to regulate the number of SMS messages per SIM, ODBC toconnect to a database, and HTTP interfaces to interact with third partyapplications.Text messages can be sent from a personal computer to mobile devices via anSMS gateway, using most popular email client programs, such as Eudora,Thunderbird, and so on. The messages must be sent in ASCII "text-only" mode.If they are sent in HTML mode, or using non-ASCII characters, they will mostlikely appear as nonsense on the recipient's mobile telephone. Before themessage can be sent, one must determine the domain of the mobile carrier'sSMS gateway.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE19

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemCHAPTER 4USER INTERFACES4.1 FIRST SCREENFig 4.1 Home PageHere, User can select the category he desires to book the ticket.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE20

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System4.2 Ticket Booking InterfaceFig 4.2 Ticket Booking PageDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE21

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System4.3 User LoginFig 4.3 User loginDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE22

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System4.4 Admin LoginFig 4.4 Admin loginDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE23

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System4.5 Admin ControlFig 4.5 Admin controlDivision of Computer Engineering, SOE24

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemCHAPTER 5TESTINGWe tested our program with the help some SMS Gateways.In this Project SMS are sent to the Customer by the Clickatell’s SMS Gateway.Clickatell's SMS gateway can be used to SMS-enable any application, website orsystem and send messages around the globe with a variety of connectionoptions.Test Reports are as given below:Division of Computer Engineering, SOE25

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemTEST NO.1DATE:10-03-14SCENARIO: For Checking the message receival, Our Website was hostedlocally. Logged in with username “abc” and password “123”.Two tickets arebooked for the Movie ABC.SMS Gateway Used: Ozeki Message ServerOutcome: It is found that the Ozeki server is found to be not responding. Test wasrepeated for about 5 times. But no reply was obtained.Table 5.1 Test Number1Division of Computer Engineering, SOE26

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemTEST NO.2DATE: 20-03-14SCENARIO: For checking the message receival once again with a different SMSGateway. Logged in with username “abc” and password “123”.Two tickets arebooked for the Movie ABC.SMS Gateway Used: Clickatell’s SMS GatewayOutcome: Message was received.Table 5.2 Test Number 2Division of Computer Engineering, SOE27

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemCHAPTER 6CONCLUSIONNowadays, traditional reservation ways of cinema ticketing is dying. It’s new agewhere technology dominates human life. With the software and technologicaldevices, exceptions are reduced and even terminated. Also, people prefer easy,quick and safe way for every part of his life. This project is designed to meet therequirements of a cinema ticket booking system. It has been developed in PHPand the database has been built in My SQL server keeping in mind thespecifications of the system.In our project: with this cinema ticketing system; cinema companies can satisfycomfortable facilities to their customers. The relationship between cinemamanager, employee, and customer satisfy a good communication to completeticketing process. With this platform we developed, we are hoping to reduce timewasting, avoid misunderstandings, provide easy data flow, customer pleasure,and less hard work. We believe that we have accomplished our goals andsatisfied with the code we developed.Division of Computer Engineering, SOE28

Multiplex Theater Online Booking SystemREFERENCES[1] Elmasri and Navathe, “Fundamentals of Database Systems” , 3/e,Addison - Wesley, 2001[2] A Silberschaltz, H.F. Korth, and S sudarshan, “Database SystemConcepts”, 3/e, Tata Mcgraw Hill,1997[3] Thomas M. Connolly, Carolyn E. Begg, “Database Systems &Practical Approach to Design Implementation and Management”, 4/e,Addison – Wesley, 2005Division of Computer Engineering, SOE29

1. In this system the customer will not select seat number. The authorized people in this process will be the employee who works at the cinema. 2. In this system the customer can book the tickets only for the present day. Advanced booking for the upcoming movies (2 or 3 months before the movie is released) is not included but can be included .