CURRICULUM VITAEPatrick Leung, Ph.D.Endowed ProfessorGerson and Sabina David College Endowed ProfessorshipFor Global Aging&Director, Office for International Social Work EducationUniversity of Houston Graduate College of Social WorkMay 13, 2021I.PERSONAL INFORMATIONPhone:(713) 743-8111 (Office)(713) 743-8149 (FAX)E-Mail: [email protected]: Graduate College of Social WorkUniversity of Houston3511 Cullen Blvd Room 110HAHouston, Texas 77204-4013, USAEDUCATIONPh. D.DoctoralEducationM.S.W.M.A.19861983-84Social WorkEconomicsThe Ohio State UniversityLouisiana State UniversityColumbus, OhioBaton Rouge, Louisiana19811981The Ohio State UniversityThe Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OhioColumbus, OhioBSSWDiploma19811979Social WorkPublicAdministrationSocial WorkSocial WorkThe Ohio State UniversityHong Kong Baptist CollegeColumbus, OhioHong KongIII. TEACHING EXPERIENCEA.University of Houston, Graduate College of Social WorkGerson and Sabina David College Endowed Professorship forGlobal AgingProfessor (with tenure)Director, Office for International Social Work EducationEvaluator, Child & Family Center for Innovative ResearchCoordinator, Social Work Research CenterAssociate Professor (Tenured in 1996)Doctoral Program DirectorVisiting Associate ProfessorTeaching Areas:Doctoral Research and Statistics2019 - Present2006 – Present2007 – Present2008 - Present2001 – 20111992 – 20061992 - 19951991 - 1992

Master Research MethodsSocial Services Program EvaluationEvaluation of PracticeSocial PolicyAdministrative Responsibilities:CollegeConvener, GCSW Social Work Research Conference 2011Chair, Faculty Association2006 – 2007College Promotion and Tenure Committee2008 – 2009Gerson David Gerontological Social Work Student 1999 – 2007Scholarship Subcommittee ChairAGIFT (Gerontology) Consortium2006 – PresentAdvisor, Phi Alpha Honor Society2005 – PresentAdvisor, Students for the Advancement of2008 – PresentInternational Social WorkAdvisor, Homes Project2007 - PresentAdvisor, Association of Asian American Social Workers 1995 – PresentMerit Review Committee (Convener: 2001)2001 – 2003; 2005Chair, Annual Review Policy Task Force2012-2013GCSW Evaluation Committee 2002 – 2005; 2008-2011; Chair 2011- PresentFaculty Search Committee 2001 - 2004; 1993-1994; 2005; 2007-2008MSW Admissions Committee2001 - 2006International Exchange Program with the2001 - PresentCity University of Hong Kong (Coordinator)Coordinator, Social Work Research Center2001 - 2011Evaluator, Child Welfare Educational Project1999 - PresentChair, Evaluation Committee, Child Welfare1999 - PresentEducation ProjectMember, Doctoral Committee1993 – 2012; 2018-2020Member, Doctoral Admissions Committee1993 – 2013; 2018-2020Member, Total Quality Management Task Force1993 - 1998Gerontology Committee1994 - 2007Outcome Task Force1994 - 1998Research Sequence Member1991 – PresentResearch Sequence Coordinator2008 – 2013Core, Advisory Board1996 – 2002(Center for Organizational Research and Effectiveness)Chair, Task Force on Course and2000 - 2002Instructor EvaluationAdministrative & Personnel Committee1993 - 1995Director, Doctoral Program1992 - 1995Chair, Doctoral Committee1993 - 1995Doctoral Student Advisor1993 - 1995Member, Directors Committee1992 - 1995Member, Futures Conference Planning Comm.1993 - 1994Leung p. 2

Member, Foundations Curriculum CommitteeMember, Evaluation Design Task ForceMark Magaziner Award Committee1991 - 19941991 - 19931995 – 2001UniversityResearch Associate, Hobby School of Public Affairs July 2008-presentChair, College of Pharmacy Dean Review Committee 2019UH International Admissions Advisory Committee 2019-presentMember, Burke/Eichenberg Scholarship Committee 2018-2019Chair, Engineering Dean Review Committee, UH 2014Strategic Enrollment Planning Committee, UH2014-2017Provost’s Honorary Degree Nomination Comm.2015-2020Faculty Senate , UH2014-2020GPSC, Faculty Senate2014-2020Faculty Governance Committee, Faculty Senate2014-2015GPSC Graduate Admissions subcommittee2014-2015President, Houston Chinese Faculty Association2012 -2015Board Member, Houston Chinese Faculty Asso.2012-PresentPresident, Phi Delta Beta International Honor2014-2015Society2017-2018Chinese Faculty Association Planning Committee 2009 - 2012UH Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee2008 – 2023(Chair: 2020-2021)UH Expedited Review Subcommittee2015 – 2023(Chair: 2020-2021)Consultant, UH Faculty Climate Survey2006 – 2007Co-Chair, University Commission on Women2008 – 2009Member, University Commission on Women1999 – 2009Provost’s Committee of InquiryMay 2002Chair, Small Grants Program2001 - 2002Chair, New Faculty Research Program2001 - 2002Chair, Sub-Committee GEAR proposals2001 – 2002(Grants to Enhance and Advanced Research)Reviewer, Research Initiation Grant1993 – 1999Member, Research Initiation Grant Committee1996 - 1997Limited Grant-In-Aid Program Reviewer1996 - 1999University Grievance Committee1998–2000; 2005Research Council1999 - 2002Member, Dean Search Committee1998 – 1999Member, Graduate Fellowship Incentive Program 1994B.University of Hawaii, School of Social WorkAssistant Professor1990 – 1991Teaching AreasLeung p. 3

Research and StatisticsPolicy and AdministrationComputer and Social WorkChild WelfareAdministrative ResponsibilitiesChair, Doctoral AdmissionsMember of Doctoral CommitteeMember of Curriculum CommitteeMember of Social Welfare Evaluation,Research & Training UnitC.D.19911990 - 19911990 - 19911990 - 1991University of Denver, Graduate School of Social WorkAssistant Professor1986 - 1990Teaching AreasDoctoral Research and StatisticsSocial Welfare PolicyComputer Information System in Social WorkAdministrative ResponsibilitiesMember of Doctoral Committee1986 - 1988Member of Information Technology1986 - 1988Member of Research Committee1986 - 1988Member of Grievance Committee1986 - 1987Chair of Research Sequence1987 - 1990Member of Faculty Senate1987 - 1990Member of Faculty Senate1987 - 1990Personnel CommitteeChair of Faculty Meeting1987 FallMember of Performance Review1987 - 1988Member of Awards Committee1987 - 1988Member of Social Planning & Administration1987 - 1988Member of Task Force on Refugee Training1987 - 1990Member of Joint Degree1987 - 1990(International Studies & Social Work)Member of University Task Force on Minority Students 1989 - 1990Member of University Affirmative Action Board 1988 - 1990Member of Faculty Research Advisory Council1988 - 1990Member of Human Subject Review Task Force1988 - 1990Member of University Task Force on International Studies 1990The Ohio State University, College of Social WorkTeaching AssociateTeaching AreasComputer Data Processing MethodsSocial PolicyEthnic and Minority Issues1985 - 1986Leung p. 4

Research and StatisticsIV.E.The University of Hong Kong, Department of Management (Extra Mural Studies)Tutor1982 - 1983Teaching Area: Decision-Making: A Systems ApproachF.Maria College, Hong KongInstructorTeaching Area: Economics1982 - 1983RESEARCH AND PRACTICE INTERESTMajor Interest: Child Welfare Issues and EvaluationOther Interest: Minorities Issues, Immigrant Mental Health and Cultural Issues, SubstanceAbuse PreventionV.PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE EXPERIENCE1. EvaluatorBoys and Girls Club of Brazoria County ACE Program2019-Present2. EvaluatorHarris County Department of Education CASE Program20163. EvaluatorChildren’s Museum of Houston2012-20134. Evaluator1999- PresentChild Welfare Educational Project, Graduate College of Social Work, University ofHouston5. Evaluator2001-2005TRIAD Truancy Learning Camp6. Evaluator1993 - 2004Catholic Charities Program Evaluation, Catholic Charities, Houston, Texas7. Evaluator2001- 2002The Children’s Crisis Care Center8. Consultant1999- 2001ESCAPE Center9. Consultant1999- 2000Partnership for Community Health10. Consultant1998- 1999Child Protection Training Institute, Workshop Evaluation11. Consultant1996- 2002Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, Evaluation of the StabilizationEnterprise12. Consultant1995- 1997United Way of Texas Gulf Coast, Community and Agency Support and FundDistribution/Agency Relations13. Evaluator1992 - 1996Leung p. 5

Drug-Free Lamar Coalition, Community Action Partnership Prevention (Funded by theCenter for Substance Abuse Prevention, DHHS)14. Evaluator1995- 1996ERADA Community Partnership (Funded by the Center for Substance AbusePrevention, DHHS)15. Evaluator1993 - 1995Wilderness Programs' Substance Abuse Project, Hope Center Youth & Family Services(Funded by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse)16. Evaluator1994 - 1995Wellsprings, Inc.17. Evaluator1993 - 1994Region 6 Children's Protective Services Training Institute, Harris County Children'sProtective Services18. Evaluator1991 - 1993Child Abuse Prevention Network, "Innovative, Coordinated Community-Based PublicInformation/Education Models to Address the Issue of Substance Abuse and itsCorrelation with Child and Youth Maltreatment" (Funded by DHHS)19. Researcher/Consultant1990 - 1991Competency Based Child Protection Services Training, Graduate School of SocialWork, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado20. Research Consultant1988Governance Initiative on Teenage Pregnancy, Denver, Colorado (Provided consultationon statistical analyses on Teenage Pregnancy research)21. Researcher/Co-investigator on federally funded projects1986 - 1987National Resource Center on Family Based Services, School of Social Work, TheUniversity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa (Provided consultation on the following federalresearch projects: "Performance monitoring and contracting" and "An analysis offactors contributing to success and failure in 11 family-based services programs")22. Clinical Social Work Practice Specialist1984 - 1986Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, Recreation and Parks Department, Columbus,Ohio (Coordinated and provided counseling, case management, social and recreationalservices to senior citizens; designed program evaluation system for the Respite andJobs Training Program for the older adults; and developed computer programs forfunding allocations decision.)23. Research Associate1984 - 1986The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, Columbus, Ohio (Providedstatistics and computer consultation to the faculty, staff, and students of the College;conducted computer workshops to the College and the general public)24. Research Associate1983 - 1984Louisiana State University, Department of Economics, Baton Rouge, Louisiana(Conducted research on government spending policy; evaluated students' papers;designed computer programs for statistical analysis)25. Executive Officer1982 - 1983Kowloon Public Transportation, Hong Kong (Personnel administration, inventorycontrol, computer system design, statistical analysis, inventory forecasting and stafftraining)Leung p. 6

26. Public Administrator1980 - 1981Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Research and Development, Columbus, Ohio(Conducted research on the impact of economic recession on the Department; analyzedprogram cost-efficiency and effectiveness; and assisted the Department inimplementing the Program Planning Budgeting System)27. Planning and Research Intern1980 - 1981Columbus Urban League, Columbus, Ohio (Grant writing; program evaluation; trainingstaff; and hiring social workers for the organization)28. Administrative and Research Intern1980Ohio Citizens' Council for Health and Welfare, Columbus, Ohio (Coordinated allUnited Ways in Ohio; conducted research on the policies of Ohio United Ways; servedas a member of the Adult Corrections Committee; and researched on house and senatelegislation)29. Social Worker1979Caritas Social Service Center, Hong Kong (Served as a clinical and group worker of thecenter; conducted research in assessing the recreation needs of the community)30. Volunteer1972 - 1979The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital, Hong Kong (Organized summer and specialevent activities for the children in the hospital; provided training to student volunteerswho worked with disabled children; and conducted fund raising activities)31. Intern1978 - 1979Society for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts, Hong Kong (Provided psychologicaland group counseling to drug addicts; followed up on drug abuse cases; organizedcommunity campaigns to fight against substance abuse)32. Planning/Community Work Intern1977 - 1978Lady MacLehose Community Center, Hong Kong (Industrial social work; served as agroup worker; and conducted needs assessment research.)33. Research Assistant1977 - 1978Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Government (Conducted research oneconomic work force in Hong Kong and collected data on employment statistics)34. Research Assistant1977Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Government (Conducted research on thehousing problem in Hong Kong) Correlates of Depressive Symptoms and Help-SeekingPreference amongJapanese AmericansVI.PUBLICATIONSArticles in International and National Refereed Journals and Periodicals:A.1.Gearing, R. E., Brewer, K. B., Cheung, M., Leung, P., Chen, W., & He, X.(2021). Suicide in China: Community Attitudes and Stigma. OMEGA - Journal ofDeath and Dying. (JCR JIF2019:1.347)2.Cheung, M., & Leung, P. (2021). Who is citing your work? Journals with ImpactFactor and h-index. Research on Social Work Practice. 31(2), 115-137.Leung p. 7 (JCR JIF SSCI 2019: 1.188).3.Leung, P., Cheung, M., & Olson, L. (2021). Social Work Degrees and Title IV-EStipend: Predictive Factors for worker retention in public child welfare. ChildWelfare. 98(5), 75-92 (JCR JIF SSCI 2019: 0.723).4.Zeng, S., Cheung, M., Leung, P., He, X., Li, X., & Huang, R. (2021). 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Director, Doctoral Program 1992 - 1995 . Chair, Doctoral Committee 1993 - 1995 . Doctoral Student Advisor 1993 - 1995 . Member, Directors Committee 1992 - 1995 . Drug-Free Lamar Coalition, Community Action Partnership Prevention (Funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, DHHS) 14. Evaluator.