CSU, Chico School of NursingAdmission Criteria and Instructions1. PrerequisitesFour science and four foundation courses are required for admission to the CSU, Chico nursing program. At thetime of application, a minimum of two science courses and two foundation courses must be completed with agrade of C or higher. Any remaining prerequisite science and/or foundation courses must be in-progress duringthe application period and reflected on the official transcript submitted to NursingCAS.Science prerequisites: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology; all with a concurrent lab. Science courses must be either four semester units or five quarter units.Any of the following chemistry courses are acceptable: general, integrated, organic, and inorganicchemistry.Science prerequisites cannot be introductory courses; they must be for majors or for allied health. Besure to check the course descriptions for “Introduction to ” courses to determine whether they arenoted as CSU transferable courses.Foundation prerequisites: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Statistics.CSU Chico GE Foundation courses A1, A2, A3, B4 (must be ucation.shtml2. Co-requisitesCo-requisite courses can be in-progress at the time of application to the nursing program, but only coursescomplete at time of application will be scored for points. Any co-requisite courses in-progress or not taken,must be completed by the end of the first semester in the nursing program to progress to the next semester. Allco-requisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.Nursing co-requisites: Nutrition (this should be a basic nutrition course).Child Development or Human Development or Human Life Span PsychologyPrinciples of PsychologyPrinciples of Sociology or Cultural Anthropology3. Course EquivalencyTo check equivalence of prerequisite or co-requisite courses taken at California Community Colleges, go to If a required course is not listed on or was taken outside of the CaliforniaCommunity College system, email a copy of the catalog course description to [email protected] transfer evaluation. Be sure to include the course title, number of units, which college attended, andsemester or quarter taken.4) On-line CoursesOnline versions of transferable courses are accepted. For science courses, the theory portion of the course aswell as the lab can be online, but they must be concurrent. For questions regarding on-line course acceptance,

please email a copy of the catalog course description to [email protected] Be sure to include thecourse title, number of units, which college attended and semester/quarter taken.5) Course RecencyCompletion of all science prerequisites, plus statistics, must be within the last seven years at the time ofapplication. For example, if applying for the fall 2023 semester, a statistics course taken in spring of 2016would still be eligible, but would expire by the next application period.6) AP CreditTo count AP courses for credit for a nursing prerequisite or co-requisite course, you must upload an unofficialcopy of your AP test score report from College Board. In place of results from College Board, currentlyenrolled Chico State students may upload a copy of their Transfer Credit Report indicating the AP test subjectand score.AP ScorePoints544230*Scores less than 3 will not be accepted7) Official Transcript Submission and Courses In-ProgressAll transferable courses, and in-progress prerequisite or co-requisite courses, must be entered in theNursingCAS application. Official transcripts must be received by documenting these coursesprior to deadline. Prerequisite courses in-progress must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses inprogress that are not prerequisite or co-requisite nursing courses do not require submission of officialtranscripts to NurisngCAS. Every transferable course must be entered into NursingCAS even if the courses arenot required.8) Averaging GradesIf a prerequisite course has been taken more than once, all grades for that course will be averaged fordetermining points. Following are the exceptions: Chemistry: If you repeat the same type of chemistry course, those grades will be averaged. Fordifferent types of chemistry courses, the highest grade will be used for points. Critical Thinking: If you repeat the same type of critical thinking course, those grades will beaveraged. For different types of critical thinking courses, the highest grade will be used forpoints. Oral Communication: You can take either small group or public speaking for oralcommunication, and the higher grade of the two courses will be counted. Recency: If a course must be retaken to fulfill the seven year recency requirement, the newcourse grade will be counted with no averaging of grades.9) GPAThe CSU, Chico School of Nursing requires a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average for the following: All transferable college-level work or in the last 60 academic units.

All eight nursing prerequisites cumulatively, once completed.At least two science courses and two foundation coursesIf an applicant receives a failing grade in a prerequisite course, the course must be repeated for a passinggrade, and cannot be in-progress at the time of application.10) Verification of Academic Renewal and Grade ForgivenessApplicants with forgiveness must submit official verification (for example, written letter on college letterhead)from their institution(s) of record identifying which course grades were forgiven, and upload it to thedocuments section on their NursingCAS application. This documentation is in addition to the official transcriptsubmitted to NursingCAS.11) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)The ATI TEAS is the required entrance exam used for admission to CSU, Chico School of Nursing. To be eligible to apply, applicants must achieve a minimum of 80% on the TEAS test To be accepted, scores can be no more than two years old at the time of application. Beginning fall 2021 for the spring 2022 application, only two attempts at the TEAS test will beallowed.* Test scores older than two years will not be counted as an attempt. TEAS scores must be sent from ATI directly to CHICO STATE UNIVERSITY by the specified nursingapplication deadline. As long as an ATI TEAS score can be sent to Chico State University through the ATI system, the scorewill be accepted from any ATI testing site for consideration by the CSU, Chico School of Nursing. Previous applicants need not resubmit TEAS scores they have already submitted as long as they remainwithin the two-year recency requirement.*Grandfather clause - Prospective students who have taken the TEAS multiple times prior to3/1/2021 will be allowed to take the TEAS one additional time after 3/1/2021. Grandfather clauseexpires 3/1/23.More information on the ATI TEAS and testing locations can be found at https://www.atitesting.com12. Emotional RequirementsThe student must have sufficient emotional stability to perform under stress produced by both academic studyand the necessity of performing nursing care in real patient situations while being observed by the instructorsand other healthcare personnel.13. Physical RequirementsStudents must meet minimum physical requirements to perform safe patient care. Reasonable accommodationswill be made whenever possible. For specific concerns, please contact us directly.

California State University, Chico – School of NursingApplication Point System & Admission Criteria and InstructionsBeginning Fall 2021 for the Spring 2022 SemesterDocument Date: 9/15/2020A total of 89 points are possible. All eligible applications are reviewed for points. The 50 applicants with thehighest number of total points will be offered interviews. The CSU, Chico School of Nursing AdmissionCommittee will make final determination of seat offers using an interview process.POINTS DISTRIBUTION:1) Local preference (3 points possible)For eligibility and service area definitions, check the Basic BSN Program Information and Policies linkat tml2) TEAS – The Test of Essential Academic Skills. (20 points possible)Highest overall score out of maximum of two attempts* within a two- year period. Totalscore of 80% is the minimum to apply.TEAS ScorePoints95 and 1589-89.91488-88.91387-87.91286-86.91185-85.910* for information on transitioning to the 2 attempt policy, please see Admission Criteria and Instructionabove (page 3)3) Grades in Science, Foundation, and Co-requisite courses completed. (48 points possible)Grades earned in the 12 required science, foundation, and co-requisite courses. Grades for repeatedcourses will be averaged. For exceptions, check the Admission Criteria and Instructions (page 4)Grade EarnedEach AEach BEach CPoints4204) Certifications/Licensure following categories only: (4 points possible)

Upload to NursingCAS application a copy of your certification/license. Must be current/active withinthe last five years. Military positions must provide military transcript. In addition, committee willconsider other health-related professional licenses, requiring higher level certification.Position CategoryHome Health Aid, Phlebotomist (CPT I or II)CNA, EMT, CMA,ParamedicLVN, Respiratory Therapist, Corpsman, MedicPoints12345) Six or more consecutive months of health-related employment within the last five years withcurrent certification/active license. (4 points possible, in addition to above points).Must provide proof of current certificate/active license and letter from employer. Military positions mustprovide military transcript. In addition, committee will consider other health-related professions,requiring higher level certification.Position CategoryHome Health Aid, Phlebotomist (CPT I or II)CNA, EMT, CMAParamedicLVN, Respiratory Therapist, Corpsman,MedicPoints12346) Health-related degree. (2 points possible)Bachelor's degree earned in the field of Health and Human Services as identified specifically in the CSU,Chico Health and Human Services majors website at EarnedBaccalaureate or higherPoints27) Community service for either a 501c3 non-profit agency or health-care facility within the past twoyears. (3 points possible)Volunteer hours must be for an established 501c3. These cannot involve a requirement for high schoolgraduation. Additional point if hours are for a multi-cultural and underrepresented experience outsideapplicant's own cultural group.Hours Served100-199 documented hours200 or more documented hoursPoints12ORAll Service Hours areMulticultural &Underrepresented100-199 documented hoursPoints2

200 or more documented hours38) Knowledge of a foreign language. (3 points possible)Must provide proof of oral evaluation by an instructor of the language or someone trained in evaluatinglevel of speaking proficiency in the language. Includes American Sign Language with visualevaluation/confirmation.Level of ProficiencyIntermediately ProficientFluent, native speakerPoints239) Military Service. (2 points possible)Must provide DD-214 noting honorable discharge.Military ServiceService w/honorable dischargePoints2Documentation checklist (all documents must be submitted by the stated deadline for the semester applying).As per categories above:1. No action necessary. To determine eligibility for local preference points, refer to basic BSN ProgramInformation and Policies link at tml2. Order your overall TEAS test score through Have it sent to CA State Chico.3. Send official transcripts for all transferable college level courses taken to NursingCAS headquarters.4. Upload to your NursingCAS application a copy of your current certification/license.5. In addition to documentation for item 4, upload a signed letter from employer verifying employment.Letter must be on letterhead, dated, verify dates of employment, describe duties, and be signed.Electronic signature are acceptable (signed not typed). For military positions, in place of letter, mustupload copy of military transcript to NursingCAS application.i **NOTE: Do not submit documentation containing patient information. It is a violation ofHIPAA Law, and your application will be automatically disqualified**6. Upload to your NursingCAS application a copy of the first page of your official transcript indicatingdegree.7. Upload to your NursingCAS application a copy of completed CSU, Chico SON form from SONwebsite (TBA).8. Upload to your NursingCAS application a copy of completed CSU, Chico SON form SON website(TBA).9. Upload copy of DD-214 noting honorable discharge.

CSU, Chico School of Nursing Admission Criteria and Instructions 1. Prerequisites Four science and four foundation courses are required for admission to the CSU, Chico nursing program. At the time of application, a minimum of two science courses and two foundation courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.