Quick Shopping Cart Help GuideQuick Shopping Cart is a legacy product and is no longer sold. This guide contains archivedHelp content for Quick Shopping Cart to help answer questions. However, it’s no longer beingupdated as of March 2020.To find answers in this guide: Select any title in the Contents to go directly to a specific Help article.Use the Find function (Ctrl F for Windows OR Command F for Mac) in your browserto search the whole PDF for specific keywords.Table of ContentsAbout the Home Page . 19Set Up Information . 19Store Summary . 20How to publish . 20To Preview the Storefront . 21To View Changes to the Storefront . 21Publishing the Storefront . 22To Publish/Update Your Storefront . 22Set up my store . 22To Set Up Quick Shopping Cart . 22Walkthrough: Designing Your Store . 23Changing Your Store's Template . 24Changing Your Store's Template Images . 24Configuring Your Storefront Information . 27Selecting Category and Product Page Styles . 29Walkthrough: setting up a product . 31Adding Products . 31Configuring Advanced Product Information . 33Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide1

Walkthrough: configuring order processing . 37Selecting Payment Options . 37Configuring Taxes . 38Choosing Shipping Methods . 39Using templates to update your product catalog . 41Downloading a Template for Quick Shopping Cart. 41Editing a Template for Quick Shopping Cart . 42Importing a Template for Quick Shopping Cart . 44Managing Product Options in Quick Shopping Cart . 44Managing Standalone Options . 45To Manage Standalone Options. 45Managing Configurable Variation Options . 46To Manage Configurable Variation Options . 46Managing Option-Based Pricing . 47To Manage Option-Based Pricing . 47Managing Option-Based Images . 48To Manage Option-Based Images . 48Can I accept credit card payments from customers located outside the United States?. 49Can I add to my existing site a link? . 49To Access the Link Generator . 49Can I host with a third-party provider?. 50Can I use drop shipping? . 51Common Questions when Using . 51Detect fraudulent orders . 53Do I have to have an SSL Certificate? . 54How do I collect payment? . 54How do I resolve Intuit QuickBooks errors that occur while trying to access the IntuitQuickBooks Company Data File? . 55Duplication Errors . 55Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide2

Subscribing/Enabling Error . 56How do my customers receive downloaded products? . 57How does collecting payment work? . 59What currencies can I use?. 61Which Templates Are Best for Larger Product Pages? . 62Why are my customers unable to see all of the selected shipping options? . 64Why can't I capture the CVV code for credit cards for Point of Sale transactions? . 64Why doesn't my new Favicon display? . 65Clear Your Cache . 65Manually Delete Your Favicon . 65Force-Refresh . 66Why would I use the 'Use as link' feature? . 67Maintain the Integrity of Your SSL . 67Provide Additional Information . 67Provide Product Demonstrations . 68Changing Your Quick Shopping Cart Domain Name . 68To Change Your Quick Shopping Cart Domain Name . 68Forwarding Your Domain Name . 69Configuring DNS for a Domain Name Change . 69Errors Installing the Intuit QuickBooks Web Connector . 70Verifying custom HTML with the HTML Validator Tool in Quick Shopping Cart. 71To Verify Custom XHTML Using the HTML Validator Tool . 72Why am I getting a permissions error message from Authorize.Net? . 73To Check Your Security Settings . 73To Update Your Quick Shopping Cart Account Settings . 74Why can't I access my Quick Shopping Cart using Internet Explorer? . 74To Change Your Security Level and Add Quick Shopping Cart to Your Trusted Sites . 75Why can't I see my Quick Shopping Cart after I published? I am getting a 404 error. . 76Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide3

Why do I get an error when I try to delete the weight-based shipping option? . 76To Set a Flat Tax Rate . 76Why do some products not display in product searches? . 77Why is Intuit QuickBooks displaying duplicate sales receipts? . 78Why is my PayPal account blocking payments from un-encrypted buttons? . 78To Turn Off the PayPal Encrypted Website Payments Feature . 78Why is the text not wrapping properly on my Quick Shopping Cart? . 79Checking your account's bandwidth usage . 79To Check Your Quick Shopping Cart Account's Bandwidth Usage . 79Configuring tax and shipping for Google Merchant Center . 80Configuring Tax Settings . 80Configuring Shipping Methods . 81Managing Drop Ship Warehouses . 82Adding Warehouses . 83Editing Warehouses . 84Copying Warehouses . 85Deleting Warehouses . 85Transferring Products Between Warehouses . 86Managing ratings and reviews . 86To Enable Ratings and Reviews in Quick Shopping Cart . 86To Approve or Deny Ratings and Reviews in Quick Shopping Cart . 87Managing RSS Feeds . 87Managing Automatic Product Feeds . 88Managing Custom Product Feeds . 88Organizing Favorites . 89Adding Favorites . 89Removing Favorites . 90Editing Favorites . 90Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide4

Quick Shopping Cart Checklist . 90Store Information and Templates . 91Removing the "Powered By Quick Shopping Cart" Banner . 92Upgrading Your Quick Shopping Cart . 93To Upgrade Your Quick Shopping Cart . 93What is Atandra T-HUB Integration Tool? . 94Setting Up Atandra T-HUB . 94To Enable T-HUB in Quick Shopping Cart . 94To connect T-HUB with Quick Shopping Cart . 95Changing Your Intuit QuickBooks Simple Start Settings . 96To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Customer . 96To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Item . 96To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Shipping Charge . 97To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Sales Tax . 97To Set the Quick Shopping Cart Placeholder Sales Tax . 98To Change a Quick Shopping Cart Discount Item . 99To Change a Quick Shopping Cart Credit Card Payment Method . 99Changing Your Intuit QuickBooks Pro or Premier Settings . 100To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Customer .100To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Item . 101To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Item Account . 101To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Shipping Charge .102To Change the Quick Shopping Cart Sales Tax .102To Change a Quick Shopping Cart Discount Item .103To Change a Quick Shopping Cart Credit Card Payment Method .104Configuring Intuit QuickBooks to Accept Automatic Logins . 104Configuring multiple accounts in Intuit QuickBooks . 105Deactivating Intuit QuickBooks Integration . 106Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide5

To Deactivate QuickBooks Integration .106Deactivating Intuit QuickBooks Integration .106To Deactivate QuickBooks Integration .107Sending Receipts to Intuit QuickBooks . 107To Manually Transfer Sales Receipts into QuickBooks .108Transferring Receipts to Intuit QuickBooks . 108To Manually Transfer Sales Receipts into QuickBooks .108To Configure QuickBooks to Accept Automatic Logins from the Quick Shopping Cart WebConnector .109To Automatically Transfer Quick Shopping Cart Sales Receipts into Quick Books .109Using Intuit QuickBooks' Data Exchange. 110Using the Intuit QuickBooks Web Connector . 110Downloading the QuickBooks Web Connector . 111Downloading the QuickBooks Web Connector Configuration File. 111Installing the QuickBooks Web Connector and Configuration File . 112Configuring the QuickBooks Web Connector . 113Viewing Receipts in Intuit QuickBooks . 114To View Quick Shopping Cart Receipts in QuickBooks . 114What are the benefits of using the QuickBooks Merchant Service payment gateway? 115Working with Intuit QuickBooks . 115Errors in QSC Intuit QuickBooks Integration 'Last Connection' Log . 116QuickBooks user permissions . 117Diagnosing the Cause .117Cause A . 118Cause B . 118To Change the User the QSC Web Service is Configured to Run As . 118To Change a User's Privileges .119Troubleshooting the Google Products Data Feed . 119Why are my sales receipts not transferred to Intuit QuickBooks?. 120Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide6

About designing . 121About images . 122Uploading Images.122Invoice Images .122Changing Option Display Order in Quick Shopping Cart . 123To Change the Order in which Product Options Display .123Changing Template Images with Quick Shopping Cart . 124To Change Template Images .124Creating a contact us message . 125To Create a Contact Us Message .125Creating a Sale or Clearance Category for Existing Products. 126To Create a Sale or Clearance Category to Your Quick Shopping Cart Storefront .126Changing Option Display Order in Quick Shopping Cart .127To Change the Order in which Product Options Display . 127Creating an about us message. 128To Create an About Us Message .128Creating introduction and closing text . 129To Create Introduction and Closing Text.129Customizing your footer . 130Customizing your header . 131To Customize Your Storefront Header . 131Designing product pages . 132Editing your store navigation. 133To Modify Your Main and Secondary Navigation.133Editing your storefront pages . 135Embedding images and media using the HTML editor. 135To Embed Images Using the HTML Editor .135To Embed Media Using the HTML Editor .136Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide7

Finding your IP address . 138To Find Your Store IP Address .138Offering downloadable products . 138Selecting Category Pages in Quick Shopping Cart . 139To Select a Category Page .139Setting up your Quick Shopping Cart as a Subdomain of your domain registered withanother company . 140To Modify Your Zone Records .140System requirements . 141Supported Payment Gateways.141Other Requirements .141Tips for using options . 142Standalone Options .142Configurable Variation Options for Inventory Tracking .142Configurable Variation Options for Configurable Products .143Using the preferences manager . 143To Change Your Store Preferences .143To Update General Preferences .144To Update Product Display Preferences .146To Update Checkout – Shipping Rules .148To Update Checkout - Payment Rules .149Using the product variations grid . 150To Generate the Product Variations Grid . 151Managing Your Inventory in the Product Variations Grid.152To Manage Your Inventory in the Product Variations Grid .152Preventing Certain Product Variations from Being Sold .153To Disable Product Configurations . 153To Remove Option Choices . 154Viewing your inventory . 155Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide8

To View Your Inventory.155What fields are required for the Import Products spreadsheet? . 156To Download the Excel Spreadsheet Template .156To Edit the Excel Spreadsheet Template .157To Import the Excel Spreadsheet Template into Quick Shopping Cart.159Why can't I create new categories using the Bulk Upload feature? . 159Working with attributes . 160Adding Attributes .160Assigning Attributes .161Copying Attributes .162Editing Attributes .163Deleting Attributes .163Working with categories . 164Adding a Category.164Copying a Category .166Editing a Category.166Moving a Category .167Deleting a Category .167Working with default images . 168Working with manufacturers . 169Adding Manufacturers .169Editing Manufacturers .170Deleting Manufacturers .170Assigning Manufacturers to Products .171Working with options . 172Creating Options .172Copying Options .173Editing Options .174Deleting Options .175Quick Shopping Cart Help Guide9

To Delete an Option .175Working with products . 175Adding Products .176Configuring Advanced Product Information .178Copying Products .181Editing Products .182Deleting Products .182About publishing . 183Adding a Location to Your eBay Auction Manager . 183Adding a site survey . 184Adding an SSL site seal image .185Adding visibility featur

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