MM560Installation ManualGate Swings Evenly and FreelyHung Firmly and PlumbReceiverControl Box with BatteryWarning SignPost BracketSingle Gate OpenerHorizontal Support120 Volt indoorTransformerGate BracketClosed Position Stop PlatePower Cable(surge protectornot supplied)Run 1000' (max.) of lowvoltage wire to controlbox from transformer(wire not included).PVC conduit (not included)to protect wire from lawnmowers and weed eaters.Fence Post Set in ConcreteExample of finished installation(installations vary slightly on different types of gates)This product meets the requirements of UL325 6th Edition, 2016, the standard for gateoperator safety.GTO Sales: 800-543-4283 Fax 850-575-8912GTO Technical Service 800-543-1236For 24 hour/day, 7 day/week Technical Service visit http://support.gtoinc.comFor more information on Mighty Mule’s full line of Automatic Gate Operators and Access Controls visitwww.mightymule.comMighty Mule is the retail brand of GTO Access Systems, LLC3121 Hartsfield Road Tallahassee, FL 32303Printed in China for GTO Access Systems, LLC.ACCESS SYSTEMS, LLCCopyright 2016 GTO Access Systems, LLCDocument Number: R56008 REV A (12.15.16)

WARNINGThis equipment meets Underwriters Laboratory Standard 325 (UL 325). However, gate equipment hashazards associated with its use and therefore by installing this product the installer and user acceptfull responsibility for following and noting the installation and safety instructions. Failure to followinstallation and safety instructions can result in hazards developing due to improper assembly. You agreeto properly install this product and that if you fail to do so GTO Access Systems, LLC, shall in no eventbe liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits whether basedin contract tort or any other legal theory during the course of the warranty or at any time thereafter. Theinstaller and/or user agree to assume responsibility for all liability and use of this product releasing GTOAccess Systems, LLC, from any and all liability. If you are not in agreement with this disclaimer or donot feel capable of properly following all installation and safety instructions you may return this productfor full replacement value.READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY before attempting to install anduse this automatic gate operator. This gate operator produces a high level of force. Stay clear of the unitwhile it is operating and exercise caution at all times.ALL AUTOMATIC GATE OPERATORS ARE INTENDED FOR USE ON VEHICULAR GATES ONLY.Product UsageThe Mighty Mule Gate Operator meets all of the safety requirements of a Class I Residential Vehicular Gate Operator and isintended for use solely with vehicular swing gates in single-family residential applications that meet the Class I category listedin the table below.Vehicular Gate Operator Class CategoriesIndustrial/Limited Access Vehicular GateOperator–Class III: A vehicular gate operator (orsystem) intended for use in an industrial location orbuilding such as a factory or loading dock area orother locations not accessible by or intended to servicethe general public.Residential Vehicular Gate Operator-Class I:A vehicular gate operator (or system) intended foruse in garages or parking areas associated with aresidence of one-to-four single families.Commercial/General Access Vehicular GateOperator-Class II: A vehicular gate operator (orsystem) intended for use in a commercial locationor building such as a multi-family housing unit (fiveor more single family units), hotel, garages, retailstore, or other buildings accessible by or servicingthe general public.Restricted Access Vehicular Gate Operator–Class IV: A vehicular gate operator (or system)intended for use in an industrial location or buildingsuch as a factory or loading dock area or otherlocations not accessible by or intended to service thegeneral public.i

Table of ContentsPLEASE READ THIS FIRST 1IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION 2TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 9BEFORE YOU BEGINCheck Direction of Gate SwingCheck Existing Gate Size and MaterialCheck for Proper Gate InstallationColumn Installation InformationItems IncludedTools NeededItems Not Included1010101011111212GATE OPENER INSTALLATIONMounting Pull-to-Open Opener to GateClosed Position Stop Plate InstallationMounting Push-to-Open Opener to GateClosed Position Stop Plate Installation1313151618CONTROL BOX INSTALLATIONControl Box InstallationTransformer Wiring InstallationReceiver Installation19192022SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION 23CONTROL BOX SETTINGSDIP SwitchesSetting Pull-to-Open (Closed) Gate LimitResetting Closed Gate LimitSetting Push-to-Open (Open) Gate LimitResetting Open Gate LimitSetting Obstruction Stall Force and Auto Close TimeSetting Your Personal Code2525262627272828CONNECTING ADDITIONAL DEVICES 30Input Connections 31Connecting Accessories 32Connecting GTO Automatic Lock 32Connecting Other Auxilary Devices 33MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING 33Maintenance Tips 33Troubleshooting Guide 34

Please Read This First!Thank you for purchasing a Mighty Mule GateOperator—GTO's "do-it-yourself" automatic gateoperator! When correctly installed and properly used,your Mighty Mule Gate Operator will give you manyyears of reliable service. Please read the followinginformation and watch the enclosed video to ensureyou have the correct system for your particularneeds. Furthermore, this manual and the DVD willenable you to properly install your Mighty Mule GateOperator.The Mighty Mule Gate Operator is designed forinstallation on a pull-to-open single leaf gate (gatesthat open into the property). By purchasing an pushto-open bracket (FM143), the Mighty Mule GateOperator can accommodate a push-to-open single leafgate (gates that open out from the property). The gatemust not exceed 18 feet in length ord weigh morethan 850 pounds (please see Technical Specificationson page 9). The Mighty Mule Gate Operator can beused on vinyl, aluminum, chain link, farm tube, andwrought iron gates. Use on solid surface gates isnot recommended. Solid surface gates have a highresistance to the wind. If the wind is strong enough,the operator will obstruct and stop.The Mighty Mule Gate Operator accommodatesextra transmitters, digital keypads, solar panels,push buttons, automatic gate locks, and other accesscontrol products. These optional accessories (see theMighty Mule Accessory Catalog) are available at moststores. Your store should be able to special order anyaccessory not in stock. If your store cannot specialorder accessories, please call the Mighty Mule SalesDepartment (800-543-4283).The Mighty Mule Gate Operator features Dual SenseTechnology . This feature makes the gate stop andreverse direction when it comes in contact with anobstruction. This is factory set to the most sensitivesetting and may need to be adjusted during installation.The Mighty Mule Gate Operator also has an adjustableauto-close feature. After the gate reaches the fullyopen position, it can be set to remain open up to 120seconds before automatically closing. Pressing thetransmitter button at any time after the gate opens fullywill cause it to close immediately. OFF is the factorysetting; meaning the gate will stay open until you pressthe transmitter (or keypad, etc.) again.NOTE—If your application requires any of thefollowing: Swing gates longer than 18 feet or weighingmore than 850 pounds Slide gates Heavy duty or commercial uses Professional installationGo to for a dealer or retailer nearyou or call (800) 543-4283 for information about ourLinear PRO Access professional line of gate operatorsand accessories. Our Sales Department will be glad togive you the name and phone number of a Linear PROAccess dealer near you.BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO INSTALL YOUR AUTOMATIC GATE OPERATOR:watch the enclosed video and read these instructions carefully and completelyto become familiar with all parts and installation steps. The video is only designed as anoverview of the installation procedure. You must read the installation manual for detailedinstructions on gate operator safety and proper use of the gate operator.1 MM560 Installation Instructions

Important Safety InformationBecause automatic gate operators produce high levelsof force, consumers need to know the potential hazardsassociated with improperly designed, installed, andmaintained automated gate operator systems. Keep inmind that the gate operator is just one componentof the total gate operating system. Each componentmust work in unison to provide the end user withconvenience, security, and safety.this manual cannot be completely exhaustive innature. They do, however, provide an overview ofthe safe design, installation, and use of this product.CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALLSAFETY PRECAUTIONS, WARNINGS, ANDINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TO ENSURETHE SAFE SYSTEM DESIGN, INSTALLATION,AND USE OF THIS PRODUCT.This manual contains various safety precautions andwarnings for the installer end user. Because thereare many possible applications of the gate operator,the safety precautions and warnings contained inWarnings in this manual are identified withthis warning symbol. The symbol identifiesconditions that can result in damage to the operator orits components, serious injury, or death.Because Mighty Mule automatic gate operators are only part of the total gate operating system, it is theresponsibility of the installer and end user to ensure that the total system is safe for its intended use.Manually Opening and Closing GateCAUTIONThe gate can move freely and uncontrolled when the gate operator is removed from the gate. ONLY disconnect the operator when the control box power switch is OFF and the gate is NOT moving.Disconnecting the OperatorFront Mount1. Turn control box power switch OFF.2. Remove hairpin clip, clevis pin, and bushing fromeither the front or rear mounting point.Clevis PinGate Bracket3. Remove the operator from the mount.The gate can be opened and closed manuallywhen the operator is disconnected.BushingHairpin ClipNOTE: Substitute a Pin Lock for the clevis pin on the front mount of thegate operator to prevent theft of the operator from the gate (see accessorypages in back of this book).MM560 Installation Instructions2

Important Safety InformationFor the Installer and End UserWARNINGTo reduce the risk of injury or death:1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS.2. Never let children operate or play with gate controls. Keep the remotecontrol away from children.3. Always keep people and objects away from the gate. NO ONESHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF THE MOVING GATE.4. Test the gate operator monthly. The gate MUST reverse on contact witha rigid object or stop when an object activates the non-contact sensors.After adjusting the force or the limit of travel, retest the gate operator.Failure to adjust and retest the gate operator properly can increase therisk of injury or death.6. KEEP GATES PROPERLY MAINTAINED. Read theuser’s manual. Have a qualified service person make repairs togate hardware.7. The entrance is for vehicles only. Pedestrians must use separate entrance.8. The gate must be installed in a location that provides adequateclearance between it and adjacent structures when opening andclosing to reduce the risk of entrapment. Swinging gates mustnot open into public access areas.9. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.5. Use the manual/emergency release only when the gate is not moving.I. Before Installation1. Verify this operator is proper for the type and size of gate,frequency of use and class of the gate system.2. Make sure the gate has been properly installed and swingsfreely in both directions. Repair or replace all worn or damaged gate hardware prior to installation. A freely movinggate will require less force to operate and will enhance theperformance of the entrapment protection devices used withthe system (see page 10).3. Review the operation of the system to become familiar withits safety features. Understand how to disconnect the operatorfor manual gate operation (see page 2).4. The gate and operator installation must comply with any applicable local codes.ZONE 2ZONE 1ZONE 3EntrapmentZones for aPull-To-OpenApplication5. This gate operator is intended for vehicular gates only. Aseparate entrance or gate must be installed for pedestrian use(see page 7).6. Always keep people and objects away from the gate and itsarea of travel. No one should cross the path of a moving gate.7. Identify all of the entrapment zones for the type of installation. An entrapment zone is an area around the automatic gatesystem where a person or object could be caught that increasethe risk of injury. Entrapment zones must be eliminated,guarded or protected.8. When designing a system that will be entered from a highwayor main thoroughfare, make sure the gate system is placed farenough from the road to prevent traffic congestion.Gate in theOpen PositionEntrapmentZones for aPush-To-OpenApplicationZONE 5ZONE 3ZONE 4ZONE 4Driveway3 MM560 Installation InstructionsGate in theOpen PositionZONE 5ZONE 1DrivewayZONE 2

Important Safety InformationFor the Installer and End UserTypical Entrapment Zones are shown in the diagrams on page 3:Zone 1 – leading edge of the gate and the fence post.Zone 2 – between the gate and the gate post.Zone 3 – the path of the gate.Zone 4 – t he space between the gate in the open position and any object such as a wall, fence, tree, etc.Zone 5 – pinch points between the operator and gate, and gate post.II. During Installation1. Install the gate operator on the inside of the property and fence line. DO NOT install an operatoron the outside of the gate where the public hasaccess to it.2. Be careful with moving parts and avoid closeproximity to areas where fingers or hands couldbe pinched.3. Devices such as contact sensors (sensingedges) and non contact sensors (photo beams)provide additional protection against vehiculardamage.Pull-To-OpenApplication4. If push buttons or key switches are installed, theyshould be within sight of the gate, located at least10 feet from any moving part of the gate (seediagram below). Never install any control devicewhere a user will be tempted to reach throughthe gate to activate the gate operator.5. Do not activate your gate operator unless you cansee it and can determine that its area of travel isclear of people, pets, or other obstructions. Watchthe gate through its entire movement.6. Secure outdoor or easily accessed gate operatorcontrols in order to prohibit unauthorized use ofthe gate.Push-To-OpenApplication10'10'10'10'Moving GateAreaMoving GateAreaDrivewayNEVER installany control devicewithin gray area10'10'DrivewayNEVER installany control devicewithin gray area10'10'MM560 Installation Instructions4

Important Safety InformationFor the Installer and End UserIII. After Installation1. Attach the warning signs (included) to each sideof the gate to alert the public of automatic gateoperation. It is your responsibility to post warningsigns on both sides of your gate. If any of thesesigns or warning decals becomes damaged,illegible, or missing, replace them immediately.Contact GTO for free replacements.2. The gate is automatic and could move at anytime, posing serious risk of entrapment. No oneshould be in contact with the gate when it ismoving or stationary.3. Do not attempt to drive into the gate area whilethe gate is moving; wait until the gate comes to acomplete stop.4. Do not attempt to “beat the gate” while the gate isclosing. This is extremely dangerous.5. Do not allow children or pets near your gate.Never let children operate or play with gatecontrols. Keep the remote control away fromchildren and unauthorized users; store controlswhere children and unauthorized users do nothave access to them.6. KEEP GATES PROPERLY MAINTAINED.Always turn power to operator OFF beforeperforming any maintenance. See page 33 formaintenance procedures.5 MM560 Installation Instructions7. To operate this equipment safely, YOU mustknow how to disconnect the operator for manualgate operation (see page 2). If you have read theinstructions and still do not understand how todisconnect the operator, contact the Mighty MuleService Department.8. Disconnect the operator ONLY when the poweris TURNED OFF and the gate is NOT moving.9. Make arrangements with local fire and lawenforcement for emergency access.10. Distribute and discuss copies of theIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONsection of this manual with all personsauthorized to use your gate.11. IMPORTANT: Save these safety instructions.Make sure everyone who is using or will bearound the gate and gate operator are awareof the dangers associated with automated gatesystems. In the event you sell the propertywith the gate operator or sell the gate operator,provide a copy of these safety instructions tothe new owner.Should you need a replacement manual, a copycan be obtained by downloading one from theMighty Mule web site (,by contacting GTO, at 3121 Hartsfield Road,Tallahassee, Florida 32303 or by calling 1-800543-4283 and requesting a duplicate copy. Onewill be provided to you.

Important Safety InformationFor the Installer and End UserMighty Mule gate operators utilize Dual Sense Technology entrapment protection. Dual Sense Technology is built into every Mighty Mule and providesredundant methods of entrapment protection for openand close gate directions.In addition to Dual Sense Technology, every MightyMule gate controller has provisions for the connectionof additional obstruction detection devices such assensing edges and photo beams.These devices may be located where there is anincreased risk of obstruction. Refer to the diagrambelow.One or more edge sensors may be located at the leading edge, bottom edge, and post edge, both inside andoutside of a vehicular swing gate system.Wiring to sensors must be located and arranged so thewiring between the sensor and the gate operator is notsubjected to mechanical damage.A wireless sensor such as one thattransmits radio frequency (RF) signals to the gateoperator for obstruction protection functions shall belocated where the transmission of the signals is notblocked or impeded by buildingstructures, natural landscaping or similarobjects.Leading Edgeof the gate E-Z GATE OPENER500UL325 SERIES1-800-543-GATE (4283)www.mightymule.comVehicular GatePhoto Beams(recommended, not included)Sensing Edges(recommended, not included)Entrapment and Obstruction ProtectionMighty Mules’s Dual Sense Technology provides entrapment protection, when properly adjusted. Since all installationsare different, you may need to add photo beams or sensing edges to help prevent damage to vehicle or other items thatcould be hit by a moving gate.Entrapment AlarmThe Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Operator is designed to stop and reverse the gate when the gate comes in contact withan obstruction. Additionally, these operators are equipped with an audio entrapment alarm which will activate if the unitobstructs twice while opening or closing. This alarm will sound for a period of 5 minutes, or until the operator receivesan intended signal from a hard wired entry/exit source (e.g. push button control or keypad) and the gate returns to a fullyopen or fully closed position. Turning the power switch on the control box OFF and back ON will also deactivate thealarm. Wireless controls such as transmitters and wireless keypads will not deactivate the alarm.MM560 Installation Instructions6

Important Safety InformationInstalling Warning SIgns and Pedestrian GatesWarning signs alert people of automatic gate operation and are required when installing Mighty Mule AutomaticGate Operators. A minimum of two WARNING SIGNS must be installed in the area of the gate. Each sign is to bevisible by persons located on the side of the gate on which the placard is installed.The operator is intended for installation only on gates used for vehicles. Pedestrians must be supplied with aseparate access. The pedestrian access shall be designed to promote pedestrian usage. Locate the gate such thatpersons will not come in contact with the vehicular gate during the entire path of travel of the vehicular gate.We recommend using the GTO Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (Call the GTO Sales Department at 800-543-4283)for controlled access.Bulldog PedestrianGate Lock(recommended, not included)Pedestrian Gate7 footWarning Sign E-Z GATE OPENER500UL325 SERIES1-800-543-GATE (4283)www.mightymule.comVehicular GateWarning SignsThe gate operator is provided with 2 safety warning signs.The signs MUST be installed on the front and back of thegate where they will be visible in the area of the gate.Permanently secure each warning sign to the gate.Immediately replace a damaged or missing warning sign.7 MM560 Installation Instructions!

Important Safety InformationRequired Safety Precautions for GatesThese warning labels should be found at the locations specified below. If any of them are missing,immediately contact GTO for replacements. 5601-800-543-GATE (4283)!WARNINGMOVING GATECan Cause Injury or Death1. KEEP CLEAR! Gate may move at any time.2. Do not allow children to operate gate or play in gate area.3. This gate is for vehicles only. Pedestrians must use separate entrance.Logo and warning labels (2) installed on each side ofthe operator housing www.mightymule.com1-800-543-GATE (4283)TO MANUALLY OPEN AND CLOSE THE GATE1. Turn opener power switch OFF.2. Disconnect front and rear mount from mounting brackets.3. Remove opener from mounting brackets and move gate.Disconnect opener ONLY when the power switch is OFF andthe gate is not moving.Control Box label with Manual Open andClose instructionsMM500 SERIES DC Swing Gate OperatorP/N MM5609901178Conforms to UL STD 325Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No.247Maximum Gate: 850 lb. (385.5 kg); 18 ft. (5.5 m)Voltage: 12 Vdc; Frequency: 0 Hz; Power: 25 WClass I Vehicular Swing Gate Operator.Serial Number: MM560-0000000TO MANUALLY OPEN AND CLOSE THE GATE:1. Turn control box power switch OFF.2. Disconnect front or rear mount from mounting bracket.3. Pull operator away from mounting brackets and move gate.Disconnect operator ONLY when the control box powerswitch is OFF and the gate is NOT moving.MMDDYYGTO Access Systems, LLC - Tallahassee, Florida USAProduct identification and manual operation instructionlabel installed on right hand side of control box.MM560 Installation Instructions8

Technical SpecificationsMighty Mule 560 Gate OpenerDRIVE Low friction screw drive (linear actuator) rated for -5 ºFto 160 ºF (-20 ºC to 71 ºC). Use of heater bands on armand control box will enhance performance in extreme coldtemperatures. Powered by a 12 V motor with integral case hardened steelgear reducer. Motor speed reduced to 260 rpm. Generates680 ft. lb. of torque at 12 V. Maximum opening arc of 110º. Approximate opening time(90º): 20 seconds, depending on weight of gate.POWER The system is powered by a 12 Vdc, 7.0 Ah, sealed,rechargeable acid battery. Battery charge is maintained by a 120 Vac, 18 Vac outputtransformer rectified. One blade-style control board fuse israted for 15 A. NOTE: The transformer should not be directlyconnected to any battery. Do not replace fuses withhigher ampere rated fuses; doing so will void yourwarranty and may damage your control board. OPTIONAL: Battery charge is maintained by GTO SolarPanel Charger Kit (5 Watt minimum).CONTROL The Mighty Mule microprocessor-based control boardis set for single leaf, pull-to-open gate installations. DIPswitches can be adjusted to accommodate an optional kitfor push-to-open gates (see Accessory Catalog). A circuit on the control board regulates charging. “Sleepdraw” is 25 mA; “active draw” is 2 to 5 A. Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code. GTO remote-mounted RF receiver tuned to 318 MHz. Operator length with push-pull tube fully retracted is40-1/4” mounting point to mounting point. Max stroke 20”. Adjustable auto-close timer (3 to 120 s), and Dual SenseTechnology Stall Force. Power terminal block accommodates a transformer or solarpanels. NOTE: Do not use solar panel and transformerat the same time. DIP switches simplify setup of gate operator. Accessory terminal block fully compatible with pushbutton controls, digital keypads, loops, etc. Control board allows connection of edge sensors and photoelectric sensors. Audio entrapment alarm sounds if unit encounters anobstruction twice while opening or closing.OPERATIONAL CAPACITY The Gate Capacity Chart shows approximate cycles, perday, you could achieve prior to the battery depleting to astate where the unit will not function. This chart reflects aMighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener when charging witha transformer. Actual cycles may vary slightly dependingupon the type and condition of gate and installation.NOTE: “NR” indicates this sizeand weight combination is notrecommended for theMighty Mule 560.Estimated number of daily cycles, based on use with a transformer and one(1) 12 Volt battery.Number of Cycles* Per DayGate WeightNOTE: Ball bearing hingesshould be used on all gatesweighing over 250 lb.Mighty Mule 560 Gate Capacity /Cycle Chart850 lbs.750 lbs.650 lbs.550 lbs.450 lbs.350 lbs.250 lbs.150 lbs.100 lbs.50 lbs.1351451551651751851952052152255’ - 5516517518519520510’Gate NRNRNRNRNR12513514515516518’To determine the number of cycles the gate opener will perform using solar panels (see page 23)* An operation cycle is one full opening and closing of the gate.These specifications are subject to change without notice.9 MM560 Installation Instructions

Before You BeginCheck Direction of Gate Swing(Requires Push-To-Open Bracket#FM148—NOT INCLUDED)Your PropertyYour PropertyPull-to-Open OptionInstructions begin onpage 13Push-to-Open OptionInstructions begin onpage 16Check Existing Gate Size and Material Gate size: Up to 18 feet OR up to 850 lbs—See charton page 9. Type of gate material: Vinyl, aluminum, chain link,farm tube, wrought iron, wood (not recommended forsolid surface gates).IMPORTANT: Check for Proper Gate InstallationFor the Mighty Mule to work properly, gate must be plumb, level, set in concrete, swing freely not touching theground and have good working hinges.AEFBCDA - LevelB - PlumbC - Free SwingingD - Secured Posts in ConcreteE - Centerline MountingF - Good Working Hinges (ballbearing hinges are recommended ongates over 250 pounds)DMM560 Installation Instructions10

Before You BeginGate Grounding (recommended) Shorter wire (6 AWG) is better, 1 to 2 feet recommended.Metal GatePost Bolt ring terminal at end of cable 4 - 6 inches above groundlevel.Ground RodClamp6 AWG WireR4196 Kit Includes: Ground Rod Clamp 6 AWG Wire (3 feet)NOTE: No grounding system absolutely protects againstlightning strikes. If installed correctly, a grounding system willhelp minimize damage to your gate opener.8 Foot Ground Rod5/8” Copper Clad Steel (not included)- available at local homecenter and hardware stores -Items IncludedNAReceiver andControl Boxinov2.1.KEEPMJGate BracketPost Pivot BracketL8” Nylon Cable Tie (14)PV3/8” x 3” Bolt (2)3/8” x 2” Bolt (1)11 MM560 Installation InstructionsI005RBPost BracketsMU3/8” Bushing (2)W2” Mounting Screw (5)/7.0pAmtunMoGKBatteryTransmitterO5/16” Lock Washer (1)5/16” Washer (1)SRHairpin Clip (2)5/16” x 1-3/4” Bolt (1)ltVoNQ3/8” x 8” Bolt (4)TClosed PositionBracket12HWarningSignIn g Gju aDry teCLp o3. la no EAO Cay tR!Th in alr nGga low atm isD Cgeus atea at u te e a chi malrdse isye rth usa fo a. en morse vtoveepa ehop aR!InstallationVideoInstallationOverviewfor the.DFEGTransformerra icler t ate esat nyeen oga timtr nlyan .t e e.ce Pedor. estriansCINOperatorArmWAB3/8” Lock Washer (7)X3/8” x 1-1/4” Clevis Pin (2)Y3/8” Nut (7)3/8” Washer (9)Z5/16” Nut (1)

Before You BeginTools Needed3/8” BitDrillCenterPunchPen5/16” BitPliersHack SawHammer1/2”wrenchFlat HeadScrewdriverx2Level9/16”wrenchPhilips allFlat HeadTapeMeasureItems Not Included Low voltage wire will be needed to run from thetransformer to the control box; length dependsupon the distance between the transformer powersupply and the control box. See Transformer WiringInstallation on page 20, and the accessory catalog. PVC conduit. If your gate is more than 1000' away from an acpower source you will need to use at least oneMighty Mule 5 watt solar panel to trickle chargethe battery. See the accessory catalog (Do not useboth transformer and solar). If you have thin walled tube or panel gates, seeRecommended Reinforcement Examples after Step 3of “Mounting Pull-to-Open Opener to Gate” section(page 13). Surge protection for transformer. Some types of installations require u-bolts. If the gate is a push-to-open you will need topurchase a PUSH-TO-OPEN bracket, refer to page16 in Installation Manual for more information. Additional washers or a metal plate may be neededfor wooden post. Weatherproof cover for outdoor outlet andtransformer. Strain relief bushing for wiring accessory devices tocontrol box. If post the gate is hinged on is more than 6”, boltslonger than 8” are needed. Depending on the type of gate, a horizontal crossmemb

Product Usage The Mighty Mule Gate Operator meets all of the safety requirements of a Class I Residential Vehicular Gate Operator and is intended for use solely with vehicular swing gates in single-family residential applications that meet the Class I category listed