Start your EnginesAre you ready for the spiritual race?1 Corinthians 9:24Vacation Bible school program from “Children are Important”Teacher’s Book for all agesWeb: to the whole “Children Are Important” team!Editor: Kristina KraussCreative Team: Abril Palacios Camacho, Areli Zuriel Salinas Sanchez, Dwight Krauss, Jennifer Sánchez Nieto,Julio Sánchez Nieto, Mike Kangas, Monserrat Duran Díaz, Suki Kangas, Verónica Toj, and Vickie Kangas.Thanks to Rubén Dario for the wonderful music in this program.Translation Team: alineviera, Annupama Wankhede, Anton Klymyk, Araz Mammadzadeh, Aroma Publicationsand Media, Arturo Jr Boron, Blessy Jacob, Carmela Dawn Flores, Chrisbresnahan, David Raju, Ephraim NjugunaMirobi, Finny Jacob, Geenav, HamidReza Azimi (hamid.azimi1364 at gm#ail com), Heyaudrey,,iqbalman, Jacob Kuruvilla, kamilturk, Karunguru Mwangi, kiran, Maitrayi Mondal, Marco Chu, Marcos Rocha,Mathew Das, Mitesh Mandaliya, mrramlama, Mrs.Geethashree NavaneethaKrishnan, Nassim Bougtaia, nicbenk,Paul Mwangi, Paul Septan, Rana922, Rubina Rai, Safdar Khan, shahroshan15, Talento-Unido, ueritom, VerdiaJuliansyah Cancerika, Yeoh Jung Chin, Zeina Mirella Barzaga Arencibia1

Welcome to the VBSStart your Engines!According to the Bible, our walk with Christ is not just a passive event; it's a race! We and the children must strive to win, andwinning this race does not give us a nice trophy on earth that will wear down or get lost in a closet, but an eternal reward:“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyonewho competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown thatwill last forever.” 1 Corinthians 9:24-25There is an eternal reward for us if we press hard and follow Jesus Christ with everything we have! In this energetic andaccelerated VBS, we will see motorcycle racing as an analogy of our life with Jesus Christ.Like any motorized vehicle, a motorcycle must be in the best condition to compete in races. The engine needs oil to work,otherwise it will be ruined! In the same way, as followers of Jesus, we should practice admitting our mistakes and regretingevery time we do something bad. The bike needs new tires for good traction to go super fast on the track. In the same way, wemust practice obedience to obtain good traction following Jesus in our lives. As antifreeze is needed in the engine to keep itcool, we need to practice Christ s love for others in our lives, to help us avoid dissension and strife with our brothers inChrist. As a motor without gasoline, we can not do anything without the power of Christ in our lives. And, finally, in a majormotorcycle race there will be a stop in the pits with a team of people who will work together to take care of the bike and keepit in the best condition during the race. In charge of this crew is the boss who not only checks the mechanics of the vehicle,but also watches the race and guides the driver through any obstacles. Like the race chief, Jesus Christ takes care of all thesethings and guides us as our team leader.You and your VBS team can launch this event with ideas from the station “Garage Crafts,” games at the station "Ready, Set,Games!", ideas to make snacks from the Snack Stand, and books for students with fun activities and puzzles in Driving Class.Meet the Mechanic character in the drama. Teach funny lessons that combine racing analogies with Bible stories and learnsome words in sign language to make it interesting for children. Use a new attention grabber every day to increase interest,and do not forget the songs with actions! This VBS is a great evangelization tool, so invite as many children as possible toyour VBS. The biblical story in Lesson 5 is about Jesus dying on the cross and salvation. Do not forget to invite the children toaccept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”Hebrews 12:1May God bless you abundantly as you teach your children to followChrist with humility, obedience and love, putting Jesus Christ as the headof your team. We pray that many children come to know Christ, and thatit is a great blessing for the whole church. Zoom zoom!Many blessings from the creative team of Children are Important!2

How to use this VBSExclusive to the directorAs the director of the program, we suggest you not be the leader or teacher of any team or class, but put otherpeople in charge of each area of work. When there are problems with lost resources, an accident with a child, amissing teacher or a need to talk to the senior pastor, this is handled by you as the director. You can not do yourjob as you should if you are also preaching the main message or preparing the snack. Leave all the fun jobs for thebrothers of your church.VolunteersFinding people to help you in VBS is easier than for Sunday School because VBS is only a week. Try to involvemany volunteers, because doing so will motivate the congregation.Look for the types of jobs available to be covered by the staff. After doing so, think about the people with the rightskills to help you. Choose people who love children, who are reliable and agreeable in their character.The next step is to go directly to them and invite them to do a specific job in the VBS. Share the vision of reachingthe children of the neighborhood for Christ with them. People tend to get involved with all their time and energyif they are personally invited.PrayerStart planning your Vacation Bible School (VBS) with prayer. Make time to approach God, seeking His directionas you organize your event. Ask a close friend of yours to pray as the weeks approach. Gather your team and praywith your pastor. Find people to pray during the days of VBS. The VBS is a great learning opportunity for the children of your church and also an evangelistic tool. Do notunderestimate the importance of prayer for this event.“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)TrainingSchedule a training session for training all who will participate in the VBS. During that day you will be able toexplain in detail how the program will work and you will assign the responsibilities of each one.Choosing a Date and PlaceChoose an appropriate date according to the calendar of the church. Once you have agreed with your pastor,verify that the date does not coincide with other activities that take place in your community that mayinterfere with the VBS. It is not mandatory to have VBS in your church. You also have the option of doing yourVBS in a park in your neighborhood or in a public place to reach more children. When you choose the place,remember that you must leave some time for decoration and cleaning the space.This program is written as a VBS of 5 days, but you can adjust it to suit your needs. It can be a VBS of only 3 daysusing lessons 1, 4 and 5, if you choose. The material is made to serve you, not to be a strict rule to follow.3

AdvertisingYou can start advertising about 4-6 weeks before the event. Make sure it is announced from the pulpit and makesure to cast the vision of reaching the children of the community. A vacation school is a good first step for evangelism, since people might be afraid to attend church with children,but no one has any problem sending their children to a week-long program for children during holidays. Thisopens the door to visiting families, and even parents can attend to see what their children are doing. Thischallenges the congregation to think about the families they could invite. Invite people to get involved in advertising by distributing invitations, brochures, etc. Make sure you haveenough advertising material. Place some posters in different places (stores, public places). You can even have a competition to reward theperson who brings the most guests to the VBS. (The prize can be a dinner or some other token).RegistrationEncourage registration before your event. This will help you to have an estimated number of attendees so you canplan to have enough materials for everyone. A careful record will also help you keep a list of children and familiesso that in the future other evangelistic events can take place.Rotation StationsThis VBS can be used to your liking, but it is written to be usedwith a rotation program of three stations at a time. This meansthat you divide the children into three groups, and the groupsrotate through the three stations, even if the stations are alllocated in the same sanctuary area. Each station lasts 20 to 40minutes, and each station is repeated three times so that eachgroup goes to each station once a day. The easiest way to dividechildren is by age, and this also helps for the student's books: Easy (4-6 years) Medium (7-9 years) Difficult (10-12 years)We have another Advanced age group (13 years) if your olderchildren would like to participate in the VBS. You can dividethe groups for rotation stations according to the number ofstudents in each age group, or have only Class and Craftstations with the Games activity toward the end of the day.Our favorite way to rotate through the stations is to play musicwhen it's time to change, so there's a lot of energy as studentsmove from one station to another. The beauty of using thestations is that the teachers do not need to prepare too manythings, but they prepare one part of the class, and they repeatthat 3 times. (It's a little less work for each teacher).4

Rotation ScheduleAll together in one group: Opening Music Drama Main message Ice breaker game Biblical lessonRotation stations: Student Book activities Craft of the day Games (or play the game with everyone at the end)All together in one group: Snack Music ClosingTraditional ScheduleAll together in one group: Opening Music Drama Main message Ice breaker gameTime in classrooms: Bible lessonStudent booksCraftsSnackTogether for gamesAll together in one group: Music ClosingIcebreaker GamesIcebreakers are short games that you can play with your students in their spare time. These will help studentsintegrate and connect with one another in a group setting. Icebreakers can also help improve teaching byencouraging cooperation and participation. They can provide positive encouragement for the study anddiscussion in small groups by: Helping a new group get to know each other. Helping new members to join a group.5

Helping young people feel comfortable together. Encouraging cooperation. Encouraging listening to others. Encouraging team work. Encouraging young people to leave their cliques. Developing social skills. Building a relationship with leaders. Creating a good environment for learning and participation.Your students will not enjoy listening to the Bible story directly after hearing the main message! It is an overloadof talking and preaching. We have divided the "talk" with an icebreaker game in each lesson. Use these games tohelp your students pay attention and learn the lesson each day!GamesThere are two games provided for each lesson for school children in this material. One game is relay style withteams, and the other game is individual, where children compete a single child wins. You can use the games to addfun to VBS so that the children want to return every day. If you are interested, you can also form groups and givepoints for teams that win the games.6

Extra IdeasDoor DecorationsTRAFFIC LIGHTDecorate the door of your classroom as the finish lineto be the start of your class, or decorate withmotorcycles representing each of the children in yourclass. You can use construction and other specialpaper to decorate.You can make this yourself. YouYou only need:- A cardboard box- Some cans- A stick to hold itPaper curtainsPlace them on doors orwindows.BalloonsDecorate the classroom with different balloon designs from cones, trafficlights, tires or arcs to feel the thrill of being on the race track.7

PAPER CIRCLESMake these from colors or designs that suit you most, using different sizes.Street SignsThey will add a lot of fun andhelp create the perfectatmosphere.Moto selfieThis is an excellent opportunity to takepictures of the children.MotorcycleYou can make this usingonly cardboard boxes.TiresYou can decorate withrecycled tires just byadding details.8

Reconognizing my SinBible Story: Peter Repents / Matthew 26:69-75, John 21Verse“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”1 John 1:9DramaThe Lying Mechanic A mechanic enters, removing the grease from hisAttention Grabberhands with a rag and laughing very loudly. He sits on aSpeaker: “It’s race time!”sofa and starts to take a drink. He tells the children whatChildren: “Beep! Beep! Beep-beep!” (fist hittinghis life is like: He is a very good mechanic called Greasy.hand with each beep)He also tells them that he has a beautiful wife, a good“Oooooooh” (arms begin straight down and movebut rebellious daughter, a very nice and obedient puppy,up for 3 counts) “Yeah!” (arms jolt back slightly inand mentions where he lives. (Mention a city in yourmotorbike handle position)area) He starts to laugh again, he is very happy, so he wantsto share with the children why he is so happy. Something happened 10 days ago; a client brought his car in tochange the oil. Instead of giving him new oil, the best and the most expensive, he gave him used and waste oil. Hethought that the man was not going to realize it and thus get more money. At that moment, the customer enters, angry and running towards the mechanic, ready to give him a goodbeating. The mechanic jumps and hides behind the sofa. The two run for a while in front of the children in abattle, screaming, the mechanic says he has not done anything wrong. The screaming customer tells the mechanic that his engine broke down in the morning and that, when checkingit, everyone said that it broke down because the oil had not been changed in a long time. The client insisted that hehad changed the oil, but nobody believed him because the oil was very old. The man keeps yelling at the mechanicand tells him that he has to replace the engine with a new one. The two go out screaming and running. One of theteachers comes out saying, “later we will see the end.” Someone passes with a sign that says, "Later." Now the mechanic enters with a repentant heart, talking to theclient. Greasy admits that he used used oil and apologizes to the customer. He offers to replace the engine with anew one, in exchange for how badly he did. The customer accepts and forgives the mechanic. They walk and embrace. The mechanic slaps his new friend onthe back and the customer slaps him back a little stronger. A little nervous, but laughing, the mechanic gives himanother even stronger slap, and then the client responds with an even stronger one. The two begin to laugh andleave.9

MessageChildren, welcome to the start of this special VBS, “Start your Engines!”Today we will be looking at the importance of oil in the engine. On a motorcycle, or any car, oil is very important,because if you run without oil, you can ruin the entire engine! This will stop you completely. It is very sad to losethe entire engine, when all you had to do was check the oil and make sure you have enough. The oil in the enginegets more and more dirty with time, then at some point we have to change it and put new oil. From time to timecheck the oil, sometimes you will have to buy more, but you save the time and money that you would spend if youran out of oil and damaged the engine.Getting caught in a big sin is as if we damaged the engine of our cars. Manysins have great consequences, even after God forgives them. Some sins willcause you to go to jail for a long time, others will cause your family to kickyou out of the house, and others will cause you to leave school. The best wayto avoid these costly mistakes is to always be willing to admit that we arewrong, even in small things.Absolutely no one wants to admit that they have done something wrong. Itis in our human nature to think that we are always right, and that we nevermake mistakes. But this is not the truth. We make mistakes all the time, some bigger than others. Today we willlearn about a man in the Bible, Peter, who made a mistake. He was caught sinning, and if he had continued likethis, he would have ruined his life.Instead, Peter accepted his sin and repented before God. This action returned him to the race of life and got himback on the track. Peter became a powerful man in God. God loves you and has special plans for your life. Hewants you to be a powerful man or woman in Him, just like Peter in the Bible.But for you and I to win this race, we have to learn from Peter's lesson; admit when we are wrong and repent. Inorder to win, we have to admit that we are really wrong and that we are not perfect. Then we confess our sin toGod. He will forgive our sins and cleanse us, which makes it so much easier to stay clean and follow God.But since we are not perfect, we sin again and start the process again. Like a motorcycle that will always need newoil in its engine, you and I will always need to acknowledge our sins before God. This is not a one time thing, but itis a constant practice that we have to adopt if we want to win the race. I am not talking about salvation having tobe done over and over again, but about ADMITTING THAT YOU ARE WRONG. This practice will keep the "oil"of your engine clean, and you will go farther in the race of life!Ice Breaker GamesFruit Basket UpsetIn this icebreaker, the intention is to get to know the names of the students who attend the VBS; a fantastic idea isto include all the people that participate in the VBS. Have the children sit in rows and there will be less problemperforming this activity.Each student in the line will say his name out loud. Both the first row and the last row should pay attention to thenames. The teacher will point to a participant say the name of a fruit such as orange, lemon, cantaloupe,watermelon or fruit basket. The participant should say the name of his partner, according to what the fruitindicates.10

Example:Orange: The name of the partner that you have on your rightLemon: The name of the partner that you have on your leftCantaloupe: Say your own nameWatermelon: The name of the person in frontFruit Basket: Everyone changes placesYou can walk between the rows to point out the students or participating staff. The most fun part is saying “fruitbasket upset” and making everyone move.Bible LessonPeter Repents1. Peter was a disciple of Jesus, this means that he was a person whofollowed Jesus to learn from him. Jesus told his disciples, “Come andFollow me.” Peter loved Jesus very much. He was the first of the disciplesthat told him, “You are the Son of God.”At the word, disciple: Close your hands, putting them in front and whenlowering them, open them.2. After having been with his disciples for 3 years, he told them he would bearrested and sent to his death. Jesus also told his disciples that they would flee andthat they would say they did not know him. Peter stood up and said: “I will neversay that I do not know you,” and the rest of the disciples said, too, “We will neversay that we do not know you.”At the word, never: Turn your hand in a semicircle and lower your arm to the right.3. The three things happened as Jesus had told them. The soldiers arrived and arrested Jesus. All the disciples ran,but Peter followed him from afar to see what was happening to him. When Jesus was being interrogated in thehouse of the High Priest, Peter was outside warming himself by the fire since it was very cold, when suddenly aservant girl said to him, "You were with Jesus," then Peter answered, “I don’t knowwhat you are talking about.” Another girl told a person out loud: “he was one of thedisciples of Jesus,” and Peter answered, “I am not,” (even when he had recently saidthat he would never deny him). Moments later someone said, "I'm sure you're one ofhis disciples, you are from Galilee,” Peter said a few bad words, and then said, “I don’tknow what you mean.”At the phrase, I don’t know: Put your right hand fingers on the forehead and turn itupwards.11

4. Just then, a rooster sang; Peter then remembered what Jesus had told him, “Beforethe rooster sings you will deny me three times.” Peter started to cry because in thepresence of other disciples he had said that he would never say that he did not knowhim. And now it was three times that he had done it. Peter was very sorry. Peter knewthat was wrong. Peter may have asked, "Now what am I going to do? I do not knowwhat to do".At the word, rooster: Put the thumb of your right hand to your forehead, lifting the nexttwo fingers up.5. A few hours later, Jesus was crucified. He died on a cross to pay the price of sin. Allthe disciples were very sad, but, where was Peter? He was hidden, repentant andfearful. He had done something wrong. Three days later, Jesus rose again (he cameback to life). He was not on the cross anymore, nor he was dead in a tomb, and one ofthe first things that Jesus said was that they inform the disciples and Peter to meethim in Galilee.At the word, cross: With your fingers curved inwards and your thumb straight out,form a cross, first from top to bottom and from left to right.6. “Uff, that's fine,” said Peter and he began to feel better. When Peter was in the presence of Jesus he would feelmore than happy. All those days, Peter thought, “I don’t know what to do.” One of those days in Galilee, Peter toldthe other disciples, I am going to fish, and they went with him. They got to the lake andthey fished all night, but they did not catch anything. Someone from the shore told themto throw the net to the right (as it was still dark, they did not know who it was). When theythrew it to the right they caught many fish.At the word, fish: With your hands closed, put your left on the right and move them from topto bottom.7. “It's the Lord,” yelled John. When Peter heard that, he threw himself into the water andswam to get to Jesus faster. Jesus wanted Peter to know that he had forgiven him. Jesustold Peter, "Feed my sheep, feed my lambs." Jesus wanted Peter to tell others about hislove for him. Jesus was not finished with Peter yet, he had to do important things in hislife. Best of all, Peter knew that Jesus had forgiven him and that he could start a new life.At the word forgiven: Carve your left hand the fingers of your right hand.8. You can apply this story to your life because you, too, are a disciple of Jesus, just likePeter, and you follow the path. It is never too late to confess your sins to Jesus. Even if you also say “I don’t knowwhat to do,” the important thing is that you do not lie and hide. There probably will not be another rooster byyour side to remind you of your sin, but now you know that Christ died on the cross to forgive all your sins. Andnow He wants you to become a fisher of men. The best part of confession is when Jesus jumps with joy andforgives you.(All actions)12

Rotation stationsDivide into 3 groups to move to the stationsGarage CraftsMotocross TrackDistribute to each student:1 sheet with the path printedA little sawdust and/or glitter Cut out or detach rectangles and motorcyclists. Take the rectangles and fold over the lines marked in onedirection, making two tabs for each rectangle. Place some glue on the bent tabs, and glue them on your pathwaywherever you want, making a small bridge. Place some glue on your entire track, then add sawdust and/orglitter on the glue to simulate a motocross track. Finally, color your motorcyclists, play with them or stick them onyour track.Snack StandChocolate Pudding/Custard with CookiesIngredients: Chocolate Pudding/Custard Cookies Plastic SpoonInstructions:1.Open chocolate pudding/custard2.Open cookies package3.Break the cookies into small pieces4.Put the pieces of cookies in the custard.5.Stir the cookies in the pudding/custard with a spoon.Now you can enjoy eating dirt as if you were in the front row!!Driving ClassWelcome to the “driving class” where we will work on our student books. Why don’t we start the class byrepeating together the lesson of the day with the verse of the day? Let’s start!!!Questions and answers1.What happens if I do not want to repent?In your heart there will be no peace because God in his word calls us to repentance, and He forgives us andcleanses us just as He did in the Bible.13

2.Can I ask for forgiveness at anytime and anywhere?Of course, it is one of the best things we can do. Whether you are at school or stay at a friend's house, God listensto you wherever you are.3.If I apologize to someone and they do not forgive me, what I do?You are not responsible for the actions of other people, you are only responsible for what you do.4.Where was Peter from?Peter was from Galilee5. What was Peter's work before he became a disciple?FishermanDriving Class Answers14

Ready, set, GAMES!Crash Race (a game for Individuals)All teams can participate. A child from each team is chosen to be the one who will tag others. To eliminate a child,tag him 2 times. When the teacher says, “Go”, the chosen child should chase everyone trying to tag them, whenthis happens, the tagged child should put a hand where he was tagged. For example: if tagged on the back or leg,he should put a hand on his back or leg and continue running, trying to escape. As long as they have a free handthey continue in the game. A child is eliminated when tagged a second time. They put their other hand wheretagged and remain without moving until the end of the game. The winner is the one who is not eliminated. Thewinning team gets a point.Ball Race (a game for Teams)1. The VBS teams must each choose a leader.2. The members of each team form a line about one step apart. The leader is two steps in front of the others.3. Each leader is given a ball (crushed paper, for example).4. Place a marker several meters from the starting place (a chair, for example), which they run around in the race.5. The game begins when the leader throws the ball to the first member of therow. That person runs to the marker with the ball, goes around the marker andreturns. When he reaches the row with his teammates, he must throw the ball tothe leader. Then he should sit down.6. The leader will throw the ball in the same way to all the members of the team.When all the team have sat down, he must also run around the marker.7. The game ends when the team leader arrives and sits in line.8. The team that ends first will be the winner.9. To play again, assign a different leader in each team.ConclusionWhat a wonderful first day of our Vacation Bible School! We have enjoyed a great time and learned how Petermade a great mistake in denying his Lord when he was under pressure. But he overcame his sin by acknowledgingand confessing it. We can all learn from Peter and recognize our mistakes and confess our sins on a regular basis.In this way, we can keep the "oil" fresh in our engines and run the race of life to win!15

Obeying GodBible Story: Noah Obeys / Genesis 6:9-14, 7:1-24Verse“We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands.” 1 John 2:3DramaThe Change The mechanic is sitting at the table and his wife is serving breakfast when his daughter comes in. The girl iskinder than usual and gives each one a high five and the three of them freeze. An announcer enters and informs thechildren that the mechanic and his wife doAttention Grabbernot know it, but that they have changed theirrebellious daughter for a good, ChristianSpeaker: “Will you obey God?”daughter. He then says, “We will see theChildren:“Iwill ”(clap, clap with “I will” then tap bothdifference.” The mechanic and his familyhands to legs)unfreeze and continue with the drama.“I will ” (clap, clap with “I will” then tap both hands to legs) The first thing that the mother notices is“I will obey God!” (clap, clap with “I will” then tap both handsher daughter's clothes. She asks if they askedto legs twice with “obey” then point up with “God”)her at school to wear a costume. She also asksher where she left her nose piercing and theclothes she normally wears. The daughterbrings a newspaper to her dad along with hiscoffee. She talks about how she finished her homework and how she studied for the exam at school. The mechanic asksher if she needs money for something, but she tells him no. The parents talk about how they like their daughter more like she is now, and how much happier they stay withher. While leaving, the daughter takes a gift to give to her teacher. As she leaves, the mechanic and his wife sit, amazed, wondering what could have happened. The mechanicthinks, “Who is this girl, and what did she do with our daughter?” The announcer returns, saying that they did notice the difference; it was clear that they liked the change. Theannouncer ends by giving an suggestion to exchange rebellious children for Christian children.MessageWelcome back to the race, children. and to the VBS "Start your Engines!" Today we will learn about anotherimportant part of racing bikes: the tires. In a race, the tires on the motorcycle are very important! Obviously amotorcycle can not run without them, but good traction is also important!!! Good traction from the tires helps thebike hold onto the pavement better, so that you do not slip on the track. In a race, they put NEW tires on the bikebefore starting. Because of this, they are sure to have better traction for the next lap on the track.16

Obedience to God in all respects is like having new tires on your bike, and having good traction on the race track.If you really want to get to a place in life, and you want to do something GREAT for God, you need traction. Thisme

Start planning your Vacation Bible School (VBS) with prayer. Make time to approach God, seeking His direction as you organize your event. Ask a close friend of yours to pray as the weeks approach. Gather your team and pray with your pastor. Find people to pray during the days of VBS.