A Federally Designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)¡Ven y Aprende en Tu Colegio Local!Schedule of ClassesSpring 20142300 E. Gibson Road, Woodland, CA 95776(530) 661‐5700

Important DatesSpring 2014JanuaryMay13 ‐ Instruc on begins5‐21‐ Limited extracurricular student ac vi es17 ‐ ** Last day to add a class/register withoutspecial permission for full semester courses14‐21 ‐ Final examina on period24 ‐ **Last day to be eligible for a refund ofenrollment, parking, student services fees, non‐resident tui on31 ‐**Last day to drop class(es) without a “W” gradeon permanent record for full semester courses15 ‐ Closing date for interna onal student applica onfor Fall 201416 ‐ Commencement Ceremony21 ‐ Conclusions of SPRING 2014 semester; academicyear 20113‐2014 ends27 ‐ Grades due from instructorsFebruary3 ‐ Census Date for full semester courses14 ‐ Last day to elect Pass/No Pass grading for fullsemester courses**Dates apply to full‐semester classes;short‐term class dates will vary.March2 ‐ Cal Grant Deadline‐Free Applica on for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA) completed and submi ed tothe federal government to determine Cal Grant eligi‐bility and federal priority fundingApril15 ‐ **Deadline to apply for SPRING 2014 Gradua on18‐ **Last day to drop class(es) with a “W” grade onpermanent record for full semester coursesHolidays/ClosuresJanuary 20‐ Academic and Administra ve Holiday–Mar n Luther King Day observance (Monday)February 7 ‐ Academic and Administra veHoliday– Lincoln’s Birthday observance (Friday)February 17 ‐ Academic and Administra veHoliday– Washington’s Birthday observance (Monday)March 31‐April 4 ‐ Spring Recess; academic holidaysMarch 31 ‐ Cesar Chavez Day observance (Monday)April 3‐4 ‐ Administra ve holidaysMay 26 ‐ Academic and Administra ve holiday—Memorial Day observanceO u r c o l le g e o ff e r s a n a r r a y o f c l a s s es , i n cl u d i n g E n g l is h a s a S e c on d L a ng u a g ec o u rs es t o se r ve t h e m an y n ee ds of o u r di v er se c o m m un i t y m e mbe rs .

Woodland Community CollegeSpring 2014STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMESWOODLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE’S MISSIONThe mission of Woodland Community College is to provide high quality educa‐on that fosters student success and lifelong learning opportuni es for thecommuni es we serve in an environment that values diversity, individuality,mutual respect, civic responsibility and the free exchange of ideas.This Schedule of Classes is published for informa onal purposes. Every effortis made to ensure its accuracy; however, the contents should not be regard‐ed as an irrevocable contract between students and the Yuba CommunityCollege District. The District reserves the right to correct, modify, or changethis document without no ce for reasons related to student enrollment,level of financial support, or for any other reason, at the discre on of theDistrict. The District further reserves the right to add to, amend, or repeatany of their rules, regula ons, and procedures, consistent with applicablelaws. Please be advised, students should review the latest schedule ofchanges prior to registering for courses.OPEN ENROLLMENT POLICYThe following Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)will provide the core knowledge and abili es forevery graduate from the Yuba Community CollegeDistrict. Communication ‐ Effec vely use lan‐guage and non‐verbal communica onconsistent with and appropriate for theaudience and purpose. Computation ‐ Use appropriatemathema cal concepts and methodsto understand, analyze, and communi‐cate issues in quan ta ve terms. Critical Thinking ‐ Analyze data/informa on in addressing and evalu‐a ng problems and issues in makingdecisions. Global Awareness ‐ Ar culate similari‐es and differences among cultures,mes, and environments, demon‐stra ng an understanding of culturalpluralism and knowledge of global is‐sues. Information Competency ‐ Conduct,present, and use research necessary toachieve educa onal, professional, andpersonal objec ves. Personal and Social Responsibility ‐Interact with others by demonstra ngrespect for opinions, feelings, and val‐ues. Technological Awareness ‐ Select anduse appropriate technological tools forpersonal, academic, and career tasks. Scientific Awareness ‐ Understand thepurpose of scien fic inquiry and theimplica ons and applica ons of basicAll courses, regardless of where offered, are open to members of the publicwho are otherwise eligible for admission, with the following excep ons: Courses that are specifically exempted by statute, including “impacted”allied health programs (Rad Tech, ADN, Psych Tech); Courses closed by maximum enrollment of students by the “priorityregistra on” policy; Courses with academic requisites that restrict enrollment of academi‐cally unqualified students; and Courses with content that would be a repeat of a course of equivalentor more advanced coursework previously taken by the student(excep ons require counselor evalua on and Dean approval).It’s about our health!WCC is a 100% smoke free campus.Woodland Community College1

Campus Directory and Table of ContentsCampus Telephone NumbersSpring 2014Table of ContentsAdministra on(530) 661‐5711Admissions & Records(530) 661‐5720Associated Student Government(530) 661‐5785Bookstore(530) 661‐5790Registration Dates and Times . 5CalWORKS(530) 668‐3681Deadline Dates for Short‐Term Classes . 6Campus Police(530) 661‐5722Fees . 7Career Center(530) 661‐577710 Days to Pay Policy . 8Child Development Center(530) 661‐5773WCC Matriculation Process. 9‐10Colusa County Outreach Facility(530) 668‐2500Coopera ve Work Experience(530) 668‐3696Counseling(530) 661‐5703How to Schedule an Assessment Test. 20‐21Dean, Instruc on & Learning Resources(530) 661‐5714English as a Second Language (ESL) . 22‐23DSP&S(530) 661‐5797Assessment Test Level Information . 24EOP&S/CARE(530) 661‐5728New Student Group Counseling Schedule . 25Financial Aid(530) 661‐5725Financial Aid Process . 26Foster & Kinship Care(530) 661‐5772Learning Resource Center/Library(530) 661‐5740MESA(530) 668‐2550Student Services . 35‐38Reading Center(530) 661‐5750Cooperative Work Experience (CWEE) Dates . 39Student Health Services(530) 661‐7758How to Read the Schedule of Classes . 40Student Support Services (SSS)(530) 661‐2285Schedule of Classes . 41‐85Transfer Center(530) 661‐5770Graduation Requirements Checklist . 86‐87TRIO(530) 661‐2285Tutoring Center(530) 661‐5733Veterans Affairs(530) 661‐5704Wri ng & Math Center (WAM)(530) 661‐5716MyCampus Information . 3Steps to Enrolling ‐ Pasos Para Inscribirse. 4Registration Information . 11‐13Enrollment Priorities . 14WebAdvisor Registration and Log in Guide . 15‐19Financial Aid Information . 27‐29Veterans and Health Services . 30Academic and General Information . 31‐34CSU General Education Breadth Requirements . 88‐89IGETC Requirements . 90‐91Final Exam Schedule. 92Campus Map . Inside Back CoverStudent Right to Know: Public Law 101‐542 and 102‐26In compliance with the Student‐Right‐to‐Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Public Law 101‐542), it is the policy of the Yuba CommunityCollege District to make available its comple on and transfer rates to all current and prospec ve students. From Fall 2008 to Spring 2011, acohort of all cer ficate, degree and transfer‐seeking first‐ me, full‐ me students were tracked over a three‐year period. The comple on andtransfer rates are listed below. These rates do not represent the success rates of the en re student popula on, nor do they account for stu‐dent outcomes occurring a er this three‐year tracking period.Based upon the cohort defined above, 19.2% a ained a cer ficate or degree or became ‘transfer‐prepared’ during the three‐year periodfrom Fall 2008 to Spring 2011. Students who have completed 60 transferable units with a GPA of 2.0 or be er are considered 'transfer‐prepared'. Based on the cohort defined above, 10.91% transferred to another postsecondary ins tu on prior to a aining a degree or cer‐ficate or becoming ‘transfer‐prepared’ during the five semester period from Spring 2009 to Spring 2011.2Woodland Community College

MyCampusUse MyCampus to access WebAdvisor, your stu‐dent Email, campus updates and ac vi es, im‐portant dates and more. Collaborate with classmates and professorsAccess WebAdvisor and Blackboard Find current informa on about what ishappening on campus Access important informa on on Financial Aid,Admissions and Records, Counseling Services,DSPS, TRiO, EOPS and addi onal studentservices.Using MyCampus Portal:Step 1: Go to h p://wcc.yccd.eduStep 2: Click on the MyCampus Portal bu on on thele ‐hand side of the WCC Web site.Step 3: Log inUser Name: yccdweb/(your WebAdvisor ID)Password: password you created for WebAdvisorThe portal works with many browsers; Internet Ex‐plorer (recommended for rich features), Firefox,Chrome, and Safari.Spring 2014MyYCCDUsing Student Email:Step 1: Go to h p://wcc.yccd.eduStep 2: Click on the Student Email bu on on thele ‐hand side of the WCC Web site.Step 3: Follow the direc ons to log in to yourStudent EmailWindows Live ID: Your WebAdvisor [email protected]: password you created for WebAdvisorNOTE: Your Student Email address isYour WebAdvisor [email protected]:Name: John DoeWeb Advisor ID: 0012345Email address: [email protected] your Student Email because: Woodland Community College will use yourcampus email as a means to communicate withstudents. You can create documents using Microso Word,Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote through youremail service. Store up to 7‐8 gigabytes of data on Skydrive. Create personal and shared Photo Albums.Ques ons? Need further assistance?Email: h[email protected] Call: 530‐741‐6981Woodland Community College3

Steps to Enrolling ‐ Pasos Para InscribirseSpring 2014Connuing students do NOT have to reapply for admission to Woodland Community College. If you havenever a ended WCC or have been away since Spring 2011 you must complete the following enrollmentsteps:Please refer to WCCs MatriculaonProcess on page 10 for more informa on on enrollment.Estudiantes que están regresando después de haber asisdo el semestre pasado (primavera 2013) NOnecesitan llenar una solicitud de admisión. Si usted nunca ha asis do al Colegio Comunitario de Woodland,o no ha tomado clases desde el otoño 2010, usted necesita completar los siguientes pasos para inscribirse.Para más información acerca de losprocesos de Matriculación de WCC, por favor diríjasea la página 10.4Woodland Community College

Registration Dates and TimesSpring 2014Students have 10 days to pay for classes from the day they register.Students who have not paid within 10 days may be dropped for non‐payment.If you have not already done so, apply for an enrollment fee waiver BEFORE registering for classes if you believe youmay qualify for the waiver.Use WEBADVISOR or login through your MyCampus Portal to process your registra on. Take advantage of yourstatus to register. Avoid long lines and have the best selec on of classes by registering online on your priority date.Con nuing students who are receiving financial aid MUST be registered prior to January to receive their first fallsemester financial aid payment.Con nuing Student Registra onYou may register on or a er your scheduled priority date by the last four digits of your Social Security Number.Group AGroup BGroup CGroup ay, November 19, 2013Wednesday, November 20, 2013Thursday, November 21, 2013Friday, November 22, 2013 (and students who have no Social Security Number on file)Priority Returning Student Registra onConcurrent Enrollment Registra onStudents who a ended Woodland CommunityCollege or Yuba College between Spring 2011 andSpring 2013 and have submi ed an applica on forSpring 2014 and been coded for priority status mayregister beginning on November 25, 2013.High school students who have completed the EIGHTHgrade and have completed the steps on page 14 maybring their signed concurrent enrollment form and feepayment to the Admissions & Records Office to regis‐ter in person beginning on Monday, December 9,2013.Open Registra onNew students who have completed the matricula onprocess (except concurrently enrolled high school stu‐dents) and returning students who were last enrolledat Woodland Community College or Yuba College pri‐or to Spring 2011 may register beginning on Tuesday,November 26, 2013.Concurrently enrolled high school students mustregister in person and do NOT gain con nuing studentstatus.Late Registra on for Spring 2014Students may add open Spring session classes onWebAdvisor through January 17, 2014. Closedclasses require permission from the instructor toregister. Students must take an ADD FORM signed bythe instructor to the Admissions & Records Office toregister and pay fees in person.ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSInforma on and expecta ons presented in the first class mee ng are cri cal to successfully par cipate in eachclass. If the class has a WAIT LIST, students enrolled in that class who do not a end the FIRST day may be dropped.DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE INSTRUCTOR WILL AUTOMATICALLY DROP YOU.Students are responsible for dropping themselves to qualify for a fee refund and avoid F grades.Woodland Community College5

Deadline Dates for Short‐Term ClassesSpring 2014LAST DAY TO ADD Short‐Term ClassesIf you have not registered before the first class mee ng, a end the first class mee ng and obtain the signature of theinstructor on an ADD FORM if space is available in the class. Take the form with your fee payment to the Admissionsand Records Office to register in person no later than the day of the SECOND class mee ng.REFUND DEADLINE for Short‐Term ClassesTo be eligible for a refund, you must officially drop a short‐term class by the end of the day of the SECOND classmee ng if the class has 30 or fewer mee ng days. You can drop using WebAdvisor or in person at the Admissionsand Records Office.The corresponding refund deadlines for short‐term classes with more than 30 mee ng days are follows:31‐40 mee ng days ‐ End of the day of THIRD class mee ng41‐50 mee ng days ‐ End of day of the FOURTH class mee ng51‐60 mee ng days ‐ End of day of the FIFTH class mee ngFor classes mee ng less than 30 days, contact the Admissions & Records Office.6Woodland Community College

FeesSpring 2014The enrollment fee is subject to change and is established by the State Legislature. If fees are increased by the State Legislaturea er publica on of the schedule, students will be billed for the addi onal fees. All fees are due to the college at the me ofenrollment. No future enrollments may take place un l all debts are paid. Fees may be paid by cash, check, VISA, Mastercard,Discover, ATM, or fee waiver. Students can be dropped from their courses if fees are not paid within 10 days from me of en‐rollment (see 10 Days to Pay Policy).FEEEnrollment FeeAMOUNTREQUIRED OF 46 per unit—Fees are set by theState. (If fee is increased, students areAll students, except those eligible forthe Board of Governors’ Enrollment FeeWaiver (BOGW).billed at the new rate.) 10 per semesterAll students, except those eligible forthe BOG Waiver.Non‐Resident Tui on 190 per unit, in addi on toenrollment feeAll non‐resident students (fromanother state).Interna onal Student Tui on 190 per unit, in addi on toenrollment feeAll non‐resident interna onalstudents (from another country). 20 per unit in addi on to enroll‐ment feeAll non‐resident and interna onalstudents 40 fee for a semester pass or 2.00 per day(BOGW 20 per semester) 20 Summer Session 15 per semester, motorcycleAll vehicles using campus parkingfacili es for all events must displayappropriate permit or decal.Health Services FeeCapital Outlay FeeParking DecalsBoard of Governors Fee WaiverLow‐income students, who are California residents, contact the Financial Aid Office for a Board of Governors FeeWaiver (BOGW) applica on. Students should have the BOGW applica on approved BEFORE registering for classes.REFUNDS:Refund dates VARY for each short‐term class. See the refund deadline informa on for short‐term classes. See page 6for more informa on on the refund dates in EACH short‐term class.A 10.00 processing fee is charged for all refunds. Students must make a request for refund through WebAdvisor.Refunds will NOT automa cally be issued. If fees were paid by check, there will be a 3‐week wai ng period beforerefunds can be processed. If fees were paid by cash, the refund will be mailed 3‐6 weeks a er the request for refundhas been received. For fees paid by credit card, the refund can be credited back to the student’s account. Theprocessing fee is waived only if the refund is for a class that was cancelled. Contact the District Cashier in theBusiness Office for further details (530) 741‐6724.American Opportunity (Hope) and/or Life me Learning Tax Credits‐ Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997:In accordance with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, the District will send informa on required by the IRS to eligiblestudents. Please check with your tax preparer to determine if you are eligible to take advantage of this tax credit.Woodland Community College7

10 Days to Pay PolicySpring 2014Students have 10 days to pay for their classes from the me of registra on. Studentswho have not paid their fees within 10 days may be dropped for non‐payment.To avoid being dropped from your classes take one of the following steps:1.) Pay for your classes in full; OR2.) Complete a Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGW) with Financial Aid PRIOR to registra on; OR3.) Sign up for a payment plan online through WebAdvisor. Students are responsible for makingpayment arrangements. Those who do not make payments may be dropped from one or more classes.Once you have registered you will be able to see your status in MyCampus Portal and through NelNet’swebsite: h p:// IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for any fees incurred and grades received. It is thestudent's responsibility to drop classes by the State‐mandated refund deadline to avoid fee obliga onsand they must be aware of all other published deadlines. (Once classes begin, non‐a endance or non‐payment does not release the student from his/her responsibility and may result in student fee debt andfailing grades being awarded).Make sure your fees are paid so your classes are secure before the term starts.8Woodland Community College

WCC Matriculation ProcessSpring 2014Woodland Community College New StudentMatriculation ProcessSpringMatriculaon is a process designed to help students achieve their educa onal goals. All new, transfer, and returning students(who have not a ended a Yuba Community College District class within the last three years) must complete the matricula onprocess. The Yuba Community College District is commi ed to helping students achieve their educa onal goals through thematricula on process, which includes: Admission to the collegeAssessment of English, mathema cs, and reading skill levelsOrienta on ‐ provides informa on on programs, services, academic expecta ons, and proceduresCounseling/Advising appointmentRegistra on for classesFollow‐up services to help student progress toward their educa on goalsStudents are responsible for expressing a broad educa onal intent at the me of admission, declaring a specific educa onalobjec ve within a reasonable period of enrollment, a ending classes and comple ng assigned coursework, conferring with acounselor to discuss choices, seeking out support services as needed, and comple ng courses and maintaining academicprogress toward an educa onal goal.Woodland Community College9

WCC Matriculation ProcessAer you submit your applica on for admission and you re‐ceive email confirma on that your applica on has been pro‐cessed, following are the steps to follow to become a newstudent at Woodland Community College.STEP 1: If you plan to enroll ONLY in summer session coursesand NOT in a fall or spring semester, you may register usingWebAdvisor beginning on your priority registra on date.Check h p://‐registra on.aspx for the registra on schedule. Carefully readthe descrip on of the course(s) you plan to take, making sureyou meet the prerequisite requirements. If you have ques‐ons, contact the Admissions & Records Office or the Counsel‐ing Office for assistance. Note the 10 DAYS TO PAY require‐ment to avoid being dropped from classes for nonpayment ofstudent fees.STEP 2: If you plan to enroll in fall or spring semester classes,the Matricula on Program will help you get off to a good startand lay the groundwork for your success in reaching your edu‐ca onal goal. Certain students, because of their educa onalbackground and plans for study, are exempted from Matricula‐on requirements. If two or more of the following criteria ap‐ply to you, please email [email protected] sta ngyour full name as entered on your applica on for admissionand your Student ID number, along with the numbers of thetwo or more exemp on criteria that apply to you:1. Have completed an associate or higher degree (specify col‐lege, degree, month/year awarded)2. Will be enrolling in performance classes only (e.g. music,drama, physical educa on ac vity classes)3. Enrolling in fewer than six units4. Not planning to earn a degree or cer ficate5. Enrolling in job‐skill upgrade, self‐improvement or generalinterest courses6. Enrolling in classes for which you have previous training, i.e.,firefighter taking an E.M.T. class7. You are planning on enrolling in the Fire Academy8. S ll a ending high school and a emp ng to enroll in a col‐lege course(s) through the Concurrent Enrollment program.10Woodland Community CollegeSpring 2014If you email a request for Matricula on exemp on, we willrespond with the next steps to follow to register. Otherwise,con nue to Step 3.STEP 3: Complete the online Orienta on to Woodland Com‐munity College at h p:// on/login.aspx.STEP 4: A er comple on of the online Orienta on quiz, callthe WCC Admissions & Records Office at (530) 661‐5720 tomake an appointment to take the Placement Test, which eval‐uates your skills in English, Math, and Reading to enable youand your counselor to choose the right courses for your firstsemester at WCC. Check the Placement Tes ng schedule andloca on here: h p:// Tes ng is by appointment only. When youcomplete the placement test, you will be given your scoresand the opportunity to choose the date and me of the re‐quired Counseling Session you would like to a end.STEP 5: A end the required Group Counseling Session forwhich you were scheduled following comple on of the Place‐ment Test. Be sure to keep your Counseling Session appoint‐ment in order to be cleared for registra on. With the help ofthe counselor, you will select the courses in which you willenroll during your first semester at WCC.STEP 6: On or a er your Priority Registra on Date, registerand pay your fees online through WebAdvisor. Be sure toobserve the TEN DAYS TO PAY rule to avoid being droppedfrom your courses for nonpayment. If you believe you areeligible for Financial Aid and/or the Board of Governors en‐rollment fee waiver, apply through the Financial Aid officebefore registering.STEP 7: Be sure to a end the first mee ng of each of yourclasses, and best wishes as you begin your studies at Wood‐land Community College.

Registration InformationStudent ClassificationsSpring 2014How to Register Continuing StudentsStudents who were enrolled at Woodland Communi‐ty College or Yuba College in the Fall 2013 semester(August‐December 2013).Priority Returning StudentsStudents who a ended either Woodland CommunityCollege or Yuba College between Spring 2011 andSpring 2013. They must reapply for admission.Returning StudentsStudents who a ended either Woodland CommunityCollege or Yuba College prior to Spring 2011. Theymust reapply for admission.New StudentsStudents who have never registered at Woodland CommunityCollege or Yuba College. Concurrently enrolled high schoolstudents who wish to a end Woodland Community Collegea er they graduate from high school are classified as newstudents and must reapply for admission.Transfer StudentsStudents who a ended a college or university otherthan Woodland Community College or Yuba Collegemust apply for admission as new students at WoodlandCommunity College.Concurrent Enrollment StudentsHigh school students who have completed the EIGHTHgrade may a end Woodland Community College as PART‐TIME students with the permission of their parent andhigh school principal or designee. Concurrent enroll‐ment students who complete their courses earn full col‐lege credit, but they are not classified as con nuing stu‐dents. See page 5 for the first date on which you mayregister for SPRING 2014 classes, based on yourpriority group.Look for prerequisites, corequisites, and recom‐mended prepara on for courses in which youintend to enroll.Meet with a counselor to assist you in selec ngcourses.Be sure to pay any debts and clear all holds be‐fore a emp ng to register.You will have 10 days to pay for courses from theme you register.Apply for fee waivers through Financial Aid priorto registering.Register online using WebAdvisor.Registra on computers and assistance are availa‐ble at the Admissions and Records Office.Adding a CourseStudents can add classes through WebAdvisor through thelast day to add for open classes. If a class is closed or wait‐listed, permission of the instructor is required. Studentswith an ADD FORM signed by the instructor must registerin person at the Admissions and Records Office by January17, 2014 for full‐semester classes. See page 6 for short‐term class deadlines.Dropping a CourseStudents can drop a class through WebAdvisor or at Admis‐sions and Records according to the deadline dates on theinside cover of the class schedule and page 7. Be aware ofdeadlines and meet with a counselor if you are unsure aboutdropping a course. If you receive Financial Aid, make sure youdiscuss this with Financial Aid before dropping as it will affectyour Financial Aid status. Dropping a course is the STU‐DENT’S RESPONSIBILITY. Never assume that you will bedropped by an instructor.Woodland Community College11

Registration InformationWaitlistingIf you place yourself on a waitlist, be sure to con nuouslycheck the waitlist through WebAdvisor to see if you havebeen added. When space becomes available, waitlistedstudents are automa cally enrolled in waitlisted classes.However, this automa c process ends when classesbegin. A er that you must a end the first class mee ngto request permission from the instructor to enroll. If theinstructor gives you permission to add the course, you musttake the signed ADD FORM to the Admissions and RecordsOffice by January 24, 2014 (for full‐term classes) to official‐ly enroll and be permi ed to a end the course. Shortcourse deadlines are listed on page 7.Pass/No‐Pass GradingSome courses allow students to choose between le ergrading (A, B, C, D, F) or Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading for thecourse. The choice must be made by the student viaWebAdvisor registra on or by submi ng a Pass/No Passform to the Admissions and Records office by February 14,2014 for full‐term Fall classes. Short course deadlines arelisted on page 7. Choosing Pass/NoPass grading may affectdegree, cer ficate, and transfer requirements. Discuss theconsequences with a counselor prior to making this selec‐on.Residency StatusResidency is determined by the laws of the State of Cali‐fornia. California residents are those who have main‐tained legal resident status in California as defined in theEduca on Code for a year and a day PRIOR to the first dayof the semester. Non‐resident students DO NOT auto‐ma cally become California residents merely by living inthe State. State law requires PROOF OF RESIDENCY.Proof includes such things as filing California State IncomeTax, obtaining a California driver’s license, and registeringa motor vehicle in the State as a resident. The law alsorequires that the student show no contrary intent, that is,he/she must not have maintained resident status in his/her former state (i.e., driver’s license, taxes, car registra‐on, etc). The burden of proof rests with the student.Non‐Resident TuitionNon‐residents are required to pay a tui on fee in addi on tothe fees paid by California residents. Non‐resident ac veduty military personnel sta oned in California, and theirdependents, are eligible for a tui on exemp on, paying thesame fees as California residents. Contact the Admissionsand Records Office for more informa on.12Woodland Community CollegeSpring 2014AB 540 Non‐Resident Tuition ExemptionNon‐residents who a ended a California high school forthree years and graduated from

2 Woodland Community College Campus Directory and Table of Contents Student Right to Know: Public Law 101‐542 and 102‐26 In compliance with the Student‐Right‐to‐Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Public Law 101‐542), it is the policy of the Yuba Community