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BVS (in German: Band Verwaltungs System) is a dynamic tape managementsystem for IBM operating Systems VSE/ESA and VM/ESA. It controlls all tapeprocessing and offers the following advantages:avoidance of overwriting of protected datasetscomfortable tape processingoptimal usage of tape material and unitsBVS has a central catalog which can be accessed by any number of virtualor real cpus.

If you backup your data to cartridges and want to have.savety, comfort and efficiency while administrating your dataoptimal usage of your cartridgeseffective usage of IBM 3590 unitsunits occupied between open and close onlytape-disk independenceautomatic vaulting with slot assignmentone central catalog for VSE and CMS tape datasets04one or more robot systemsthe prerequisites for EDP automation (operatorless nightshift)easy implementationno need of index cards and labels for your tape datasetsan online help for error messagesan interface for scheduling systemsthe possiblity to write unlabeled tape files as labeled tape files.then.

.you ought to know BVS!absolute data securitydynamic operationefficiencyflexible maintenance functionsextensive comfortflexible robot system supportusefull utility programslow introduction costssystem integrityprofitable relation between price and efficiency05

The most important advantages of BVSData Security with BVSBVS ensures that the correct data set is read and no unexpired data setwill be overwritten. All data sets are recorded in a central catalog. Datasets are protected by their expiration date and/or by number ofgenerations. There are no longer uncontrolled tape data sets in thesystem.All modifications to the BVS catalog are logged in a log data set to providemaximum security for the catalog.BVS records data set and volume specific informations in its catalog. Fordata sets, the data set name, the generation and version number, creationdate/time, expiration date and the volume serial number are retained. Foreach reel or cartridge, the data set written on it, the vault identification andthe density are stored.06All reels and cartridges are identified by their unique volume serial number(VOL1 label). As no stickers are necessary, nobody can see which data isstored on which medium.Dynamic Operation of BVSThe fact, that a data set is opened, is sufficient for BVS to become active.For input data sets, BVS usually looks for the latest generation of the dataset specified in the label field of the TLBL statement. For output data sets,BVS looks for an expired reel mounted on any unit. If the required or freereel or cartridge is not found, the operator is requested to mount it resp.onel. After a user defined time interval, BVS resumes the search for thereel.As BVS does not need any manual specifications in its catalog, there isalso a very flexible handling of multifiles, allowing the utilization of themaximum capacity of cartridges. There is no fixed or predefined sequenceof multifiles.

Execution of a Program with Tape Input/Output// JOB IN OR OUT// TLBL OUTFILE,'CUSTOMER',2005/365// TLBL INFILE,'CUSTOMER'// EXEC PROGBVS KatalogBVSOperatorless operation: for input filesBVS looks automatically for theappropriate cartridge. For output filesBVS looks for a free cartridge. If therequired cartridge is not found BVSissues a message (without waiting foran operator response) and resumessearching after a predefined time.The TLBL statement must be codedonly with the DTF filename and aunique file-id. For output filesadditionally an expiration date must besupplied. An assignement is usuallynot necessary.VSEFinally, BVS passes control to theregular VSE tape open processing.07Multifile processingBVS supports different procedures for multi-file processing:1) tape output data sets can be written immediately one after the other. For example,at the end of a job stream, all modified disk data sets may be backed up to onecartridge.2) a tape file can be written to a cartridge which holds a certain "prime dataset" (1stdataset of a multi file volume). Assumed, an output is written daily to the samecartridge, at the end of the month all data sets can be read from this volume.3) tape output to a so called "Multi-File-Chain". This means grouping data setssimply by specifying a special VOLSER in the TLBL statement. This VOLSER is usedto group different data sets onto one medium.4) tape output can be written to any cartridge which is positioned behind the end of itslast multi-file. This is very useful for the operatorless night-shift as all cartridges arefilled completely with data. This technique can even be activated by setting

a global BVS option. All tape files are then written as multifiles without anychanges in the JCL. When reading such a dataset, only the label must bespecified in the TLBL statement, since BVS knows on which volume thedata set resides.The latter procedure is also useful when using IBM 3590 tape units(Magstar) to make the best usage of the high capacity of these cartridges.Efficiency of BVSWhen using BVS there is no need of manual actions. Maintaining indexcards, sticking labels onto reels and cartridges is a source of errors and areason to re-run jobs.08BVS allows the usage of tape and cartridge units in all partitions and on allvirtual and real machines. Assignments, attaches and detaches arehandled by BVS. Additionally, the units are only occupied between openand close during the actual reading or writing of a tape data set.Tape files can be assigned to a disk without any program modifications.BVS allows the reblocking of tape data sets, either for specific or for all datasets created under control of BVS.Maintenance Functions in BVSAll information concerning data sets and volumes may be retrieved at anytime from the central BVS catalog. There are batch programs and onlinetransactions, either from CICS or VM/CMS. The operator can display theBVS catalog informations on the VSE console.Extensive Comfort in BVSBy specifications in the TLBL statement, it is possible to define rewind andunload options independently of the program.BVS marks successfully read data sets by a so called 'process flag'. Thisallows a variable number of data sets to be read by one DTF in the program

and one or multiple TLBL statements in the JCL. Depending on the numberof generations to be read, BVS itself performs the necessary opens.All assignments (ASSGN statements in VSE, attach and detach in VM) areautomatically handled by BVS.Vaulting of data sets for security reasons is supervised by BVS. All volumesremoved from the EDP center receive a unique location number for fast andeasy retrieval in the vault.BVS offers an read interface for its catalog. For example, schedulingsystems can get informations which volumes are needed for the workload ofthe current day (interface for HS5000 APM is available).09Tape Processing with a Robot System// JOB IN OR OUT// TLBL OUTFILE,'CUSTOMER',4,VAULTR// TLBL INFILE,'CUSTOMER'// EXEC PROGWhen a robot system is available BVSneeds in advance informations aboutthe robot system, the cartridges and theunits controlled by it.For input datasets, BVS knows if acartridge is served by the robot system.BVS KatalogFor output files, only the user decides ifthe robot system should be used. Theuser has to specify the value VAULTx inthe volser field of the TLBL statement.BVS searches a free cartridge in itscatalog, a free tape unit accessible bythe robot system and requests themount of the volume.BVSVSEFinally, BVS passed control to theregular VSE tape open routine.

BVS allows classification of reels and volumes using the leftmost positionof the volume serial number. Volumes belonging to a specified area (e.g.,personnel department) may be handled differently from regular tapes.Tape data sets may be written as DASD files without any programchanges.Online Display and Update in CICS and CMSAUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG - CMS INTERFACEVers:08.00P PROCSSD M MAN.ADDED R RENAMED E EXPIRED D GEN/DATE PROT C EXP CHANGED REORGIFILE-IDGEN VER FLG FSQ NG JOB NAMECREATEEXPIRE 1STVOLABH.BUCHUNG.HBH0003 01PMED 1ABH23089/004 19.32 89/034 0013240004 01 RE1ABH23089/007 13.31 89/037 001335ABHSTM-SICH0001 01DABH26086/021 10.19 88/041 0012440002 01 MCABH26086/195 19.35 88/215 0012570003 01ABH26087/149 10.34 89/169 0008390004 01ABH26088/036 13.26 90/056 000327ABH20S-ABH20R0804 011ABH20SM 88/330 17.35 89/050 001009SEQ-FILE: O70S-O70R1129 010826 011ABH20SM 88/363 17.12 91/267 001021SEQ-FILE: O70S-O70R1151 010848 011ABH20SM 89/027 17.39 91/296 000932SEQ-FILE: O70S-O70R1173 010852 011ABH20SM 89/033 10.52 99/365 0007820859 01 E1ABH20ST 89/041 17.42 89/043 000122SEQ-FILE: O70S-O70R1184 010860 011ABH20ST 89/044 17.36 89/046 001291SEQ-FILE: O70S-O70R1185 010861 011ABH20ST 89/045 17.36 89/047 001216Col1: S Single / A ADD / D Delete/ R Replace / N Rename / or Cmnd in next LineCommand : BVS 'ABH20S-ABH20R',0861,02,G 01AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG - CMS INTERFACEVers:08.00VOLUMEFILE-IDGEN VER CREATE EXPIRE PREC-V FOLL-V CUU USAG S SLOT001000 C35A-E240125 01 88/357 89/002682 0069 12345001001 E24-E300235 01 88/335 89/050685 0070001002 V115-V115R-V60U0044 01 89/030 89/120683 0253 D001003 E38-E38-E38A0417 01 88/343 89/008680 0106001004 KB030S-KB030R1071 01 87/364 99/365681 0020 D001005 B90S-B90R0069 01 88/343 88/343680 0045001006 BDP73M0067 01 89/004 99/365000057 682 0026 D001007 B48S-B48R0131 01 88/348 89/343001008 680 0008 D001008 B48S-B48R0131 01 88/348 89/343 001007681 0008 D001009 ABH20S-ABH20R0804 01 88/330 89/050683 0021 D001010 BDP124-ARCHIV 82 0001 01 85/178 91/365000559 684 0012001011 B48S-B48R0110 01 88/005 88/365001012 683 0012 D001012 B48S-B48R0110 01 88/005 88/365 001011684 0011 D001013 B48-DASI-BAND0024 01 83/318 99/365 000997381 0003 D001014 BDP73B-BDP73R3061 01 89/044 89/046 000991684 03340010150145 D001016 BDP73B-BDP73R3059 01 89/041 89/043 000990681 0339001017 BDP73B-BDP73R3063 01 89/045 89/047 000989684 03320010180135 DColumn 1: S Single / A ADD / D Delete/ R Replace / or Command in next LineCommand : BVS V001019Dataset DisplayVolume DisplayRobot System Support in BVSBVS supports all robot systems currently available on the market. Up to 4systems may be operated by BVS concurrently. By specifications, BVSmust be informed which cartridges and which units are accessed by whichrobot system. This allows a specific support for each robot system.Additionally, BVS ensures a balanced utilization of units and cartridges toget balanced wear and tear.

Utilities in BVSBVS has several utilities. For example- a program to initialize cartridges and to add the volser to the BVS catalog.Overwriting of protected volumes and assignment of duplicate volsers isavoided. When installing a robot system, the volumes of this system canbe initialized automatically.- An I/O optimized tape file copy program is available. It also allows copyingall sequence files by specifying only the TLBL statement for the 1st dataset. Additionally, this program allows copying of data sets which holdtapemarks within its data (e.g., IDCAMS Backups).AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG - CMS INTERFACEF i l e - A D D - F u n c t i o nVers:08.00FILE-ID: # GENERATION: VERSION:Mandatory Parameters:PROG:CRT:. .TIME:.EXP:. .DENS:for sequence files MEGEN: (Generation)(Creation Time)PRIMEVERS:(Version)(Expritaion-Date)(Density 800/1600/6250/CASS)VOLUME(s):Optional nter)(Block-Size)(CPU-Ser-Nbr)(Date-Priority N/Y)NGEN:PROCESS:USER:N(Nbr Generations)(Process-Flag N/Y)(User Information)Fill in mandatory (and optional) Parameters or enter a new CommandCommand : BVSDataset Add MaskImplementation of BVSThe concept of BVS allows most of the users to start processing undercontrol of BVS without changing their existing job control. The onlyprerequisites are unique labels in the TLBL statements and unique volumeserial numbers (VOL1) in the system. For unlabeled tape files, BVS offersthe dynamic conversion of these files into labeled files without any programchanges.Retention periods and desired number of generations can be set aspermanent options in BVS, avoiding any JCL changes. For existing tape11

BVS Reports// JOB BVSMAINT ALLGEMEINE BVSMAINT FUNKTIONEN// EXEC BVSMAINTVAULT MAXVOL 500,ASSUME CASS,VAULTSEQ *PKTI TEST.FILE.1TI OUTP.FILE.1ENDDATE 31/07/93,CLOCK 12/37/26* AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWATTUNG*VAULT PROCESSING REPORT* MASCHINENFABRIK MEIER* AKTIENGESELLSCHAFTSEQUENTIAL TAPE MOVE REPORT (SORTED ACCORDING TO FILE-IDS)VOLUME 004713OLD STOCK 3 (SLOT 0004)NEW STOCK P (SLOTVOLUME C05044OLD STOCK 4 (SLOT 0004)NEW STOCK K (SLOTVOLUME 111111OLD STOCK 4 (SLOT 0005)NEW STOCK * (SLOT*0001)0001)- )(VAULT) 31/07/9312.37.35FILE-ID: TEST.FILE.1FILE-ID: TEST.FILE.1FILE-ID: TEST.FILE.1PAGE 1VL 0060/01VL 0019/01VL 0012/01. . .* AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG*VAULT PROCESSING REPORT* TEST VERSION INFOSOFT* PASSWORT GESETZT BIS 12/94TAPES TO BE REMOVED FROM STOCK 3 (SORTED BY VOLSER)VOLUME 004713 (SLOT 0004) TRANSFER TO STOCK P (SLOT 0001)*(VAULT) 31/07/9312.37.35PAGE 2. . .TAPES TO BE REMOVED FROM STOCK 4 (SORTED BY VOLSER)VOLUME C05044 (SLOT 0004) TRANSFER TO STOCK K (SLOTVOLUME 111111 (SLOT 0005) TRANSFER TO STOCK * (SLOTBV5ZI RETURN CODE OF FUNCTION VAULT0001)- )IS 0Vaulting Report12data sets, BVS has an implementation program to include these data setsinto its catalog.The conversion of catalogs of other tape management systems into a BVScatalog is supported.The unique BVS dynamic requires no predefinitions in the BVS catalog.Thus, the whole tape processing is controlled by BVS immediately afterinstallation.System Integrity by BVSBVS doesn't change any IBM phases. TLBL statements remain in IBMformat. The BVS catalog can be used by user applications or othersoftware. An appropriate read intrface is available in BVS.Maintenance and Development of BVSBVS is developed and maintained in Germany. All documentation isavailable in English and German.

* AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG* MASCHINENFABRIK MEIERFILE-ID*F I L E - R E P O R T* AKTIENGESELLSCHAFTGEN VER FLG FN NGNABHA00-260-3900006 010007 01ABHA00S-ABH200R0017 010018 01ABH20S-ABH20RJOBUSERCPU(FILESORT) 01/02/9311.55.53*CREATED ATEXPIREBS001001ABH260ABH2605 09.08.90 11.14 05.05.935 12.03.91 12.18 06.12.93EE001001ABH200ABH2005 07.01.91 19.15 06.02.915 07.01.92 14.24 06.02.921854 01E1855 S-B100RABH20STO70S-O70RB100S-B100RABH20SM O70S-O70RB100SM-B100RM5 26.01.93 17.34 28.01.932166 01 (26.01.93 17.371565 01 (26.01.93 17.385 27.01.93 17.33 29.01.932167 01 (27.01.93 17.371566 01 (27.01.93 17.375 29.01.93 17.35 25.10.952169 01 (29.01.93 17.380071 01 (29.01.93 17.381857 01PAGE 2BLOCKS S VOLUMES20234 D C053489945 D C04140, C04100, C03205,C03145, C0331978212490012340012231288C0510328.01.93 C05103)28.01.93 C05103)1288C0537429.01.93 C05374)29.01.93 C05374)1289C0571125.10.95 C05711)25.10.95 C05711)O64S-O74R0011 01E001O74S5 07.01.93 15.53 27.01.9375C05624O70S-O70R2166 01E5 26.01.93 17.37 28.01.931854 015 27.01.93 17.37 29.01.931855 01C05103EO70SABH20S-ABH20RO70SABH20S-ABH20R572167 01002PRIME:002PRIME:57C0537413Dataset Report* AUTOMATISCHE BANDVERWALTUNG* MASCHINENFABRIK MEIERVOLUME*V O L U M E - R E P O R T* AKTIENGESELLSCHAFTCONTAINSSER-NR FLGFILE-IDCREATED ATGEN VERDATETIME(VOLSORT) 01/02/9311.56.58*EXPIRAT MO PRECED SUCCEED CUU USAGE STDATEDE VOLSER VOLSERCOUNT CKSLOTPAGE---------67LAST ACCEJOB-NAME PROGRAMDC05696E OPF10001 01 13.08.92 00.00 13.08.92CA--FFF26U730U73024C05697E K25B-K25B0144 01 07.12.92 19.19 27.01.93CA--57323K25BK2515C05698E D0604-B080102 01 30.11.92 12.53 30.12.92CA--57029B08B08F300012 01 18.12.90 08.12 31.12.99CA LSC05702E R15S-R15R0215 01 14.12.92 16.08 18.12.92CA--572C05703B77S-B77R0095 01 21.01.93 20.21 16.01.94CA--5716C05704C80S-72-C80R0005 01 17.12.92 08.49 06.07.93CA--570190117 01 22.12.92 15.59 28.12.92CA--57226C05701 57314C05705C05706E R20-R20R0012 01 18.12.90 08.12 31.12.99CAC05707E R80-R80KIPAS.INFO.POOLS0101 01 01.12.92 09.06 01.01.93CA--57114C05708E R26-R26-R27-R280194 01 01.12.92 11.33 21.01.93CA--57344Volume Report

BVS/ESA - Base System including catalog maintenance by CICSAll cartridge datasets created under VSE/ESA are dynamically administrated by BVS andrecorded in the central BVS catalog. CICS online transactions allow to display or update thiscatalog.BVM - VM SupportThis feature offers the following extensions.CMS tape managementall tape files to be read or written in CMS are maintained in the central BVS catalog.dynamic Attach/Detach of tape unitsthe tape units needed are attached to the VSE or CMS machine without any operatorintervention. This allows a flexible usage of units.Display and Maintenance of the BVS catalog under CMSsame functions as under CICS. Switching between CICS and CMS is obsolete.14BVR - Robot System SupportThis feature supports of up to 4 - even different - robot systems. BVS ensures,that the robot units are used in a wrap-around mode. Cartridges which have been usedless are preferably mounted. This ensures a balanced wear and tear.BVP - PC InterfaceThis feature allows the BVS catalog to be maintained by a PC with Windows or OS/2 ina graphical form. As the BVS host catalog is downloaded to the PC, the catalog is evenavailable when the host system is not running. Previous versions of the catalog can behold for revision usage paperless at the PC.XTF - Tape Pooling SystemUp to 64 tape units are virtually available to any VSE machine and solve the real tape unitconstraint. XTF writes (pools) all data written to these units to one or more real cartridges.From the view of BVS, real and virtual units are treated in like manner and maintained in itscatalog.TSF - Tape Simulation FacilitySimulation of tape units. Virtual cartridges are hold as regular CMS members and may beeditied by the standard CMS editor.

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BVS dynamic Tape Management System. Pfeilschifter GmbH Softwareentwicklung Josef-Schlosser-Weg 2 90537 Feucht Germany Tel. 09128-48 52 Fax: 09128-916451 Email: [email protected] BVS (in German: Band Verwaltungs System) is a dynamic tape management system for IBM operating Systems VSE/ESA and VM/ESA. It controlls all tape