THE BERGENSafety Cable SystemThe Most Advanced Concept in Fastening Technology is nowthe World Standard for Fastener Retention.

HOW TO USETHE SYSTEMSTEP 1Install CableSTEP 2Apply FerruleSTEP 3Tension CableSTEP 4Crimp & CutThe Safety Cable Terminator ToolThe unique tensioning/crimping Terminator Tool tensions the cable, crimps the ferrule onthe cable, and cuts the cable flush with the ferrule. This tool utilizes the best principles ofergonomic design, user-friendly features, and improved operational durability. It is so userfriendly that an entry level technician can learn the Safety Cable installation method inless than 30 minutes.The short length of this tool allows the user to get into tight places where access isrestricted. The ergonomic design comfortably fits the operator’s hand. The robustconstruction and the precise dimensional quality of the tool provide the reliability andrepeatability that you are looking for. The tool nose can be rotated 360 for the optimumposition of each Safety Cable installation while allowing the tool to stay in a comfortableergonomic position.The tension setting on the Safety Cable Terminator Tool is fully adjustable by the user.The cable tension can easily be increased or lessened by turning an adjustment screw inthe tension wheel assembly.This series of ergonomic Terminator Tools will enhance the efficiency and cost savingsthat can be realized from the use of Bergen Safety Cable System as an alternativeto lockwire.The Safety Cable Terminator Tools are available in three cable diameter configurations: atool .022″ diameter cable, one for .032″ diameter cable, and one for .040″ diameter cable.A specific tool is required to apply each diameter cable. If you are installing differentdiameters of cable, you will need multiple tools. All tools are available with a 3″, 5″ or 7″inch nose.TOOL TYPETOOL PART NUMBERCABLE DIAMETERNOSE LENGTH.22” 032” Tools.040” ToolsTerminator Tool ( PKG 1 per Box )Get a Step-By-Step Video at

From Aerospace OEMs to Overhaul and RepairSafety Cable Improves Safety While Reducing Costly Installation and Removal TimeLoose fasteners on aircraft engines have provided engineers with a challenge since the verybeginnings of flight. They not only jeopardizethe parts they secure but can fall into the wrongpart of the engine. Yet lockwiring fasteners is atime consuming and troublesome process.Safety Cable was developed in 1987 byBergen Cable Technology in conjunction withGE Aircraft Engines and has replaced whatwas once one of the most troublesome,time-consuming and error-prone of all manufacturing and repair processes—lockwiringof fasteners—and replaced it with a simpletwo-step procedure. It is the safest, most costeffective, easiest to install fastener retentionsystem available.The system consists of Bergen Cable Technology cable, ferrules and a patented, all inone tensioning, crimping and cutting tool. Itpermits manufacture and repair in half thetime* required for lockwire, reduces rework andinspection while eliminating installation hazardsthrough removal of any sharp edges that caninjure operators or tear protective clothing.After a cable is threaded through the fastenersand a loose ferrule inserted, the crimping tooltensions the assembly, crimps the loose ferruleand cuts the excess cable flush to the ferrule—all in one smooth motion.The entire system is so user friendly thatentry-level technicians can learn the SafetyCable installation method in less than thirtyminutes—and be ready to competently andefficiently secure fasteners on even the mostcomplex, hard to reach components.Today, Bergen’s Safety Cable System is savingcountless hours in aerospace manufacturingfor companies such as General Electric AircraftEngines, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Rolls Royce,and Woodward Governor.DRAMATIC TIME SAVINGS ININSTALLATION AND REMOVAL—WITH A BETTER FINISHED PRODUCTThe best way to appreciate the dramatic improvement in installation efficiency made possible by the Safety Cable System is to compareit with installing fasteners the old fashioned waywith lockwire.electronics, drilling systems and pipelines with anew level of safety and quality assurance—witha fastener retention system that saves time andmoney while assuring a better finished product.*Tests on engines at GE Aircraft Engine facilitiesdemonstrate that the use of Safety Cable results in a 50% reduction in installation timewith consistently superior quality and lowerassembly costs.APPROVALS AND LISTINGSFAABEFORE SAFETY CABLE Lockwiring just two fasteners required threadinga single strand of wire through the fastenerholes, manually doubling it over and twistingit with a pair of pliers—all while maintaining apositive pull and allowing for sufficient flex. Tocompound these installation difficulties, operators needed to determine which direction thetwist should go from one fastener to the next toassure that the wire would not slip up and overthe bolt-head or leave a gap at the beginning ofthe twist. In addition, “pigtails” required no lessthan four twists. The procedure was repeateduntil—finally—excess wire was cut off and theend twisted under to prevent snagging. Onemistake and the entire, time-consuming processhad to be repeated.AFTER SAFETY CABLE This inefficient, error-prone process of lockwireended with the advent of Safety Cable . Today,operators simply install cable through fastenersin a neutral or positive position, insert a looseferrule onto the cable, string the end of thecable through a special Bergen tool and tensionthe assembly to the preset load. The tool crimpsthe ferrule and cuts the cable flush to the ferrulein one smooth motion.Bergen’s innovative Safety Cable Systemprovides international and domestic OEM andaftermarket customers in aerospace, government, military, shipbuilding, power generation,Defined for use in aircraft by FAR 43.13(a).Classified as a standard part under FAR21.303(b)(4). Major engine and airframemanufacturers publish and maintain FAAapproved 70-XX-XX series standard documents.SAEApproved for procurement and installationunder AS567, AS4536, AS3509, AS3510, AS3511and AS3655.NASAApproved for use by document numberCR-4473.MilitaryMeets all requirements of MIL-STD-763 andvarious service branch technical manuals.Meets all requirements of NASM33540. Meetsperformance and material specifications ofNASM20995.NSNNational stock numbers have been assignedto specific sizes of our tools and components.Contact Bergen for details.OEMMany companies operating in diverse industrieshave developed standards and drawings forSafety Cable.

Ordering Safety Cable ComponentsPART NUMBER SYSTEMSAE PART NUMBER SYSTEMK 30 B 18AS3510—02—18KPRODUCT CODEK Kit (Cable & Ferrule)C Cable OnlyF Ferrule OnlyCABLE LENGTH18 18"MATERIALAS3509 INCONEL 600AS3510 321 CRESAS3511 304 CRESPRODUCT CODEK Kit (Cable & Ferrule)C Cable OnlyF Ferrule OnlyNOMINAL DIAMETER20 .022"30 .032"40 .040"MATERIALA INCONEL 600B 321 CRESC 304 CRESNOMINAL DIAMETER01 .022"02 .032"03 .040"CABLE LENGTH18 18"Safety Cable KitsSafety Cable Cables50 Cables w/ Ferrule Magazine 50 Ferrules in MagazineInconel 625 (AS3655) is available, call for details.PART NUMBER50 Safety Cables Inconel 625 (AS3655) is available, call for details.PART MS 5687AS3509(321 CRES)AMS5689AS3510(304 4C40B24C40C24.040”24”(INCONEL600)AMS 5687AS3509(321 CRES)AMS5689AS3510(304 K20A24K20B24K20C24K30A09K30B09K30A12

CABLE CROSSSECTIONSafety Cable AccessoriesPeriodic verification of tool settings is done with the Torque Verification Block.Indenter and tensioning mechanism settings should be verified periodically.TB201.022" DIA.1 X 7 CONSTRUCTIONTorque VerificationBlockQuickly checks method ofcorrect tool operation.032" DIA.3 X 7 CONSTRUCTION.040" DIA.TW-1507 X 7 CONSTRUCTIONPrecision TorqueWrenchUse with torque verificationblock.Safety Cable Ferrules50 Ferrules per MagazineInconel 625 (AS3655) is available, call for details.PART NUMBER45-6NCutter / GripperRemove lockwire or safetycable.NOMINALCABLEDIAMETER(INCONEL600)AMS 5687AS3509(321 CRES)AMS5689AS3510(304 032″F40AF40BF40C.040″LENGTH NOTEChoose a length that allows the cable to route throughthe pattern and then into the tool using the formula:LONGEST PATTERN LENGTH TOOL NOSE LENGTH 7 INCHES CABLE LENGTHMATERIAL NOTE321 CRES is standard for the Aerospace Industry. MostSafety Cable products are available in small quantitiesfrom our inventory (150 piece minimum order). EachSafety Cable component is manufactured and packagedto the stringent requirements of SAE AS4536 and AS3509or AS3510 or AS3511 part Specifications.Contact Bergen for special Safety Cable applications.BCT-MPT-250CLoad TesterLab model electronic loadtester for tension and ferrulepull-off tests.Complete Safety Cable System ToolboxSafety Cable System Toolboxes are a composite of all the necessary components,and instructions to efficiently install Safety Cables . A Terminator tool, cables, ferrules, verification block, and accessories are packaged in a durable case, organized bycontoured foam cavities, and include installation instructions. Kits with multiple sizeTerminator tools and cable diameters are also available. Contact us for details.

LIMITED WARRANTY ANDLIMITATION OF LIABILITYSupporting Excellence inAviation Since 1942Starting in 1942, Bergen Cable has been the name associated with wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies. We are a leader in providing solutions in the development ofnew products as well as providing value engineering assistance to existing products. Ourlong-standing reputation for excellence stems from our experienced team of professionals. Operators to engineers are supported with the best equipment, fine-tuned manufacturing techniques and the highest standard of quality assurance.As your cable connection for mechanical controls, we at Bergen Cable have a built-inflexibility in our manufacturing process to meet the ever changing design and qualitydemands of our customers. We have experience in a wide range of applications includingAerospace, Aircraft, Furniture, Medical, Military, Transport, Robotics and OEM.Connect with Bergen Cable and we will work with your engineering team to develop a costeffective, reliable solution—designed to your exact specifications and meeting your needsfor reliable, robust and long-life cable assemblies. Whatever your requirements, we canprovide prototypes, short runs, production runs and just-in-time (Kanban) deliveries.The right solution for your cable assembly requirements can save your company moneywhile ensuring the most effective design for your application. Whatever your mechanicalcontrol cable needs—consult us first.Some of the most demanding product applications rely on Bergen Cable, that’s why manyof the top OEMs refer to us as their “Cable Connection.”We invite you to connect with us to meet all your cable assembly requirements.Call us at 973.276.9596, fax us at 973.276.9566,or email us at [email protected] Cable Technology, Inc.343 Kaplan DriveFairfield, NJ 07004 Copyright 2020 Bergen Cable Technologies, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED(a) LIMITED WARRANTY: BCT warrants eachnew product sold by it to be free from defectsin material and workmanship under normaluse and service. BCT’s obligation under thiswarranty is limited to the free correction or, atBCT’s option, the refund of the purchase priceof any such product which proves defectivein normal service within ninety (90) days afterdelivery to the first user, provided that the product is returned to BCT with all transportationcharges prepaid and which shall appear to BCT’ssatisfaction, after BCT’s inspection, to have beendefective in material or workmanship, it beingunderstood that BCT products are not consumerproducts. This warranty shall not cover any damage to any product which, in the opinion of BCT,was caused by normal wear, misuse, improperoperation, tampering, neglect, or accident. Thiswarranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressor implied. No warranty, express or implied, ismade or authorized to be made or assumed withrespect to products of Bergen Cable Technologyother than those herein set forth.(b) LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: BCT IS NOTLIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIALDAMAGES OF ANY NATURE OR KIND RESULTING FROM THE USE, OR MISUSE OF ANY OFITS PRODUCTS. OWNERS AND USERS OF BCTPRODUCTS ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITYFOR INSTRUCTING THEIR EMPLOYEES IN THEPROPER AND SAFE USE OF SUCH PRODUCTS.(c) SEVERABILITY: If any provision herein isheld to be in violation of any Federal, State orLocal statute or regulation of illegal or unenforceable for any reason, said provision shall beself-deleting without affecting the validity of theremaining provisions.(d) TOOLING OR TOOLING COMBINATIONSSUGGESTED BY BCT may or may not covera user’s specific contract manufacturing requirements. It is the user’s responsibility to conductsufficient testing to validate the suitability ofthe BCT product(s) selected for the specificrequirements of each particular application. BCTDISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL ARISING FROM USER’S FAILURE TOCARRY OUT SUCH VALIDATION TESTING.

that can be realized from the use of Bergen Safety Cable System as an alternative to lockwire. The Safety Cable Terminator Tools are available in three cable diameter configurations: a tool .022″ diameter cable, one for .032″ diameter cable, and one for .040″ diameter cable. A specific tool is required to apply each diameter cable.