Maximize every dollaryou invest in employees.The right people make all the difference. It’strue in small companies, large companies, andeverywhere else. A business itself does notgenerate ideas, does not provide service, andby itself is neither innovative nor productive.People make all of those things happen.Despite the importance of the workforce, many organizationshave traditionally viewed their employees primarily as a capitalexpense. With an eye on salaries, benefits packages, and hiring,the chief concern of many human resource departments was toreduce costs. Then things got complicated . . .Today, the business environment is hypercompetitive. Healthcare costs are an ever-present concern. A large percentage ofthe workforce is retiring, while a younger generation of workershas higher expectations and is choosier about whom they willwork for.Sage HRMS is themost complete humanresource managementsolution for small andmedium businesses,enabling you tomaximize every dollaryou invest in youremployees.Sage can help. Our industry-leading, customizableSage HRMS solution enables you to decisively meet andrespond to HR management challenges. With integratedpayroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, and analyticscapabilities, Sage HRMS helps you to maximize every dollaryou invest in employees. We call this the Return on EmployeeInvestment.3

Turn chaos into clarity.Sage HRMS connects you to all your employee-related informationin ways no other solution can.By centralizing all the current and historic information about active and nonactive employees of theorganization, Sage HRMS eliminates ambiguity. It gives you unmatched views of your workforce—atmacro and micro levels—enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers. Thebenefit? Precise, rich analytics that embolden your company leaders to make decisions based on factrather than gut instinct.Focus on what matters mostIn addition to driving more informed decision making, Sage HRMS reduces the time you and yourteam spend on clerical work. With information shared throughout the system, Sage HRMS eliminatesredundant data entry, keeping you focused on the strategic tasks—such as improving service anddeveloping programs that help you hire and retain the best talent.Using Sage HRMS, you can: Manage all your employee-related information and processes in a single solution. Make stronger decisions faster with improved access to workforce analytics. Ensure government compliance to avoid company risk in meeting federal and state rules, regulations,and reporting requirements. Closely monitor employee records and personnel actions, HR compliance, benefits administration,absence management, reporting (standard and custom), and data import/export actions.Payroll managementand processingRecruiting andonboardingRisk mitigationand complianceTime and attendancemanagementEmployee ionsupportSage HRMS is the most complete HR management solution forsmall and medium businesses—driving improved efficiency andbetter decisions across all your key HR tasks.4

Gain control over payroll.Sage HRMS Payroll integrates seamlessly with Sage HRMS andequips you to manage your payroll in house conveniently and securely.When it comes to paying your people, there’s no room for error. Payroll mistakes leave a badimpression on employees, and you need to keep accurate records in order to stay compliant withgovernment regulations—or else face fines. Plus, you don’t want sensitive data falling into the wronghands. Gain control over one of your organization’s largest and most important expenses with SageHRMS Payroll.Take payroll in houseSage HRMS PayrollSage HRMS Payroll gives you accurate, timely, in-house payroll processing as wellas access to your current and historical payroll information, at any time, without anybarriers. By preparing your own payroll using automated software, you stay in control.More than a one-size-fits-all solution, Sage HRMS Payroll flexes to accommodateyour unique business. Simplify your payroll processing and stay in compliance withchanging tax laws through quarterly updates, including tax tables. Produce U.S. orCanadian payroll or support a combination of both if your organization operates inboth countries.With Sage HRMS Payroll, you also gain access to these other integrated solutions:Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by AatrixSafeguard your company against tax filing errors and meet all state and federal(and Canadian) reporting and payment requirements right from your Sage HRMSPayroll software with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix.Sage Payroll PayCard by FlexWageSave money on your payroll processing costs with the Sage Payroll PayCard byFlexWage,* an easy-to-use alternative to paper paychecks. This widely accepted Visadebit card enables all employees to be enrolled in direct deposit, regardless of anexisting banking relationship.*Sage Payroll PayCard by FlexWage is available as an optional solution, at an additional cost.This material is provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal and tax advice. Accordingly, the use of this material is not a substitutefor the advice of a lawyer or financial accounting professional. When in doubt, please consult your lawyer and/or financial accounting professional for guidance. You shouldcontact your lawyer or financial accounting professional to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.5

Manage all of HR in one place.Bring all aspects of human resources management together byintegrating any or all of the following solutions with Sage HRMS.Sage Employee Self Service(Sage ESS)Enable your employees to request time off, reviewpay history, update contact information, andmore—with just a few mouse clicks. Instead ofcalling the HR department with routine inquiries,employees and managers can access and reviewinformation regarding time off, current benefits,and current job details—anytime, anyplace overthe Internet or company intranet.Sage Benefits EnrollmentSave countless hours and piles of paperwork bymoving benefits to open enrollment online. SageBenefits Enrollment empowers employees to maketheir own benefits elections. Easy step-by-stepwizards guide administrators through the benefitplan setup process and walk employees throughopen enrollment. Sage Benefits Enrollment evenincludes year-round life events management thatallows employees to update information such asmarital status and dependents.Sage HRMS Benefits MessengerCut the costs and complexity of benefitsadministration by securely automating thecommunication of employee benefits enrollmentdata to health insurance carriers with Sage HRMSBenefits Messenger. No more paper enrollmentforms or customized electronic file formats.Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger also eliminatesthe costly errors associated with duplicate dataentry and “missed enrollments” both duringannual open enrollment periods and for employeechanges throughout the year.Sage OrgPlus by InsperityHelp yourself and your employees betterunderstand your company’s strategy andstructure, as well as everyone’s role in achievingorganizational objectives withSage OrgPlus. Capabilities includechart creation, customization, publishing, printing,sharing, schedule updates, integrated datamanagement, and collaboration.Sage TimeEliminate the traditional time clock and introducemanager and employee self-service with SageTime delivered in the cloud as a SaaS solution andintegrated with Sage HRMS. Sage Time lets youautomate timekeeping and scheduling tasks formore accurate payroll processing, in less time, forless cost, with less risk.Sage Time and Attendanceby InsperityCollect, analyze, and take immediate control ofyour employees’ attendance and labor data—online and in real time. An intuitive, 100% webbased solution that integrates seamlessly withSage HRMS, Sage Time and Attendance byInsperity inspires your workforce with employeeand manager self-service features, eliminatesthe burden of manual processes, saves time andmoney, and minimizes your compliance risk.6

Sage HRMS HR Actionsby Delphia ConsultingStreamline the collection and approval ofemployee data using the web. Sage HRMS HRActions by Delphia Consulting enables you toeasily create paperless forms using any fields fromSage HRMS. Process any action from request tohire to termination and everything in between,including status changes and performanceappraisals. Save time, money, and paperwork withan online manager and employee self-service.Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflowby VineyardsoftClosely track all your business data—within SageHRMS and beyond—with Sage HRMS Alerts &Workflow by Vineyardsoft Corporation. Providingevery organization with much-needed exceptionmanagement, Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflowidentifies and responds to conditions that falloutside of an organization’s standard operatingprocedures—such as a contract that is aboutto expire, an employee returning from a leave ofabsence, or a new hire—and helps organizationsavoid saying, “If only we had known.”My Workforce AnalyzerConveniently and affordably abide by theAffordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirementsand make decisions with confidence with MyWorkforce Analyzer. Using data from yourcompany, My Workforce Analyzer produces onlinedashboards and generates required forms to helpkeep you compliant.Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiterby Visibility SoftwareEffectively manage and communicate during theentire recruiting process with Sage HRMS CyberRecruiter by Visibility Software, a Sage EndorsedSolution, to help fill open positions more quicklyand efficiently. Recruiters, hiring managers, andtheir staff can focus more on core recruitingactivities while eliminating administrative tasks.Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is an in-house, 100%web-accessible tool that is highly configurable,paperless, and process oriented—the perfectrecruiting software solution for your company.Sage HRMS Cyber Trainby Visibility SoftwareKeep track of training-based on-the-jobrequirements and skills for employees with SageHRMS Cyber Train by Visibility Software, a SageEndorsed Solution. With Sage HRMS Cyber Trainyou can manage employee and nonemployeetraining, including classes, course requirements,programs, and certifications. The robust selfservice portal allows access to informationwhenever employees, supervisors, instructors, ortraining managers need it. This powerful yet easyto-use employee training management solutioneases administrative burdens and ensures yourworkforce remains compliant.Support when you need itSage University helps you get the most from your software with on-demand onlineproduct training.Sage Business Care maximizes your software investment by giving you animpressive selection of practical benefits, including technical assistance andautomatic access to upgrades.Sage Advice connects you to resources and best practices on topics ranging fromtax tips to handling haters.7

Why Sage?What really sets Sage apart is how we create a greater freedom for yourorganization to succeed. We do this by removing as much complexity frombusiness as possible.Our heritage isn’t only about software—it’s about how we serve our customers. The Sage customerexperience starts with our commitment to delivering personalized and professional service at everystage and continues on as your business grows and its needs change. Some of the ways we make yourinvestment in our solutions easy, beneficial, and rewarding include:Local expertise.Our network of regionally based authorized partners and certified consultants gets you up andrunning quickly on Sage HRMS and provides the ongoing service you need for continued success.Responsive support.We back Sage HRMS with comprehensive customer support, including regular maintenance updates,live technical assistance, and 24X7 access to our online knowledgebase.Flexible training.Sage and our business partners provide multiple training methods, including classroom, onlineinstructor-led, recorded learning, web seminars, and an annual customer conference.Get started with the human resource managementsolution that’s easy to love.SageHRMS.com866-271-60508


Only Sage offers the most completehuman resource management solutionfor small and medium businesses.With Sage HRMS, you can:Maximize the return on every dollar you invest in employees.Reduce administrative work and focus on strategic programs.Make stronger, fact-based decisions.Ensure compliance and avoid risk.Hire and retain a more talented workforce.Sage888 Executive Center Dr. W.Suite 300St. Petersburg, FL 33702866-271-6050SageHRMS.comAbout SageSage energizes the success of businesses and their communities around the world through the use of smarttechnology and the imagination of our people. Sage has reimagined business and brings energy, experience, andtechnology to inspire our customers to fulfil their dreams. We work with a thriving community of entrepreneurs,business owners, tradespeople, accountants, partners, and developers who drive the global economy. Sage is a FTSE100 company with 14,000 employees in 24 countries.For more information, please visit Follow Sage North America on Facebook,, and Twitter, 2015 Sage Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sage Software, Inc., or itsaffiliated entities. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. MKT-2015-00636 10/1510

by Insperity Collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees' attendance and labor data— online and in real time. An intuitive, 100% web-based solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage HRMS, Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity inspires your workforce with employee and manager self-service features, eliminates