AS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsPart 1: General installationsComparison 2010 – 2013BackgroundStandards are living documents that must reflect progress and innovation within the scope of therelative industry. To maintain currency and relevance, they must undergo periodic review.Australian Standards are developed and revised by Standards Australia. To assist with thisprocess, committees are formed by Standards Australia that includes representatives fromstakeholders within relevant industries.The committee responsible for AS/NZS5601 Part 1 and 2 is AG-006. The organisationsrepresented on the committee are listed in the opening pages of the standard and include gasappliance/equipment manufacturers, gas companies and technical regulators.In Queensland, the current Australian Standard for gas fitting in domestic, commercial andindustrial situations is the AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas Installations Part 1: General Installations. Thisstandard was recently revised and republished on 16 September 2013.Queensland legislation is being amended to make the 2013 publication the preferred standard forgas fitting in Queensland from 1 July 2014.This document and proposed trade presentations are being provided by the Department of NaturalResources and Mines to assist the gas industry with the implementation of the new standard.AvailabilityPublishing rights for the standards are held by SAI Global. Standards are available from the SAIGlobal online store ( or you may be able to purchase printedand DVD versions from your local gas equipment supplier.SummaryThe latest version of AS/NZS5601.1:2013 now includes a 'contents' listing at the start of eachsection, and the index at the back has been reintroduced. A number of definitions have beenreworded and new definitions added to clarify the meaning of some clauses.Below is an outline of the main differences within the body of the standard, but it is notcomprehensive, and is provided as a guide only. After 1 July 2014 during the design, installation,alteration or certifying of gas systems within the scope of AS/NZS5601:2013 Part 1 reference mustbe made to the 2013 version.

Section 1 – Scope and generalAS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsClauseCommentClauseN/ANo reference toNormative references1.4NormativeReferencesThe normativedocumentsreferenced arelisted in AppendixA, and in somecases may need tobe consultedduring theapplication of thisstandardN/ADefinition ofaccessible requiredclarification1.8.1.1Definition –ReadilyaccessibleA new definition“readily accessible”has beenintroduced whichrequires accesswithout the use of atoolN/ANo definition for fanassisted appliance1.8.2.6Definition –Fan assistedapplianceThe increase inappliance designrequired additionaldefinitionN/ANo definition for fluedappliance1.8.2.7Definition –FluedapplianceInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition forCroxed Joint1.8.20Definition –Croxed JointInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition forExhaust Fan1.8.30Definition –Exhaust FanInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Comment /changeVersion 01, February 2014Page 2

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsN/ANo definition forChimney1.8.40.2Definition –ChimneyInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition for Freearea / free ventilationarea1.8.44Definition –Free area /freeventilationareaInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition for aGriller1.8.55Definition –GrillerInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition forLimited flexibilityconnector1.8.67Definition –LimitedFlexibilityConnectorInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition endation1.8.71Definition –Manufacturersspecifications/ instructions/recommendationInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition forToughened SafetyGlass1.8.111Definition –ToughenedSafety GlassInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesN/ANo definition forVapour Barrier1.8.114Definition –VapourBarrierInclusion ofdefinition due toreferences inclausesAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 3

Section 2 – Performance-based design and other essential requirementsSection 2 is not a means of compliance. The wording of a number of clauses has been reviewed toprovide clarity. Specific considerations are required when applying the requirements of this section.Designers and installers should contact the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate before any design orinstallation is undertaken under these clauses.Section 3 – Means of compliance – General requirements and safe work practicesA number of references to International and Australian testing/manufacturing standards have beenupdated. Wording has been edited to provide clarity of requirements in some clauses.Section 4 – Means of compliance – Definition: Materials, fittings and componentsIn addition to the changes outlined below, a number of references to International and Australiantesting/manufacturing standards have been updated. Wording has been edited to provide clarity ofrequirements.Table 4.1 has been reviewed to reference current international and Australian standards whererequired. In a number of cases the use and limiting conditions have been edited.AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsClauseCommentClause4.6 and Table 4.2Material between LPGas cylinder valveand inlet to firstregulator4.6Comment /changeMaterialbetween LPGas cylindervalve andinlet to firstregulatorThe informationand requirementspreviouslyidentified in clause4.6 and Table 4.2are not within thescope ofAS/NZS5601, butis in the'informative'Appendix J.AS1596 thestorage andhandling of LP Gasshould bereferenced for theappropriaterequirements.Section 5 – Means of Compliance – Installing consumer pipingAS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 4

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsClauseCommentClauseNo requirementfor clearancefrom earth stake5.1.2Prohibition ofearthingthroughconsumerpipingInclusion of twoadditional Notes togive referencepoints5.1.2Prohibition ofearthing throughconsumer pipingComment /change5.1.12Identification ofpipe workEditorial changes5.1.12.1and 5.11.2Identificationof pipe workand MarkingIn addition toeditorials there isnow a requirementto identifyconsumer pipingthat runs within asleeve.5.2.12Provision ofemergencyvalveExisting clausedid not reflectindustry practice5.2.12Provision ofemergencyvalveRequirement ofclause edited andreworded to reflectindustry practiseand desired safetyoutcome5.2.13Proprietarymultilayer pipingIndustryconfusion quirement ofclause edited andreworded toprovide clarity5.3.4Separation fromabove groundelectricalequipmentIndustry not clearon applicablevoltages5.3.4Separationfrom abovegroundelectricalequipmentlow and extralow voltageequipmentClause title revisedto clarify applies tolow voltages, andadditional notereferences AS2067for high voltage5.3.11Piping in theground beneatha buildingNo reference totable in thegroundbeneath abuildingClause revised toreference table 4.1AS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 5

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations5.3.17Protection ofmultilayer pipingNo reference toidentification ifwrapped orsleeved5.3.17Protection ofmultilayerpipingNow includes therequirement toidentify the pipe ifthe protectionconceals the pipe5.2.5HoseassembliesHose lengthrestricted to 1.5m5.2.5HoseassembliesThere is norestriction on hoselength however thehose must be asshort as practicablefor its intendedapplication torestrict kinking anddamage to thehose5.8Support ofconsumer pipingExisting clauseonly relevant upto 200mmdiameter5.8Support ofconsumerpipingNote included toadvise fordiameters inexcess of 200mmsee AS40415.10.1Quick-connectdevice installedoutside abovegroundExisting clausedid not specifyrequirement forrestraint whenusing a deabovegroundClause nowincludesrequirement toprovide a means ofsecuring a safetychain or wire within50mm5.11.13Protection ofgas supplysystem from lowpressure wherea gas pressureraising device ora gas engine isinstalledIndustryconfusion overlocation andfunction5.11.13Protection ofgas supplysystem fromlow pressurewhere a gaspressureraisingdevice or agas engine isinstalledClause revised toclarify location andfunction of lowpressure switchAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 6

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations5.11.4Pressure testpointsIndustryconfusion overpressure gaugesatisfying thisclause5.11.4Pressure testpointsClause revised toreflect that wherepermanentpressure gaugefitted, additionaltest point required5.11.5.7Discharge frombreather ventsClause is unclearabout how tocalculate themaximumbreather ventdiameter5.11.5.7NondomesticapplicationsClause revised andincludes formula tocalculate maximumbreather vent sizeif room volume andpressure known5.11.5.7Discharge frombreather ventsClause did notdifferentiatebetween nondomestic onsClause now limitsbreather vent size,shall not exceed0.7mm in class 1and 2 buildings5.11.9Vent terminallocationsIndustry requestfor clarification5.11.9Vent terminallocationsTwo additionalnotes to clarify thisrequirement doesnot apply to thebreather vent of aconsumer pipingregulator and onlyapplies up tooperatingpressures of200KpaSection 6 – Means of Compliance – Installing gas appliancesAS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas :2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Comment /changeElectricalrequirementsgeneralRevised andreworded toprovide clarificationVersion 01, February 2014Page 7

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations6.2.8.2Electricalrequirementsfor Australianuse onlyClause 6.2.8separated into twoto provideclarification6.2.14Gas appliancerestraint wherea hoseassembly raintwhere a hoseassembly isusedReference toclause 5.9.7 formethod of hoseconnection,additional Note forstrength of restraintto be adequate6.3.1Adverse effectof air movementsystemsClarificationrequired, resultingfrom fatalities6.3.1Adverseeffect of airmovementsystemsInclusion of aextensive Noteregardingextraction fans etc,reference to newAppendix R6.3.8Installation in acupboardEditorial6.3.8Installation ina cupboardFormat change torepresent 'notice'6.3.10Installation in agarageEditorial6.3.10Installation ina garageFormat change torepresent 'notice'6.3.11Appliance in aroof spaceClarificationrequested toinclude ancillaryequipment6.3.11Appliance ina roof spaceAdditional note toidentifyrequirementapplies to ancillaryequipment6.4Air supply togas appliancesClarificationrequested on thevaryingapplications ofthis clause6.4Air supply togasappliancesNote included toclarify specificapplianceventilationrequirements6.4.4Air requirementsfor gasappliancesRevision of entireclause requireddue to changes inbuilding design6.4.4Airrequirementsfor gasappliancesThis clause hasundergonesignificant reviewand a number ofchanges havebeen made.AS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 8

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installationsReference to whenbuildings wereapproved forconstruction andrequirementsprovided in twoclauses6.4.4.10Specialrequirements forflueless gasappliances6. AustraliaDue to differingmethods ofconstructionbetween Australiaand New Zealand6.4.4.1 is now intwo parts with6. detailingrequirements to beapplied in AustraliaTable 6.2NaturalVentilationfor gasapplianceIntroduction of atable that providesdiagrammaticrepresentation ofventilationscenariosClarificationrequired andseparation ofspace heatersand others6. fluelessappliancesother thanfluelessspaceheatersClause clarificationand introduction ofworked examplesClarificationrequired andseparation ofspace heatersand others6. fluedand fluelessappliancesother thanfluelessspaceheatersClause clarificationand introduction ofworked examplesAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 9

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations6.4.4.6Interlock formechanical airsupply to gasappliancesClarificationrequested6.4.9Interlock forair supply togasapplianceInclusion of proofof 'no-flow' state,damper positionproving and notethat main burnershutdown onlyacceptable innon-industrialapplications6.7.4(Flues) s)DesignrequirementsRewording toprovide clarification6.7.6Common orcombined fluesAdditionalrequirement toprevent reverseflow6.7.6Common orcombinedfluesInclusion ofadditional subclause referencingrequirement toprevent reverseflow in uested andeditorial6.7.7.1Flue withdraughtdiverterRewording andseparation of 6.7.7to provideclarification6.7.7.2Flue withoutdraughtdiverterRewording andseparation of 6.7.7to provideclarification6.10.1.1Clearancesaround a gascookingapplianceInclusion ofreference to 'inaccordance withthe .1.1Clearancesaround a gascookingapplianceAppliance designand certificationcould allow lessclearancesAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 10

AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installationsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas stic gascookingappliancesEditorial andclarificationFigure 6.3Requiredclearancesarounddomestic gascookingappliancesFigure 6.3 Notesand Requirements1 & 2 edit toprovide furtherclarification6.10.1.2Protection ofcombustiblesurfaces near agas cookingapplianceClarification andeditorial6.10.1.2Protection ofcombustiblesurfaces neara gascookingapplianceClause revised andedited andreference made toAppendix C,previously a NZonly on on'Testing of flue'6.11.4CommissioningrequirementsReference to newlyadded clause 'R',"Spillage tests forflued appliances"AppendicesThe appendices have been reviewed and edited to align with other standards. Some informativeappendices have been added.AppendixStatusCommentAppendix D PurgingInformativeAdditional clause D7, added to providetechnical references for large volumeinstallationAppendix E Testing for gas tightnessNormativeAdditional clause E11, added to providefurther guidanceAppendix F Sizing consumer pipingInformativeEdited to provide clarification andintroduction of F 4 and F6 as reference toappropriate graphs and tablesAppendix G Determination ofmaximum breather vent orifice sizefor devices not vented to outsideatmosphereNormativeRevised, edited and introduction of tablesto replace nomogramsAS/NZS5601.1:2013 Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 11

AppendixStatusCommentAppendix J LP Gas cylinderlocationsInformativeMaterials between LP gas cylinder valveand inlet to first regulator now included asclause J9 (previously clause in main bodyof standard)Appendix M Consumer billing meterinstallationsInformativeIntroduction of diagram to representexclusion zone for gas regulatorsAppendix O Guidelines for gasappliance commissioningInformativeIntroduction of new appendix to giveinformation in regard to gas appliancecommissioningAppendix P Symbols used in gascontrol system diagramsInformativeIntroduction of appendix to assist installerswhen designing and interpretation gassystem schematicsAppendix Q Gas InstallationChecklistInformativeIntroduction of appendix to assist gasinstallers when checking compliance ofgas installationsAppendix R Spillage tests for fluedappliancesNormativeIntroduction of appendix to provide detailson how to check for spillage of combustionproducts(New Zealand only)For more information, telephone 3199 8027 or email [email protected] or Gas installations State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2014.Version 01, February 2014Page 12

A new definition "readily accessible" has been introduced which requires access without the use of a tool : N/A No definition for fan assisted appliance : ; Definition - Fan assisted appliance . The increase in appliance design required additional definition . N/A No definition for flued appliance ; : Definition - Flued appliance . Inclusion of definition due to .