James M. ArcadiCurriculum VitaeTrinity Evangelical Divinity School2065 Half Day RoadVillage of Bannockburn, Deerfield, IL 60015 [email protected] ames-m-arcadi/EDUCATIONPhDUniversity of Bristol, Religion and Theology, 2015Thesis: This bread is the body of Christ: an Incarnational model of the EucharistOliver D. Crisp, advisorAlan Torrance (St. Andrews), Gavin D’Costa (Bristol), examinersThMGordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Historical Theology, 2010Thesis: ‘And feed on him in thy heart’: the development of Thomas Cranmer’sview of Christ’s presence in the EucharistMDivGordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 2008BABiola University, Humanities/Philosophy, 2003Biblical Studies minor, Torrey Honors Institute great books programStudies undertaken at the University of Oxford (2002) and Boston College (2006-2007)ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENTAssociate ProfessorTrinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2021Department of Biblical and Systematic TheologyAssistant ProfessorTrinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2018-21Department of Biblical and Systematic TheologyPostdoctoral Fellow& Adjunct FacultyFuller Theological Seminary, 2015-2018Analytic Theology for Theological Formation ProjectResearch FellowHerzl Institute, 2015-2017Jewish Philosophical Theology Project1 revised 07/02/2021

Visiting FellowCenter for Faith and Inquiry, Gordon College, 2014-2015Jerusalem and Athens Forum teaching fellowAdjunct FacultyGordon College, 2008-2015Departments of Biblical Studies & Christian Ministries,History, Core Curriculum, and the Jerusalem and AthensForum great books programPUBLICATIONSMonographs(2019) The Nature and Promise of Analytic Theology, with Oliver D. Crisp & JordanWessling, Research Perspectives in Theology series (Brill).Reviews: First Things(2018) An Incarnational Model of the Eucharist, Current Issues in Theology series(Cambridge University Press).Reviews: Modern Theology, International Journal of Systematic Theology, Scottish Journal of Theology,Reading Religion, Journal of Analytic Theology, Themelios, Anglican Theological Review,Religious Studies Review, Trinity JournalConference Symposium: American Academy of Religion (2019)(under contract) Belonging to the Lord: A Theology of Holiness (Fortress Academic /Lexington Books), due 2021.(under contract) An Introduction to Theologies of the Eucharist, Introductions to Religionseries (Cambridge University Press), due 2023.Edited volumes(2021) The T&T Clark Handbook of Analytic Theology, with James T. Turner, Jr(Bloomsbury / T&T Clark).(2019) Love, Divine and Human: Contemporary Essays in Systematic and PhilosophicalTheology, with Oliver D. Crisp & Jordan Wessling (Bloomsbury / T&T Clark).(under contract) Analyzing Prayer: Theological and Philosophical Essays, co-edited withOliver D. Crisp & Jordan Wessling (Oxford University Press).Journal special issues(2018) “New Themes in Analytic Dogmatic Theology,” TheoLogica 2.1, co-edited withJoshua R. Farris (with editorial 3.2 revised 07/02/2021

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(2019) Faculty Networking Grant ( 3,000), “Experiencing the Sacred,” with Adam Green(Oklahoma [Azusa Pacific]) and Sameer Yadav (Westmont), Council forChristian Colleges and Universities.(2017) Pantheism and Panenthism Summer Stipend ( 1,000), “Sacramental ontology and theholiness of the panentheistic God,” The Pantheism and Panentheism Project.(2016) Embodied Religion Summer Stipend ( 3,000), “This is my body: the Eucharist, socialontology, and the philosophy of disability,” Embodied Religion: Social Structuresand Religious Experience.(2015) Jewish Philosophical Theology Research Fellowship ( 40,000), “Belonging to the Lord:consecration, divine presence, and the metaphysics of holiness in the HebrewScriptures,” Herzl Institute.(2015) Classical Theism Summer Stipend ( 3,000 1,000 publication award), “God iswhere God acts: reconceiving omnipresence as divine action,” The ClassicalTheism Project.(2013) Analytic Theology Summer Stipend ( 5,000), “Impanation & Incarnation: ApplyingMetaphysics of the Incarnation to Eucharistic Theology,” Center for Philosophyof Religion, University of Notre Dame.(2012) Analytic Theology Summer Stipend ( 5,000), “A Biblical-Philosophical Theory ofConsecration,” Center for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame.Teaching(2016) Course Development Award ( 18,000), “An Invitation to Analytic Theology” atFuller Theological Seminary, with Jordan Wessling, Analytic Theology forTheological Formation Project.(2014) Course Development Grant ( 1,500), “Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief,and Civilization Online” at Gordon College, Academic Dean of Gordon College.Discussion Group(2014) Analytic Theology Cluster Group ( 14,260), “The Problem of Suffering,” with IanDeWeese-Boyd (Gordon College) & Patrick Smith (Duke [Gordon-Conwell]),Center for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame.International Seminars(2014) Divine Action in the World: Philosophical and Theological Inquiries, Institut fürChristliche Philosophie, Universität Innsbruck, Austria, July 24-August 2. Led byGeorg Gasser (Augsburg [Innsbruck]), Kevin Timpe (Calvin [NorthwestNazarene]), Thomas Schärtl-Trendel (LMU Munich [Augsburg]), and CharlesTaliaferro (St. Olaf). 4,500 by the John Templeton Foundation.(2014) Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, University ofSt. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, June 17-July 2. Organized by Dean Zimmerman6 revised 07/02/2021

(Rutgers) and Michael Rota (St. Thomas). 4,000 by the John TempletonFoundation, Society of Christian Philosophers, and the Centers for Philosophy ofReligion at the University of Notre Dame and Rutgers University.(2013) Eastern Orthodoxy and the West, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, July 8-July 19.Led by William Abraham (Baylor [SMU]) and Paul Gavrilyuk (St. Thomas). 2,000 by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Lilly Endowment,Inc.(2012) Summer Seminar in Philosophical Theology, Hochschule für Philosophie, Munich,Germany, July 26-August 4. Led by Godehard Brüntrup (Munich), YujinNagasawa (Birmingham), William Jaworski ([Fordham]), and Uwe Meixner(Augsburg). 4,000 by the John Templeton Foundation.TravelOver 3,400 for conference travel from the University of Bristol and the Center forPhilosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame from 2011-2013.TEACHING and SERVICETrinity International University, Deerfield, IL (2018- )Divinity School Courses:Theologies of Prayer (Sp 2020)The Gospel of God (Fa 2019, Sp 2020, Su 2020, Sp 2021)Analytic Theology (Sp 2018, FA 2020)God: Hidden and Present (Sp 2018, Sp 2021)The God of the Gospel (Fa 2018, Sp 2019, Su 2019, Fa 2019, Sp 2020, FA 2020)Models of Sanctification (Fa 2018, Fa 2019, Fa 2020)Independent Study Courses:Theology and Philosophy of Mind (Sp 2020)Aesthetic Atonement (Sp 2020)Purgatory (Sp 2020)Anglican Theology (Fa 2019)The Theology of William Lane Craig (Fa 2019)Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology (Su 2019)Sanctification (Sp 2019, Fa 2019, Sp 2021)Theology of the Sacraments/Ordinances (Fa 2018)Supervision:PhD – Examiner:Christopher Ryan Fields ‘21Roy McDanielWilliam BankstonWilson JeremiahThM – Director:Sungyeoun Ra ‘21ThM – Examiner:7 revised 07/02/2021

Jeong-Im Yi ‘20MA – Director:Wesley Aaron Pendergrass ‘20College Course:Introduction to Philosophy (Sp 2020)Service:University Program Review Committee (2019- )Distance and Extension Site Committee (2018-20)ATS Self-Study Committee (2018-19)Faculty Discussion Group:President’s Faculty Cohort Initiative (2018-19)Deerfield Dialog Group (2018- )Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA (2015-18)Courses:Anglican Liturgy and Worship (W 2018)An Invitation to Analytic Theology (Su 2017, Sp 2018)Anglican Theology (Fa 2016)Gordon College, Wenham, MA (2008-15)Courses:Christian Theology Seminar (2012-2013, 2015)Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, and Civilization (2009 – 2013, 2015; Online:Summers 2011-2015)Jerusalem and Athens Forum: International Seminar (Winter 2015)The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading, and Writing (Fall 2009, Fall 2012,2013-2015)Christianity, Character, and Culture (2008-09)Course development:Designed and co-taught Gordon’s first Winter term international seminar, Winter 2015.Designed and taught Gordon’s first online History course, Summer 2011-2015.Worked with History department to develop Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, andCivilization, Fall 2009.Service:History Department Academic Advisor, 2010 – 2014.Applicant reviewer for the Jerusalem and Athens Forum honors program, 2012 – 2015.“Anglican Morning Prayer” Spiritual Life Group, Spring 2013.“Study Abroad Mentors” faculty to student mentorship program, 2012-13.Weekly Anglican worship service facilitator, 2010-2012.“Companions for the Journey” faculty/staff to student mentorship program, 2011-12.Worship service facilitator for various campus events, 2008-2015.Faculty discussion groups:Center for Faith and Inquiry alumni-faculty discussion group, 2014-15.President’s faculty discussion group on the liberal arts, 2013-14.Faculty discussion group in theology, politics, and culture, 2011-12.8 revised 07/02/2021

CONFERENCE ACTIVITYPapers(2020) “In defense of In Defense of Conciliar Christology,” Christ Among the Disciplines,November 21.(2019) Book panel response, American Academy of Religion annual meeting, San Diego,CA, November 23.(2019) “Declarative theology, analytic theology, and an incarnational model of theEucharist,” Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting, San Diego, CA,November 21.(2018) “Homo adorans: exitus – reditus in theological anthropology,” EvangelicalTheological Society annual meeting, Denver, CO, November 14.(2017) “A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation: Introductory and ContextualizingComments,” American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Christian SystematicTheology Unit, Boston, MA, November 21.(2017) “What is sacred scripture? A philosophical exposition of a Barthian discussion,”American Academy of Religion Western regional meeting, Rosemead, CA, March19.(2017) “The Word of God as Truthmaker for Church Proclamation: An AnalyticBarthian Approach to the Dogmatic Task,” Los Angeles Theology Conference, BiolaUniversity, La Mirada, CA, January 12.(2016) Comments on Jeffrey Brower, “God as the Supreme Good—Anselm’s OtherArgument,” The Classical Theism Project Workshop, University of St. Thomas, St.Paul, MN, July 23.(2016) “Divine omnipresence: a view from Jewish Philosophical Theology,” Society ofChristian Philosophers Pacific regional meeting, San Diego, CA, March 18.(2015) “Discerning the Body of Christ,” Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting,Atlanta, GA, November 19.(2014) “How to Make the Church with Words: the Perlocutionary Effect of theEucharistic Illocutionary Acts,” American Academy of Religion annual meeting, SanDiego, CA, November 23.(2014) “Divine instrumental action composites in the Incarnation and the Eucharist,”Divine Action in the World: Philosophical and Theological Inquiries, Institut fürChristliche Philosophie, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, July 24.(2014) “Real Presence as Real Predication: a Linguistic Move past an EcumenicalImpasse,” American Academy of Religion New England/Maritimes regionalmeeting, Chestnut Hill, MA, April 26.(2014) “An Incarnational Model of the Eucharist,” Evangelical Theological SocietyNortheast regional meeting, Clifton Park, NY, March 29.9 revised 07/02/2021

(2013) “The Iron in the Fire: George Hunsinger's Ecumenical Explication of theEucharist,” Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting, Baltimore, MD,November 21.(2013) “Divine Presence as Divine Action: Applying Old Testament Theophanies toContemporary Worship,” Evangelical Theological Society Northeast regionalmeeting, Nyack, NY, April 6.(2013) “From Secular to Sacred: Towards a Theory of Consecration,” Boston CollegeGraduate Philosophy Conference, Chestnut Hill, MA, March 16.(2012) “A Theory of Consecration: A Philosophical Exposition of a BiblicalPhenomenon,” Evangelical Philosophical Society annual meeting, Milwaukee, WI,November 16.(2012) “What’s in a Rename? That which we call bread, by another name would beChrist’s body,” Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting, Milwaukee, WI,November 14.(2012) “Thomas Cranmer’s Eucharistic Parallelism,” Conference on Faith and Historybiennial meeting, Wenham, MA, October 6.(2012) “Presence: Omni- and Real,” Summer Seminar in Philosophical Theology,Hochschule für Philosophie, Munich, Germany, July 31.(2012) "Some Eucharistic Speech Acts," Evangelical Philosophical Society Northeastregional meeting, South Hamilton, MA, April 21.Participation(2019) Session organizer: Book panel – Love, Divine and Human, Evangelical PhilosophicalSociety @ the American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA, November 22.(2019) Session chair: “Systematic Theology: General Studies,” Evangelical TheologicalSociety annual meeting, San Diego, CA, November 22.(2017) Session chair: “A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation,” American Academy of Religionannual meeting, Christian Systematic Theology Unit, Boston, MA, November 21.(2016) Invited Participant: Workshop in Jewish Philosophical Theology II, Herzl Institute,Jerusalem, Israel, December 27-29.(2016) Invited Participant: The Classical Theism Project Workshop, University of St.Thomas, St. Paul, MN, July 21-23.(2016) Session chair/commenter: “Eternity and Omnipresence,” Society of ChristianPhilosophers Pacific regional meeting, San Diego, CA, March 18.(2016) Session chair: Los Angeles Theology Conference, Fuller Theological Seminary,Pasadena, CA, January 14-15.(2015) Invited Participant: Workshop in Jewish Philosophical Theology I, Herzl Institute,Jerusalem, Israel, December 28-30.(2015) Invited Participant: Spiritual Senses Symposium, convened by Paul Gavrilyuk (St.Thomas) and Fred Aquino (Abilene), Atlanta, GA, November 20.10 revised 07/02/2021

(2015) Invited Presenter: “Sacred Theology,” Evangelical Theological Society annualmeeting, Analytic Theology Consultation, Atlanta, GA, November 19.(2014) Invited Presenter: “Faith and Religious Participation,” American Academy ofReligion annual meeting, Wildcard Session, San Diego, CA, November 23.(2014) Invited Participant: Divine Action in the World: Theological and PhilosophicalInquiries, Institut für Christliche Philosophie, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck,Austria, August 4-6.(2013) Invited Presenter: “The Catholicity of the Church,” Evangelical Theological Societyannual meeting, Ecclesiology Consultation, Baltimore, MD, November 21.(2013) Invited Participant: Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology, “Theorizing aboutGod—Realism in Theology,” Center for Philosophy of Religion, University ofNotre Dame, May 9-11.(2012) Session chair: “God’s Foreknowledge,” Minds: Human and Divine, Hochschule fürPhilosophie, Munich, Germany, August 6.(2012) Invited Participant: Minds: Human and Divine, Hochschule für Philosophie,Munich, Germany, August 6-9.(2011) Invited Participant: Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology, “Divine Revelation:Meaning, Authority, and Canon,” Center for Philosophy of Religion, Universityof Notre Dame, June 2-4.PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIESSociety MembershipsAmerican Academy of Religion (2011-)Evangelical Theological Society (2011- )Society of Christian Philosophers (2011-16)Evangelical Philosophical Society (2011-16)Conference on Faith and History (2012-14)Publication refereeModern Theology; Religious Studies; Journal of Analytic Theology; Faith and Philosophy;TheoLogica; Open Theology; Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies; The Southern Journal ofPhilosophy; European Journal for Philosophy of Religion; Journal of Spiritual Formation andSoul Care; Philosophia Christi; Sophia; Christian Scholars Review; International Journal ofSystematic Theology;Cambridge University Press; Oxford University Press; InterVarsity Press; RoutledgePublishers; Baker AcademicGrant referee11 revised 07/02/2021

John Templeton FoundationMINISTRYOrdinationPriest, December 5, 2010Deacon, December 5, 2009By The Rt. Revd William L. Murdoch, Anglican Diocese in New Englandof the Anglican Church in North America.Canonical residence:Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, 2019Diocese of Quincy, 2018-2019Diocese of Western Anglicans, 2016-2018Anglican Diocese in New England, 2009-2015Assisting ClergyAll Souls Anglican Church, Wheaton, IL, 2018Interim Lead Clergy, 2021-Assisting ClergySt. Luke’s Anglican Church, Crescenta Valley, CA, 2016-2018Assisting ClergyChrist our Savior Anglican Church, Torrance, CA, 2016-2018Assisting ClergyChrist the Redeemer Anglican Church, Danvers, MA, 2009-2015Coordinator of 9am service and College MinistriesBoard of Examining Chaplains, Anglican Diocese in New England, 2013-2015Church PlanterGrace Anglican Church, Fitchburg, MA, 2010-11InternChrist Church, South Hamilton, MA, 2007-2008Assistant Director Sports Ministries, Whittier Area Community Church, Whittier,CA, 2003-2004Support StaffJunior High Ministries, Whittier Area Community Church,Whittier, CA, 1999-2004REFERENCESOliver D. Crisp, Professor of Analytic Theology, University of St. Andrews, [email protected], 44 (0)1334 46 282712 revised 07/02/2021

Thomas H. McCall, Timothy C. and Julie M. Tennent Chair of Theology, AsburyTheological Seminary, [email protected] Luy, Chair of the Biblical and Systematic Theology Department, TrinityEvangelical Divinity School, [email protected], 847-317-8062John Jefferson Davis, Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of Theology, GordonConwell Theological Seminary, [email protected], 978-468-711113 revised 07/02/2021

Christian Colleges and Universities. (2017) Pantheism and Panenthism Summer Stipend ( 1,000), . Kevin Timpe (Calvin [Northwest Nazarene]), Thomas Schärtl-Trendel (LMU Munich [Augsburg]), and Charles (2014) Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, June 17-July 2. Organized .