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Table of ContentsPrepare for Training1Using the Facilitator Guide3Vice President Membership7IntroductionVice President Membership Role912Activity: Vice President Membership Role14Debrief: Vice President Membership Role15Vice President Membership Responsibilities16The Club Meeting17Outside the Club Meeting19The Executive Committee Meeting21Activity: How to Fulfill the Vice President Membership Responsibilities22Debrief: Vice President Membership Responsibilities24Vice President Membership ResourcesDebrief: Vice President Membership ResourcesConclusion252728

PREPARE FOR TRAININGWelcome to Club Officer Training. As a training facilitator, you areresponsible for conveying the information that club officers need to fulfilltheir roles. Well-trained club officers are equipped to enhance club quality,develop and lead successful teams and thrive in the Distinguished ClubProgram. All of these abilities contribute to fulfill the club mission.Club officers dedicate valuable time and provide a tremendous service toToastmasters. It is important that they understand the importance of theirroles and know how appreciated they are.While many club officers will be content, and even enthusiastic, abouttheir new responsibilities, others may feel uncertain and obligated.Attending the training and fulfilling their roles implies great commitmentdeserving of recognition.As a training facilitator, it’s important not to overwhelm club officers. Besure to impart to them that support is close at hand. Their fellow clubofficers, district leaders, and the staff at World Headquarters are allavailable and eager to assist them.Each session in the Club Officer Training consists of a facilitator guide anda PowerPoint presentation.Facilitator GuideThis is a tool to guide the facilitator in teaching the session. Each sessionincludes a corresponding facilitator guide. The facilitator should print himor herself a copy of the facilitator guide for each session.PowerPoint PresentationThis is to be presented by the facilitator during the session. There is onepresentation for each session. The facilitator downloads the presentationto his or her laptop before the training and makes sure to have a projectorand screen available during the session. The PowerPoint slides correspondto instructions in the facilitator guide.Facilitator PreparationBefore the training, review From Speaker to Trainer (Item 257A) forinstructions about presenting, especially if you are new to facilitatingtraining sessions.Learn about the location where the training takes place. Determine thebest way to set up the room, and confirm the equipment that is availablethere.PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training1

Facilitator GuideCommunicate with participants well in advance. Make sure they knowwhat to expect — where to go, what to bring, how long sessions last, andso on. Send reminders as the training date nears.Visit the Logos, Images and Templates page templates fortemplates to create professional-looking agendas, training invitations,name cards, and other material for the sessions.2PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideUSING THE FACILITATOR GUIDEThe facilitator guide is designed to be easy to use with detailedinstructions. Nonetheless, be personable; it’s okay to add your ownanecdotes to the sessions and share what is unique in your district.The facilitator guide of each session is organized the same way: The introduction begins with an explanation of the session.An overview lists the topics presented in the session.Objectives are what the club officers will be able to do as a resultof attending the session.The materials you need to conduct the session are listed after theobjectives.The length of time it should take you to conduct the session issuggested under the heading Duration.Beginning with the title of the first section, the guide presents aseries of step-by-step instructions telling you exactly how toconduct the session.Throughout the guide, notes to the facilitator provide you withinformation to help you understand the purpose of thesubsequent section or activity. By understanding what clubofficers are meant to learn, you can more easily guide discussionsand answer questions.The outside margins provide space for you to take notes.PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training3

Facilitator GuideVerbsTo help the facilitator refer to the guide at a glance, a limited number ofverbs are used to begin each of the numbered steps in the sessions:1. SHOW: to present a visual aid2. PRESENT: to impart knowledge pertinent to session objectives3. TELL: to offer information not directly relevant to session objectives4. ASK: to request actual answers from participants (At times, thequestion is followed by possible answers. Give participants anopportunity to offer answers; then share any that weren’t covered.)5. INSTRUCT: to tell participants to do something6. TIME: to keep track of time7. WRITE: to record ideas so they are visible to participants8. DISCUSS: to facilitate a conversation among the groupIconsThe following icons appear in the margins throughout the facilitator guideto indicate specific actions the facilitator takes at that step:Show a visual aid.Ask questions.Write on a flipchart.Instruct participants to work in small groups.10 minutes4Track time.PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideBu l l e t P o i n t sColor-coded bullet points in the facilitator guide also help you stay ontrack: Session objectives and materials are listed in the overview of eachsession with yellow bullet points.Light blue bullet points indicate content-related information toshare with participants.Questions are posed using navy blue bullet points. At times, questions are followed by possible answers. Giveparticipants an opportunity to offer answers; then share anythat weren’t covered.PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training5

Facilitator Guide6PREPARE FOR TRAININGClub Officer Training

Vice President MembershipNOTE TO FACILITATORDuring this session, you will present content, lead brief discussions andcoordinate two activities to familiarize vice presidents membership with theirrole and responsibilities.First, you will present the role and use an activity to encourage participants toreflect on how the vice president membership supports the club mission.Second, you will present specific responsibilities of the vice presidentmembership in the club meeting, outside the club meeting and on the executivecommittee. Then, you will lead an activity to help vice presidents membershipprioritize their duties.Third, you will present participants with a checklist to help them get started intheir role.IntroductionThe purpose of this session is to help vice president membership tounderstand their role in the Toastmasters club.OverviewFirst, vice presidents membership learn about their role within the club.Then, they identify the responsibilities of their role within club and clubexecutive committee meetings. To conclude, vice presidents membershipfind specific resources to help them fulfill their responsibilities.In this session, facilitators present the following topics: Vice President Membership RoleVice President Membership ResponsibilitiesVice President Membership ResourcesObjectivesAfter completing this session, vice presidents membership will be able to: Identify their role within the clubFulfill their responsibilities within the club and club executivecommitteeVice President MembershipClub Officer Training7

Facilitator Guide Find resources that help them fulfill their responsibilitiesMaterials Prezi Flipchart MarkersTime 1 hourFacilitator Resources Club Leadership Handbook (Item 222)8Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideIntroductionNOTE TO FACILITATORWhen you introduce yourself, be sure to mention your background inToastmasters. Highlight the awards you’ve received, how long you’ve been amember and what club officer roles you’ve served.If someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, send thequestion back to the group. Try asking, “What do you all think?” or “Does anyonehave insight on this issue?” Club officers who have served before are greatresources.1. SHOW the Introduction slide.2. PRESENT Congratulations on your election to vice president membership!As the vice president membership you create a climate thatattracts new members and keeps current members involved.NOTE TO FACILITATORMake an effort to vary your tone of voice when reading information off of slides.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training9

Facilitator Guide3. SHOW the Session Agenda slide.4. PRESENT the session agenda: Vice President Membership RoleVice President Membership ResponsibilitiesVice President Membership Resources5. SHOW the Session Objectives slide.6. PRESENT the session objectives: After completing this session, you will be able to: 10Identify your role within the clubVice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator Guide Fulfill your responsibilities within the club and club executivecommitteeFind resources that help you fulfill your responsibilitiesVice President MembershipClub Officer Training11

Facilitator GuideVice President Membership Role(25 minutes)NOTE TO FACILITATORAs you present this section, think about your experience. If you have served as avice president membership, identify examples you can share with participants.1. SHOW the Vice President Membership slide.2. TELL vice presidents membership they can find information abouttheir role in the Club Leadership Handbook (Item 1310).NOTE TO FACILITATORWhen asking a question to the group, give participants time to think. Wait atleast10 seconds for participants to reflect and respond.3. ASK What is the essence of the vice president membership role? 12Ensure the club maintains membership levels that allow ahigh-quality club meetingKnow member goals and enable them to be achievedVice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideNOTE TO FACILITATORLeading large group discussions is easier when participants raise hands and waitto be called on before speaking. This ensures that everyone is heard andinterruptions are minimal.4. PRESENT Through this session you will learn how to make this manageable.NOTE TO FACILITATORSometimes group discussion goes on for too long or gets off track. Try bringingthe group’s attention back to the topic by referring to the session agenda andinviting members to continue their conversations after the session.For example: “I’m glad we all have so many success stories to share about ourtime with Toastmasters, and I encourage you to continue these conversationsafter the session. For now, let’s get back to discussing your responsibilities on theexecutive committee.”5. ASK What are the responsibilities of the vice president membership? Recruit new membersConduct membership contestsAssist guestsProcess membership applications6. Write responses on a flip chart.7. PRESENT Your role as vice president membership as stated in the ClubConstitution and Standard Bylaws of Toastmasters International is:“The vice president membership is the third ranking club officerand is responsible for planning, organizing and directing aprogram that ensures individual member retention and growth inclub individual membership. The vice president membershipchairs the membership committee “The constitution provides a definition. Yet, there are manyresponsibilities that make up the day-to-day activities of a vicepresident membership.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training13

Facilitator Guide Everything you do as vice president membership should supportthe club mission.A ct i v i t y: V i ce P r e s i d e n t M e m b e r s h i p R o l eNOTE TO FACILITATORFor this activity, you will review the club mission statement with the group andask participants to get into teams of four. Each team will be asked to brainstormhow their role supports the club mission.1. SHOW the Activity: Vice President Membership Role slide.2. ASK What is the club mission? We provide a supportive and positive learning experience inwhich members are empowered to develop communicationand leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence andpersonal growth.3. INSTRUCT vice presidents membership to arrange themselves in teamsof four.4. INSTRUCT teams to spend 15 minutes brainstorming how the vicepresident membership supports the achievement of the club mission.14Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideNOTE TO FACILITATORWalk around during the team discussions. This will allow you to answer anyquestions that come up and give you an idea of the responses the teams willshare.5. TIME 15 minutes.15 minutesNOTE TO FACILITATORIndicate that time is up with a positive statement, such as “Let’s talk togethernow,” rather than simply announcing, “Time’s up!”6. INSTRUCT each team to share their findings with the group.7. INSTRUCT vice presidents membership to return to their seats.D e b r i e f : V i ce P r e s i d e n t M e m b e r s h i p R o l e1. PRESENT As vice president membership you recruit new members, conductmembership contests, assist guests and process membershipapplications.Everything you do as vice president membership supports the clubmission.Let’s take a closer look at your responsibilities and the tools youcan use to fulfill your role.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training15

Facilitator GuideVice President Membership Responsibilities(30 minutes)1. SHOW the Vice President Membership Responsibilities slide.2. PRESENT Your vice president membership responsibilities are in threecategories: 16The Club MeetingOutside the Club MeetingThe Executive CommitteeWe’ll start by exploring your club meeting responsibilities.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideTh e C l ub M e e t i n g1. SHOW the Club Meeting slide.2. PRESENT Your club meeting responsibilities are split into three types: Before Club MeetingsUpon Arrival at Club MeetingsAfter Club Meetings3. SHOW the Before Club Meetings slide.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training17

Facilitator Guide4. PRESENT Before Club Meetings Make a list of the new members who have joined the clubsince the last meeting, and contact the club president tocoordinate an induction ceremony at the next meeting.Have a few Guest Packets (Item 387) to distribute to guests atthe meeting.Contact former guests who have not joined and members whohave not been attending recent meetings, and gentlypersuade and encourage them to come to the next clubmeeting.5. ASK How can we make guests feel welcome to our clubs?6. Write responses on a flip chart.7. SHOW the Upon Arrival at Club Meetings slide.8. PRESENT Upon Arrival at Club Meetings: 18Greet all guests and members at the door, and welcome themto the meeting.Provide all guests with Guest Packets (Item 387).Answer any questions guests may have about the club.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator Guide9. SHOW the After Club Meetings slide.10. PRESENT After Club Meetings: Meet with guests to answer questions and explain the benefitsof Toastmasters.Invite guests to join the club or to attend another clubmeeting if they are hesitant to join.Help guests who do wish to join to complete the MembershipApplication ( ut s i d e t h e C l ub M e e t i n g1. SHOW the Outside the Club Meeting slide.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training19

Facilitator Guide2. PRESENT Outside the Club Meeting: Conduct ongoing membership-building programs and efforts.Promote the goal of one new member per month.Promote achieving 20 members by year-end or sooner, if theclub has fewer than 20 members.Promote club and Toastmasters International membershipbuilding programs and conduct a minimum of two formal clubmembership programs annually.Follow up on and keep track of guests, new members joining,and members not attending meetings.3. SHOW the Outside the Club Meeting slide.4. PRESENT Outside the Club Meeting, continued 20Bring membership applications to the club for voting and, ifthe members are accepted, collect dues and fees and givethem to the treasurer with the applications.Assist the vice president public relations with maintaining theclub’s website and newsletter.Ensure the club’s meeting location and time are listed correctlyon the club’s website, promotional material, and with WorldHeadquarters.Attend club executive committee meetings.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator Guide5. SHOW the Outside the Club Meeting slide.6. PRESENT Outside the Club Meeting, continued Attend and vote at area council meetings.Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting.Prepare your successor for office.E x e c ut i v e C o m m i t t e e M e e t i n g s1. SHOW the Executive Committee slide.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training21

Facilitator Guide2. PRESENT Now that we’ve looked at your club meeting responsibilities, we’lllook at your executive committee responsibilities. Work with the Executive Committee to organize and conductmembership contests Organize and promote the club’s participation in theSmedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters!, and Beat the Clockmembership contests.Encourage club members to sponsor five, 10 or 15 newmembers as part of Sponsor Award.Keep track of the current membership count and setmembership goals for the club.3. PRESENT Now that we’ve looked at your responsibilities in and out of theclub, as well as your executive committee, we can explore thespecifics.A ct i v i t y: H o w t o F ul f i l l V i c e P r e s i d e n t M e m b e r s h i pResponsibilitiesNOTE TO FACILITATORThis activity begins with a group discussion about the most importantresponsibilities of the vice president membership. Write the responses on a flipchart.Then, ask participants to get into teams of four and assign each team aresponsibility from the flip chart. Each team will create an action plan to fulfilltheir assigned responsibility. If there aren’t enough responsibilities, assign twogroups to each responsibility.22Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator Guide1. SHOW the Activity: How to Fulfill Vice President MembershipResponsibilities slide.2ASK What are the most important responsibilities you have as vicepresident membership?3. WRITE responses on the flipchart.4. INSTRUCT vice presidents membership to arrange themselves in teamsof four and assign each team a responsibility from the flipchart.5. SHOW the Vice President Membership Responsibility Action Plan slide.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training23

Facilitator Guide6. INSTRUCT teams to spend 15 minutes answering the followingquestions for their category. 15 minutesHow will you fulfill this responsibility? (What specific actions willyou complete?)When will each action be completed?Who is available to help you?What materials and resources can you use?7. TIME 15 minutes.8. INSTRUCT each team to share their findings with the group.9. INSTRUCT vice presidents membership to return to their seats.D e b r i e f : V i ce P r e s i d e n t M e m b e r s h i pResponsibilities1. PRESENT 24You have responsibilities related to the club meeting and clubexecutive committee.All of your responsibilities help to achieve club goals.Next, we’ll look at some resources to help you fulfill your role.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator GuideVice President Membership Resources1. SHOW the Vice President Membership Resources slide.2. PRESENT There are several resources available to help you in your role asvice president membership.First, there is a checklist to get started.3. SHOW the Getting Started slide.4. PRESENT Getting StartedVice President MembershipClub Officer Training25

Facilitator Guide Attend district-sponsored club-officer training program.Read the Club Leadership Handbook (Item 1310) andDistinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (Item 1111).Meet with the outgoing executive committee to transfer anynecessary information.Meet with the outgoing vice president membership to transferany necessary files or information.Meet with the current executive committee and develop theClub Success Plan and budget.5. SHOW the Getting Started slide.6. PRESENT Getting Started, continued 26Invite 1-3 members to serve on membership committee.Conduct a member survey or Moments of Truth session toevaluate current member satisfaction with the club.Create Guest Welcome kits.Order any materials you may need from ToastmastersInternational (e.g. Guest cards and badges).Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

Facilitator Guide7. SHOW the Additional Resources slide.8. PRESENT Additional resources can be found in the Club LeadershipHandbook (Item 1310) in the Vice President Membership section.D e b r i e f : V i ce P r e s i d e n t M e m b e r s h i p R e s o ur c e s1. PRESENT There are many resources available to the vice presidentmembership through the Toastmasters website and manuals.Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training27

Facilitator GuideConclusion1. SHOW the Conclusion slide.2. PRESENT In this session, you learned about the role and responsibilities ofvice president membership.Your responsibilities include attracting new members, retainingcurrent members and creating a welcoming environment forguests.Research shows that Toastmasters members want more people intheir clubs. So, ask for help from the executive committee andmembership to accomplish your membership goals.Up to 40 percent of your members may leave this year for variousreasons. So, utilize the resources from Toastmasters Internationalto keep your club healthy and active.Serving as the vice president membership will improve yourcommunication skills and increase your confidence when meetingnew people.3. INSTRUCT vice presidents membership to take the session evaluation.28Vice President MembershipClub Officer Training

EvaluationBEGINNERINTERMEDIATEADVANCED What level of knowledge of the topic didyou have prior to this session?Indicate to what degree you agree with the following statements about this LYDISAGREE STRONGLYAGREEOverall, I was satisfied with the session.I will use the content to strengthen myclub.The learning objectives were met.Will you implement at least one idea from this session in the next 30 days?YesNo Write your comments about the session.Indicate to what degree you agree that the facilitator demonstrated the EDISAGREESTRONGLYDISAGREESolid knowledge of the subject matter Excellent presentation skills

vice president membership, identify examples you can share with participants. 1. SHOW the Vice President Membership slide. 2. TELL vice presidents membership they can find information about their role in the Club Leadership Handbook (Item 1310). NOTE TO FACILITATOR When asking a question to the group, give participants time to think. .