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Key Module90Life Cycle807%Type of Change3% 2%6%24%706070%88%5040General AvailabilityDeprecationUniversalEarly AdoptionDeletedAdmin Opt-outAdmin Opt-in3020100 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast AsiaUniversalAdmin Opt-inAdmin Opt-out4

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EC PlatformMigration of Legacy Home Page Experience to Latest Home Page ExperienceWEF-13061UniversalEEMHREffective immediately we are requesting that all our customers pause ALL Reimagined Home Page upgradeswithin all instances.Note: If you are fully live in production – all applicable upgrades, configuration and testing are complete and you have opened the Home Page (via RBP) toall users, this pause does not impact youTimingWe will allow all our customers the opportunity to resume upgradeactivities in: June for Preview instancesJuly for Production instancesWe intend to initiate Universal Upgrade activities for all remainingcustomers no earlier than: August for Preview instancesSeptember for Production instances 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia7

EC PlatformMigration of Legacy Home Page Experience to Latest Home Page ExperienceWEF-13061UniversalEEMHRI have not started the upgrade/migration, can I start? No action can be taken as the upgrades will be hidden. You have to wait for pause to be lifted.If I ran one or more upgrades in my preview instance, can I continue to test and fine tune my configuration? Yes, you may continue to test and fine tune in that instance. However, you will not be able to run any additional upgrades that have not already beencompletedI have completed testing and configuration in a non-production instance and want to move another non-production instance. Can I do this? No action can be taken as the upgrades will be hidden. You have to wait for pause to be lifted.I am done with all my configuration and testing can I move to production? No, all upgrades will be disabled in the upgrade center. Wait for the pause to be lifted to continue in your Production instance. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia8

EC PlatformDeprecation of Support for Internet Explorer 11KM-11891UniversalEEMHRSupport for Internet Explorer 11 will be deleted on May 20, 2022 End of Development - May 21, 2021 End of Maintenance - November 19, 2021 Deleted - May 20, 2022Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 11. We support browser versions that are still supported by their developers, so we've started to deprecateour support for Internet Explorer 11 in the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. Also, Internet Explorer 11 relies on older technologies and doesn't support modernUX constructs. More modern browsers allow us to deliver a better end-user experience.After the Deleted date, all support for the use of Internet Explorer 11 with will be removed, including how-to information. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia9

EC PlatformReplacement of OneAdmin with NextGen AdminPLT-79509UniversalHROneAdmin will be deleted on May 20, 2022 End of Development - December 1, 2021 End of Maintenance - December 22, 2021 Deleted - May 20, 2022We're deprecating OneAdmin and replacing it with NextGen Admin because the latest version includes all of the key features that are available in OneAdmin,but with a user experience that is consistent with the SAP Fiori standards.The Admin Center is a universal feature of the SAP SuccessFactors application that is currently available in two versions. When OneAdmin is deprecated,admin users will no longer be able to switch back and forth between versions, as the OneAdmin page will no longer be available. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia10

EC PlatformMore Quick Actions on the Latest Home PageWEF-16656UniversalEEMHRQuick actions are visible based on role-based permission and system configuration. The following quick actions are now available. Candidate Talent Pools quick action takes you to the Talent Pools tab of the Candidates page in Recruiting, so you can create and view talent pools. Learning Administration quick action takes you to the Learning Administration page in Learning. Mobile Activation quick action takes you to your account settings so you can activate the mobile app on your device. View Company Documents quick action enables you to browse and view company documents in the Document Management feature. View Tile Reports quick action enables you to view Tile reports that are available to you in Analytics, based your permission. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia11

EC PlatformSearch for MDF Workflows on Manage Workflow RequestsECT-145667UniversalEEMHRWhen searching for workflows on the Manage Workflow Requests page, you canlimit your scope to particular MDF workflows.Choose Change Generic Object Action as the request type and a new field, Object,appears as an additional filter. It lists all the predefined MDF objects (such as Positionand Time) and custom MDF objects for which a workflow has already been triggered.Choosing a particular MDF object from the list limits your search to workflows basedon that object.With this new feature, you can further refine your search and focus on workflowrequests related to specific MDF objects. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia12

EC PlatformMore Jobs in Scheduled Job ManagerECT-184568UniversalHRYou can now monitor the progress and check results of many more jobs in the Scheduled Job Manager tool. These jobs will continue to be available in thelegacy Monitor Jobs tool as well.Response files are available in View Details.Role-Based Permission Prerequisites: You have the Administrator - Admin Center Permissions Monitor - Scheduled Jobs permission.Note: If you want access to results of all MDF jobs, you also need to have the Manage User - Allow users to view all the jobs. (By Disabling this option, userscan view only their job status.) permission. Otherwise, you’re able to see all MDF jobs but only have access to results of MDF jobs that are submitted by you. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia13

EC PlatformEnhancements to Change Audit and Read AuditPLA-19398UniversalHRYou can now create change audit and read audit reports for multiple target users and for a longer date range of up to 30 days.The date range enhancement applies to all change audit and read audit reports. The ability to select multiple target users is only available for read audit andchange audit reports of personal data and there’s a limit of 10 users. The storage limit of change audit reports and read audit reports is extended from 1 GB to10 GB. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia14

Summary of minor changes – PlatformBelow are more changes for H1 2022 releaseRef NoTitle of changeKey DetailsAlerts on the Latest Home PageWEF-20285Grouping Custom Cards on the Latest Home Page You can now organize custom cards into groups on the latest home page, Universalunder a visible title, within the Organizational Updates section.HRPLU-5013Legacy Login Page Is DeletedUniversalAll userPLA-26934Notification Settings When Changes toPermission Roles Impact Large GroupsAdmin ECT-176507The legacy SAP SuccessFactors company login page is deleted as of May20, 2022.For permission role changes that impact a large number of access users,you can now enable double-confirmation popups and e-mail notificationsfor RBP administrators. You can also set a threshold for triggering thesenotifications. For example, you can set the threshold to 80%, andnotifications will be triggered if 80% or more employees are impacted bya permission role change.The Latest Role-Based PermissionsAs an RBP administrator, you can now use the newest version of theRBP experience, the latest Role-Based Permissions, under AdminCenter Manage Permission Roles Switch to the Latest Role-BasedPermissions.Permission to Hide the Option to ImportYou can now grant administrators the permission Hide the Option toBackground Information by Overwriting Existing Import by Overwriting Existing Data for Background Information so thatDatawhen they import background information, the option Import byoverwriting existing data is not shown.More Useful Approver Information for StalledYou can now see the name of the current approver for stalled workflowsWorkflows in Admin Alertson the Admin Alerts page. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast AsiaUniversalImpacted PersonaECT-161925PLA-29347Directly from the latest home page, users can learn about upcomingevents generated using EC Alerts.Opt-InAll user15

Summary of minor changes – PlatformBelow are more changes for H1 2022 releaseRef NoTitle of changePLU-5375 Customize the Order of Direct Reports inOrganization ChartsPLU-4704 Option to Hide Job Title in People Search andOrganization ChartsKey DetailsYou can now customize the order of direct reports under the samemanager in Company Organization Chart and Calibration OrganizationChart.Opt-InAdmin Opt-inAs an administrator, you now have the option to hide job title information Universalin People Search results and organization charts, includingCompany Organization Chart, Succession Organization Chart, andCalibration Organization Chart.TLS-23058 Employee Photo Anonymization Using the Instance When you select the Anonymize Personally IdentifiableUniversalRefresh ToolInformation option and submit an instance refresh request using theself-service tool, you can no longer view an employee's photos in therefreshed target instance. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast AsiaImpacted PersonaAll userAll userHR16


RCMPost Externally Posted Private Jobs to Job BoardsRP-15728Opt-InHRYou can now post the externally posted private jobs to job boards even though the job is not publicly posted to the external corporate sites.SAP has introduced this enhancement because some countries/regions, legally, have to post jobs on specific job boards for a particular time beforeposting them on the external career site.As an HR/Admin you can now:A.Enable the Allow Recruiters to post the externally posted private jobs to the job boards option in the Admin Center Manage Recruiting Posting Settings page.B.Recruiting users can post job to External Private Posting and Recruiting Posting “Post Job” becomes available. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia18

RCMNew Manual User Synchronization in Recruiting PostingRP-15320UniversalHRIt is now possible for administrators to trigger the synchronization of Recruiting Posting users manually, allowing new users to access the job postingtools.Earlier, customers had to either wait until 5:00 a.m. GMT until the next automatic synchronization of their users or had to raise a support ticket to get itsynchronized for them. Now, administrators can manually synchronize users by clicking the button as shown below. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia19

RCMTypeahead Support for Picklist Fields in RecruitingRCM-102653UniversalEEThe standard and custom picklist fields on the Candidate Profile and the Job Application pages now support the typeahead feature.Typeahead is supported only for fields whose type is defined as picklist in the Candidate Profile and Job Application templates.Typeahead is not supported for the following pages: Create Account Job Search Recruiter-facing pages, such as Candidate Workbench and Application Workbench 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia20

RCMReplacement of DocuSign Authentication Method for Recruiting IntegrationsRCM-93840UniversalHRThe existing settings that enable electronic signature functionality in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting offer letters are being replaced with new fields due toDocuSign changing its authentication method from basic to OAuth 2.0. Recruiting customers using basic authentication for DocuSign need to updatetheir configuration settings by September 2022.Key Dates:DateDefinitionJune 13, 2022 September 2022 The new DocuSign eSignature section will appear in Manage Recruiting Settings Offer Letter. This is forcustomers who currently have existing DocuSign Integration.You're strongly advised to perform your one-time migration by completing the new DocuSign eSignature sectionbefore September 20222H 2022: Offer Letter with eSignature functionality stops working after September 2022 if the DocuSigneSignature section is not configured. For Admin Users - the change involves configuring the DocuSign eSignaturesection to provide DocuSign user ID and API account ID information, aswell as agreeing to grant SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting permission toaccess DocuSign on behalf of their account. For Recruiting Users (i.e. Recruiters) - the change involves a one-timeprocess of granting SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting permission to accessDocuSign on behalf of their account. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia21

Summary of minor changes – RecruitingRef NoTitle of changeKey DetailsOpt-InImpacted personaRCM-99111Anonymize Selected Job Applications inRecruitingYou can now anonymize sensitive job application datathat was missed during initial anonymization. Universal HRRCM-99292Auto populated Subject Line in RecruitingEmail CampaignsWhen creating a new campaign email in Marketing inRecruiting, the Email Subject Line field now automaticallypopulates the text provided in the Manage EmailCampaign Content Templates. Universal HRAutomatic Upgrade to AutocompleteSearchThe Autocomplete Search feature was released as part ofUniversal People Search in the previous releases, andthere were a few customers for whom the feature wasdisabled. We've now enabled the Autocomplete Searchfeature for all those customers. Universal M, HRMore Quick Actions on the Latest HomePageWe've added more quick actions to the latest home page.For Recruiting the Candidate Talent Pools quick action isadded in the latest home page to takes you to the TalentPools tab of the Candidates page in Recruiting, so you cancreate and view talent pools. Admin Opt-out HRECT-184568More Jobs in Scheduled Job ManagerYou can now monitor the progress and check results ofmany more jobs in the Scheduled Job Manager tool.These jobs will continue to be available in the legacyMonitor Jobs tool as well. Universal HRRCM-99398Added HardstopStatus Field to StoryReportsThe standard job requisition field hardstopStatus is nowavailable in Story Reports for job requisitions. Universal HRMigration of Job Role Tags from JobDescription Manager to Job ProfileBuilder in RecruitingIf you're using Job Description Manager (JDM) and wantto switch to Job Profile Builder (JPB) to use job profiles,you no longer need to migrate the job role tags manually. Admin Opt-in HRRCM-101015WEF-16656RCM-84766 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia22

Onboarding & Onboarding 1.023

ONB 1.0Updated Experiences for Onboarding 1.0 New Hires on the Latest Home PageONB-32218UniversalEEComplete Paperwork for Onboarding 1.0 new hires is now available in the For You Today section on the latest home page.You can migrate existing Complete Paperwork tasks to the latest home page by triggering the Migrate Onboarding 1.0 Data to Card Service job inProvisioning. Existing Complete Paperwork tasks that are created or modified in the past 365 days are being migrated to the latest home page. OlderComplete Paperwork tasks are accessible in the To Do List side panel. The Complete Paperwork to-do task for Onboarding 1.0 new hires appears on thelatest home page after the New Employee Step is initiated.Note: All the other to-do tasks for Onboarding 1.0 new hires, as well as to-do tasks for Onboarding 1.0 managers, participants, and offboardingemployees are accessible in the To Do List side panel.This feature enhances the experience and usability for Onboarding 1.0 new hires on the latest home page. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia24

To-Do Tasks for Managers and Participants in Onboarding/OffboardingProcesses Available on the Latest Home PageOBX-19639ONBAdmin Opt-inMHRIn the For You Today section on the latest home page, managers and other participants (e.g. HR) in onboarding or offboarding processes cantake actions regarding their to-do tasks. Within that section there are three types of cards: Data Review, Compliance, and Manager Activities. Bydefault, only to-do tasks that are created or modified in the past 90 days are being migrated to the latest home page. Older to-do tasks are accessible inthe To-Do List side panel.Note To-do tasks for offboarding employees are only accessible in the To-Do List side panel for this release. Managers and participants in onboarding and offboarding processes can get timely notification of their most urgent tasks and perform important taskson the home page. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia25

ONBEnhanced Onboarding New Hire Experience on the Latest Home PageOBX-20114Admin Opt-inEENew hires can now view onboarding meetings organized by managers or onboarding participants, and orientation meetings initiated by HRadmins in the Your Onboarding Guide page on the latest home page. The Help Us Learn About You card disappears from the latest home pagewhen all tasks are completed by new hires.You can migrate existing data to the latest home page by performing the Onboarding Data on the Latest Home Page upgrade from Upgrade Center. Ifyou’ve completed the upgrade in the last release, no action is required for data migration. Only new hire data that is created or modified in a certainperiod of time will be migrated to the latest home page. The time period is what you have defined in the business rule for archiving onboarding tasks.The enhancement improves the usability of new hire onboarding experience on the latest home page. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia26

ONBRehire with Old Employment DetailsOBX-16491Admin Opt-inHRYou can now rehire former employees with their old employment information, if the onboarding is done through SAP SuccessFactorsRecruiting. Every old employment is available as a profile to choose during the rehire process. The new hire information is sourced from Recruiting, oldemployment records, and current onboarding process.Note: Rehiring former employees with their old employment information isn't supported if the onboarding is done manually or using ExternalApplicant Tracking System.As part of this enhancement, SAP has introduced a new assignment group called Rehire Coordinator to help maintain a separate group for managingrehires. This group can be used for rehiring employees with old or new employment. Admins assigned to the Rehire Coordinator group are those withpermissions to complete rehiring and access related information.They review rehire data and decide whether to rehire with old employment, new employment, or as a new hire. When rehire with old employment ischosen, Data Review for Rehire page is shown where the rehire coordinator can review and add data.You can configure the Assigning Responsible Group for Rehire Check business rule to assign rehire verification tasks automatically to the rehirecoordinator group. For example, you could have different groups for different countries and assign tasks accordingly. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia27

Summary of minor changes – OnboardingRef NoTitle of change ECT174854Rehire on the SameEmployment Supported bySAP Master DataIntegrationKey Details Workforce Integration replicates employees that are rehired based on anold employment to SAP Master Data Integration only after the ManagePending Hire is completed. Earlier, employees that were rehired based on an old employment werereplicated to SAP Master Data Integration irrespective of whether theManage Pending Hire was completed or not. We introduced this feature inthe current version to avoid sending irrelevant employee data to SAPMaster Data Integration.Opt-In UniversalImpacted persona HR HR You can now show custom cards on the latest home page based on thenew hire's start date. WEF-18255Custom Cards Based onStart Date on the LatestHome Page For example, you can create custom cards tailored to new hires inOnboarding or Onboarding 1.0. When configuring a custom card inManage Home Page Organizational Updates, you can now configurewhen it appears and when it disappears, based on the new hires' startdate. Opt-In This updates the new hire experience on the latest home page andimproves the efficiency of HR admins. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia28

Summary of minor changes – OnboardingRef NoOBX-21283Title of change OBX-17004Compliance Updates forOnboardingSAP Identity AuthenticationService Support for ExternalUsers 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast AsiaKey Details New compliance forms are supported in addition to the existing forms inSAP SuccessFactors Onboarding for UK & USOpt-In Opt-inImpacted persona HR HR New hires in SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding can now be authenticatedusing SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS) before day 1. In addition to employees, Onboarding external users are nowauthenticated using the SAP Identity Authentication Service commonauthentication method. Universal29

Employee Central30

ECNew Country/Region-Specific Localized Biographical InformationECT-175273Opt-InHRLocalized Biographical Information has been added in the Biographical Information block, and enabled replication of localized biographical informationfrom Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. The new section contains 3 fields by default: Country/Region , Region of Birth and Place ofBirth .If localized biographical information is available for the country/region of employment of an employee, the Region of Birth and the Place of Birth fieldsreplicate from the Localized Biographical Information block. Otherwise, the fields replicate from the Biographical Information block.As a manager or HR, you can now:A. Maintain localized biographical information for the employees 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia31

ECNew Bank Object from Master Data Integration to Employee CentralECT-158968Opt-InHREmployee Central now supports the integration of a new object called Bank from SAP Master Data Integration. Employee Central acts as a consumingsystem of the Bank object and receives Bank objects from SAP S/4HANA through SAP Master Data Integration. This new integration object was introducedso that customers can maintain bank master data in SAP S/4HANA to reuse it in Employee Central, to assign it to the payment information of an employee.This reduces the HR or admin task on maintaining Banks in Employee Central.Country/region-specific validation on routingNumber shall be deactivated in Employee Central if the bank key in S/4HANA doesn’t have the same value asbank number. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia32

ECConfigurable New Hire Templates Now Available for Contingent WorkersECT-176928Opt-InMHRThe configurable hire templates can now be used when hiring contingent workers. Previously these templates were only available for hiring internalemployees.A hire template is a collection of steps (pages), where each step is a group of blocks. Administrators can add, remove, and rearrange the order of the blocksin order to flexibly configure the hiring process so it better fits the business needs.As a manager or HR, you can now:Hire contingent worker based on the configured hire template with collection of steps (pages – 1, 2, .) 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia33

ECSearch for Workflows with Inactive Users on Manage Workflow RequestsECT-112401UniversalHRYou can now specify inactive Employee Central users and search for all workflow requests related to them on the Manage Workflow Requests page.Previously, inactive users weren’t available there.User can do the following from the search parameters:A.Use the Requested By field to find and select an inactive initiator.B.Use the Requested For field to find select and inactive subject user. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia34

ECAlerts on the Latest Home PageECT-161925UniversalMHRUsers can learn about upcoming events generated using EC Alerts directly from the latest home page.Alerts appear as glance-friendly cards in the For You Today section. They serve as timely reminders of approaching events, such as expiration of documentsor employee data changes.Manager or HR can do the following on the alert cards:A.Display all alerts by selecting View AllB.Dismiss these cards temporarily by choosing Remind Me Tomorrow or permanently by choosing Done. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia35

Support for WBS Element Standard Field in SAP SuccessFactorsEmployee CentralECT-185665ECUniversalMHRWork Breakdown Structure (WBS) element as a standard field can be defined now using the Project Controlling Object entity in SAP SuccessFactorsEmployee Central. A WBS element is a cost object that includes expenses and revenues related to projects.WBS element is applicable only for additional cost assignments and not for the organizational assignment.This feature was developed to help organizations in regulated industries use the WBS Element as an additional cost object in employee and position costassignments and one-time payments with the corresponding real-time validation/derivation with SAP S/4HANA.As Manager or HR, you can now:A.Add WBS detailsProvisioning feature and Role-based permissionare required for WBS element configuration. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia36

ECDeprecation of HRIS Actions from the Business Configuration UIUniversalECT-186891HRIS Actions are currently not used in configuration of the People Profile and will be deleted on November 18, 2022. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia37

ECSuppression of an Identical Record with Data ImportsECT-191463Opt-InHRIdentical record suppression is now enabled by default for all supported Employee Central entities. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia38

ECExclude FTE from Compa Ratio CalculationECT-175722UniversalEEHRNow can choose to have the system ignore the full-time equivalent (FTE), during the calculations for compa ratio and range penetration.When admin choose to ignore the FTE, the calculation of compa ratio and range penetration doesn't include FTE. When FTE is considered, then thecalculation reflects the value of the FTE as listed in Job Information.Example1.The employee's Job Information. The FTE has a value of 0.72.The option to ignore FTE has been selected. The system excludes FTE from the calculation. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia39

ECEnhancement to Fixed-Term ContractsECT-190323UniversalMHRNow can add fixed-term contracts in between two employment records, as long as there is no overlap of dates and a hire record exists for the employee.For Example: Matt has a past employment from March 1 - May 25, 2017. He has a future employment starting on April 1, 2022. He has a fixed-term contract from Mar 23 - March 29, 2022.With the enhanced feature, now can add this contract since there is no overlap of dates. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia40

ECRole-Based Permission for Manage Organization, Pay and Job StructuresECT-158032Opt-InHRNow can control a user's access to managing foundation objects with the role-based permission (RBP), Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures.Users have the permission by default. You can set the permission under User Permission Settings Permissions Manage Foundation Objects AccessManage Organization, Pay and Job Structure 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia41

ECIntegration with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone as a Knowledge BaseECT-184799Opt-InEEHRSAP SuccessFactors Work Zone has been integrated as a knowledge base with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center. Now can search for HRarticles in the SAP Work Zone knowledge base. 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia42

ECCentralized Services SupportOpt-InHRItemPreviewProductionGlobal Assignment ImportsAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutCompensation Information ImportsAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutPay Component Recurring / Non-Recurring ImportsAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutTermination Details Imports (not applicable for Global Assignment enabled instancedAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-InAddress Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutCompensation Information and Recurring Pay Components History UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-InEmployment Details Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-InNational ID Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutPersonal Information and Global Information Edit UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutJob Relationships History UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-OutJob Information History UI SaveAdm Opt-OutAdm Opt-Out 2021 Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia43

ECCentralized Services Support – Improvements Import entitiesOpt-InEEMHR Compensation Imports (ECT-133297) – Supports identical record suppression, forward propagation, improved data validations, improvements to Crossentity rules behaviour Pay Compon

Succession Planning & Career Development 9. Opportunity Marketplace (New) 10.Compensation 11.Employee Central Payroll 12.Analytics 13.Integration Release Date . The Admin Center is a universal feature of the SAP SuccessFactors application that is currently available in two versions. When OneAdmin is deprecated,