SCHOOLOFNURSINGBachelor of Science in NursingSupplemental Nursing ApplicationInstructions and ResourcesIntroduction Thank you for your interest in the Sac State BSN program!We hope you are successful in gaining admission to the Sac State Traditional BSN program or toone of the over 140 nursing programs in California!Please read the following instructions to the very end!The 20 minutes spent here will help ensure your application is submitted correctly!Questions? Please see last page for Prerequisite Requirements & Resources. Need Help? Please review the following instructions & resources one more time!If you still have questions, please email Heidi Travis at [email protected] with APP in caps inthe subject line. If you emailed us earlier, please resend to Heidi with APP in caps in the subjectline. Our priority during September and February is admissions advising!Deadlines Fall - March 1, 11:59 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.*Spring – October 1, 11:59 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.*Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.GPA, TEAS & Total PointsCriteriaScience GPANursing GPA“Adjusted” Nursing GPAATI Test of EssentialAcademic Skills (TEAS)Optional CriteriaTotal Admission PointsMinimum to ApplyPoints 3.000 None, eligibility only 3.3001 None, eligibility only2 3.300 (Average 3.995-4.0) Maximum 40 points 75.0%3 Maximum 30 points Optional, not required 60 Maximum 18 points Maximum 88 pointsGuidelinesSee PrerequisiteRequirements guide forcriteria guidelines.1 Spring2019 Average “Non-Adjusted” Nursing GPA of selected students 3.919 (range 3.618 - 4.0)2019 Average “Adjusted” Nursing GPA of selected students 3.995 (range 3.781 - 4.0)3 Spring 2019 Average TEAS score of selected students 91.75% (range 82.70% - 98.7%)2 SpringPage 1 of 59/1/19

Selection Criteria Candidates are selected based on the rank order of total points earned.A maximum of 88 points are possible.A minimum of 60 points is required to apply.Applied Previously Applied Spring 2018 and after – No worries! You need to submit a new application and 35 BSNNon-Refundable Evaluation fee, but you do not need to resubmit any documentation wealready have on file (transcripts, TEAS results, or Optional Criteria documentation). If you had coursesin progress during the last application cycle, it is your responsibility to ensure current transcriptsare on file with the University.Applied Prior to Spring 2018 - We regret, since we have moved to an online platform, you willneed to resubmit all optional criteria documentation.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Heidi Travis [email protected] with APP in caps in the subject line.Same Point Total Tiebreakers “Non-Adjusted” Nursing GPA (no courses omitted).If needed, fewest prerequisite/corequisite course repeats.If needed, TEAS score.If needed, military service.Plus & Minus Grades Pluses and minuses are not included in any of the Nursing GPA calculations.For example, a B- or B is calculated as a B grade.Grades & Standard Units All science courses are calculated as 4 units (Anatomy or A&P I, Physiology or A&P II, Chemistry, andMicrobiology):o Separate lab – 3 units/1 unit labo A&P 3 course series – 2.666 for each courseAll other courses are calculated as 3 units.Life Span Human Development:o 1 course - 3.0 unitso 2 course series – 1.5 units for each courseo 3 course series – 1 unit for each courseAP/IB Credit – Select AP/IB Credit under “Grade” column, do not enter any unitsIn Progress – Select In Progress under “Grade” column, do not enter any unitsNo worries if you enter units in error, the system will automatically omit!Omit – Enter grade for all courses completed to date, then use omit button on far rightto indicate courses you wish to omit from your Adjusted Nursing GPA (maximum 2).Please refer to the Prerequisite Requirements document for Adjusted Nursing GPA guidelines.When you press Calculate the application platform will calculate your Science, Nursing, andAdjusted Nursing GPAs and Total Points.Page 2 of 59/1/19

TEAS Deadline – March 1 for fall, October 1 for spring. *TEAS tests completed after the deadline will not be considered—no exceptions.TEAS transcript deadline:o TEAS completed at Sac State: TEAS scores are automatically submitted to the School ofNursing—no additional documentation required.o TEAS completed at another location: You must complete the assessment by March 1 forfall, October 1 for spring*, but you have until March 15 for fall, October 15 for spring* tosubmit your official TEAS transcript. If your official TEAS Transcript is not purchasedand sent to CSU Sacramento by the transcript deadline, your application will not beconsidered.Maximum 30 points.Three attempts allowed, any version (1.0 – 6.0).Minimum score 75.0%.The TEAS score range for students selected for admission Fall 2018 was 84.0% – 98.7%.Please refer to the Prerequisite Requirements guide for more detailed information.Transcripts Do not submit any transcripts to the School of Nursing—send all transcripts, including highschool transcripts for any Optional Criteria categories, to the University.Please review the University Transcript guidelines for detailed transcript submissioninstructions.Transfer credit for one college included on another college transcript is not acceptable.Sac State – No need to submit transcripts for Sac State course work—we have access to yourtranscripts!Official transcripts from all colleges you previously and currently are attending withSpring/Summer/2019 grades and any Fall 2019 courses in progress must be submitted to theUniversity by September 13, 2019.Official test score credits (e.g. AP and IB) are considered transcripts—send to the University.New University Applicants - Failure to meet the September 13, 2019 transcript deadline mayresult in your application being withdrawn from consideration.Active/Continuing Sac State Students - Current transcripts for all colleges attended must beavailable in your Student Center no later than March 15 for fall, October 15 for spring.* Failureto meet the transcript deadline may result in your application being withdrawn fromconsideration.Active/Continuing Sac State Students - Official transcripts are only retrieved electronically froma select group of community colleges when you apply to the University. For a list of the collegesselect Transcripts tab. If you completed course work after admission to Sac State, check yourMy Sac State , Student Center, Transfer Credit records to ensure all course work completed isdisplaying. If not, submit current, official transcripts to the University.Optional Criteria & Miscellaneous Documentation Do not submit any transcripts to the Nursing Document Submission site—submit all transcripts,including high school transcripts for any Optional Criteria categories to the University (seeTranscript section above for submission instructions).Page 3 of 59/1/19

Click here to upload any Optional Criteria & miscellaneous documentation.You will be prompted to sign in with your Saclink Username & Password.Choose the type of document from the drop-down menu.Please be sure to upload documents to the correct category. If you make a mistake, pleaseupload again to correct category—no worries if a document is uploaded twice!If you have several pages for the same category, you may scan and upload as one document—no need to upload one page at a time!If you have any difficulty uploading a document, review the Upload Requirements at the top ofthe Nursing Document Submission site.We regret the staff are not allowed to scan documents for students. There is a copy machine inFolsom Hall—OneCard campus ID with Hornet Bucks required!You may upload documents after you submit your application, just do not miss the March 1 forfall, October 1 for spring* deadline. Documentation uploaded after deadline will not beconsidered.Prior “Clinical” Nursing Program (LVN, LPN, RN, or higher nursing degree) Per School of Nursing policy, candidates who were not in “good” standing at the time ofwithdrawal are not eligible to apply to any program in the Sac State, School of Nursing for aperiod of 5 calendar years.If you withdrew from a nursing program within 5 calendar year preceding the start ofinstruction, please include a letter from the Director of your prior nursing program stating youwere in "good standing" at the time of withdrawal.Please Upload a copy of the letter as Correspondence to the Nursing Document Submission site.Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) You may apply to the BSN program without a Social Security Number (SSN) or IndividualTaxpayer Identification Number (ITIN); however, a SSN/ITIN is required by the California Boardof Registered Nursing (BRN) for RN licensure, mitting Your Application IMPORTANT! Do not pay the evaluation fee until after you submit your application. The fee isnot refundable. If you are ineligible for any reason, instructions will appear after you click"Submit" button at the end of the application.Deadline - March 1 for fall, October 1 for spring.*Applications submitted after deadline will not be considered.It is your responsibility to submit all required documentation—due to the volume of applicationsreceived, you will NOT be notified if you are missing any documentation.We regret there is no option to save your application and return later to submit or view. Werecommend you print a copy for your records prior to submission.If you change any Prerequisite/Corequisite course entries, be sure to select Calculate buttonagain!Check EVERYTHING carefully before you click SUBMIT!Immediately after clicking SUBMIT the page will display, “Your application was submittedsuccessfully”—please print/save for your records. A submission receipt will also be emailed tothe address provided with your application.Page 4 of 59/1/19

Do not be alarmed if you log on to view your application and it is blank! Once submitted a newblank application will appear.If you discover you made a mistake on your application, please feel free to submit it again! Wewill automatically use your most recent submission. If you already paid the Non-RefundableEvaluation fee, no need to pay again!BSN Non-Refundable Evaluation Fee 35 IMPORTANT! Do not pay the evaluation fee until after you submit your application. The fee isnot refundable. If you are ineligible for any reason, instructions will appear after you click"Submit" button at the end of the application.Deadline – March 1 for fall, October 1 for spring.*Your application will not be considered if the fee is not paid—or paid after the deadline.It is your responsibility to verify the fee is deducted from your account.We regret we do not offer a waiver for the evaluation fee.You do not need to submit a payment receipt with your application—payment information isprovided to the School of Nursing by report.Admission Decisions Selected, alternate, and ineligible admission decisions will be emailed late April for fall, lateNovember for spring—just before the start of registration.All correspondence, including your admission decision, will be emailed to the address providedwith your Supplemental Nursing Application.If you have not received your admission decision by your registration date, register for thecourses you would take if you were not selected to the Nursing program—do NOT miss youropportunity to register for courses!We admit from the alternate list all summer through the first few days of instruction.The last alternate selected Fall 2019 – 39, Fall 2018 - 24, Fall 2017 – 43, Fall 2016 – 33.The last alternate selected Spring 2019 – 18, Spring 2018 – 15, Spring 2017 – 18, Spring 2016 –21.ResourcesPrerequisite Requirements GuideAdditional GuidesPrerequisite Requirements:Additional Guides: University AdmissionCalifornia ResidencyPrerequisite CoursesCorequisite CoursesATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)Science GPANursing GPA“Adjusted” Nursing GPAMinimum Admission Point TotalApplication TimelineApplication ProcessSelection Criteria – Point AssignmentsApplicant Pool StatisticsTEAS TestingOptional CriteriaHealth Related Work Experience FormBilingual Language Proficiency FormFees & Additional Expenses*If deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day.Page 5 of 59/1/19

Sac State - No need to submit transcripts for Sac State course work—we have access to your transcripts! Official transcripts from all colleges you previously and currently are attending with Spring/Summer/2019 grades and any Fall 2019 courses in progress must be submitted to the University by September 13, 2019.