Data Modeling Comparison:Tableau, Power BI & CognosThe Trifecta Chronicles1

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Agenda Introduction What is Modeling & Transformation Comparison demos Comparison summary and review Senturus overview Additional resources Q&A4

IntroductionMichael WeinhauerDirector of Training and ContentSenturus, Inc.5

PollWhich BI platforms do you currently use? (select all thatapply) Tableau Power BI Cognos Other6

BI design stagesSourceModel &transformVisualizeVisualize& e &Publishcollaborate&Collaborate- Pin- Collaborate- Embed- AnalyzeSecureAdminister 2020 Senturus, Inc. Any reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited7

Modeling & transformation definedCreating analysis-friendly data sets borate Joining, cleaning and otherwise “shaping” data Data warehouse myriad other - sourcesFilter- Slice- Interact- Drill-ConfigurePinCollaborateEmbedExportAnalyze Tools have capabilities to prepare and modeldata Roles are shifting towards self-service8


Source - Cognos Framework Managerclient Relational Multidimensional ODBC JDBC SAP XML Salesforce Data sets Other metadata sources10

Source - Cognos Framework Manager Relational Multidimensional Cloud SAP Teradata Salesforce Data sets Flat files XLS11

Source - Cognos data modulesExisting data modulesPre-configured databaseconnectionsFiles (Excel, CSV)Data setsPackages12

Source – Cognos options diagramData modulemodeling instead ofFMSummaries forperformanceOLAPFlat FilesCognos 11.1DatabasesIntegrate otherdata sourcesOther Sources13

Source – Tableau Relational Spatial Multidimensional JSON ODBC Python (TabPy) JDBC PDF SAP Application specific Flat files Live or extract Statistical14

Source – Tableau Prep Relational Multidimensional ODBC JDBC SAP Flat files Statistical PDF Application specific15

Source – Power BI Relational Statistical Multidimensional JSON ODBC PDF JDBC Python SAP Web URL Flat files SaaSapplications16

Model & transform – CognosFramework ManagerMulti-tier designNamespaces and folders used to organize “querysubjects”Allows for multiple layers of abstraction andorganizationModel dimensionally17

Model & transform – CognosFramework ManagerSet format, aggregations, data types, etc.18

Model & transform – CognosFramework ManagerResolve potentially complex design issuesJoin ambiguity and “loops”Recursive joinsMultiple logical hierarchiesFact-to-fact (many-to-many) joinsBlind spot queriesRole-playing dimensions19

Model & transform – CognosFramework ManagerApply package and object-level securitySet governorsSet query timeoutsAllow/disallow cross-product joinsAllow/disallow outer joinsSet large text item limits20

Model & transform – CognosFramework ManagerPublish packages for use by authors21

Model & transform – Cognos datamodulesSelf-service web-based modeling22

Model & transform – Cognos datamodulesCreate relationshipsFilter dataFormatSplitCleanChange data typeCreate hierarchiesDefine security*Combine sourcesOrganize“Intent” – AI/keyword search modelsuggestions23

Model & transform – TableauSingle pane (perdata source)View propertiesby selecting“describe”24

Model & transform – Tableau Splitting String fields can be split intomultiple fields for easier analysis Automatic or custom splitoptions Split based on a commonseparator Aliasing Roles – i.e., time (shipdate/order date) Binning (high/low sales) Renaming Data typing Geographic roles Calculations Pivoting Data interpreter Hierarchies – basic Time intelligence25

Model & transform – Tableau PrepVisual datapreparation toolAI/fuzzy logic drivenTableau-centric –currently outputsonly to flat file orextract26

Model & transform – Power BI queryeditor layout11 Ribbon (Home,Transform, etc.)2 Queries pane3 Query settings pane4 Data preview of table23427

Model & transform – Power BI queryeditor layout1 Query context menu2 Table context menu3 Column data type context menu4 Column context menu132428

Model & transform – Power BI dataviewInspectionExplorationUnderstanding29

Model & transform – Power BI modelviewBreak outcomplex modelsinto separatediagramsView and modifypropertiesSet display foldersto simplifynavigation30

Comparison of basic modeling &transformation capabilitiesTableau Desktop Tableau Prep Power BI Desktop Power BI Data Flows Cognos FM Cognos DMJoinUnionData iesComposite/federateCustom SQLStored procedures x x x * x* Calculation only31

Comparison of advanced modeling &transformation capabilitiesTableau Desktop Tableau Prep Power BI Desktop Power BI Data Flows Cognos FM Cognos DMRemove rowsReplace/cleanIntelligent gate awareScript (R/Python)Product Strength xx x x xx xxxxxx xxx xx **x ** Database sources only32

Comparison of other modeling &transformation capabilitiesQuery/storage optionsLineageAI/ML/Fuzzy Logic M&TVersion controlTableau Desktop Tableau Prep Power BI Desktop Power BI Data Flows Cognos FM Cognos DMLive/ExtractExtractDirect/import/hybrid Direct/import/hybridLiveLive/Data SetCatalogCatalogx xxxxxxx x Intentx33

SummaryLots of ways to get from point A to point BYou can probably get there with any of the toolsQuestion of, among other things:Analytics culture (self-service vs. centralized)SkillsetsTool choiceUse cases/business requirementsData source(s)34

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Source - Cognos Framework Manager. Existing data modules Pre-configured database connections Files (Excel, CSV) . Tableau Desktop Tableau Prep Power BI Desktop Power BI Data Flows Cognos FM Cognos DM Query/storage options Live/Extract Extract Direct/import/hybrid Direct/import/hybrid Live Live/Data Set