COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUECO-CHAIRSENATOR WILLIAM H. FRIST, MD,FORMER U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADERSenator Bill Frist, MD is a nationally recognizedheart and lung transplant surgeon and formerU.S. Senate Majority Leader. He is a partner atCressey & Company and chairman of its Distinguished Executives Council, and is a foundingpartner of Frist Cressey Ventures.Dr. Frist serves on the boards of publicly-tradedcompanies AECOM, Select Medical Corporation, and Teladoc, as well as on the boards ofthe Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, TheNature Conservancy, and the Kaiser FamilyFoundation. In addition, he serves on multipleearly- and mid-market health boards.Senator Frist graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Medical School and completedsurgical training at Massachusetts GeneralHospital and Stanford. As the founder and director of the Vanderbilt Multi-Organ TransplantCenter, he performed over 150 heart and lungtransplants, authored over 100 peer-reviewedmedical articles, and published seven bookson topics such as bioterrorism, transplantation,and leadership.Senator Frist represented Tennessee in the U.S.Senate for 12 years. He was elected MajorityLeader of the Senate in 2003, having servedfewer total years in Congress than any personchosen to lead that body in history. His leadership was instrumental in the passage of the2003 Medicare Modernization Act and the historic PEPFAR legislation that provided life-saving treatment globally and helped reverse thespread of HIV/AIDS worldwide.He founded Hope Through Healing Hands, anonprofit on global health; NashvilleHealth, acommunity collaborative dedicated to improving the health of Nashvillians; and Tennessee’sState Collaborative on Reforming Education(SCORE).Currently, Dr. Frist serves as an adjunct professor of Cardiac Surgery at Vanderbilt University.He has three sons and lives on a farm with hiswife Tracy in Franklin, Tennessee.7500 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 600 Bethesda, Maryland 20814-6133 USA 2018 Project HOPE—The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUECO-CHAIRMARGARET HAMBURG, MD, FOREIGN SECRETARY,NATIONAL ACADEMY OF MEDICINEDr. Hamburg is an internationally recognizedleader in public health, medicine, and biomedical research and innovation. As Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Medicine, sheserves as senior advisor on international matters and liaison with other Academies of Medicine around the world. She is also President ofthe American Association for the Advancementof Science.Dr. Hamburg is a former Commissioner ofthe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),where she was known for advancing regulatoryscience, modernizing regulatory pathways, andglobalization of the agency. Before this, shewas founding vice president and senior scientist at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a foundation dedicated to reducing nuclear, chemical,and biological threats. Other positions haveincluded Assistant Secretary for Planning andEvaluation in the U.S. Department of Health andHuman Services, Health Commissioner for NewYork City, and Assistant Director of the NationalInstitute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Shehas done neuroscience research at RockefellerUniversity and the National Institutes of Health.Dr. Hamburg currently sits on a number ofBoards, including the Commonwealth Fund,the Simons Foundation, the Council on ForeignRelations, the Global Alliance for Vaccinesand Immunization, the Urban Institute, andthe American Museum of Natural History. Sheserves in various advisory roles, including theHarvard University Global Advisory Council, theScientific Advisory Committee for the GatesFoundation, and the World Dementia Council. She is widely published and has receivednumerous awards and honorary degrees. Dr.Hamburg is a graduate of Harvard College andHarvard Medical School.2

NOVEMBER 2018 HEALTH AFFAIRSCOUNCIL MEMBERSTOYIN AJAYI, MD, MPHIL, CHIEF HEALTH OFFICERAND CO-FOUNDER, CITYBLOCK HEALTHHASSAN AZAR, MHSA, MBA, MA, JD,SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES,TOTAL REWARDS, USFOODSToyin Ajayi is ChiefHealth Officer ofCityblock Health,a New York-basedhealth and socialservices companyfocused on enablinga path to healthier communitiesthrough a digitally-enabled, integrated medical, behavioral health, and socialservice delivery model for low-income Medicaidpopulations with complex needs.Hassan B. Azar is theSenior Vice Presidentof Human Resources,Total Rewards at USFoods and is responsible for the strategic direction andmanagement of thecompany’s employeecompensation and benefit programs, includingwellness and health management, retirementplans, sales compensation, executive compensation, and equity programs.Prior to this, Toyin served as Chief Medical Officer of Commonwealth Care Alliance, a nationally-renowned integrated health plan and caredelivery system for individuals dually-eligiblefor Medicare and Medicaid. In this role, she ledclinical operations, spearheaded care deliveryinnovations, and oversaw multi-disciplinaryteams of clinicians, community health workersand administrators serving more than 20,000beneficiaries across the state of Massachusetts.Hassan has over two decades of experience asa leader in the employee total rewards field–notably driving innovation in corporate healthand wellness programs for large multinationalcorporations. He is a frequent speaker abouthow disruption and innovation in health carecan help businesses improve their employee’shealth.Hassan previously worked at Mondelez International as the Senior Director of Global Rewards,at Kraft Foods as a Director of Global Benefits,at Delphi Automotive as Director, Global Compensation and Benefits, and at Ford Motor Company, where he managed the company’s healthcare programs. Prior to that, Hassan workedas a Senior Healthcare Consultant with TowersPerrin in Boston, advising large national clientson their health and wellness strategy, behavioralhealth programs, and health plan management.He also worked at Blue Cross of Michigan creating provider reimbursement strategies.Toyin received her undergraduate degree fromStanford University; an MPhil from the University of Cambridge; and her medical degree,with Distinction in Clinical Practice, from King’sCollege London School of Medicine. She completed her residency training at Boston MedicalCenter. Toyin is a board-certified Family Physician, and continues to practice primary careand hospital medicine, focused on patients withchronic, complex, and end-of-life needs.Currently Hassan is a board member of the National Business Group on Health, The Health In3

COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUEnovation Forum, the Employer Health InnovationRoundtable, and a past member of the boardof the Midwest Business Group on Health. Hehas also served on the National Committee forQuality Assurance purchaser advisory group asa member and chairmen for over ten years, passionately supporting efforts to improve healthcare quality.Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, theMedical Device Innovation Consortium, andthe court of the London School of Hygiene andTropical Medicine.Hassan has a Masters Degree in Health Services Administration, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in AppliedCommunications, and a Bachelors of Arts fromthe University of Michigan. He also has a JurisDoctor degree from the University of DetroitSchool of Law.John M. Colmers isSenior Vice President,Health Care Transformation and StrategicPlanning for JohnsHopkins Medicine.In this senior management position,Mr. Colmers workswith leaders fromthe Johns HopkinsHealth System, the Johns Hopkins School ofMedicine, and related organizations to developand implement a strategic plan consistent withthe organization’s tripartite mission of research,education, and patient care and responsive tothe new challenges of health reform and a morevalue-demanding health marketplace.JOHN M. COLMERS, MPH, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT,HEALTH CARE TRANSFORMATION AND STRATEGICPLANNING, JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINETANISHA CARINO, PHD, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,FASTERCURES, THE MILKEN INSTITUTETanisha Carino isa respected seniorexecutive with morethan two decades ofexperience in academia, government,and the private sector.She joined the MilkenInstitute in January2018 as Executive Director of FasterCures,the center devoted to saving lives and improving the medical research system. Throughout her distinguished career, including atGlaxoSmithKline, Avalere Health, and Medicare,Carino has been at the forefront of collaborativeefforts to promote policies, research, and business practices that support the fight againstdisease and improve the lives of patients.From January 2007 to January 2011, he servedas the Secretary of the Maryland Department ofHealth and Mental Hygiene. This cabinet-levelagency has a budget of 14 billion and is responsible for protecting, promoting, and improving the health and well-being of Marylanders. In July 2011, Governor O’Malley appointedhim to the Maryland Health Services CostReview Commission, where he served as Chairuntil April 2016. He remains a Commissioner.From November 2000 through January 2007,Mr. Colmers was a Senior Program Officer forthe Milbank Memorial Fund. Prior to joiningthe Fund, he spent 19 years in Maryland Stategovernment where he held various positions,Dr. Carino earned her Ph.D. in health policy fromJohns Hopkins University, where she remainsassociate faculty. She is also a member ofthe board of the Alliance for Health Policy, the4

NOVEMBER 2018 HEALTH AFFAIRSincluding executive director of the MarylandHealth Care Commission and the Health Services Cost Review Commission, the agencyoverseeing Maryland’s all-payer hospital ratesetting system.performed over 22,000 operations and earnedan international reputation in valve repair. Heholds 30 patents for medical innovations. AsCEO from 2004 to 2017, he reorganized services, improved outcomes and patient experience, and strengthened the organization’sfinances.Mr. Colmers chairs the Board of Hopkins HealthAdvantage, a Medicare Advantage plan offeredin Maryland, and co-chairs Priority Partners,the largest Medicaid MCO in Maryland. He alsoserves on the Board of the Milbank MemorialFund and chairs that board’s Program and Evaluation Committee. Mr. Colmers has a BA fromthe Johns Hopkins University and an MPH fromUNC Chapel Hill.He is a member of the National Academy ofMedicine and a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. In 2016, he was a FortuneBusinessperson of the Year (No. 14). Threesuccessive presidents of the United States haveconsulted him on health care issues.DAVID CUTLER, PHD, OTTO ECKSTEIN PROFESSOROF APPLIED ECONOMICS, HARVARD UNIVERSITYTOBY COSGROVE, MD, EXECUTIVE ADVISER,FORMER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ANDPRESIDENT, CLEVELAND CLINICDavid Cutler hasdeveloped an impressive record ofachievement in academia and the publicsector. At Harvard, heserved as AssistantProfessor of Economics from 1991to 1995, was namedJohn L. Loeb Associate Professor of Social Sciences in 1995, andreceived tenure in 1997. He is currently the OttoEckstein Professor of Applied Economics in theDepartment of Economics and was named Harvard College Professor in 2014. He was associate dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences forSocial Sciences from 2003 to 2008.Serving as Cleveland Clinic CEO andpresident from 2004through 2017, Dr. Cosgrove led the 8 billionorganization to newheights of achievement and efficiency,seeing it ranked the#2 hospital in America (U.S. News). Hecurrently serves as Executive Advisor, workingwith Cleveland Clinic leadership on strategiesfor national and international growth.Dr. Cosgrove graduated from Williams Collegeand the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He trained at Massachusetts GeneralHospital and Brook General Hospital in London.In 1967, he was a surgeon in the U.S. Air Force,earning a Bronze Star.Professor Cutler served on the Council ofEconomic Advisers and the National EconomicCouncil during the Clinton Administration andhas advised the Presidential campaigns of BillBradley, John Kerry, and Barack Obama as wellas being Senior Health Care Advisor for theObama Presidential Campaign.Dr. Cosgrove joined Cleveland Clinic in 1975,and chaired the Department of Thoracic andCardiovascular surgery from 1989 to 2004. He5

COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUEProfessor Cutler has held positions with theNational Institutes of Health and the NationalAcademy of Sciences. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the Institute of Medicine,and a Fellow of the Employee Benefit ResearchInstitute.centers that include: neighborhood hospitals,urgent care, surgery and imaging centers, homehealth, and primary care clinics. Operationalexcellence is one of the hallmarks of Mr. Dean’sleadership, and his keen focus on transforminghealth care for the future is grounded in thebelief that everyone should have unimpededaccess to affordable care.Professor Cutler was a key advisor in the formulation of the recent cost control legislationin Massachusetts and is one of the members ofthe Health Policy Commission created to helpreduce medical spending in that state.In addition, Mr. Dean oversees Dignity Health’sbroad and growing number of partnershipsthat apply innovation to an enterprise of thefuture that emphasizes patient centered care,leverages technology to bring down the costof care while yielding better clinical outcomes,and community services that address the socialdeterminants of health.Professor Cutler’s book, Your Money or YourLife: Strong Medicine for America’s Health CareSystem, published by Oxford University Press,was the subject of a feature article by RogerLowenstein in the New York Times Magazine.Cutler’s most recent book, The Quality Cure,pursues these themes.Mr. Dean has had a lifelong commitment toeliminating health disparities and improving access to care. He is an advocate for health carereform and programs that support healthy communities, including programs that will minimizethe damaging effects of social determinantsof health and inequity that impact many of thecommunities Dignity Health serves.Professor Cutler was recently named one of the30 people who could have a powerful impact onhealth care by Modern Healthcare magazine. Hereceived an AB from Harvard University and aPhD in Economics from MIT.RANDY DEFREHN, MA, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,DEFREHN AND ASSOCIATES LLC; FORMEREXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL COORDINATINGCOMMITTEE FOR MULTIEMPLOYER PLANSLLOYD DEAN, M ED, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DIGNITY HEALTHLloyd H. Dean ispresident and CEOof Dignity Health, ofone of the nation’slargest health systems, where he leadsa healing ministrycomprised of morethan 60,000 healthprofessionals devotedto compassionate care and Humankindness.Randy has servedmultiemployer plans,their participants, andsponsoring organizations for more than40 years, spanninga broad spectrumof roles. In January2017, he foundedDeFrehn and Associates LLC, where he isengaged in national and international benefits,During Mr. Dean’s tenure, Dignity Health hasgrown to 40 hospitals and over 400 care6

NOVEMBER 2018 HEALTH AFFAIRSlabor, and government relations consulting.PAUL J. DIAZ, JD, PARTNER, CRESSEY & COMPANYPaul is a Partner ofCressey & Company,a health care focused middle-marketprivate equity firmwith over 30 yearsof success helpingto build high qualityhealth care businesses. He is the formerPresident and ChiefExecutive Officer of Kindred Healthcare, Inc.For six years in a row during his tenure as CEO,Kindred was ranked one of the Most Admiredhealth care companies in the U.S. by Fortunemagazine, and Modern Healthcare magazinenamed Paul one of the 100 Most InfluentialPeople in Healthcare. While Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Kindred, Paul was a member of theBusiness Roundtable and the Wall Street Journal CEO Council.He has served as administrator of nationalpension, health, and welfare benefit plans in theU.S. and Canada, an employee benefits consultant, a registered investment advisor, and from2000 through 2016, as the multiemployer community’s lead advocate and chief spokesmanon matters of public policy as the ExecutiveDirector of the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans.Domestically, he was instrumental in the development and enactment of a variety of legislative measures including the Pension ProtectionAct and the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act.He worked to urge a greater awareness by theObama Administration of the need to protectthe interests of these plans and their participants in the implementation of the PatientProtection and Affordable Care Act.Internationally, Randy is a founder of the Transatlantic Consortium of Advocates for WorkerBenefit Security and the World Pension Alliance,created to share information regarding developing trends and coordinate comments andresponses to legislative and regulatory proposals in the US, EU and Canada.Paul currently serves on the Board of Directorsof DaVita Healthcare Partners, PerformanceHealth, the Board of Trustees of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the Board of Visitors of theGeorgetown University Law Center. He is also amember of the Aspen Group, one of the nation’sleading health policy advocacy groups. Paul is afounding member of Guidon Partners, a ventureand growth equity fund focusing on health care.His service has earned him recognition andnumerous awards from his peers in the benefitscommunity. His expertise has made him a frequent witness before committees of the UnitedStates Senate, House of Representatives, andfederal administrative agencies. Randy wasappointed to the Department of Labor’s ERISAAdvisory Council from 2007 to 2009 and as adelegate to the 2006 White House Summit onRetirement Savings.In 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014, Modern Healthcare named Paul one of the top 25 MinorityExecutives in Healthcare. In addition, in 2008,2009, and 2013 Hispanic Magazine named Paulone of the 25 Best Latinos in business.Paul is an attorney, accountant, and proud EagleScout, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from American University’s Kogod School of Business and a law degreeHe is a graduate of the University of Pittsburghand St. Francis of Loretto Graduate School ofIndustrial Relations.7

COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUEfrom the Georgetown University Law Center inWashington, D.C. He is a first generation Cuban-American, who lives in Louisville, Kentuckywith his wife Viki and their children. Paul’s civicactivities include working on the Mayor’s SummerWorks Program, Dare to Care (a local foodbank), the West End School, and the Boy ScoutsHispanic Outreach Protocare Sciences and was itsexecutive vice president, chief medical officer,and later its CEO.Dr. Dubois is a recognized expert in definingbest practice, disease management, and appropriateness of care. He has authored morethan 160 peer-reviewed articles on comparativeeffectiveness, evidence-based medicine, thedevelopment of practice guidelines, and theoptimal use of high-cost medical services.ROBERT W. DUBOIS, MD, PHD, CHIEF SCIENCEOFFICER AND EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT,NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COUNCILDr. Dubois received his AB from Harvard College, his MD from the Johns Hopkins School ofMedicine, and his PhD in health policy from theRAND Graduate School. He is a member of theMedicare Evidence Development and CoverageAdvisory Committee, Steering Committee forthe Electronic Data Methods Forum, and theAdvisory Board of the Institute for Clinical andEconomic Review. Additionally, he is the associate editor of the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research and is on the editorial boardsof Health Affairs and The American Journal ofManaged Care.Robert W. Dubois,MD, PhD, is the chiefscience officer andexecutive vice president of the NationalPharmaceuticalCouncil (NPC). Inthis role, he overseesNPC’s research onpolicy issues relatedto the appropriate roleof real-world evidence in decision-making, howbest to determine value of health care services,the relationship between access and health outcomes, and approaches to maintain an environment supportive of innovation.DELVECCHIO FINLEY, MPP, CHIEF EXECUTIVEOFFICER, ALAMEDA HEALTH SYSTEMDelvecchio Finley isthe CEO of AlamedaHealth System, aleading public healthcare provider andmedical traininginstitution based inOakland, California.Finley has extensiveexperience in healthcare managementwith well-regarded institutions including theUniversity of California, San Francisco; San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center; andSutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center.Dr. Dubois, who is board certified in internalmedicine, brings more than 25 years of experience in health care research, with a focuson ensuring that patients receive high valuehealth care. He has co-founded and led varioushealth care research organizations in developing quality research with practical application.Most recently, he was the chief medical officerat Cerner LifeSciences, where he focused oncomparative effectiveness and the use of anelectronic health records infrastructure to implement clinical change.Prior to joining Cerner in 2001, Dr. Dubois8

NOVEMBER 2018 HEALTH AFFAIRSHe is a leader in local and national health careorganizations including the American Collegeof Healthcare Executives (ACHE). He has received recognition from Modern Healthcare as aMinority Executive to Watch (2016) and Up andComer (2015), and Becker’s Hospital Review asone of the top 25 health care leaders under 40(2014, 2015).NJ part time until 2014.Dr. Friedhoff obtained his undergraduate degreeat Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY,summa cum laude, and his medical degree atthe Rutgers–New Jersey Medical School inNewark, NJ. He completed his family medicineresidency at Virtua Memorial Hospital in MountHolly, NJ where he served as Chief Residentand was the recipient of the New Jersey Resident of the Year Award by the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians.Finley holds a Bachelor of Science degree inchemistry from Emory University and a Masterof Public Policy degree from Duke University,where he also attained graduate certificationin health policy, law, and management. He isboard certified in health care management andan ACHE fellow.Dr. Friedhoff is a certified health insuranceexecutive through America’s Health InsurancePlans, a diplomat of the American Academy ofFamily Physicians, and board certified by theAmerican Board of Family Medicine. He holdsactive medical licenses in New Jersey, Florida,Kansas, Iowa and Louisiana. Dr. Friedhoff hasalso served on the board of trustees of Samaritan Hospice in Marlton, NJ and was a recipient of the “Home Care Physician of The Year”award in southern New Jersey.STEPHEN G. FRIEDHOFF, MD, SENIOR VICEPRESIDENT AND CHIEF CLINICAL OFFICER,ANTHEM, INCStephen Friedhoff isresponsible for leading Anthem’s strategicquality and healthcare delivery programs with a focus onimproving outcomesfor consumers. Priorto his current position, Dr. Friedhoff heldthe role of Senior VicePresident, Clinical Strategy & Programs. Previously, he served as the Chief Medical Officer ofAnthem’s Government Business Division andheld a similar role with Amerigroup Corporationprior to Amerigroup’s acquisition by Anthem.CRAIG GARTHWAITE, PHD, MPP, DIRECTOR,PROGRAM ON HEALTHCARE AT KELLOGG,NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITYProfessor Garthwaite is the HermanR. Smith ResearchProfessor in Hospitaland Health Servicesand the Directorof the Program onHealthcare at Kellogg(HCAK). He is anapplied microeconomist whose researchexamines the effects of government policiesand social phenomena with a focus on healthand biopharmaceutical sectors. His recentwork has focused on the private sector effectsEarlier roles included medical director withHealth Net of the Northeast (formerly QualmedHealth Plans) in Philadelphia, PA and ClinicalFaculty and Medical Director at the Virtua Family Medicine Residency Program in Mount Holly,NJ. He continued to practice Family Medicine in9

COUNCIL ON HEALTH CARE SPENDING & VALUEof the Affordable Care Act, including the laborsupply effects of large insurance expansions,the changes in uncompensated hospital careresulting from public insurance expansions, andthe responses of non-profit hospitals to financial shocks.SHERRY GLIED, PHD, DEAN, ROBERT F. WAGNERGRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC SERVICE, NEWYORK UNIVERSITYSherry Glied is Deanof New York University’s Robert F. WagnerGraduate Schoolof Public Service.She held previousappointments asProfessor and Chairof Health Policyand Management atColumbia University’sMailman School of Public Health, AssistantSecretary for Planning and Evaluation at theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services,and Senior Economist for health care and labormarket policy on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under Presidents Bush and Clinton. Dr. Glied recently served as a member ofthe Commission on Evidence-based Policymaking, which issued its final report, The Promise ofEvidence-based Policymaking, to Congress andPresident Trump in September 2017.Professor Garthwaite also studies questions ofpricing and innovation in the biopharmaceuticalsector. In this area, he has examined the effectof expanded patent protection on pricing in theIndian pharmaceutical market, the innovationresponse of United States pharmaceutical firmsto increases in demand, and the relationshipbetween health insurance expansions and highdrug prices.His research has appeared in journals such asthe Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Economic Review, the Review of Economicsand Statistics and Health Affairs and has beenprofiled in media outlets such as the Wall StreetJournal, the Washington Post, and Vox. He hasalso appeared as a guest on various televisionand radio shows such as Nightly Business Report and NPR Marketplace.SALLY HURT-DEITCH, RN, MSN, MHA, CHIEFNURSING OFFICER AND VICE PRESIDENT, PATIENTCARE SERVICESGarthwaite received a B.A. and a Masters inPublic Policy from the University of Michiganand his PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland. Prior to receiving his PhD, heserved in a variety of public policy positions, including the Director of Research for the Employment Policies Institute. He has testified beforethe United States House of Representatives andseveral state legislatures on matters related tothe minimum wage and health care reforms.Sally Deitch, RN,MSN, MHA, FACHE,serves as chief nursing officer and vicepresident, patientcare services for Tenet. She is accountable for professionalnursing practice, education, and quality;patient experience; and performance excellencefor the entire system.10

NOVEMBER 2018 HEALTH AFFAIRSAlong with the patient care services team, Sallyhelps ensure achievement of the highest possible standards of clinical effectiveness, costeffectiveness, and patient, physician, and staffsatisfaction. She has responsibility for processrefinement and models of care, patient safety,and patient satisfaction, as well as for professional nursing practice, nursing strategic plandevelopment and implementation, and carestrategy alignment with all disciplines.PENNY KAYE JENSEN, DNP, FNP-C, FAAN, LIAISONFOR NATIONAL APRN POLICY, DEPARTMENT OFVETERANS AFFAIRSPenny Kaye Jensen,DNP, FNP-C, FAAN,FAANP, is past president of the AmericanAcademy of NursePractitioners (AANP)and Fellow of theAmerican Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Shewas inducted into theNational Academies of Practice as a Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow, and is a Fellowof the American Academy of Nursing.Prior to this, Sally served as Group CEO forTenet’s El Paso and Rio Grande Valley hospitals,and CEO of The Hospitals of Providence. Priorto joining Tenet, Sally served as CEO of Oklahoma University Medical Center Edmond. Previously, she held multiple administrative positionswith Hospital Corporation of America, includingCNO and COO.Dr. Jensen began her career with the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1994 and haspracticed for the past 21 years as a nursepractitioner at the Salt Lake City VeteransAffairs Healthcare System. She is currently theNational APRN Health Policy Liaison for theDepartment of Veterans Affairs Office of Nursing Services in Washington, D.C. Her primaryresponsibility is to lead the Veterans HealthAdministration’s (VHA) initiative to approveFull Practice Authority (FPA) for all AdvancedPractice Registered Nurses (APRN). In this role,Dr. Jensen has formulated the APRN regulationthat will increase access to health care for Veterans by removing variations in APRN practicethat exist across VHA as a result of disparatestate regulations. She has also formulated anational implementation plan for FPA whichwould allow APRNs to function at the top oftheir education and certification and reduce theeffects of national health care provider shortages on VA staffing levels.Sally earned a master’s degree in Nursing Administration from the University of Texas at ElPaso, a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University, and a bachelor’sdegree in nursing from the University of Texasat El Paso.She has been recognized with many awards,including being named one of health care’s 10Women Leaders to Watch by Modern Healthcare, a recipient of the Corris Boyd LeadershipAward by the American Federation of Hospitals,and a Distinguished Alumni by the Universityof Texas at El Paso –the first recipient of thathonor from the College of Nursing. Sally alsoserves as president of the National Associationof Latino Healthcare Executives, as a memberof the board of directors for the Federal ReserveBank of Dallas–El Paso Branch, as the chairelect of the Texas Hospital Association, and isa Regent-at-Large of the American College ofHealthcare Executives.Dr. Jensen is a member of the Sexual MedicineSociety of North America and the American11