Transcription 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-2882Salon Management System1Adarsh Kumar Gulshan, 2Amir Khan,1Student, 2Student,1Department of computer science and engineering,1Lovely Professional University, Punjab, IndiaAbstract: A saloon management system is a website that manages the appointment scheduling functionality. This system connectsusers and Salon in an online platform where user can browse salon and their services. Users can also write and read reviews of thesalon and its management. Salon management system helps the industry to fill this void in such a way that is on-demand, easy touse, and effective. The final product will be a functioning web application that can handle use cases like user account registration,login/logout, appointment scheduling, writing, and reading review for specific salon.Index Terms - : MySQL, JavaScript, Salon, HTML, CSS, Web-calendar.I. INTRODUCTIONToday is the era of digital technology and the development of technology. The rise of the INTERNET gives a boost in thedigital field and India is also accepting it and runs many movements like digital India, UPI money transfer, and many more.The growth of internet users is increasing day by day and we are well aware of the advantage of the internet. At present, manypeople run their businesses without any physical setup of their business like digital marketing agency, digital marketing, andmany more. There are various types of online websites available, ranging from online E-commerce websites (AMAZON),online trip booking websites (MAKE MY TRIP), online food delivery systems (ZOMATO)[1].On the other hand, the grooming and beauty business are experiencing growth in the coming year. A beauty salon is anestablishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women. Other variations of this type of business include hairsalons and spas.Using this platform user can view all the salons which are partner with our salon management system and also view theirservices. Like serve a similar need in the restaurant industry, but our system bring clients and salon togetheronline. When customers search the salon then the system will show all the available salons on their locations and if by chancethe time you have searched is not available then it will also show the next vacant slots on our system which is registered withour platform on that location. It will be useful for customers because now they have their bookings with the slots available. Itwill also remove all the paperwork as the owner will have access to all the customers' details and their records to serve thembetter. Online Payments to promote cashless transactions as it is more secure and trustworthy from both sides. In this project,MySQL and PHP are used to back the interface with strong database functionality and for Frontend HTML, CSS andJavaScript are used. This project will target the major web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as the initialplatform for our version.As beauty and fashion become a great trend disregarding the age limit and gender. All the Salon Owners are relying on theirCustomers; who visit Salons to fulfill their own beauty needs. This system is designed for students studying at differentcolleges and universities. Students have limited time for their grooming because of the schedule of classes, projects andassignments, and many extracurricular activities. After booking their appointment in the saloon there is no need to stand in thequeue just reach there in the allotted time and students will get the service without any delay or waiting in the saloon.The beta version of this system is for students of Lovely professional university and the student nearby in that location. Thissystem help student to book an appointment in nearby salons according to their timetable which provide the hassle-freeenvironment when they arrive at the saloons2. Literature SurveyBeing a salon client you have to remember a lot of things finding salons over a lot of salons, take care of business hours, andmake a call to book an appointment so tracking all these things somewhere on the web is a headache. This is the experience ofmany people who go to the salon; even we live in the twenty-first century. So there is a need of “one-stop-shop”. An onlineplatform that connects clients to salons, and put all the information that user need in one convenient place.IJCRT2105150International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb387 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-2882One of the major issues in this business is that the waiting time of the services which is quite long. After calculating a minimumtime limit that a customer spent in a saloon is approx. 30 min. with basic services like hair wash, haircutting, trimming. If theservice increases, the waiting time of the next customer increases. The online check-in system in the saloon saves time [6].In 21 century many salons are still using pencil and paper and old ways to schedule appointments and manage customers. Thisold system does not help you in sharing and syncing information, and the chance of human error. This new platform promisesto end dependence on paper-pencil systems and put control of salons in easy to use interface. This system manages the servicesof salons and also tracks the satisfaction of customers.3. Problem StatementThe problem which is being faced with the ongoing salon management process is that it requires quite a lot of manual andpaperwork. People wait a lot in queue for his/her turn but our website is probably based on reducing that problem, as thestudents/peoples will be able to directly made an appointment in their favorite salon and manage their appointment according totheir convenient.4. Existing SystemThe paper talks about the process of the salon management system. There are some salons that have good quality web applicationsto hold their appointment processes. But when considering all the salons in India, there are a number of salons that hold theirservices manually. Every other salon is conducting their appointment manually which makes the process very hectic andinefficient. Moreover, peoples are increasing day by day. So, there is a need for a reliable solution to handle this situation.5. Proposed SystemThis paper provides you with the full information about the workings of the proposed system. This system is meant to ease theappointment process for the people. The salon management is having a simple yet interactive interface that can be easily used byany salons owner or students and peoples. The proposed system is mainly divided into two main fragments. One is for the salonsowner use and the other is for people’s use. The people’s and companies have to register themselves in this system and they willbe provided with respective ID’s and passwords. They will need these credentials to login into the system .The main part of thisproject is that this system is one-stop –shop for all beauty services. In this system all the salon and their services are added alongwith their location user just need to login in our website and choose their salon and their services according to their choice.6. TechnologiesThis system uses MySQL and PHP to back the interface with advanced database functionality. To build a database PHP Myadminis used which is a web-based interface for MySQL.For the front-end development HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to style the site and create a simple and user-friendlyinterface.HTML-CSS are the most widely used languages in developing a website. HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Languageis used for giving the basic front-end design to the website. Rest of the designing has been done using CSS to make the websitelook attractive.PHP gives an option of running the website on a server as it comes under the category of server-side scripting language. A PHPdeveloper finds it easy to implement. PHP helps in making a dynamic web page that is easy to use. Another important feature ofPHP is that its resources are available with ease which not only save time but also human effort.For appointment scheduling, a PHP-driven web calendaring application is used to integrate a web calendar. This web calendarinstalled locally and runs on MySQL that give the application more control and customization of the website after integration intothe program. This web calendar uses MySQL data tables that store the data of the purposed system. If Google calendar is usedthen the user needs a Gmail account as a prerequisite so Google calendar not provide a neat and compact solution that the webcalendar provided. Any internet enabled computer or mobile. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox7. Salon Management System OverviewSalon management system is an online website that provides salon search and discovers various services. It provides its customersa platform to evaluate choices for a great salon for grooming.7.1 ProductSalon Management system is a website that shows saloons and their services to its users and allows booking appointments online.This system provides the user with the saloon details, their images, rates, services, and even portal for customers‟ feedback wherepeople can voice their opinions regarding the experience, at a particular saloon.IJCRT2105150International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb388 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-28827.2 ExposureThis system helps the salon’s owner to put their details on their website and the system helps them to gain their target audience.7.3 PlatformThis System, an online website is accessible through Windows, Android, and IOS platforms.7.4 Physical EvidenceThis System being a service provider offers no product of its own. Instead of product, it provides a platform to come and look forthe best nearby salon with the required services.7.5 ProcessUnder the Salon management system, one needs to sign in with their registered phone number and email address. The location isdetected and one can browse the saloon and service and book their appointment. Payment can be made either by cash or onlinemodes. This system also asks for feedback after the service is provided. Thus an entire process is made to be convenient to theuser and the user can have a hassle-free experience.7.6 ServiceThis system is available for people near Phagwara and Law gate which is near to Lovely Professional University Phagwara,Punjab.8. Use Cases8.1 UserCreate a new accountLog inSearch for salonsLocationMake an appointmentHaircut (male or female)Or the service offer by particular salonsView appointmentCancel appointmentRate salons8.2 SalonCreate a salon accountLog inEdit salon account informationEdit servicesView appointmentInform the client about the appointment9. Project feature and FunctionalityThe tab menu in the in which visitors view the top-rated salons in different categories and also filter result by rating. Display thesalons that have the high to low and vice-versa. User can also filter their salon by name and location.Web calendar integrated in this system help users and salons to their appointment.After the successful sign-in user go to the dashboard where one-stop-shop for the entire salon. Users can access all the servicesoffered by salons and book appointments according to their choice.10. DesignThe first step in designing a database is to lay out all of the tables that you'll need and the information that they'll contain andmange how to handle service array (haircut, massages etc.)IJCRT2105150International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb389 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-2882Table1: database keyUserIdFirst NameLast 10.1 Development ApproachJavaScriptUser InterfaceHTMLFig:1 algorithm detail10.2 Code !DOCTYPE html html head link rel “stylesheet” href ”signin.css” title Log in /title /head body div id ”container” Log in /div div id ”form” div img src ”location.jpg” id ”icon” /div form method ”post” h4 E-mail: /h4 input type ”text”name ”email”placeholder ”[email protected]” class ”textbox” br h4 Password : /h4 input type ”password” name ”email” placeholder ”password” class ”textbox” br div id ”Loginbutton” Login /div /form /div /body /html line of code represents the 8.2IJCRT2105150International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb390 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-288210.3 Code outputFig 2: visual representation of code 8.111. ResultThe result of this project was the successful high-definition prototype of salon management. Implementation of use cases toachieved user-friendly interface that further enhance the user experience.Customers scheduling is the best thing in the application and booking an appointment in your favorite salon. User can book andcancel Appointment and also rate salon as per their past salon experience.This system is a one-stop-shop for salon-related information that includes salon search, contact information, and reviewmanagement. All these functionalities give users an amazing experience in salon booking.12. Future ScopeLater on, purposed system works in other universities and colleges. Full integration of open source tools is critical in creating awebsite. Web calendar was not integrated which pursue more time and manpower. Automation of web calendar so that when tasksare completed its auto-updates the calendar. Additionally, after the system is hosted run usability tests with the survey to check theeffectiveness of the interface, its functionality. More dynamically further JavaScript, Jquery, and more such language to make theinterface richer for the user. These tools improve the website with features like animation and drag-drop. This makes the systemmore interactive and easy to use at the salon owner’s ends.13. ConclusionThis system will help saloons to pitch their business underneath their space to expand their everyday business.This project also helps local vendors to show their presence globally on the internet and serve their customers with their art.In the salon and beauty industry, the Online Reservation System is suitable for use to reduce customer waiting time andexperience a hassle-free environment.14. References[1] - spa-management-software/[2] ] Ms jadhav vaishali, “Smart Hair Salon Management System”Published[4] Punna Mahesh Kumar, C. Veeranagaiah, K. Chandana, "Implementation of Online Placement System", International Journal ofScientific Engineering and Technology Research, ISSN: 2319-8885, Volume - 05, Issue - 29, September - 2019.[6] Mr. Hitesh K. Kasture, Mr. Sumit S. Saraiyya, Mr, Abhishek S. Malviya, Prof. Preeti V. Bhagat, “Training and Placement WebPortal”, International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, Volume - 2, Issue - 3,March,2001IJCRT2105150International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb391 2021 IJCRT Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2021 ISSN: 2320-2882[5] Mr.Nilesh Rathod, Dr. Seema Shah, Prof. Kavita Shirsat, "An Interactive Online Training and Placement System", InternationalJournal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, ISSN: 2277 128X, onal Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) www.ijcrt.orgb392

Salon management system is an online website that provides salon search and discovers various services. It provides its customers a platform to evaluate choices for a great salon for grooming. 7.1 Product Salon Management system is a website that shows saloons and their services to its users and allows booking appointments online.