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Introduction and PurposeBarnsley Council is continuing to change how we work together for a ‘Better Barnsley’. We have ambitiousplans to improve and grow as identified in our Corporate Plan for 2017-2020. This sets out what we aim toachieve over the next three years to improve outcomes for our customers and the community as we strive tobecome more customer focused, modern, efficient and business minded.We're still focused on achieving our three key priorities:Thriving and vibrant economyPeople achieving their potentialStrong and resilient communitiesWe still feel that these areas warrant greater attention, emphasis, and possibly resources, to influence otherareas of activity and make the greatest impact overall.The council will concentrate resources to make the most impact by providing services where they are mostneeded and we'll help people to do more for each other and their community. To do this, we need a solidevidence base to develop effective interventions which will help to achieve a ‘Better Barnsley’.The data within this report are from the latest available as of May 2018. This information is intended tostimulate discussion, debate and action to support Area Councils and Ward Alliances to identify some of theirstrategic priorities on an area basis and commission services to meet these challenges.This profile compares the Ward with the overall Barnsley figure and that of England where possible.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

DemographicsBarnsley’s population has been growing constantlysince 2001 and has increased in Barnsley by 4.9%since 2011. However, since the 2011 Census, theresident population in Darton West has decreasedby 0.8%. There are slightly more females than maleswithin the ward.Down -0.8%since 201151.0%MaleFemale10,578Source: ONS 2011 & 2017 Mid-Year EstimatesOverall Population49.0%Age Profile and % of Total Population1,97719-64year olds:6,08965 year olds:2,512The age profile of the population is changingboth locally and nationally. Darton West has ahigher proportion of 65 year olds than bothBarnsley and England.Darton West 18.7%Barnsley 21.7%England 22.5%Darton West 57.6%Source: ONS 2017 Mid -Year EstimatesBarnsley 59.2%Main Language is not EnglishEngland 59.5%Source: ONS 2011 Census0-18year olds:Darton West 23.7%Barnsley 19.1%England 18.0%Darton West 0.8%Barnsley 1.3%In 2011, 1 in every 100 Darton West residents’ main languagewas not English; equal to the rate for Barnsley overall.England 4.4%Ethnic BreakdownWhite British1.1%White British97.3%White(Includes English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British)(Includes Irish/Gypsy or Irish Traveller/Other White)Mixed/multiple ethnic groups0.2%BME2.7%2.7%BME0.5%Asian/Asian BritishBlack/African/Caribbean/Black British0.3%0.7%White BritishBMEDarton er ethnic groupBarnsley’s ethnic diversity continues tochange. In the 2011 Census, 3 out of 100people in Darton West were from a Blackand Minority Ethnic (BME) group comparedto 4 in every 100 people in Barnsley overall.The 2011 Census is the most up to datenational data available on ethnicity.Source: ONS 2011 CensusBusiness Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

DemographicsIndices of Multiple Deprivation 2015This is calculated based on seven domains of deprivation, which in turn are composed of a number of indicatorsthat are scored and ranked to produce an overall domain score.Proportion of Darton West Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in 10% Most Deprived in EnglandLSOAs in 10% Most Deprived in EnglandLSOAs not in 10% Most Deprived in England0%IMD20157 LSOAsNone of the LSOAs inDarton West were inthe 10% most deprivedin England for bothIMD 2010 and IMD 2015.IMD20106 LSOAs7Source: 2015 English Indices of Deprivation0%6The Seven Domains of Deprivation and how Darton West PerformsPercentage of Darton West LSOAs in the Bottom 10% in England by ucation,Skills &Training0%HealthDeprivation &Disability0%Crime0%Barriers toHousing &Services0%LivingEnvironmentDeprivation0%Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015Darton West LSOAsRelative to England(DCLG, 2015) Crown copyright and database rights (2018)Ordnance Survey licence number: 100022264Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Learning2 Primary schools1 Secondary school533 Pupils on roll1135 Pupils on roll% of Pupils Achieving a Good Level of Development 2013 - 2018Darton .9%71.5%70.0%201320142015201620172018Source: DfE 2017/18The percentage of pupils resident in the Darton West ward achieving a good level of developmentincreased in 2018 with outcomes now above both the Barnsley and national averages.% of Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard in the Phonics ScreeningCheck at the End of Year 1 2015 - 2018Darton 7%79.0%80.0%78.0%73.9%73.0%Year2015201620172018The percentage of pupils resident in the Darton West ward achieving the expected standard increased in 2018with outcomes remaining above the Barnsley average and just below the national average.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Learning% of Key Stage 1 Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard 2016 - 2018ReadingWritingDarton 018YearAttainment at the expected standard for pupils in Darton West ward decreased in all three subjects in 2018with outcomes now below the national average.Darton 2017England71.4%67.6%63.2%Source: DfE 2017/18% of Key Stage 2 Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard in Reading,Writing and Maths Combined 2016 - 2018The percentage of pupilsachieving the expectedstandard in reading, writingand mathematics combinedincreased in 2018 withoutcomes remaining aboveboth the Barnsley and nationalaverages.2018Average Attainment 8 Score at the End of Key Stage 4 2016 - 2018Darton 544.543.92017The attainment 8 score ofpupils resident in Darton Westward increased in 2018 withoutcomes now above theBarnsley average and equal tothe national average.42.52018Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

LearningAverage Progress 8 Score at the End of Key Stage 4 2016 - 2018201620172018Darton .000.000.0053.4%In 2018 pupils resident in the Darton West ward made less progress than pupils with similar starting points inBarnsley and nationally. However, the progress score was higher than the 2017 score.% of Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals on January Census Day 2018PrimaryDarton WestBarnsley9.6%18.3%43.4EnglandThe percentage of primary schoolpupils eligible for and claiming a freeschool meal in the Darton West wardincreased but remained well belowboth the Barnsley and nationalaverages in 2018.Source: DfE 2017/1813.7%SecondaryDarton WestBarnsleyEngland9.8%16.5%12.4%The percentage of secondary schoolpupils eligible for and claiming a freeschool meal in the Darton West wardincreased but remained well belowboth the Barnsley and nationalaverages in 2018.% of Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 2018Primary12.9%14.1%BarnsleyDarton WestSecondaryDarton West13.8%EnglandThe percentage of primary school pupils with specialeducational needs and disabilities in the DartonWest ward increased slightly but remained belowboth the Barnsley and national averages in 2018.12.0%12.9%Barnsley12.3%EnglandThe percentage of secondary school pupils withspecial educational needs and disabilities in theDarton West ward increased slightly in 2018 and isnow just below both the Barnsley and nationalaverages.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Health and WellbeingLife Expectancy at BirthMaleDarton 478.3Year78.277.92012 - 201478.12013 - 20152014 - 20162015 - 201758.6Female yearsDarton WestBarnsleySource: ONS 2012-2017Life expectancy at birth for males in Darton West is 3 years higher than for men in Barnsley and 1.5 yearshigher than 981.681.7Year 2012 - 20142013 - 20152014 - 201681.92015 - 2017Life expectancy at birth for women in Darton West is 2.4 years higher than for women in Barnsley and 1.2years higher than England.Under 18's ConceptionsRate per 1,000 Population Aged 15-17 Years44.141.3Darton 817.015.3Year16.720112012Source: ONS 2011-201536.32013201418.72015Under 18 conception rates in Darton West have been consistently lower than the overall Barnsley rates duringthe period 2011 to 2015. However, the current rate of 18.7 is the highest during the period.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Health and WellbeingUnder 75 MortalityCancer(rate per 100,000 population)Darton 22.6107.6Year2010 - 20122011 - 20132012 - 20142013 - 20152014 - 20162015 - 2017Darton West's under 75 cancer mortality rates have been consistently lower than the rates for Barnsley andEngland at each time point during the period 2010-2012 through to 2015-2017. The current rate of 107.6 per100,000 is the lowest during the period.Darton 133.131.728.440.434.241.838.734.333.817.7Year2010 - 20122011 - 20132012 - 20142013 - 20152014 - 20162015 - 2017Darton West's under 75 mortality rates from respiratory diseases have been consistently lower than the overallrates for Barnsley at each time point during the period 2010-2012 through to 2015-2017. However, rates areincreasing and the current rate of 38.7 per 100,000 is the highest during the period.Cardiovascular Diseases106.3Darton 687.073.572.562.3Year2010 - 201263.92011 - 201354.246.92012 - 20142013 - 201547.62014 - 201649.42015 - 2017Darton West's under 75 mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases have been consistently lower than therates for Barnsley and England at each time point during the period 2010-2012 through to 2015-2017.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: Source: Public Health England (based on ONS Source data). 2010-2017Respiratory Diseases

Health and WellbeingExcess weight4-5 Year OldsDarton xcess %17.7%Year 2012 - 201319.7%2013 - 20142014 - 20152015 - 20162016 - 2017Source: National Child Measurement programme 2012 - 201823.2%2017 - 2018The proportion of 4-5 year olds in Darton West who are overweight or obese (20.6 %) is higher than theproportion in Barnsley (18.0%) and lower than England (22.4%).10-11 Year OldsDarton WestBarnsleyEngland35.1%33.5%Excess %34.3%31.6%29.8%31.2%29.3%27.1%27.5%Year 2012 - 20132013 - 20142014 - 20152015 - 20162016 - 20172017 - 2018Darton West's rates for 10-11 year olds who are overweight or obese have been consistently lower than theoverall rates for Barnsley at each time point during the period 2012-2013 to 2017-2018.BreastfeedingInitiation64.0%67.5%Darton West55.6%74.5%BarnsleyEngland67.5% of women in Darton West breastfeed their babies at birth; higher than the Barnsleyrate of 55.6%.Source: NHS England 2016-2017Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Health and WellbeingSmokingDarton West24.5%24.6%Barnsley23.9%Local GP records 2013 - 2016Prevalence - Adults (over 18's)Prevalence23.4%21.1%21.4%20.6%20.1%March 2014Year March 2013March 2015No England dataavailable for smokingprevalence as the Wardand Barnsley data hasbeen calculated locallyfrom GP records.March 2016One in five adults in Darton West are smokers. The current rate of 20.1% is lower than the Barnsley rate of23.4%, and the lowest since 2013.Related Deaths per 100,000 (Over 35's)Darton 79.7261.1Year2011 - 2013272.0267.8251.32012 - 20142013 - 2015253.72014 - 2016Darton West's smoking related death rates have been consistently lower than the rates for Barnsley andEngland during the period 2011-2013 through to 2014-2016.Source: ONS mortality data and mid-year population estimates and NHS Digital 2011 - 2016At Time of DeliveryDarton WestBarnsley7.8%16.8%England10.8%The proportion of women who smoke during pregnancy in Darton West (7.8%) is lower than the proportions inBarnsley (16.8%) and England (10.8%).Source: Calculated by PHE from the NHS Digital return on Smoking at Time of Delivery (SATOD) 2017-2018Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

useholds14.4%13.0%12.4%Darton WestBarnsleySource: ONS 2011 CensusResidents Living Alone and Aged 65 YearsEnglandThe 2011 Census showed that 14.4% of households in Darton West contained residents aged 65 years thatwere living alone and could be at risk of social isolation.Housing TenureOwned3,490properties areowned inDarton West76.0%64.3%Darton WestBarnsley63.3%EnglandMore than three quarters of properties are owned with a mortgage or owned outright in Darton West.Ownership is higher than both the Barnsley and England rates.Social Rentedproperties aresocial rented inDarton West13.5%Darton West20.9%17.7%BarnsleyEnglandSource: ONS 2011 Census618More than 1 in 8 properties in Darton West are social rented; this is lower than both Barnsley and arerentedprivateRentedPrivatein Barnsley395properties areprivate rented inDarton West8.6%Darton West12.8%16.8%BarnsleyEnglandDarton West has fewer private rented properties than both Barnsley and England.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

HouseholdsCouncil Tax Band4,745residential properties in Darton WestDarton WestBarnsleyEnglandBandABSource: Valuation Office Agency & BMBC, April 2018CDE18.9%FGH0%10%20%30%40%50%60%% of properties by Council Tax bandProperties are banded into one of eight valuation bands (A to H, with A being properties of lowest value to Hbeing the highest). These are decided by the government’s Valuation Office which determines the amountof council tax to be paid. The chart shows that there are more Darton West households in Band B comparedto Barnsley and England.Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

CrimeTotal Crime (rate per 1,000 population)Figures for total crime excluding fraud.per 1,000 population55.655.6Darton Westper 1,000 population in Darton West Barnsley99.0England87.0Source: Police recorded crime 2018Crime (rate per 1,000 population)8.6Barnsley7.3England13.4BarnsleyDarton .1EnglandDarton WestDarton West0.90.1RobberyDrug OffencesPossession ofWeapons0.38.0Darton WestVehicle OffencesBurglary7.1Darton WestCriminal Damage& ArsonDarton -SocialBehaviourDarton West26.1Barnsley10.5ASB23.6EnglandThere has been a continual notable reduction in the rate of AntiSocial Behaviour (ASB) in Barnsley, as changes in crime recordingpractices implemented by South Yorkshire Police in October 2016have steadily reduced the number of ASB incidents. Offences thatwould have previously been recorded as ASB are now recorded ascriminal offences where applicable.The ASB rate for Darton West is lower than both the Barnsley andEngland rates.All crime figures relate to the period January 2018 to December 2018.Source: Police recorded crime 2018Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Internet AccessTake up ofFixedBroadbandMax Average160 MbpsBarnsley68%Homes thatdo not meetGovernments10Mbps'legal right'Min AverageAverageMinMbps33 MbpsBarnsley2%Adults notbeen onlinewithin thelast 3 monthsBarnsley15%Source: Ofcom 2018, ONS 2018, Go ON UK 2018Barnsley Internet SpeedAverage Speed by Ward(Mbps)St Helens64Stairfoot58Kingstone55Worsbrough55Old Town54Wombwell54CentralCommunicatingHandling information and contentTransactingProblem solvingBeing safe and legal online51England50Monk Bretton50Darton East49Barnsley76%of adults inBarnsley haveall five BasicDigital Skills.4140DodworthCudworth31Royston30North East28Dearne North27Darfield27Rockingham26Hoyland Milton26Dearne SouthPenistone EastThere are five categories of EssentialDigital Skills for life and work:52Darton WestPenistone WestBasic Digital Skills (Adults)44%of adults inBarnsley haveused all fiveBasic DigitalSkills in the lastthree months.242220Average Speed (Mbps) inDarton WestBusiness Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

OtherCountry of BirthDarton WestBarnsleyEngland97.4%96.6%86.2%UK0.2%Since 2011, the number of residents that identified theircountry of birth as part of the European Union (excludingUnited Kingdom and Ireland) has increased due to thenumber of migrants from mainly Romania and Poland.0.7%IrelandSource: ONS 2011 Census0.2%1.0%More recent figures are not available at ward level.1.5%3.7%Other EU1.5%1.7%Other Countries9.4%Access to a Car or VanNo Cars or Vans in Household19.0%26.9%25.8%Darton WestBarnsleyEnglandIn 2011, 19.0% of households in Darton West reported that they did not have access to a car or van. Thisis lower than the rates across Barnsley and England.Source: ONS 2011 CensusMortality RateMortality Rate from Causes Considered Preventable (rate per 100,000 population)EnglandDarton West121.2203.1181.5BarnsleyThe mortality rate from causes considered preventable in Darton West Ward is lower than those of Barnsleyand England.Source: Public Health England (based on ONS source data). 2015-2017Excess WinterDeaths IndexExcess Winter Deaths IndexDarton West25.0%England30.9%21.1%BarnsleyDarton West Ward's Excess Winter Deaths rate is lower than that of Barnsley but higher than England.Source: ONS: Public Health England Annual Births and Mortality Extracts August 2014 – July 2017Business Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

OtherFurther Information and Data LinksFor more information about Our Borough Profile and other data, please see our Barnsley Council Data ncil/research-data-and-statistics/For more in-depth analysis please see Barnsley's Joint Strategic Needs egic-needsassessment/Further information on local Health Profiles is available on the Public Health Outcomes Framework website 6/ati/8/are/E05000976Or for anything else, please contact the Business Improvement & Intelligence Team on: 01226 772726or port Produced by:Business Improvement & Intelligence TeamBarnsley Metropolitan Borough Council01226 77 ukBusiness Improvement & Intelligence Team: [email protected]

Male Darton West Barnsley England 81.1 80.9 81.1 80.7 79.5 79.5 79.6 79.4 78.2 78.3 77.9 78.1 Year 2012 -2014 2013 -2015 2014 -2016 2015-2017 Life expectancy at birth for males in Darton West is 3 years higher than for men in Barnsley and 1.5 years higher than England. Female Darton West Barnsley England 84.3 84.3 83.5 83.3 83.1 83.1