DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268Request for Bid (RFB) ETI0030Appointment Scheduling SoftwareIssued by theState of WisconsinDepartment of Employee Trust FundsRelease Date: October 24, 2018RFB ETI0030Page 1

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268TABLE OF CONTENTS1GENERAL INFORMATION . 32BID SELECTION AND AWARD PROCESS .143BIDDER QUALIFICATIONS .16TABLES Table 1 – Project Timeline Table 2 – Format for Submission of Clarification Questions Table 3 – Calendar of Events Table 4 – No Assumptions or Exceptions AllowedFORMS Form A – Bidders Checklist Form B – Requirements Form C – Department Terms and Conditions Form D – Bidder Form (DOA-3832) Form E – Cost Worksheet Form F – Draft Contract Form G – Subcontractor FormRFB ETI0030Page 2

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB2681 GENERAL INFORMATION1.1INTRODUCTIONThis Request for Bid (RFB) is issued by the Department of Employee Trust Funds for AppointmentScheduling Software. This procurement is authorized under Chapter 16 of the Wisconsin Statestatutes.The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) administers the Wisconsin RetirementSystem (WRS), the group health insurance program for state employees and manylocal governments, and a variety of other public employee benefit programs. The WRSis the 9th largest pension system in the nation and ETF’s largest program, providingretirement benefits for more than 620,000 current and former state and localgovernment employees on behalf of more than 1,500 employers. Participants includepublic school teachers, current and former employees of Wisconsin’s state agencies,and employees of most local governments other than the City of Milwaukee andMilwaukee County. The agency is overseen by an independent governing board andfunds are held on behalf of ETF benefit program beneficiaries in the Public EmployeeTrust Fund created and controlled by Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin Statutes.Please note that this is a request for bids and not a request for proposals. The work to beperformed by the Contractor is described in this RFB. Although a work plan is provided in thisdocument, the Department and the Contractor have the flexibility to agree on changes that willenhance the process or offer greater efficiencies. The objective is for Bidders to provide adequatedocumentation in a succinct format that demonstrates ability and willingness to provide thesoftware described in this document and abide by the terms and conditions herein. The least costresponsible Bidder will be awarded the Contract pending Contract signing.1.2 CURRENT STATE AND BACKGROUNDThe purpose of this project is to select and implement an appointment management software thatcan address the enterprise requirements related to this type of functionality. The selected softwarewill schedule and track appointments with less errors, boost staff efficiency, minimize no-showsand provide real time analytics. The implementation of the selected software will be phased.Phase 1 will be an internal implementation. Phase 2 will allow members to schedule their ownappointments.Four initial areas within ETF will be using this software (others may be added): Human ResourcesEmployer Services TrainingCall CenterMember Services.ETF will be using this software for a variety of types of appointments including but not limited to: Interview schedulingEmployer group trainingMember one-on-one appointments at ETFOnline one-on-one appointmentsRFB ETI0030Page 3

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268 Group member appointments at ETFGroup member appointments across the state of Wisconsin at various changing locations.ETF recently completed requirements gathering and market research and intends to contract forone of these software solutions, or the equivalent that meets all requirements, direct from thesoftware publisher or implementer, after an extensive software demo and successful contractnegotiation: Booking Bug Coconut EZAppt Q-Nomy TimetradeThe Department’s and Contractor’s tasks and responsibilities shall be completed according to thefollowing schedule, unless changes are mutually agreed upon by ETF and the Contractor.October is a very busy time for ETF’s stakeholders, which is why implementation needs to becomplete before October 2019.Table 1 - Project TimelineDateEventAfter Contract SignedProject Kickoff1st Quarter of CY 2019Development & Testing2nd Quarter of CY 2019Go – Live Phase 13rd Quarter of CY 2019Go – Live Phase 2Before October 2019All implementation work is complete1.3PROCURING AND CONTRACTING AGENCYThis RFB is issued by the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the sole point of contact for theState in the selection process. The terms “State,” “ETF” and “Department” may be usedinterchangeably in this document and its attachments.Prospective Bidders are prohibited from contacting any person other than the individual listedbelow regarding this RFB. Violation of this requirement may result in the Bidder being disqualifiedfrom further consideration.Express deliveryUnited States Postal Service deliveryDept. of Employee Trust FundsKristen Schipper – Purchasing AgentRFB ETI0030Hill Farms State Office Building (HFSOB)8th Floor North Tower (Visitor’s Entrance)4822 Madison Yards WayMadison, WI 53705-9100Dept. of Employee Trust FundsKristen Schipper – Purchasing AgentRFB ETI0030P.O. Box 7931Madison, WI 53707-7931RFB ETI0030Page 4

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268Telephone: 608-261-0737E-mail: [email protected] AND ACRONYMSWords and terms shall be given their ordinary and usual meanings. Words and terms not definedbelow shall have the meanings provided by Wis. Stat. § 40.02 and Wis. Admin. Code § ETF 10.01unless otherwise clearly and unambiguously defined by the context of their usage in this RFB.Where capitalized or not in this RFB, the following definitions and acronyms shall have themeanings indicated unless otherwise noted. The meanings shall be applicable to the singular,plural, masculine, feminine, and neuter forms of the words and terms. Please see ETF’s glossaryat: for additional definitions.Bid means the document submitted in response to this RFB.Bidder means a firm or individual submitting a Bid in response to this RFB.Board(s) means State of Wisconsin Employee Trust Funds Board, State of Wisconsin GroupInsurance Board and/or State of Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Board.Business Day means each Calendar Day except Saturday, Sunday, and official State ofWisconsin Holidays (see also: Calendar Day, Day).Calendar Day refers to a period of twenty-four hours starting at midnight.Calendar Year means the time period from January 1 to December 31.CDT means Central Daylight Time covering a time period of mid-March to early November eachcalendar year.Confidential Information means all tangible and intangible information and materials beingdisclosed in connection with the Contract, in any form or medium without regard to whether theinformation is owned by the State of Wisconsin or by a third party, which satisfies at least one ofthe following criteria: (i) Individual Personal Information; (ii) Personally Identifiable Information;(iii) Protected Health Information under HIPAA, 45 CFR 160.103; (iv) proprietary information; (v)non-public information related to the State of Wisconsin’s employees, customers, technology(including data bases, data processing and communications networking systems), schematics,specifications, and all information or materials derived therefrom or based thereon; (vi) informationexpressly designated as confidential in writing by the State of Wisconsin; (vii) all information thatis restricted or prohibited from disclosure by State or federal law, including Individual PersonalInformation and Medical Records as governed by Wis. Stat. § 40.07, Wis. Admin. Code ETF10.70(1) and 10.01(3m); or (viii) any material submitted by the Bidder in response to this RFB thatthe Bidder designates as confidential and proprietary information and which qualifies as a tradesecret, as provided in Wis. Stat. § 19.36 (5) or material which can be kept confidential under theWisconsin public records law.Contract means the written agreement resulting from the successful Bid and subsequentnegotiations that shall incorporate, among other things, this RFB, the successful Bid as acceptedby the Department, the Department Terms and Conditions, an updated and executed Form F Draft Contract, exhibits, subsequent amendments and other documents.Contractor means the Bidder(s) who is/are awarded the Contract(s).CST means Central Standard Time covering all time periods not CDT.Day means Calendar Day unless otherwise indicated.RFB ETI0030Page 5

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268Department means the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.ETF means the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.HIPAA means the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. See DepartmentTerms and Conditions.Individual Personal Information or IPI has the meaning ascribed to it at Wis. Admin. Code ETF§ 10.70 (1). See Department Terms and Conditions.Mandatory means the least possible threshold, functionality, degree, performance, etc. neededto meet a compulsory requirement.Personally Identifiable Information or PII means information that is capable of identifying aparticular individual through one or more identifiers or other information or circumstances. SeeForm C – Department Terms and Conditions.Protected Health Information or PHI has the meaning ascribed to it under 45 s. CFR 160.103.See Form C – Department Terms and Conditions.RFB means Request for Bid.Services means all work performed, and labor, actions, recommendations, plans, research, anddocumentation provided by the Contractor necessary to fulfill that which the Contractor isobligated to provide under the Contract.State means State of Wisconsin.State Statutes or Wisconsin Statutes or Wis. Stat. means Wisconsin State Statutes referencedin this RFB, viewable at: ent of Work means a document that clearly specifies the project requirements,milestones, deliverables, end products, documents and reports to be provided by the vendor.Subcontractor means a person or company hired by the Contractor to perform a specific task orprovide Services as part of the Contract.Vendor means any individual, firm, company, corporation, or other entity that may submit a Bidin response to this RFB1.5CLARIFICATION OF THE SPECIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTSBidders must submit all questions concerning this RFB via e-mail (no phone calls) [email protected]. The subject line of the e-mail must state “RFB ETI0030” andthe e-mail must be received on or before the date identified in Section 1.8 Calendar of Events for“Bidder Questions and Letter of Intent to Bid Due.” Bidders are expected to raise any questionsthey have concerning this RFB at this point in the process. Bidders are encouraged to submit anyassumptions or exceptions during this process. Any assumption or exception listed must containa rationale as to the basis. The Department will inform the Bidders which assumptions orexceptions would be acceptable.Questions must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (not a .pdf or scanned image) usingthe format specified below:Table 2 - Format for Submission of Clarification QuestionsNO.RFB SECTIONRFB PAGEQUESTIONQ1RFB ETI0030Page 6

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268NO.RFB SECTIONRFB PAGEQUESTIONQ2The Bidder’s e-mail must include the name of the Bidder’s company and the person submittingthe question(s). A compilation of all questions and answers, along with any RFB updates, will beposted to the ETF Extranet l) on or about the dateindicated in Section 1.8 Calendar of Events.If a Bidder discovers any significant ambiguity, error, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or otherdeficiency in this RFB, the Bidder should immediately notify the individual identified in Section 1.3of such error and request modification or clarification of this RFB.If it becomes necessary to provide additional clarifying data or information, or to revise any partof this RFB, supplements or revisions will be published on the ETF /rfp.html) and will not be mailed. Electronic versions ofthis RFB and all appendices and exhibits are available on ETF’s Extranet.1.6BIDDER CONFERENCEThere is no scheduled Bidder conference. A Bidder conference is an opportunity for Bidders toask questions. If ETF decides to hold a Bidder conference, a notice will be posted on the ETFExtranet l). Note, unless this notice is posted, noconference will be held.1.7REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONSETF will provide reasonable accommodations, including the provision of informational material inan alternative format, for qualified individuals with disabilities, upon request.1.8CALENDAR OF EVENTSListed below are the important dates by which actions related to this RFB must be completed. Inthe event that the Department finds it necessary to change any of the specific dates and times inthe calendar of events listed below, it will do so by issuing a supplement to this RFB via the ETFExtranet l). No other formal notification will beissued.Table 3 - Calendar of EventsDATEEVENTOctober 24, 2018ETF Issues RFBOctober 29, 2018Bidder Questions and Letter of Intent to Bid DueNovember 2, 2018ETF Posts Answers to Questions on ETF ExtranetNovember 12, 2:00 P.M. CSTBid Due Date and TimeRFB ETI0030Page 7

DocuSign Envelope ID: ber 2018Software Demos at ETFJanuary 2019ETF Notifies Bidders of Contract AwardTBDContract Start DateNOTE: All dates are estimated except the dates for Bidder Questions and Bid Due Dateand Time.1.9CONTRACT TERMThe Contract will commence when duly counter-signed and executed and will extend for a oneyear initial term. ETF retains the option, by mutual agreement of ETF and the selected Contractor,to renew for up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods, subject to the satisfactory negotiationof terms, including pricing.Bidders must provide pricing on the Cost Worksheet for the entire length of the Contract, includingany optional renewals. There will be no price increases for the length of the Contract, includingoptional renewal periods.1.10 LETTER OF INTENTBy the date indicated in Section 1.8, Calendar of Events, please submit a letter of intent viae-mail indicating that a Bidder intends to submit a response to this RFB. In the letter, identifythe Bidder's organization and give the name, location, telephone number, and e-mail address ofone or more persons authorized to act on the Bidder's behalf. Submit the letter of intent to theemail address listed in Section 1.3. The letter of intent does not obligate the Bidder to submit aBid, and is not mandatory.1.11 NO OBLIGATION TO CONTRACTETF reserves the right to cancel this RFB for any reason prior to award and prior to signing acontract. ETF does not guarantee to purchase any specific dollar amount. Bids that stipulate thatETF shall guarantee a specific quantity or dollar amount will be disqualified.1.12ESUPPLIER REGISTRATIONThe Wisconsin Department of Administration’s eSupplier Portal is available to all businesses andorganizations that want to do business with the State. The eSupplier Portal allows vendors to seedetails about pending invoices and payments, allows vendors to receive automatic, future officialnotices of solicitations, and, in some cases, allows vendors to respond to State solicitations. Note:the eSupplier Portal is not being used for this solicitation for Bid responses.For more information on the eSupplier Portal, go /ERP/h/?tab WI BIDDERRFB ETI0030Page 8

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB2681.13 RETENTION OF RIGHTSAll Bids become the property of ETF upon receipt. All rights, title and interest in all materials andideas prepared by the Bidder for the Bid as sent to ETF shall be the exclusive property of ETFand may be used by the State of Wisconsin at its discretion. For bidders who withdraw or aredisqualified, the department may agree to return extra copies of submissions upon request andat the bidder’s expense. If copies are returned, a record of the submission will remain on thedepartment’s record.1.14 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSThe selection of a Contractor will be based on several factors, which may include the informationsubmitted in the Bids, reference checks, oral presentations, interviews, demonstrations,responses to requests for additional information or clarification, and on-site visits to references.Failure to respond to each of the requirements of this RFB may be the basis for rejectinga Bid.Elaborate Bids (e.g., expensive artwork), beyond that sufficient to present a complete andeffective Bid, are neither necessary nor desired.1.15 INCURRING COSTSThe State of Wisconsin and ETF are not liable for any costs incurred by Bidders replying to thisRFB, or during the selection process.1.16 SUBMITTING THE BIDBidders must submit the following, including all materials required for acceptance of their bid: One (1) original hard copy of the bid, clearly labeled “ORIGINAL;” One (1) USB flash drive clearly labeled with the Bidder Name and the RFB number, whichincludes the following:oOne (1) single file in Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel, and/or Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (orabove) format. The Department requires that all files have optical character recognition(OCR) capability (not a scanned image). OCR is the conversion of all images typed,handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. The file must be labeled“[Name] Bid.” The file must have the same pagination as the original hard copy Bid.oOne (1) file in Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel, and/or Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (or above)format EXCLUDING or REDACTING all confidential and proprietaryinformation/documents. This file must be labeled “[Name] REDACTED BID.” This isthe file that will be used for responding to open records requests. Note that no matterwhat the method the Bidder uses to redact documents, the Department is notresponsible for checking that the redactions match the Bidder’s Designation ofConfidential and Proprietary Information in Form D. Bidders should be aware that theDepartment may need to electronically send the redacted materials to members of thepublic and other requesters when responding appropriately to open records requests.The Department is not responsible for checking that redactions, when viewed onscreen via electronic file, cannot be thwarted. The Department is not responsible forresponding to open records requests via printed hard copy, even if redactions are onlyeffective on printed hard copy. The Department may post redacted Bids on theRFB ETI0030Page 9

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268Department’s public website in exactly the same file format the Bidder provides, andthe Department is not responsible if the redacted file is copied and pasted, uploaded,e-mailed, or transferred via any electronic means, and somehow loses its redactionsin that process. The redacted file must have the same pagination as the Bidder’soriginal hard copy Bid. Redact only material the Bidder authored. For example, do not redact thequestion the Bidder is responding to, only the answer. Do not redact page numbers. Page numbers should remain visible at all times,even if the whole page is being redacted.IMPORTANT: Do not lock or password protect the USB drive. Clearly mark the exterior of the USB flash drive with Bidder’s name andthe RFB number. Flash drives must be free of all malware, ransomware, viruses, spyware,worms, Trojans, or anything that is designed to perform maliciousoperations on a computer.Bidders must submit the bid to the address listed in Section 1.3 by the due date and time listed inSection 1.8.All bids must be time-stamped as accepted by ETF by the stated time. Bids not so stamped in byETF on or prior to the stated due date and time will not be accepted and shall be considered late.Receipt of a bid by the State of Wisconsin mail system does not constitute receipt of a bid by ETF,for the purposes of this RFB.Bids submitted via fax or e-mail will not be accepted.The bid must be packaged, sealed and show the following information on the outside of thepackage: “[Bidder’s Company Name and Address]” Title: ETI0030 Appointment Scheduling Software Bid Due Date: November 12, 2:00 P.M. CST1.17 BID ORGANIZATION AND FORMATBidders responding to this RFB must comply with the following format requirements. ETF reservesthe right to exclude any bids from consideration that do not follow the required format as instructedbelow.Bids must be typed and submitted on 8.5 by 11-inch paper and bound securely.Only provide promotional materials if they are relevant to a specific requirement of this request. Ifprovided, all materials must be included with the response to the relevant requirement and clearlyidentified as “promotional materials.” Electronic access to such materials is preferred, whichincludes flash drives and/or web links.Bidders responding to this RFB must comply with the format requirements specifiedbelow and include the information requested in each tab.RFB ETI0030Page 10

DocuSign Envelope ID: E OFCONTENTSTAB 1Front Cover RequirementsInclude at a minimum the following information: Bidder’s Company Name Title: Appointment Scheduling Software Bid Due DateTable of Contents RequirementsInclude at a minimum the following information: Listing of each TAB number Listing of each TAB description Listing of each TAB page numberGeneral Information and Required FormsProvide the following in the following order: TRANSMITTAL LETTER: A signed transmittal letter mustaccompany the bid. The transmittal letter must be written on theBidder’s official business stationery and signed by an official that isauthorized to legally bind the Bidder. Include in the letter:I.II.III.IV.V.VI.Name, signature and title of Bidder’s authorized representative;Name and address of company;Telephone number and e-mail address of representatives whowill be providing software under this RFB;RFB number and title: ETI0030 Appointment SchedulingSoftware;Number of employees (if less than 50); and,Executive Summary. Form A – Bidders Checklist Form B – Requirements Form C – Department Terms and Conditions Form D – Bidder Form (DOA-3832)Note: Although these clients shall serve as the primary references for purposesof this RFB, ETF specifically reserves the right to contact any past clients forinformation about the Bidder’s performance under past and present contracts.Provide references that can validate that the Bidder has two (2) or more years’experience providing appointing scheduling software.If any subcontractors will be involved with this project, make sure thereferences provided are also involved in a similar arrangement and can speakto the quality of work for BOTH the Bidder and any subcontractors named onForm G.RFB ETI0030 Form E – Cost Worksheet. Form F – Draft ContractPage 11

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268 Form G – Subcontractor FormIf it is the intention of the Bidder to subcontract any requirements under thisRFB, complete Form G. Also make sure the references provided on Form Dare in a similar arrangement with the Bidder and named subcontractor(s) andcan speak to the quality of work for both entities. TAB 2Current Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number andCertification (from the Department of the Treasury, Internal RevenueService: and ExceptionsIf the Bidder has no assumptions or exceptions to any term, condition, RFBexhibit or form, provide a statement to that effect in Tab 2.If the Bidder has assumptions and/or exceptions to any RFB term, condition,or form, then follow these instructions:Instructions: Regardless of any proposed assumption or exception, the bid aspresented must reflect all requirements under the Contract. If the Bidder cannot agree to a term or condition as written, the Biddermust make its specific required revision to the language of the provisionby striking out words or inserting required language to the text of theprovision. Any new text and deletions of original text must be clearlycolor coded or highlighted, which requires the Bidder’s response beprinted in color. Bidder shall avoid complete deletion and substitutionof entire provisions, unless the deleted provision is rejected in itsentirety and substituted with substantively changed provisions.Wholesale substitutions of provisions shall not be made in lieu ofstrategic edits required to reflect Bidder-required modifications. Immediately after a proposed revision, the Bidder shall add a conciseexplanation concerning the reason or rationale for the required revision.Such explanations shall be separate and distinct from the marked-uptext and shall be bracketed, formatted in italics and preceded with theterm “[Explanation:].” All provisions on which no changes are noted shall be assumedaccepted by the Bidder as written and shall not be subject to furthernegotiation or change of any kind unless otherwise proposed by theDepartment. Submission of any standard Bidder contracts as a substitute forlanguage in the terms and conditions is not a sufficient response to thisrequirement and may result in rejection of the bid. An objection to termsor conditions without including proposed alternative language will bedeemed to be an acceptance of the language as applicable. The Department reserves the right to negotiate contractual terms andconditions when it is in the best interest of the State of Wisconsin to doso. Exceptions to the Contract terms and conditions may be consideredduring Contract negotiations if it is beneficial to the Department.RFB ETI0030Page 12

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268 The Department may or may not consider any of the Bidder’ssuggested revisions. The Department reserves the right to reject anyproposed assumptions or exceptions. Clearly label each assumption and exception with one of the followinglabels: Form B Requirements - Assumption Form B Requirements - Exception Form C Department Terms and Conditions - Assumption Form C Department Terms and Conditions – Exception Form F Draft Contract – Assumption or ExceptionSupplemental Information – IMPORTANTThe Department will not allow any assumptions or exceptions by the Bidder toany of the following items listed in Table 4. Any Bid with an assumption orexception to any of the items listed in Table 4 may be rejected.Table 4 - No Assumptions or Exceptions AllowedRFB ETI0030No.DocumentItem/SectionPage(s)1Form C3.0 Legal Relations12Form C6.0 Audit Provision23Form C12.0 Liquidated Damages44Form C13.0 Contract Dispute Resolution45Form C14.0 Controlling Law46Form C16.0 Termination of the Contract57Form C17.0 Termination for Cause58Form C18.0 Remedies of the Department69Form C22.0 Confidential Information and HIPAA 6Business Associate Agreement10Form C23.0 Indemnification911Form C25.0 Right to Publish or Disclose1012Form C28.0 DataAgreement13Form C39.0 AssignmentSecurityandPrivacy 1117Page 13

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268TAB 3Response to Section 3.1Provide a point-by-point response and each-and-every piece of informationcalled for in Section 3.1. Tab 3 must exactly follow the same numberingsystem as 3.1, use the same headings, and address each point in Section3.1. Format the original 3.1 ETF-authored text so that it looks different fromthe response. For example, put the ETF-authored text in bold.1.18 MULTIPLE BIDSMultiple bids from a Bidder are not permissible.1.19 WITHDRAWAL OF BIDBids shall be irrevocable until the Contract is awarded unless the Bid is withdrawn by notifyingETF in writing prior to the date and time listed in Section 1.8 Calendar of Events for the Bid DueDate and Time. To accomplish this, the written request must be signed by an authorizedrepresentative of the Bidder and submitted to the contact listed in Section 1.3. If a previouslysubmitted bid is withdrawn before the Bid Due Date and Time, the Bidder may submit another Bidat any time up to the Bid Due Date and Time.1.20 CONTACTING BIDDER REFERENCES AND CONDUCTING SITE VISITSBy submitting a Bid in response to this RFB, the Bidder grants rights to the Department to contactor arrange a visit with any or all of the Bidder’s clients and/or references.2 BID SELECTION AND AWARD PROCESS2.1PRELIMINARY EVALUATIONBids will initially be reviewed to determine if mandatory requirements are met. Failure to meetmandatory requirements as stated in Form B - Requirements, or failure to follow the requiredinstructions for completing and submitting a Bid as specifically outlined in this RFB may result inrejection of the Bid.2.2CLARIFICATION PROCESSETF may request that Bidders clarify ambiguities or other information presented in the Bid.Clarification requests will include appropriate references to this RFB and/or the Bid. Clarificationresponses shall be in writing and shall address only the information requested. Responses shallbe submitted to ETF within the time required.RFB ETI0030Page 14

DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB2682.3CONTRACT AWARDThe least cost responsible Bidder(s) that meet

Appointment Scheduling Software Issued by the State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds Release Date: October 24, 2018 DocuSign Envelope ID: F0054B55-50C1-48CA-A9F2-0FB36FECB268. . software publisher or implementer, after an extensive software demo and successful contract