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2. EnvironmentToday’s work environment forces us to improve the information analysis that we use tooptimize the resources and investments within the sector.Business Intelligence platforms allow us to consolidate information from differentmanagement applications and make it possible to have a fast and efficient analysis.The hospitality sector has been managed for years by multiple technologies offering closedsolutions in which the integration with external modules was very difficult and stressful.Software vendors have been very jealous when opening their environment connectivitybetween platforms and other management programs for external integrations.CentralizationEvents &GroupsHotelManagementFinances &HumanResourcesOther DataSourcesFood &BeverageSuppliersControl PanelAnálysisRevenueManagementReports4

Not surprisingly, years ago the HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) organization wasborn due to the demand from hoteliers and some software vendors, that had hard times tooffer their product to the hospitality market, to deliver standard integrations to allow thehoteliers to choose the right solution for their operations.The Hotel Dashboard is born with this philosophy: to enable the hotel to integrate informationfrom different data sources existing in their hotels or group of hotels, without limitation,through Business Intelligence.Hoteliers can cross data and information from their different management programs (hotelmanagement, business management, event management, quality management, servicemanagement, interfaces, POS management, procurement and warehouse management,financial management and accounting , web platforms, etc.) regardless the software vendor.With it, they can optimize the management of their departments through specialized programsfor each of them, and unify the information effectively.The standardization of the information will be possible for those hotel groups that work withdifferent brands, hotel software by region, brand or other technologies.Data centralization from different software management is possible through the HotelDashboard and its modules. Moreover the Hotel Dashboard is designed so that the hotel needsonly to purchase the licenses needed to work with. This allows them to achieve budgetsadapted to their needs providing them with what only a few companies from the hotel sectorhave already discovered.5

3. Business IntelligenceWhat is Business Intelligence?It is a set of tools and strategies aimed to the administration and creating knowledge throughthe analysis of existing data in a company or organization.It refers to the use of an enterprise data to facilitate decision-making.What are the benefits? Access to the information at anytime, anywhere. Software that the employees can use to improve their performance and company orEnterprise strategies. Interact with the available information to take accurate decisions and withfundaments. Facilitate key indicators or KPIs to manage the business or Enterprise.6

The Hotel Dashboard is based on Qlik, one of the most powerful Business Intelligence tools inthe market. Through its Business Discovery technology it allows to develop dashboardswithout investing large amounts of time and money. Its technology, which gives you access tothe information in memory, can save hundreds of hours working on the creation of theclassical data cubes that always end up being obsolete before they can be placed to work.The hospitality sector requires speed on the development and quick responses, the HotelDashboard and Qlik covers this necessity.Mastel and Qlik have defined an economic licensing plan that will allow access to all or some ofthe modules of your company or group of companies’ software, adapting to the needs and sizeof each customer. In addition the Hotel Dashboard includes by default all the necessarysoftware for the installation on a central server of the hotel or hotel group.The users will have access to each of the modules through a nominal WEB access which willallow them to see and work with all the available information in such module. In case ofneeding access to more than one module a license will be assigned for each module.The Hotel Dashboard has taken into consideration the difficulty of working in someenvironments were the internet connectivity is not optimal, therefore, it will be also possibleto work with a local client license that won t depend on the internet connectivity.7

4. Hotel Dashboard?The Hotel Dashboard is a Business Intelligence development that offers a predefined vision ofthe hotel data and KPI s based on connectors with different applications such as PMS, POS,S&C, Finance, HHRR, etc., from management software like Opera, MICROS, Delphi, Protel,SIHOT, Scala, Talentia, Concept Software System, Sage, SunSystems or SAP. These products canbe integrated via the Business Intelligence.The Hotel Dashboard is the starting point for any hospitality Business Intelligence project. Withthe connectors, in little time, you will be analyzing your operation and planning new steps orphases to include new data sources from other management tools or applications.8

The Hotel Dashboard will allow you to: Centralize local or corporate data. Centralize Multi-Language, Multi-Currency and Multi-Property data. Access to the information according to the user s rights (levels). Automatically distribute reports and documentation according to scheduled Jobs. Access to the information from anywhere.You will be able to develop your “own” Hotel Dashboard in short time loading informationfrom your hotel management applications.9

With the modules that the Hotel Dashboard offers, you can reduce the implementation time.These modules will be the starting point for your own Business Intelligence.The available modules in the Hotel Dashboard are:You will set up the limit of your Business Intelligence project for your hotel. From the HotelDashboard modules you could tailor the development of all and each one of the KPIs that youwant and integrate ALL the technological platforms of your Enterprise or group.In addition, the Hotel Dashboard will allow you to automatically distribute information indifferent format, MSWord, Excel, PPT or HTML, via email, network folders, FTP server orpublishing on your corporate web page.10

3. Distribuciónautomatizadadeinformación corporativa a travésdecorreoselectrónicosopublicaciones web (Word, Excel,HTML o PPT).Scheduledautomaticdistribution ofreports anddocumentsAnd you will have access to your Dashboards through mobile devices (iPad, iPhone andandroid).11

5. Hotel Dashboard modulesThe Hotel Dashboard has been designed with the end user in mind through a simple licensingper user that can connect to multiple data sources according to the needs of each hotel,resort, sport center or tourist sector companies.On top of each modules the central or corporate Hotel Dashboard, will allow you to unifyinformation from all the other modules offering a high level of information of the wholeenterprise, ideal scenario for the upper management direction.5.1.HD Central SolutionThe Central module allows groups or hotel groups toconsolidate information from other applications offering acorporate image of all the information contained in theHotel Dashboard modules, including also, information fromthe central reservation systems, other centralized systems,CRM, etc.5.2.HD Hotel SolutionThe Hotel module allows the integration with the mainmodules of the hotels that are part of the standardmanagement. The connection to the hotel managementsoftware applications such as Opera, Fidelio, Protel,MICROS, SIHOT, Prestige, AciGroup, Delphi, Squirrel, Alohaand others similar, are the heart of this module.12

5.3.HD F&B SolutionThe F&B module includes the connection to Food andBeverage management programs those normally included inthe restaurant or restauration group management. Theconnection to hotel management software such as MICROS,Squirrel, Aloha, Material Control, SAP, Oracle, SanSystemsand others similar are part of this module.5.4.HD Leisure SolutionThis module allows the integration with different platformsaimed to manage leisure activities as Golf, SPA, sports,clubs, restaurants reservations, golf classes, etc. Someplatforms included in the connector are Concept SoftwareSystems, Reservation Assistance, Baron Software,SpaBooker, TNG, Spa Software and others similar.5.5.HD Financial SolutionThis module integrates different financial managementplatforms that are normally used by the hotel sector.Management applications such as Accounting, financial,budgetary, procurement, etc., are part of this solution.Some sector s solutions are SunSystems, SAP, OracleFinancial, Scala, Talentia, Datisa, Sage and other similar.13

5.6.HD Social Media SolutionThis module includes a development that connects to themayor social networks with which the hotel or hotel groupworks. Including among others are Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, YouTube, WEB pages, and RSS feeds. Shortythere will be available connectors to andTripAdvisor.5.7.HD Human Resources SolutionThis module allows the connection of your hotel solution todifferent HHRR platforms to analyze the data contained on itand cross that information with data coming from thefinancial and operations departments. Programs like Meta4,SAP and Oracle among others are part of this solution.14

The Hotel Dashboard is a Business Intelligence development that offers a predefined vision of the hotel data and KPI s based on connectors with different applications such as PMS, POS, S&C, Finance, HHRR, etc., from management software like Opera, MICROS, Delphi, Protel,