PLAYBILLThe University of Alaska FairbanksTheatre and Music Departments Proudly PresentTheor theTown ofTittipuBy Gilbert & SullivanStage Director: Anatoly AntohinMusical Director: John HopkinsScenic DesignerGreg GustafsonCostume DesignerTara MaginnisLighting DesignerStage ManagerKade Mendelowitz Rob WojtasiewiczApril 2 - 18, 1999Lee H. Salisbury Theatre

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Principal CastThe Mikado of JapanNathan KesseyNanki-Poo (his son, disguised as a wandering minstel, and in love with Yum-Yum)Dan KiserKo-Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu)Steven DixonPooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else)Mike KiserPish-Tush (A Noble Lord)Brett GoodYum-YumHeather HolzapfelPeep-BoMeredith RudePitti-SingSarah BushmanKatishaGwendolyn P. BrazierGentlemen of Japan:Nick Dixon, Go-ToGary Maynard, Yo-YoRobert Smith, Ping-PongBen Thompson, Wang-ChungChorus of Schoolgirls:Stephanie Dube, Honey-DewKit Fielding, Yippi YoLauren Kaynor, Tippi ToMichelle Risse, Dippi-DooCarolyn Shannon, Tutti-Froo-TiAmanda Williams, Kitchi-Coo(Invisible Chorus)Tammi Holland, ChorusErika Johnson, ChorusMoe O Connell, ChorusJamie Thierman, ChorusFairbanks Choral Arts OrchestraConductorJohn HopkinsViolinKathleen Butler-Hopkins, ConcertmasterSunnifa BradyCarrie KrauseSam QuintalKaren TolandJustin EichlerBeth O BrienCarrie RosenbergJulie ParshallGlenn JohnsonNancy HallinanViolaCelloPeggy SwartzChristopher HopkinsJo SwissKevin HanscomMonica BandoJennifer CombellickBassoonKatie OrthKay DeCorsoGwendolyn NeilsonClarinetTrumpetAlison WiefelsStephanie RobinsonTromboneBill HolmesDouglas BedingfieldFrench HornDerrick ParkerPamela MacDonaldBassAlexandra CoghillFluteOboeIngrid HarbaughPercussionApril 4 PerformanceAnn Andersen, Piano

Production CrewAssistant Stage Manager*Kelley StablesPosterTara Maginnis & Kade MendelowitzDepartment CoordinatorJason ChapmanTicket Sales*Fletcher Hirom, Jeremy JohnsonTechnical DirectorKade MendelowitzAssistant Technical Dir., Master Elec.Dale F. KohlmetzCrew SupervisorsSarah Bushman, *Kelley StablesScene Shop CrewJessica Beck, Christopher Salmon, *Diana WilliamsLight Board OperatorChad StadigFly CrewJessica Beck, CraigCostume Shop ManagerLorraine PettitWig ConstructionTara Maginnis, John Wallace, *Diana WilliamsDressers . Makeup Crew *Tiffany Ayers, Heather Mass, *Diana WilliamsCostume Construction*Tiffany Ayers, Gwendolyn Brazier,*Angela Brownfield, Sarah Bushman, *Tracy Campbell, Jason Chapman,Stephanie Dube, Cathy Ellis, Sevak Fair, Kit Fielding, Goro Iri, Lauren Kaynor,Etsuko Kimura, Mike Kiser, Heather Maas, Gary Maynard, Lura Noss,Susan Risse, Jim Runner, Robert Smith, Fawn Solomon, Kelley Stables, Jo Swiss,Jamie Thierman, Susan Thierman, Ben Thompson, Carolyn Valley,Amanda Williams, *Diana WilliamsKimono/Obi Dressing ConsultantEtsuko KimuraMikado Headdress Construction*Tracy Campbell, Stephanie Dube, TaraMaginnisOrchestra ManagerNancy HallinanRehearsal AccompanistAnn AndersenUAF Opera Workshop TA, AccompanistPaul KrejciChoreographerChad Goldback* Denotes Member of the SDA (Student Drama Association)Get Into The Act.It's easy. Buy an extra seat to a performance.Bring kids to a rehearsal. The arts give kids betterthings to do than drugs. Help them learn skillsthat last a lifetime. Call 1-800-729-6686 for moreideas and FREE prevention materials.

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About the Cast and CrewGwendolyn P. Brazier, Katisha, A graduate of North Pole High School, this is not Gwen’s first show. Shehas performed in almost a dozen shows including Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. In her secondsemester at UAF, Gwen has immersed herself n the arts. Fairbanks Symphony, Camerata, and North StarStrings are a mere fraction of the things to which she devotes her time. Katisha is, she says, very muchlike her own character, “a little bloodthirsty.”Sarah Bushman, Pitti-Sing, is a sophomore transfer student from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.She is a music major at UAF. Sarah plans to pursue a career in either opera or theatre. She served as assistantstage manager for Laughter in the 23rd Floor and stage manager for Mrs. Sorken. She enjoys writing,reading, pretending to understand French, and hanging around the theatre. She also wonders why peoplewillingly live in Fairbanks during the winter.Nick Dixon, Go-To, is a freshman at UAF and is studying music. He has performed in numerous plays inhighschool including the Mikado, Pirates of Penzance, Chorus Line and Fame.Steven Dixon, Koko, If you’ve been going to UAF’s opening musicals the past few years, Steve may bea familiar face. He played Papageno in last year’s The Magic Flute, and was also in Threepenny Operathe year before. A music major, Steve has done much solo and choral work throughout Alaska, and hasperformed through the lower 48 and Europe. He plans to graduate before he dies.Stephanie Dube, Honey-Dew, Having sung since she was a little girl, Stephanie has always loved singingin choruses. She has already received a degree in biology, but decided to add musical education with a focuson vocal performance to her already long list of skills and talents. Stephanie intends to give her vocalrecital next fall and move into her student teaching in the spring of 2000. She will be singing proudly inthe Mikado and hopes you enjoy the show.Kit Fielding, Yippi Yo, Kit is a fifteen year old sophomore at West Valley High School and has lived inFairbanks for three years. She enjoys singing and acting. In addition to singing and acting, Kit also enjoysplaying soccer and her violin. She doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future but she’s sure it willinvolve acting.Brett Good, Pish-Tush, is a theatre major who plans to graduate ASAP. He has done many shows up here,and feels that it is time to try working in a more theatre oriented town.Tammi Holland, Chorus, is a Junior music major studying voice here at UAF. Her past credits include Edithin Pirates of Penzance, Rose in Meet in St. Louis, Lucy in Three-Penny Opera and Pamina in The MagicFlute.Heather Holzapfel, Yum-Yum, is a twenty year old sophomore at UAF. she is majoring in vocalperformance. Last year you may have seen her as Papagena in The Magic Flute. Some other productionsshe has been in include Oklahoma as Gertie, Fiddler on the Roof as Hodel, Nunsense as Sister Mary Amnesiaand The King and I as Anna. She also plays the violin and viola, and is currently studying piano. She islooking forward to a few more years of productions with UAF.Erika Johnson, Chorus, a freshman at UAF, is proud to be part of The Mikado. She has been performingsince age three and could not possibly list all the wonderful experiences she’s had. Currently, Erika is afull-time student majoring in vocal performance. She also keeps busy working two jobs, saving her moneywith hopes of moving to New York City and living in a nice refrigerator box. Erika would like to thankher family and many friends for their support.Lauren Kaynor, Tippi-To, is a sophomore in highschool and has lived in Fairbanks for two years. Thoughearly in her career, she has already appeared in such plays as Bye-bye Birdie, Triple Threat, Ragtime, TheSaga of Cinderella in Summer Fine Arts Camp and, her favorite role to date, as Ruth in Pirates of Penzance.Lauren has also participated in All-State choir and Solo / Ensemble competition.Nathan Kessey, Mikado, Nathan has been performing locally since the age of three, in the Suzuki ViolinSchool. He loves acting, and performed throughout school and Fine Arts Camp for four years. He enjoysmartial arts, guitar, video work, and sports, but his real love is music. Nathan plans to go to either theuniversity if Northern Colorado or the University of Nevada, Reno, next year.Dan Kiser, Nanki-Poo, Dan Kiser, a sophomore at UAF, is a committed vocal performance major. Hisinterest in musical theater seems to be heading him to the stage in New York, but who knows. PreviouslyHarold Hill from the Music Man at SFAC, and ranked #1 Baritone in 97 Alaska All-State Choir. Dan isproud to be a part of The Mikado.Mike Kiser, Pooh-Bah, is a junior in his fifth semester at UAF. He has been studying philosophy and musicas a double major, but intends to change to interdisciplinary studies. His career ambitions consist ofgraduating someday so he can pursue an MFA in creative writing.Gary Maynard, Chorus, Gary was born in Columbus, Ohio and came to Fairbanks in 1993 to study PoliticalScience. He transferred to Bowling Green State in Ohio to finish his studies in 1995. He graduated with

a 3.96 G.P.A. and is in Phi Beta Kappa. Gary has lived in Norfolk, Virginia and Phoenix, Arizona. Hecame to Alaska to experience the untamed wilderness. He wants to be an actor and hopes to work in theatre,films and television at some point in his career. He enjoys reading, studying ancient history, and foreigncultures. He also enjoys soccer.Moe O’Connell, Chorus, Moe O’Connell is a freshman and came to Alaska the first time ever in Jan 99.Moe jumped right into the theatre department upon arrival and made her debut appearance in the studentdirected Winter Short, Prelude and Liebestod. She loves acting, trying new things, and being a weirdo.Michelle Risse, Chorus, a student at Ryan Middle School, has lived in Fairbanks all her life, but at the ageof thirteen, she is no new-comer to the stage. She has been in four other productions previous to the Mikado.Among her favorite roles are Baby June from Gypsy and a Ward from another Gilbert and Sullivan playPirates of Penzance. Currently, Michelle is taking dance lessons from Mo Holland and Choir with FrancisGloria.Meredith Rude, Peep-Bo, is a senior at UAF and working towards a degree in K-12 Music Education. Duringher five years up here she has participated in a few major musical productions. Most recently she appearedin The Magic Flute as the First Spirit, and briefly as Queen of the Night. This will likely be her last productionat Theatre UAF as she will be student teaching next fall in her hometown of Anchorage.Carolyn Shannon, Chorus, a sophomore at West Valley, enjoys acting, dancing and singing. She has beenin many F.L.O.T. plays, such as Gypsy, Music Man and Oliver. She was also an Indian in the FairbanksShakespeare Company’s Peter Pan. She takes voice lessons from Marvilla Davis and has attended SummerFine Arts Camp three years.Robert Smith, Ping-Pong, was raised in North Pole. He spent a considerable amount of time swimming,acting and singing. He is currently a Music Education Major here at UAF, and hopes to graduate by 2001.His hobbies include: practicing (acting and music), studying, reading and catching the latest new releaseat the theatre.Jamie Thierman, Chorus, played Peg, the leader of the homeless children, in Castaways and was a narratorin Barrington Bunny with Sandy Wolf. In her spare time, she plays violin, flute, piano, and sings in choir.Jamie is in the sixth grade at Weller Elementary School.Ben Thompson, Chorus, After five years as an electrician in the U.S. Navy he returned to Fairbanks to learnthat none of his experience counts in the real world so he has turned all his attention to acting.Amanda Williams, Cutchie-Koo, is a sophomore at UAF. She has been in many operas and plays includingThe Magic Flute, The Music Man, and Oliver. Though voice is her true passion theatre has also becomeone of her great passions. Next year she will be transferring to Grassland to pursue a career in theology.Rob Wojtasiewicz, Stage Manager, got his start in theatre 33 years ago at the tender age of ten when, asThe March Hare in Alice in Wonderland, he sang an entire solo verse of The Unbirthday Song (whichhe still remembers). Lately Rob is more involved in production than acting, and has helped in various localshows. His ultimate dream is to help produce Goethe’s Faust. He dedicates his efforts on The Mikado inrespectful memory of Stanley KubrickNotes From the DirectorThis opera was written over a century ago when the China Towns in SF and NYC werein their infancies. The Orient was a cultural discovery; the West met East. Thanks to theBritish sense of humor, Gilbert and Sullivan wrote an opera not about the East, but aboutthe English in London.I like The Mikado, a very silly love story about the law in Titipu punishing flirting bydeath! I like that after Wagner, the grand opera decided not to take itself too seriously(Broadway musicals were born out of this comic attitude). You know, sometimes it seasier to talk about your problems using fictitious character names (like Pish-Tush or Yum-Yum ) .They say that it all began when a Japanese sword fell from the wall of Gilbert s houseand inspired him to writeMikado. Sullivan, who had already decided to stop writing comicopera music for the Savoy Theatre, changed his mind when he read Gilbert s story. Therewas an enormous reservoir of theatrical fun in the work. The absurdity of power, positionand bureaucracy (under made-up Japanese names) becomes visible and laughable.The Mikado was a success in England and the States, and the first opera ever recordedon compact disc. The Mikado is considered a true theatre success story. Please join usthis April as we present this piece of theatrical/musical history.Anatoly Antohin, Stage Director

We offer courses in:ActingScript AnalysisDirectingVoice & DictionMakeupMovementLightingStagecraftScenic Design& More.CostumingFilm Making LiteratureTheatre UAF Faculty and StaffAnatoly Antohin, Playwright and Director: Anatoly has directedmany shows at UAF. He received his MFA from the MoscowInstitute of Cinematography, and won several awards in drama. Hisplays have been produced in many European countries. In the USA,he has taught and directed at the University of Connecticut, NewYork University, and Hollins College in Virginia.Jason Chapman, Theatre UAF’s Department Coordinator: isan alumnus of UAF, where he received his BA in Theatre with aMinor in film. He has directed extensively for Theatre UAF andKDQ & Co., a new non-profit theatre company. Next semesterJason will be guest lecturing a course on the true love of his life; stagemanagement.Greg Gustafson, Scenic Designer, Guest Artist.Greg has beeninvolved in the Fairbanks theatre community for 19 years as anActor and Scenic Artist, he lives in the cabin he built in the woodswith his wife, Claudia, and their two children, Trenton and Cheyenne.Greg is currently teaching Drama at Lathrop High School.

John Hopkins, Musical Director: John received his Doctor ofMusical Arts (D.M.A.) degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogyfrom The University of Iowa. In addition to directing the UAF OperaWorkshop at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, he directs theChoir of the North, the Alaska Camerata and teaches private voice.Dale F. Kohlmetz, Assistant Technical Director: Dale is themost recent addition to the Theatre UAF staff and recently graduatedfrom UAF with a degree in Wildlife Management. This job keeps theright side of Dale’s brain happy while the left side pursues researchwith the UA Museum.Judy Kreith, Dance and Movement Guest Lecturer: Judymoved to Fairbanks in 1996 to work as an artist in the schools withthe Fairbanks Arts Association. She received her M.A. fromStanford University in 1987. Her choreography credits includeStanford University production of "West Side Story” and “JesusChrist Superstar.” Currently, she is teaching a variety of dance andmovement classes for children and adults in the Fairbanks area, andis the Artistic Director of Dance Omnium.Tara Maginnis, PhD., Costume Designer: Tara is slowlydisappearing and reforming her molecules into html. She is now thelargest costume web site on the planet at, whereshe and her cat, Shoelace, live in virtual form on the World WideWeb.Kade Mendelowitz, Lighting Designer and Technical Director.Originally from New York, this workaholic recently completed anInteractive CD-ROM / textbook on lighting design. Kade is the soleowner of Multimakers, and he invites you to visit his site is atHTTP://WWW.LDI.NULorraine Pettit, Costume Shop Manager, Tara’s twin joined atthe mind at birth. Has recently driven up the Alcan with her felinefamiliar Mu. She lives in non virtual form in the costume shop atUAF.Thomas Riccio, Playwright and Director, Has directed over adozen plays with Tuma Theatre. Prior to UAF Riccio was ArtisticDirector of Chicago’s Organic Theatre Company and Dramaturg/Resident Director at the Cleveland Play House. He has directed atNew York City’s famed La Mama Etc, and others. He was a visitingProfessor at the Korean National University for the Arts in 1996 andhas recently conducted workshops in Finland and England. Last Fallhe developed and directed Pipedreams for FDA.

Dan Kiser, Nanki-Poo, Dan Kiser, a sophomore at UAF, is a committed vocal performance major. His interest in musical theater seems to be heading him to the stage in New York, but who knows. Previously Harold Hill from the Music Man at SFAC, and ranked #1 Baritone in 97 Alaska All-State Choir. Dan is proud to be a part of The Mikado.