BSTRICT OF COLUMBIA REGISTERINVITATION TO BIDThe Arts & Technology AcademySoliciting Sealed Bids For: Accounting ServicesARTS AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMYREQUEST FOR PROPOSALFISCAL YEAR 2007 ACCOUNTING SERVICESArts and Technology Academy is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide consulting services regardingthe consolidation, maintenance and transition of its accounting proceduresand systems from an off-site contractor toits internal operations or provision of all services by the successful bidder from its location off site. Bitlders shouldclearly delineate how they propose to provide the requested services, either by installing systems and procedures atthe school for the school to operate, by providing the services directly or a combination of those options. Bidders arefree to suggest other alternatives.I.Scope of Services RequiredBusiness services including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, audit interface, and general businessconsulting to support Arts and Technology Academy Public Charter School's transition away frommanagement by an education management organization, and to support ongoing operations without themanagement organizationDetailed scope of servicesTransition to running the school without education management organizationProvide ATA a functional chart of accounts designed to capture and illuminate DC public charterschools' key economic drivers, which will form the basis for budgeting, accounting, and reportingJuly 1, 2006 forwardConvert ATA's SY06107 budget to the new chart of accounts in a dynamic budgetingtool that willfacilitate 'what-if and scenario analyses, in addition to synchronizing the 06107-formatted budget tothe new chart of accounts provided by the firm for financial reportingAssess the information in the legacy financial system to determine the most cost-effective way tomanage and access the information (how and how much to convert)Assess prior-year hardcopy records, work with ATA's business manager to create an archivalsolutionDevelop a transition plan and timeline with ATA's leadership to ensure work processes are in placeso ongoing operations (detailed below) can be picked up on July 1, 2006, and to ensure such workprocesses are efficient and conform with principals of sound financial intemal controlSupport ongoing operations without educational management companyOperate andlor install a financial accounting system capable of tracking departmental and fundaccounting dimensions in addition to functional attributesEach week provide accounting and bookkeeping services as may be needed during the transitionfrom the educational management company including:ooooooFull-cycle AIPA/RDeposits and cash reconciliationGrant expense coding, tracking and balanceGIL entries as requiredFiling

W R K T OF COLUMBIA RH3tSTERSemimonthly, process payroll through ADP and record journal entries, as well as manage 403bcontributionsMonthly, provide accounting and reporting services including:ooooooBank reconciliationsAsset and depreciation schedule updates and accounting system reconciliationDeferred revenue and prepaid expense recognitionFinancial statement preparation (budget vs. actual for month and year-to-date; balancesheet; cash flow statement) with performance summary, notes on variances, concerns,and the like for presentation at each month's board meeting, the third Thursday eachmonthInternal audit to be reviewed by the firm partnerBalance sheet accounts reconciliation such as receivables, accrued expenses, andunearned revenueQuarterly, provide accounting and reporting services including:ooooFinancial reports to supplement the school's narrative for federal grant reportsRevenue recognition per quarterly federal competitive grant reports (for grants other thanNCLB), if anyFederal spending schedule updateFinancial statements in DC PCSB-requiredformat--map and submit quarterly budget vs.actual and balance sheet to the PCSBoQuarterly reports to the school's lending institutions as required by financing documents.oCreate quarterly and final report for Federal title grants (4) and IDEA funds.Work with school's leadership to create detailed &year budget for SY07108Act as audit interface for ATA's annual audit for SY06107o Work with ATA to provide all items requested on the "prepared by client" listo Ensure firm representative is available to auditors to fulfill ad hoc information requests asrequiredPerform one-off and scenario analyses to answer critical "what-if' questions raised by businessdecisions the school will consider throughout the year, particularly with respect to how suchdecisions will affect ATA's budgeted net income and cash flow. Firm should have tools andcapabilities to perform such analyses quickly, and be responsive to ATA's dynamic operatingcircumstancesApply for e-Rate funding on ATA's behalfConsult with regard to the selection of new accounting software for the recording of ATA's financialtransactions and reporting. Selection services are anticipated to include an assessment of currentaccounting and reporting requirements, projection of anticipated growth of ATA and the effect on itsfinancial systems, assessment of infrastructure requirements and staffing requirements andassessment of cost requirements.Assist with the installation of new accounting software for ATA. Installation services are expectedto include an assessment and if necessary, redesign of the chart of accounts, assist with recordingaccounting and financial transactions for the transition period in the new software, modificationandlor redesign of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting as necessary, and testing of theaccounting software to ensure compliance with recording and reporting objectives and internalcontrols.

Qualifications of offerorOfferor should have experience in the DC Public Charter School industry. And, Offeror should have depthbeyond accounting, with some competence in finance and operations.Minimum contractOfferor should be willing to enter into a contract for at least one year, and give Arts and TechnologyAcademy PCS renewal options for at least two additional years.III. OrganizationalBackgroundATA received its charter in the fall of 1999. The school was founded on the basis that children are interested inlearning when learning is fun, yet challenging, and that becoming an educated person is a win that is not easilyattained, but eagerly sought, while simultaneously building character and strength of mind. With the support andguidance of Mosaica Education, Inc., a leader in education management, ATA has been able to provide anoutstanding curriculum for its student body. Over several years, ATA has gained position as a model arts andtechnology school in northeast Washington, DC. It has been recognized as one of the eight outstanding charterschools in the country by the Department of Education and recently received a High Performing SchoolIncentive Award for academic achievement from the District of Columbia. Wlh steady investment, ourcurriculum and teaching style remain focused on our goal of becoming a true arts and technology environmentand ensuring that the arts and technology are part of all learning, allowing students to understand, firsthand,how pertinent arts and technology is to their future successes.Ill.The Organization's Financial OperationATA's financial operations are managed by the use of an outside contractor and an in-house businessmanager. Currently, the outside contractor maintains the general ledger and accounts for all transactions at anoff-site location. The business manager interfaces with the outside contractor for processing disbursements,receivables, payroll, recording investment transactions, maintaining adequate insurance coverage, budgeting,and the production of monthly reporting. The business manager also interfaces with the outside contractor andATA's auditors to provide support to the outside auditors and ensure the timely filing of tax returns, includingIRS Form 990. The oversight for these operations is performed by ATA's treasurer.IV.Firm Qualification and ExperienceThe proposal should state the following:The size of the firm's local office and the size of the local office not-for profit accounting and consultingstaff,The location from which the work on this engagement is to be performed and the number and nature ofthe professionalstaff to be assigned to this engagement, and,The experience of the local office serving similar not-for-profitorganizations.The firm should also list its capabilities in other relevant management advisory services such as the conversionof accounting software.V.Specific Proposal RequirementsAll proposals should include the following:A.Technical Proposal1.Objective and scope of firm's services2. Firm's qualifications and experience, responsive to item IV above (national firms shouldrespond with local office qualifications).3.References for at least three non-profit clients.

DBTRUTT OF COLUMBIA REGISTERMAR 5 1 20064.Description of services approach, including staffing philosophy, responsiveness to requestsand service delivery philosophy,5.Staffing - composition of consulting team and their qualifications.B. Cost bid and related schedules showing timeline for the performance of services and transition ofaccounting functions, assessment of new accounting software and required infrastructure and anticipatedhours by staff member and assigned areas of responsibility.VI.Evaluation ProceduresA.Proposals will be evaluated by the Business Manger and the school's Treasurer and ultimately by itsBoard of Directors according to the requirements of this RFP. Proposals will first be evaluated fortechnical merit. Proposals which do not meet minimum standards for the technical criteria will beeliminated.B. The cost bid should reflect a total all-inclusive maximum price and include all pricing information relativeto performing the accounting engagement as described in this RFP. The total all-inclusive maximumprice is to contain all direct and indirect costs including all out-of-pocketexpenses. The cost bid shouldinclude a schedule of professional fees, hours and expenses, as well as a breakdown of out-of-pocketexpenses.C. Cost will not be the primary factor in awarding this contract. The proposal will be awarded based on thebest overall combination of technical merit and price.VII. General Requirements and DeadlinePlease direct questions no later than March 31, 2006 to Monica Allen, at the address given below forproposal submission. She may be reached at 202-398-6811 .Proposals should be organized in the order in which the requirements are presented in the Request ForProposal (RFP). In order to be considered for selection, offerors must submit a complete response to thisRFP by 5:00 p.m. on April 7,2006. One (1) original and three (3) copies of each proposal must besubmitted to Arts and Technology Academy at the following address:Arts and Technology Academy5300 Blaine Street, NEWashington, DC 20019ATTN: Monica AllenThe school will review proposals received by the deadline and make a recommendation to the Board of Artsand Technology Academy. A final decision will be made and it is anticipated that the selected firm will benotifiedduring April 2006.This RFP should not be construed by any respondent as a commitment by Arts and Technology Academy toprocure any services from any specific entity, nor to make such purchase in any case. Any and all expensesand costs of any kind incurred by a proposer in connection with responding to this RFP are the soleresponsibility of the proposer. Arts and Technology Academy reserves the right:To withdraw this solicitation at any time with no financial or other responsibilityto any prospectiveproposer,To conduct discussion and negotiations, in its sole discretion, with any proposer or proposers, withoutnotification to any such excluded proposers,To accept or reject, in its sole discretion, any or all proposals.Copies of the following can be obtained by contacting Monica Allen on202.398.681 1,202.388.8467 fax or mjones-allen8dcata.orgFiscal year 2005 audited financial statementsQuarterly Reports to Financial InstitutionInternal financial statements and reports for the seven months ended January 31, 2006

DEPARTMENT O F CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRSBOARD FORTHE CONDEMNATION OF INSANITARY BUILDINGSNOTICE OF PUBLIC INTERESTThe Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, in accordancewith section 742 of the District of Columbia Self-Government and GovernmentalReorganization Act of 1973, as amended, D.C. Code section 1-1504 (1999 Repl.),hereby gives notice that the Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings'(BCIB) regular meetings will be held on the dates listed below for calendar year2006, (the second and fourth Wednesday of each month). The meetings will beginat 10:OO a.m. in Room 7100 of 941 North Capitol Street, NW, Washington, D.C.January 11thJanuary 25thJuly 12thJuly 26thFebruary 8thFebruary 22ndAugust 9thAugust 23rdMarch 8thMarch 22ndSeptember 13thSeptember 27thApril 12thApril 26thOctober 11thOctober 25thMay 10thMay 24thNovember 8thNovember 22ndJune 14thJune 28thDecember 13thDecember 27th'* * * * * *These regularly scheduled meetings of the BCIB are open to the public. Pleasecall the Building Condemnation Division on (202) 442-4322 or 442-4486 for furtherinformation or for changes in this schedule.

EAGLE ACADEMY PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLNOTICE: REQUEST FOR INTEREST IN BIDDING ONDESIGN AND/OR RENOVATION OFAPPROXIMATLEY 16,000 SQUARE FEET OF SCHOOL USE SPACEThe Eagle Academy Public Charter School, in accordance with section 2204(c) of theDistrict of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995, is soliciting letters of interest from Districtof Columbia licensed Architects, Developers, and General Contractors for the renovation ofapproximately 16,000 square feet of school use space in an existing building. Renovationshall include architectural design for re-use of existing space, plumbing, electric, interiorconstruction, and other related items. Letters of Interest shall be received no later than April7,2006. Details on design for bidding will be sent no later then April 14,2006. Details onconstruction for bidding shall be sent to approved bidders by April 28,2006. Final bids shallbe received no later than 5:00 P.M., May 5,2006. Letters of Interest should be sent to thelisted address, Attention, Cassandra Pinkney, Executive Director.

EAGLE ACADEMY PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLNOTICE: REQUEST FOR INTEREST IN BIDDING ONTEMPORARY MODULAR UNITS16 CLASSROOMS PLUS ADMINISTRATIVE UNITThe Eagle Academy Public Charter School, in accordance with section 2204tc) of theDistrict of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995, is soliciting letters of interest fromcorporations or individuals for the establishment of a temporary buildingts) or trailer unitbuildingts) f 16r classrooms and an administrative unit equal to approximately to doublewide trailers. Classrooms and administrative unit must be delivered in ready-to-use cdnditionand must meet DC code requirements for a certificate of occupancy. Bids shall include thecost of setting-up and removing building, any additional costs for extras; e-g., ramp to enterthe building, monthly lease plus annual total, type of heating and cooling in trailers, andspecifications of trailer design; e.g., size of classrooms, hallways, number of stalls in boysand girls bathrooms, utility requirements. Proposals with bid information shall be received nolater than April 14,2006 and should be sent to the listed address, Attention, CassandraPinkney,Executive Director.

MAR 3 1 2006EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONAL OPENINGS:Licensed Social Worker, prefer experience working with ages 3-6. Teachers must passthe PRAIXS, prefer B.S. degree in ECH. Instructional Aides must have A.A. Pleasesend letter and resume with three letters of reference to Eagle Academy Public CharterSchool, Attn: T. Jett-Jones, 770 M Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003.

EAGLEACADEMYPUBLICCHARTERSCHOOLNOTICE: FOR PROPOSAL TO PROVIDESPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICESEagle Academy Public Charter School, in accordance with section 22040 of the Districtof Columbia School Reform Act of 1995, solicits proposals to provide special educationservices including therapeutic services, evaluation services, I.E.P. services and relatedservices for children ages 3 through 6, ranging from Levels 1 through 4.Providers must state their credentials, provide appropriate references. No proposal willbe considered without fixed prices.Proposals shall be received no later than 5:00 P.M., June 8,2006. Proposals should beaddressed: Eagle Academy Public Charter School, Attn: Jennifer Jenkins, BusinessManager, 770 M Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003.

MAR 3 1 2006NOTICE: FOR PROPOSAL TO CATER SCHOOLBREAKFAST AND LUNCH PROGRAMThe Eagle Academy Public Charter School in accordance with section 22040 of theDistrict of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995, solicits proposals to provide meals forbreakfast, lunch and snack for 130-150 students ages 3,4, and 5. The meals must meetfederal nutrition requirements and all compliance standards of the State Education OfficeSchool Breakfast Program, the National School Lunch Program, and the After SchoolSnack Program. Vendor must also provide individualized prepackaged meals and allsupplies (i.e. forks, spoons, knives, paper ware, and cabinet for storage of such supplies)Potential Vendors must state their credentials, providing appropriate licenses and samplemenus in accordance with federal nutritional and serving regulations. No proposal willbe considered without submitting a completed IFBRequest for the furnishing of meals.Proposals shall be received no later than 5:00 P.M., Friday, June 8,2006. Proposalsshould be sent to, Eagle Academy Public Charter School, ATTN: Jennifer Jenkins,Business Manager, 770 M Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BOARD OF ELECTIONS AND ETHICSFinal Notice of Polling Place Relocation-The Board of Elections and Ethics hereby gives public notice, in accordance with D.C.Official Code 91-309.10, of final action taken on March 8, 2006 at a special scheduled boardmeeting in relocating Precinct #109, Ward 7 Polling Place.The public is advised that the voting area for Precinct #I09 will be changedfrom:Ryland Methodist Church3200 S Street, S.E.Fellowship Halland moved to:Randle-Highlands Elementary School1650 3othStreet, S.E.GymnasiumThe precinct change will provide adequate space to accommodate voters on election day. Further,the precinct is accessible and will accommodate voters with disabilities. This action will beeffective beginning with the upcoming September 12,2006, Primary Election. The Boardwill individually notify all registered voters in the precinct of this change.For further information, members of the public may contact the Board of Elections andEthics at 727-2525.

IMSTRiCT UF COLUMBIA REGISTERMAR 3 1 2006BOARD OF ELECTlONS AND ETHICSNOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGRECEIPT AND INTENT TO REVIEW INITIATIVE MEASUREThe Board of Elections and Ethics shall consider in a public hearing whether theproposed "Video Lottery Terminal Initiative of 2006" is a proper subject matter forinitiative, at the regular Board meeting on Wednesday April 5,2006 at 10:30a.m., OneJudiciary Square, 441 4thStreet, N.W., Suite 280, Washington D.C. 20001.The Board requests that written memoranda be submitted for the record no laterthan 9:00a.m., Wednesday, April 5.2006 to the Board of Elections and Ethics, GeneralCounsel's Office, One u d i c i a Square,r 441 4thStreet., Suite 270, Washington, D.C.20001.Each individual or representative of an organization who wishes to presenttestimony at the public hearing is requested to furnish his or her name, address, telephonenumber and name of the organization represented (if any) by calling the GeneralCounsel's office at 727-2194 no later than 9:00a.m., Wednesday, April 5,2006.The Short Title, Summary Statement and Legislative Text of the proposedinitiative reads as follows:SHORT TITLE" VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINAL INITIATIVE OF 2006"SUMMARY STATEMENTThis initiative, if passed, will:expand the lottery by allowing "Video Lottery Terminals" ("VLTs"), which arevery similar to slot machines, in the District of Columbia;provide a fee of 25% of the net revenue from each VLT to the District;establish the initial VLT facility at a small site in the Anacostia section of WardEight targeted for redevelopment.LEGISLATIVE TEXTTo amend the Law to Legalize Lotteries, Daily Numbers Games, and Bingo and Rafflesfor Charitable Purposes in the District of Columbia by adding new sections authorizingthe licensing of video lottery terminals and recommending that revenues accruing to theDistrict from the operation of video lottery terminals be distributed equally to a Districtof Columbia Public Schools Fund, a District of Columbia Senior Citizens Prescription

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA REGiSTERDrug Benefits Fund, and the General Fund of the District of Columbia.BE IT ENACTED BY THE ELECTORS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Thatthis act may be cited as the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".Sec. 2. Findings and Purposes.The people of the District of Columbia recognize and declare as follows:(1) The District needs to create more jobs to address unemployment and to generateadditional revenue to address areas of special concern to the residents of the District ofColumbia. These areas of special concern are (A) programs to benefit the District ofColumbia public schools by providing for the improvement of the educational content,physical condition, vocational programs, security, and general well-being of the District'sschools, and (B) programs to aid District senior citizens in obtaining needed prescriptionmedications, especially since such medications are often not provided under currentlyavailable Medicare or Medicaid programs. The District is strongly urged to create specialpurpose funds to support programs in these areas;(2) The District would be best served if the needed revenue were generated by a new,self-sustaining program rather than through the imposition of additional taxes or fees onthe incomes of District residents and District businesses;(3) The District of Columbia Lottery has, since its inception, been a positive example ofsuch a self-sustaining revenue generation program by providing needed revenues for theDistrict through sales and fees on licensed lottery transactions;,(4) Based on this example, the people of the District of Columbia have chosen to enactthe "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006" to create a new source of lottery revenueby expanding the permissible forms of playing the District of Columbia Lottery toinclude the playing of lottery games, including but not limited to "scratch-off' cards inelectronic form, through Video Lottery Terminals ("VLTs");(5) In order to regulate, control, and limit the operation of VLTs, and as set forth herein,(A) only entities licensed by the District of Columbia Lottery and Charitable GamesBoard (the "Board," as defined below) will operate VLTs, (B) such operations may onlyoccur in facilities specifically designated for VLT operations, (C) the location of theinitial VLT Facility is specifically restricted by this Law, @) the Board has licensingauthority to allow additional VLT facilities, and (E) any such expansion may occur onlyafter such expansion is proposed by the Board and approved by a two-thirds majority ofthe members of the Council of the District of Columbia;(6) In order to ensure that the operation of VLTs provides ample revenues to accomplishthe purposes of this Law, and as set forth herein, a usage fee will be charged against eachlicensed operator of VLTs in an amount of 25% of the Net VLT Proceeds (defined

(7) In order to ensure that the majority of the revenues produced from VLT operationsare used for the pressing needs identified by the people of the District in this Law, it isthe strong recommendation of the people of the District of Columbia that there beestablished a "District of Columbia Public Schools Fund" and a "District of ColumbiaSenior Citizens Prescription Drug Benefits Fund". It is the strong recommendation of thepeople of the District of Columbia that the VLT Fee Revenue shall be allocated in thefollowing manner: 33 113% percent to a District of Columbia Public Schools Fund, 33113% percent to a District of Columbia Senior Citizens Prescription Drug Benefits Fund;and 33 113% percent to the General Fund of the District of Columbia as general purposerevenue funds.Sec. 3. Statement of law.The Law to Legalize Lotteries, Daily Numbers Games, and Bingo and Raffles forCharitable Purposes in the District of Columbia, effective March 10, 1981 (D.C. Law3 172; D.C. Official Code .§ 3-1301 et seq.) is amended by adding, at the end, thefollowing new sections to be codified as D.C. Official Code 55 3-1350 through 3-1369:5 3- 1350. DEFINITIONSThe following definitions apply to all provisions in Sections 5 3-135 1 through 4 3-1369of this act.(1) "Board" shall mean the District of Columbia Lottery and Charitable Games ControlBoard, created pursuant to D.C. Official Code 5 3-1301 or, pursuant to Section 207 ofPublic Law 104-8 and Section 2302 of Public Law 108-11, the Chief Financial Officer ofthe District of Columbia.(2) "Certification Company" means Gaming Laboratories, Inc., a company that performstesting and certification of VLTs, or any similar company, which performs testing, andcertification of VLTs and which (i) is not affiliated with any Licensee or any Principal ofany Licensee and (ii) is authorized by the Board or by any State to perform testing andcertification of VLTs or similar devices.(3) "Designated VLT Site" shall mean a site, including the Initial Designated VLT Site,authorized for the conduct of VLT Operations by a Licensee under a License issued bythe Board pursuant to the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".(4) "Electronic cards" means cards that employ an affixed magnetic storage mediumand/or a "smart card" and/or cards containing an integrated circuit chip, but excludescredit cards issued by any Person other than a Licensee.(5) "Eligible Applicant" means a Person who meets the requirements imposed in thischapter for obtaining a License to acquire, own, maintain, and operate VLTs within the

MAR 3 1 2006District of Columbia.(6) "Executive Director" shall mean the Executive Director of the Board, as appointedpursuant to D.C. Official Code 5 3-1303.(7) "Initial Designated VLT Site" shall mean an approximately 9,000 square foot areaconsisting of lots 5, 812, and 813 in square 5770 of Ward Eight that is targeted forredevelopment by the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation, and any adjoiningparcels brought under common control with any Licensee under the Temporary InitialLicense or Initial License issued by the Board pursuant to the "Lottery ExpansionInitiative Act of 2006".(8) "Initial License" means the License issued to an Eligible Applicant by the Boardpursuant to section 1354 of the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".(9) "License" means the authorization issued to an Eligible Applicant by the Boardpursuant to the provisions of the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006" to: (A)acquire (by purchase, lease or otherwise) and own VLTs certified by a CertificationCompany, and (B) install, maintain and operate VLTs and conduct VLT Operations at aDesignated VLT Site.(10) "Licensee" means an Eligible Applicant issued a License by the Board inaccordance with the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".(1 1) "Manufacturer" means any Person (A) who or which manufactures, fabricates,assembles and/or programs VLTs including parts or portions thereof (collectively "VLTEquipment"), (B) whose VLT Equipment is certified by a Certification Company, (C)who either (i) has applied for and been issued a Permit by the Board to sell, lease orotherwise provide VLT Equipment to Licensees or Permittees, or (ii) has been, and iscurrently licensed in any State to sell, lease or otherwise provide VLT Equipment toPersons authorized to conduct VLT Operations in such other State, and (D) who is not aLicensee.(12) "Maximum Permissible Designated VLT Sites" shall mean the maximum number ofDesignated VLT Sites for which the Board may issue a License. The MaximumPermissible Designated VLT Sites shall be set in accordance with section 1355 of theLottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".(13) "Net VLT Proceeds" means the total of all cash and property received by a Licenseefrom VLT Operations minus the amount of the Payout.(14) "Payout" means premiums, merchandise, prizes, promotional complementaries oranything of value provided via a voucher and/or Electronic Card, which the player of aVLT may be entitled to receive as a result of the playing of the VLT.(1 5) "Permit" means any authorization (other than a License) issued to a Manufacturer,

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA REOISTERMAR 3 1 2006supplier, Service Technician or any person (other than a Licensee) by the Board under theprovisions of the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006" to participate in VLTOperations and/or the provision, repair, maintenance and servicing of VLTs and relatedequipment and supplies.(16) "Permittee" means a Person (other than a Licensee) issued a Permit by the Boardunder the provisions of the "Lottery Expansion Initiative Act of 2006".(1 7) "Person(s)" means individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies,corporations and other legal entities and associations.(1 8) "Principal" means any Person who (A) holds or controls directly or indirectly ten(10%) percent or more ownership or economic interest in an applicant for, or holder of aLicense or Permit, or (B) receives ten (10%) percent or more revenue interest in the formof a commission, finder's fee, loan fee or interest, or any other compensation arising outof or relating to VLT Operations; provided, however, that no bank, regulated mutualfund, insuran

The Arts & Technology Academy Soliciting Sealed Bids For: Accounting Services ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY . o Full-cycle AIP o A/R o Deposits and cash reconciliation o Grant expense coding, . o Revenue recognition per quarterly federal competiti