InfinityCall TrackingAn introduction from our founder“Infinity Tracking is the most advanced calltracking solution in the UK and can track anunlimited number of search keywords.For any company where a phone number isan important part of their online strategy,understanding exactly which keywords drivephone calls is invaluable.Attributing calls to the correct keywordsmeans you can bid more aggressivelyon the keywords that work and reducebids on the keywords that don’t.With 10 years’ experience at the helmof a leading paid search agency, I canguarantee that by using our serviceyou can increase your paid searchperformance by at least 25%.”Paul WalshFounde r of Infinity Tracking

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What is InfinityCall Tracking?Infinity Call Tracking is a completeanalytics tracking service withintegrated call tracking capabilities.With Infinity Call Tracking, you cantrack calls from your website andknow exactly what marketing activitybrought them there; whether it wasfrom another website, Google or yourpaid search campaign.So no longer will you have to guesshow your caller has found you.0800 118 2687infinity-tracking.comand ye s, we aretrac king this numb e r

Infinity servicesFeaturesFREEAdvancedCall TrackingCall TrackingOnly 49 per monthplus 12p per Call*Website trackingCall tracking (to keyword level)Google Analytics & AdWords integrationNetwork data (cost, clicks, impressions etc)Offline call tracking Optional bolt-on 2 per number per monthCall recordingOptional bolt-on 5p per callMissed call email alertsOptional bolt-on 5 per month0844 numbers support0845, freephone & local numbersAnnounce marketing channelAnnounce call referenceOperator call rating & sales data captureConfigurable sales capture scriptsReporting APICRM integrationTelephone tech support*High volume discount available, call us for more information

How does InfinityCall Tracking work?We will provide you with a smallpiece of JavaScript which can beeasily installed into your website.Once installed every visitor toyour website is tracked and alsoassigned with a unique telephonetracking number.However, Infinity doesn’t justtrack keywords from paid searchand SEO. In fact, we can trackevery marketing channel includingdirect, referrers, email, displayand social; you can even add yourown custom channels.So, when they call this trackingnumber Infinity will know exactlywhich tracked visitor is calling aswe can trace the path they followedthrough your website, before andeven after they called you.We can also track offline callswhether on signage, outdoormedia or packaging.We also log a wealth of otherinformation such as their location,their number, how long they spentbrowsing your site and of course,the marketing activity that broughtthem there including all theassociated detail from the networkright down to the keyword.0800 118 2687infinity-tracking.comIf you can put a number on it,we can track it.Auto configuration ortotally customisable?Infinity will automaticallyconfigure itself,or if youprefer you cancompletelycustomise yourinstall;we give you total flexibility.

So what makesus different?Infinity is the most advancedcall tracking service in theUK, with a particular focus onmanaging paid search. Unlikeother providers we don’t just giveyou a list of keywords; we put thedata into context so that you canactually use it to manage yourcampaigns better.The data is aggregated intonetworks, campaigns, ad groupsand of course keywords, but wedon’t stop there. Infinity alsorecords the match type, the ad copyand even the raw search terms,which is especially helpful withbroad and phrase match. Furtherstill, using the networks API’s, weintegrate impressions, clicks andmost importantly cost data.PP C ne tw ork sdash bo ard0800 118 2687infinity-tracking.comThe portal gives you thecomplete picture on yourpaid search campaign,including spend, sales andcalls all in one report.

Our portalaggregatesdataall the PPCand thisis the bigdifferenceNetwork Impressions,clicks and CostsUsing the networks API’s, weintegrate impressions, clicks andmost importantly cost data.Data AggregationFor your paid search campaign, we aggregatethe data into networks, campaigns, ad groupsand of course keywords.Drill down graphsUnderstand how a campaign or keywordhas changed over time by clicking on anydata to view a drill down graph.

Infinity portalWe have spent thousandsof hours building a powerful yetsimple to use portal. Here isa selection of some of thefeatures and reports available.DashboardsA dashboard for your entire campaign or drilldown for a dashboard for each marketing channel.Channel over timeSee how each marketingchannel is delivering againstone another over time.You can do this for eachtype of activity, visitor,goal or call.Channel ComparisonLive Call ViewSee which marketing channel is deliveringthe most activity to your company,again for visitor, goal or call.A live call view shows all your calls comingthrough as they happen and automatically updatesevery few seconds with all the call information.

AdvancedSEO ReportsFor all your SEO trafficwe aggregate the datainto publishers, domainsand the search terms.Caller & VisitorInformationWe know everything about a visitorfrom their location to their phonenumber, OS and web browser.Visitor PathsYou can see exactly howa visitor interacted withyour site before and afterthey called you.Qualifyyour callsWe have threedifferent waysof measuring callquality and thiscan be viewed asa simple 'Call Pass'or 'Call Fail'.0800 118 2687infinity-tracking.comIntegratGoogle es intoAand Ad nalyticsWordsout ofthe box

Frequently askedquestions?Is Infinityeasy to setup?How manykeywords shouldI start tracking?All of them! Unliketraditional call trackingservices, Infinity allowsyou to track all thekeywords in your searchmarketing campaign, notjust a select few. Whetherit’s PPC or SEO, Googleor Bing we can delivertotal reporting granularitydown to keyword level.Yes. Setup can be donein 10 minutes and thesystem will automaticallyconfigure itself.Can I comparemy calls withonline sales?Yes. Uniquely in themarket space wedon’t just focus oncall tracking or sitetracking; we havebrought everythingtogether so you canmake meaningfulcomparisonsbetween online andoffline interactionsin one place.Can you integrateinto other bidmanagementsystems?Yes. We integrate intoGoogle Analytics andAdWords out of the box,but we can also integrateinto most online bidmanagement systems.

Does it matterwhich phonesystem I have?No. Infinity Call Trackingwill work with any phonesystem. Whether youhave a call centre or justa mobile phone, it will becompatible. We simplyconfigure the trackingnumbers to point to yourexisting phone number.Can I integrateinto my CRM?Do you havean API?Yes. We have acomprehensive APIso anything youcan view or changein our portal isavailable to youthrough the API.Can I measurecall quality?Yes. We have threedifferent ways ofmeasuring call quality,from a simple calllength qualification tocustom scripts that canbe created to capturespecific data from youroperator through thephone or our portal.Can you dealwith ourhigh volumewebsite?Yes. Our systemhas been designedto handle a billionrequests a day sono matter how busyyour site is we canhandle it!Yes. Using our API youcan stream the raw calldata into your systemto enrich your CRM data.We can even announcethe Call ID to theoperator if your phonesystem doesn’t integrateto your CRM.What type oftelephonenumbers doInfinity CallTracking offer?We can offer you everytype of number availablein the UK, including freephone, local rate andgeographic numbers.

Agency PartnerProgrammeOur Agency Partner Programmeensures that you can offer yourclients the most advancedcall tracking system currentlyavailable. Infinity is a one-stop,easy-install package thatcomplements and enhanceswhat you or your client mayalready be doing.Prove to your clients the trueROI of search by getting thecomplete picture on their PPCcampaign, including spend, salesand calls all in one report.Call the number below and we'lltell you all about what you couldbe offering your clients today. We offer the opportunity forexcellent recurring revenue We'll give you a co-brandedcustomer portal We can integrateinto most online bidmanagement systems I ntegrates into GoogleAnalytics and AdWordsout of the box You'll have access to infinitetech support Supporting marketing materialWe track everything so thatyou don't have to.infinity-tracking.com0800 118 2687otrac kin g th is to

"Infinity Tracking is the most advanced call tracking solution in the UK and can track an unlimited number of search keywords. For any company where a phone number is an important part of their online strategy, understanding exactly which keywords drive phone calls is invaluable.