HOW JMWE & JSU COMPAREChoose the best workflow app for your Jira needsFor Jira Server & Data CenterJira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) and JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows are designedfor building and automating Jira workflows with a variety of extensions. Both offer several other features.There are, however, some major differences between JMWE and JSU - this overview will help you choosethe best option.JMWE is offered by Innovalog, an Atlassian workflow app vendor (Platinum). JSU is offered by Beecom, an AtlassianSolution Partner (Platinum).NO-CODE,POINT-AND-CLICK TOOLSPOWERFULSCRIPTING TOOLSBoth apps offer configurable point-andclick Conditions, Validators, and Postfunctions.Only JMWE supports easy yet powerfulscripting - a completely optionalfeature - on top of the point-and-clickconfiguration.View the comparison table below You can quickly configure workflows using pointand-click extensions without writing a singleline of code. They are available right within Jira’slist of post-functions, conditions, and validators.Any Jira Admin can easily automate workflowfunctionality using these code-free tools.When you need more sophisticated automationrules, quickly implement them using JMWE'ssimplified Groovy scripting. Its editor and tester with built-in smart, interactive help - makesscripting easy, even for a novice. You can expandthe editor with one click, right inside eachextension. You often need only one line of codeto do powerful things.Most of JSU workflow automations can be done with JMWE.Plus, JMWE offers considerably more code-free extensions,including many essential ones.

KEY FEATURE COMPARISONFor Jira Server & Data CenterWorkflow featuresWorkflow extensionsPoint-and-click, easy to configureHere is an example of a JiraServer/DC validator comparisonCustomizing furtherwith scriptingBuild-your-own(scripted) extensionsConditional executionJQL conditionsTransition history tabSee how it looks here44extensions:28 post-functions19extensions:7 post-functionswith unlimited preconditionswith 11 preconditions7 conditions 9 validators6 conditions 6 validatorsSimplified Groovy scripting(usually a one-liner)(lack of scripting support reducesfunctionality)Scripted (Groovy) Postfunction, Condition, and Validator(lack of scripted options greatlylimits possibilities)Unlimited options– configurable inside each extensionRequires a setup of separate preconditions (11 available)Through the use of a simple-to-usejqlSearch functionShows more details about eachtransition (compared to JSU)

Workflow Features (cont.)Transition triggerTriggers transitions found by JQLqueryIn development, coming soonNon-workflow featuresBulk copy of issuesGoogle Maps-basedcustom fieldsPricingUser ratingFor calculated custom fields, take alook at JMCF3 custom fields: Location Text,Location Select, DirectionsJMWE & JSU are the same priceJMWE & JSU are the same priceSee prices for Jira ServerSee prices for Jira Data CenterSee prices for Jira ServerSee prices for Jira Data Center3.73.4227 reviewsWhere to get moreinformation177 reviews16K installations total17K installations totalDocumentationDocumentationThe Atlassian Marketplace ListingThe Atlassian Marketplace ListingJMWE WebsiteJSU Website

JMWE LETS YOU DO MOREWith JMWE, you can use many point-and-click, simple-to-configure extensions without anycode. Plus, you can supercharge them further with powerful but simple scripting. It's easy toget started with out-of-the-box options, while gradually extending the use of scripting, givingyou unlimited possibilities.Here are other reasons why you might prefer using JMWE:PRICINGPRICING DIFFERENCES: NONEJMWE and JSU are the same price for Jira Server and Jira Data Center (as of Nov5, 2019, after JSU’s price increase; except for the 50-user tier in Jira DC).MIGRATION TOCLOUDJMWE MAKES MIGRATION TO JIRA CLOUD EASIERESSENTIALBUSINESSEXTENSIONSMANY EXTENSIONS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY IN JMWEJMWE provides almost the same list of extensions in Jira Cloud as in Jira Serverand Data Center, which will be useful should you choose to switch and rebuildyour workflows in the future. Email issue post-function sends notifications to specified recipients; Assign issues to last role member or a particular role member post-functions; Condition to hide a transition from certain users; Previous status condition to hide/show a particular transition based onprevious status(es); A condition that enforces separation of duties for SAS-70 compliance; Validator that validates modification of fields on transition; and more.

JMWE IS AN ALL-IN-ONE APPJMWE gives you everything you need for automating workflows: configurable no-code toolsand an optional ability to extend further with scripting in more complex situations.Why have an option to extend with scripting?So that you can automate almost anything.JMWE gives you dozens of point-and-click tools. If you want more sophisticatedscripting rules, JMWE makes it easy: post-functions, conditions, and validatorscan all be extended. ScriptRunner makes you write the whole script in detail; JSUhas no scripting capabilities. With JMWE, you just customize with snippets ofcode, using Groovy in Jira Server and Data Center.For example, if you want to transition all linked issues and provide, for one of thetransition screen fields, a calculated value, you just need to write code tocalculate the value (usually, a one-liner). With other scripting tools, you’d needat least 100 lines of code to give you the same functionality.Better still, JMWE workflow configurations are easy to understand, so anyonewho wants to re-use or edit them can do so without getting lost in lines and linesof code.“I consider JMWE to bethe absolutely mostnecessary app forrunning our company.The secret? Thecompletely optionalGroovy editor - you startsmall, doing little things,and then eventuallyyou're doing crazy stuffright in the workflows.”- Carl E. AllenOur simplified API makes it super-easy to write scripts, and you won’t need tore-write or update them when the Jira API changes (Atlassian has a habit ofmaking breaking changes to their Java APIs with every major release).Learn more about workflow automation with JMWE scripting for Jira Server andData Center* * *Learn more about the apps on the Atlassian Marketplace: JMWE JSUThis comparison was updated on May 10th, 2020, by Innovalog, the maker of JMWE. If you have any comments or findany inconsistencies, please write to [email protected] MAKE WORK FLOW 2020 All rights reserved, All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.MAKE WORK FLOW mark is the property of Innovalog.

re-write or update them when the Jira API changes (Atlassian has a habit of making breaking changes to their Java APIs with every major release). Learn more about workflow automation with JMWE scripting for Jira Server and Data Center * * * Learn more about the apps on the Atlassian Marketplace: JMWE JSU This comparison was updated on May 10 th