PREA Facility Audit Report: FinalName of Facility: Ware Youth Center ResidentialFacility Type: JuvenileDate Interim Report Submitted: NADate Final Report Submitted: 01/22/2021Auditor CertificationThe contents of this report are accurate to the best of my knowledge.No conflict of interest exists with respect to my ability to conduct an audit of the agencyunder review.I have not included in the final report any personally identifiable information (PII) about anyinmate/resident/detainee or staff member, except where the names of administrativepersonnel are specifically requested in the report template.Auditor Full Name as Signed: Johnitha Rothell McNairDate of Signature: 01/22/2021AUDITOR INFORMATIONAuditor name:Email:McNair, [email protected] Date of On-SiteAudit:12/02/2020End Date of On-SiteAudit:12/04/2020FACILITY INFORMATIONFacility name:Facility physicalWare Youth Center Residential3565 Highway 71, Coushatta, Louisiana - 71019address:Facility PhoneFacility mailingaddress:1

Primary ContactName:Email Address:Telephone Number:Yasheca 411 ext 164Superintendent/Director/AdministratorName:Email Address:Telephone Number:Joey [email protected] ext 100Facility PREA Compliance ManagerName:Email Address:Telephone Number:Ann [email protected]: (318) 932-4411 x140Facility Health Service Administrator On-SiteName:Email Address:Telephone Number:Debbie 11 ext 1432

Facility CharacteristicsDesigned facility capacity:60Current population of facility:34Average daily population for the past 12months:36Has the facility been over capacity at any pointin the past 12 months?NoWhich population(s) does the facility hold?Both females and malesAge range of population:10-18Facility security levels/resident custody levels:MinimumNumber of staff currently employed at thefacility who may have contact with residents:45Number of individual contractors who havecontact with residents, currently authorized toenter the facility:1Number of volunteers who have contact withresidents, currently authorized to enter the0facility:AGENCY INFORMATIONName of agency:Ware Youth Center AuthorityGoverning authorityor parent agency (ifapplicable):Physical Address:3565 Highway 71, Coushatta, Louisiana - 71019Mailing Address:Telephone number:3

Agency Chief Executive Officer Information:Name:Email Address:Telephone Number:Agency-Wide PREA Coordinator InformationName:Staci ScottEmail Address:[email protected]

AUDIT FINDINGSNarrative:The auditor’s description of the audit methodology should include a detailed description of the followingprocesses during the pre-audit, on-site audit, and post-audit phases: documents and files reviewed,discussions and types of interviews conducted, number of days spent on-site, observations made duringthe site-review, and a detailed description of any follow-up work conducted during the post-audit phase.The narrative should describe the techniques the auditor used to sample documentation and selectinterviewees, and the auditor’s process for the site review.The audit of the Ware Youth Center Residential Program took place on the dates of December 2 – 4,2020. Notifications of the audit were posted throughout the facility at least six weeks prior to the on-siteportion of the audit and photos of the audit notices were emailed to the auditor to demonstratecompliance. The Pre-Audit Questionnaire along with supporting documentation were uploaded to theOnline Audit System (OAS) prior to the on-site portion of the audit. There were several phone callsbetween the auditor and key facility staff in reference to the online auditing system, the upcoming auditand safety measures and precautions to be taken due to the pandemic. The auditor arrived eachmorning and met with the Assistant Director and PREA Coordinator to organize and coordinate safeefforts. An entrance conference was held on the morning of December 2, 2020 with the auditor, theAssistant Director and the PREA Coordinator. A tour of the facility including all occupied housing units,the school and dining areas, medical, mental health, and the gymnasium, as well as the outside areasadjacent to the housing units was conducted prior to any interviews. During the tour, staff members wereobserved to be posted in positions which provided for optimum sight and sound supervision of residents.Additionally, sight supervision was supported by a camera system that is monitored by staff and supportsplay-back and recording. During the tour, staff members were observed to be posted in positions whichprovided for optimum sight and sound supervision of residents. Each program manager has the ability tomonitor cameras from their offices. The Assistant Director has the ability to monitor cameras to ensureproper posting of staff, safe interactions of residents, and for incident review and investigatory purposes.Ten randomly selected residents were interviewed, and four targeted resident interviews wereconducted. Ten randomly selected staff and 17 specialized staff were interviewed during the on-siteportion of the audit. The responses of staff and residents during their interviews and a review of trainingrecords and case files confirm that all had received the required education and training. Staff membersacross all shifts were interviewed. All interviews took place during the day with night shift staff reportingearly to be interviewed. File review confirmed that resident assessments and education had taken placewithin the required time frames. A random sampling of other facility documentation was reviewed. Thissampling included, but was not limited to logbooks, shift reports, incident reports, policies andprocedures, training records, handbooks, grievances, investigations, and incidents, PREA trainingcurriculum and video surveillance footage. PREA posters, Hotline information and addresses and phonenumbers to investigatory bodies and outside support services were posted and accessible to residents onall of the housing units, and throughout the facility. All areas of the facility were well lit and furnished in away to promote optimal sight supervision. Staff were properly posted and alert, even when they were notaware of the auditor’s observation and as seen during review of the cameras.5


AUDIT FINDINGSFacility Characteristics:The auditor’s description of the audited facility should include details about the facility type, demographicsand size of the inmate or resident population, numbers and type of staff positions, configuration andlayout of the facility, numbers of housing units, description of housing units including any special housingunits, a description of programs and services, including food service and recreation. The auditor shoulddescribe how these details are relevant to PREA implementation and compliance.The Ware Youth Center is located approximately 3 ½ miles outside the town of Coushatta in Red RiverParish, State of Louisiana on US Highway 71. Red River Parish is in the northwestern quadrant of thestate; and Coushatta, the parish seat, is 25 miles east of Mansfield, 32 miles northwest of Natchitochesand 52 miles southeast of Bossier City. The facility is uniquely positioned on 125 acres that addssignificant artistic value to the rural setting. Ware Youth Center is comprised of eight buildings whichinclude living units, gymnasium, cafeteria, medical suite, education area, maintenance shop and trainingfacility. The youth have access to outside recreation and green space. The facility is accredited by theAmerican Correctional Association and licensed by the State of Louisiana. Ware Youth Center is also amember of the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the Correctional Accreditation Managers’Association (CAMA). The center is comprised of intensive residential and a group home component. ThelayoutSecurity and supervision are heightened and supported by a video monitoring system with cameraslocated throughout the interior and exterior of the facility.The Ware Youth Center Intensive Residential is a 24-bed program for female residents. GroupHome/Treatment is a 22-bed program for males and females. The program has 10 female group homebeds, 6 female substance abuse/treatment beds, 6 male substance abuse/treatment beds. Ages ofyouth at the facility range between 10 and 17. The living units were well lit and provided clear sight linesfor supervision and monitoring. The units were furnished with modern furnishings, carpeting and spacefor group activities as well as individual spaces for residents were decorated, bright and welcoming. Theresidents are allowed to decorate and individualize their areas with colorful drawings, pictures, posters,vision boards and colorful youth-inspired bedding and pillows. Each unit had a library stocked with books,games, puzzles, and activity books for the residents. The facility provides direct supervision of youth in asafe, secure, and humane environment at a 1:6 staff to resident ratio during waking hours and 1:12 staffto resident ration at night. Services for youth include education, recreation, arts and crafts, mental health,and somatic health care. Educational services are provided by Louisiana Department of Education. Directcare staff remain posted in the school area to ensure proper supervision during service provision.Recreation may take place in the green space outside of the housing unit; or in the gymnasium;supervision rations are maintained during recreation. Meals are prepared fresh each day by dining hallstaff and residents are served hot and fresh meals in a brightly lit cafeteria with modern furniture.Residents are served food by going through a serving line where they interact with dining staff brieflyduring meal service. Residents are supervised by security staff during the meal service. Ratios aremaintained and sight supervision is constantly maintained. A typical day for a youth involves hygiene,meals, school, structured physical and leisure activities, psycho-educational groups, and activities; andvisits from family, attorneys, social services, and other professionals. On a typical day youth may alsoreceive medical and mental health services including substance abuse counseling. During all serviceprovision, support staff interact and engage with residents; while security staff are posted to providecoverage in keeping with the PREA standards. The average length of stay for residents is approximately139 days.7

AUDIT FINDINGSSummary of Audit Findings:The OAS will automatically calculate the number of standards exceeded, number of standards met, andthe number of standards not met based on the auditor's compliance determinations. If relevant, theauditor should provide the list of standards exceeded and/or the list of standards not met (e.g. StandardsExceeded: 115.xx, 115.xx., Standards Not Met: 115.yy, 115.yy ). Auditor Note: In general, no standardsshould be found to be "Not Applicable" or "NA." A compliance determination must be made for eachstandard. In rare instances where an auditor determines that a standard is not applicable, the auditorshould select "Meets Standard” and include a comprehensive discussion as to why the standard is notapplicable to the facility being audited.Number of standards exceeded:1Number of standards met:42Number of standards not met:0The facility exceeded in Supervision and Monitoring standard 115.313.8

StandardsAuditor Overall Determination DefinitionsExceeds Standard(Substantially exceeds requirement of standard)Meets Standard(substantial compliance; complies in all material ways with the stand for the relevant review period)Does Not Meet Standard(requires corrective actions)Auditor Discussion InstructionsAuditor discussion, including the evidence relied upon in making the compliance or non-compliancedetermination, the auditor’s analysis and reasoning, and the auditor’s conclusions. This discussion mustalso include corrective action recommendations where the facility does not meet standard. Theserecommendations must be included in the Final Report, accompanied by information on specificcorrective actions taken by the facility.9

115.311 Zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment; PREA coordinatorAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionPolicy 27.2 details the Department’s approach to implementing the Federal PREA standards;the policy mandates zero tolerance of all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Thepolicy requires the designation of a PREA Coordinator and states who may be designated asthe PREA coordinator. The agency organizational chart reflects the designation of both aPREA coordinator and PREA manager. The PREA Coordinator is a manager who reports tothe Assistant Director of the facility. The current supervisory structure supports the agency'sefforts to comply fully with the PREA standards. The PREA Coordinator confirmed through theinterview process with the auditor that there is sufficient time and authority to develop,implement and oversee efforts to comply with the PREA standards. Policy 27.1 provides therequired PREA definitions. Policy 15.8 outlines the agency’s approach to implementing PREAstandards as well as the guidelines and procedures for guidelines for implementing theagency’s approach to preventing, detecting, and responding to sexual abuse and sexualharassment. It also addresses conduct and performance, contains prohibited behaviors forstaff, and includes sanctions for employees and youth who have participated in the prohibitedbehaviors.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: PREA and Agency policies Organizational Chart Interviews with PREA Coordinator Interview with PREA Compliance Manager Interview with Director Interview with Agency Head/designee10

115.312 Contracting with other entities for the confinement of residentsAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionThe agency has entered into or renewed a contract for the confinement of residents since thelast PREA audit. Included in the contracts is the entity's obligation to adopt and comply withthe PREA standards. The agency entered into or renewed eight contracts with private entitiesor other government agencies on or after August 20, 2012 or since the last PREA audit. All ofthe contracts require that the agency is monitored for compliance with the PREA standards.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Pre-Audit Questionnaire Interview with Assistant Director Interview with Agency Head/designee11

115.313 Supervision and monitoringAuditor Overall Determination: Exceeds StandardAuditor DiscussionThe facility presented the Annual Staffing Plan; the plan provides for adequate levels ofstaffing, and, where applicable, video monitoring, to protect residents against sexual abuse. Incalculating adequate staffing levels and determining the need for video monitoring the facilityhas taken into consideration the following factors: (1) generally accepted juvenile detentionand correctional/secure residential practices; (2) any judicial findings of inadequacy; (3) anyfindings of inadequacy from Federal investigative agencies; (4) any findings of inadequacyfrom internal or external oversight bodies; (5) all components of the facility’s physical plant(including “blind spots” or areas where staff or residents may be isolated; (6) the compositionof the resident population; (7) the number and placement of supervisory staff; (8) institutionprograms occurring on a particular shift; (9) any applicable State or local laws, regulations, orstandards; (10) the prevalence of substantiated and unsubstantiated incidents of sexualabuse; and (11) any other relevant factors. Further, the facility maintains a staff to residentration of 1:6 during waking hours and 1:12 during sleeping hours. These ratios only includesecurity staff. During the past twelve months, there have been no deviations from the staffingplan. In addition to direct supervision of residents, the facility is equipped with a videomonitoring system that support efforts to protect residents from sexual abuse and sexualharassment. The auditor was able to observe staff postings during waking and sleeping hours,as well as the use of the camera system to supplement supervision and monitoring; includingplayback of data and captured video. The agency requires intermediate and higher-level staffto conduct unannounced rounds to identify and deter staff sexual abuse and sexualharassment; these rounds are required for night shifts as well as day shifts. Policy prohibitsstaff from alerting other staff members that these supervisory rounds are occurring. Theunannounced rounds are documented. A physical review of documentation, video ofunannounced rounds and staff interviews confirmed the practice of unannounced rounds.Evidence used to support auditor determination: Policy Manual Annual Staffing Plan Pre-Audit Questionnaire Documentation of unannounced Rounds Observations of the Auditor during the on-site portion of the audit Interviews with PREA Coordinator and Directors Interviews with staff12

115.315 Limits to cross-gender viewing and searchesAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionPolicy 27.5 prohibits cross-gender pat or strip searches (outside of exigent circumstances orwhen performed by medical practitioners) Policy 27.5 further states that visual body cavitysearches may only be conducted by the Nurse. During the past 12 months, there were nocross-gender strip or visual body cavity searches and no cross-gender pat-down searches ofresidents. Cross-gender pat-down searches are not conducted unless there are exigentcircumstances, which then requires justification and documenting. Policy prohibits searchingor examining a transgender or intersex resident for the sole purpose of determining theresident’s genital status. Additionally, Policy 27.5 requires that residents may shower, performbodily functions, and change clothing without non-medical staff of the opposite gender viewingthem. Policy requires that staff of the opposite gender announce their presence whenentering cottages and other areas where residents are likely to be showering, performingbodily functions, or changing clothing: “female/male on the cottage”. Observations during thefacility tour and interviews with residents and staff confirmed the practice of the cross-genderannouncement. Policy prohibits searching or physically examining a transgender or intersexresident for the sole purpose of determining the resident’s genital status. There were zero ofthese type searches (as described in §115. 315 (e)-1) occurring during the past 12 months.100 % of all security staff have received training on conducting cross-gender pat-downsearches and searches of transgender and intersex residents in a professional and respectfulmanner, consistent with the security needs of the facility. A review of training documentationrelated to searches, as well as interviews with staff and residents support the practices asoutlined by policy and in keeping with compliance with the standard.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Policy 27.5 Training sign in sheets and curriculum Pre-Audit Questionnaire Interview with residents and staff Interview with PREA Coordinator Observations of Auditor during the on-site portion of the Audit13

115.316 Residents with disabilities and residents who are limited English proficientAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionPolicy 27.6 requires that residents with disabilities or residents with limited English proficiencyare provided information that is appropriately conveyed to them and that the informationprovided covers all aspects of the facility’s efforts to prevent, protect and respond to sexualabuse and sexual harassment. The policy also prohibits the use of resident interpreters,resident readers, and other types of resident assistants. Interviews with staff and residentsconfirmed that the facility refrains from using resident readers, assistants, and residentinterpreters. The facility has entered into memorandums of understanding with twoorganizations for the provision of services to youth who are deaf or hard of hearing and youthwho have limited English proficiency that have reported sexual abuse. The facility has had noresidents with disabilities or limited English proficiency in the last 12 months.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Policy 27.6 Pre-Audit Questionnaire Review of materials in English and Spanish Review of Language Services documentation Observations made during the on-site portion of the audit Interviews with Staff Interviews with Residents14

115.317 Hiring and promotion decisionsAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionPolicy 27.7 requires criminal background screening for all new hires and contractors. Policyalso requires consulting with child abuse registries before hiring or enlisting services of anycontractor who has contact with residents and criminal background checks to be conducted “atleast” every five years or have a system in place that captures this information. Prior to thehiring or promotion of an applicant or staff, the applicant or staff must answer all questions ona mandated disclosure document. Additionally, prior to hiring or promoting, the applicant orstaff is informed that material omissions regarding misconduct, or the provision of materiallyfalse information, shall be grounds for termination. In the past 12 months there have been nocontracts for services where criminal background record checks were conducted. Currentpractice exceeds this requirement as the facility is conducting background checks of all staffevery year. The facility is required to ask all applicants about previous misconduct; materialomission regarding misconduct is grounds for termination. Interviews with staff and thepersonnel responsible for Human Resources and hiring and promotion decisions confirmcompliance with this standard.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Policy 27.7 Pre-Audit Questionnaire Review of mandated disclosure document Review of personnel records Interview with Human Resources staff Interviews with Staff15

115.318 Upgrades to facilities and technologiesAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionWare Youth Detention Center has not acquired a new facility or made any substantialexpansions or modifications to the existing facility since August 20, 2012. The agency hasinstalled or updated a video monitoring system, electronic surveillance system, or othermonitoring technology since August 20, 2012, or since the last PREA audit.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Pre-Audit Questionnaire Observations made during the on-site portion of the audit Review of the monitoring system Interview with Agency Head16

115.321 Evidence protocol and forensic medical examinationsAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionThe facility does not conduct criminal sexual abuse investigations. Upon knowledge of anyinvestigation related to sexual abuse or sexual harassment the facility takes immediate actionto provide for safety and security. Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office has responsibility forconducting all administrative and criminal investigations, including those related to sexualharassment and sexual abuse. The agency follows a uniform evidence protocol thatmaximizes the potential for obtaining usable physical evidence for administrative proceedingsand criminal prosecutions and is developmentally appropriate for youth. The protocol wasadapted from or otherwise based on the most recent edition of the DOJ’s Office on ViolenceAgainst Women publication, "A National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical ForensicExaminations, Adults/Adolescents,” or similarly comprehensive and authoritative protocolsdeveloped after 2011. Policy requires that all residents who experience sexual abuse areoffered access to forensic medical examinations. The agency maintains and agreement withNatchitoches Regional Medical Center. The policy also requires that where possible theforensic examinations are conducted by a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) or aSexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). When a SAFE or SANE is not available a qualifiedmedical practitioner performs forensic medical examinations. Efforts to provide access to aSAFE or SANE are documented by the facility. The facility ensures that resident victims haveaccess to these services at no cost to the victim. There have been no forensic medical examsconducted during the past 12 months, no exams performed by SANEs/SAFEs during the past12 months and no exams performed by a qualified medical practitioner during the past 12months. The facility ensures that each resident victim of sexual abuse is provided with aqualified victim advocate and these efforts are documented. Advocacy services include but arenot limited to access to training and informational material to staff and residents,accompaniment of residents to forensic examinations and investigatory interviews. Theadvocate will also provide emotional support, crisis intervention services, information, andreferrals. A service provision agreement with Project Celebration for the provision of trainingas well as resident advocacy and support services was confirmed by the auditor. The Agencyalso uses a qualified agency staff member or a qualified community-based staff member foradvocacy and support; the individual been screened for appropriateness to serve in this roleand received education concerning sexual assault and forensic examination issues in general.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Memorandum of Understanding with Project Celebration Memorandum of Agreement with Red River Parish Sheriff's Office Memorandum of Understanding with Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Interviews with staff Interviews with PREA Coordinator Pre-Audit Questionnaire17

115.322 Policies to ensure referrals of allegations for investigationsAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionThe facility does not conduct criminal sexual abuse investigations. Policy 27.10 requiresallegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment be referred for investigation to Red RiverParish Sheriff's Office, an agency with the legal authority to conduct criminal investigations.The policy regarding the referral of allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment forinvestigation is published on the agency website.The agency documents all referrals ofallegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment for criminal investigation.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: Memorandum of Agreement with Red River Parish Sheriff's Office Interview with PREA Coordinator Interview with Assistant Director Pre-Audit Questionnaire18

115.331 Employee trainingAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionThe agency trains all employees who may have contact with residents on the agency's zerotolerance policy for sexual abuse and sexual harassment; and all employees who may havecontact with residents on how to fulfill their responsibilities under agency sexual abuse andsexual harassment prevention, detection, reporting, and response policies and procedures, aswell as: the right of residents to be free from sexual abuse and sexual harassment, the right ofresidents and employees to be free from retaliation for reporting sexual abuse and sexualharassment, the dynamics of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in juvenile facilities, thecommon reactions of juvenile victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, on how todetect and respond to signs of threatened and actual sexual abuse and how to distinguishbetween consensual sexual contact and sexual abuse between residents, on how to avoidinappropriate relationships with residents, on how to communicate effectively andprofessionally with residents, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, orgender-nonconforming residents, on how to comply with relevant laws related to mandatoryreporting of sexual abuse to outside authorities, on relevant laws regarding the applicable ageof consent.Training is tailored to the unique needs and attributes and gender of the residents at thefacility. Employees who are reassigned from facilities housing the opposite gender are givenadditional training. Between trainings the agency provides employees who may have contactwith residents with refresher information about current policies regarding sexual abuse andharassment. The agency shall document, through employee signature or electronicverification, that employees understand the training they have received.The agency documents that employees who may have contact with residents understand thetraining they have received through employee signature or electronic verification. Thefrequency with which employees who may have contact with residents receive refreshertraining on PREA requirements is twice a year or more frequently as needed. The agencyensures that employees who may have contact with residents understand the training theyhave received through employee signature. Training records, the training curriculum, andstaff interviews verified that staff had received training and understood their responsibilitiesrelated to complying with the PREA standards.Evidence relied upon to make auditor determination: PREA Policy 27.11 PREA Training Curriculum Training Attendance Forms Pre-Audit Questionnaire Interviews with staff Interview with PREA Coordinator19


115.332 Volunteer and contractor trainingAuditor Overall Determination: Meets StandardAuditor DiscussionAll volunteers who may have contact with residents receive PREA training. The policy requiresthat this training is provided annually. The volunteers sign a f

Email: [email protected] Start Date of On-Site Audit: 12/02/2020 End Date of On-Site Audit: 12/04/2020 FACILITY INFORMATION Facility name: Ware Youth Center Residential Facility physical address: 3565 Highway 71, Coushatta, Louisiana - 71019 Facility Phone Facility mailing address: AUDITOR INFORMATION 1