Dell UltraSharp 27 MonitorU2722D/U2722DX/U2722DEDell Display ManagerUser’s GuideModel: U2722D/U2722DX/U2722DERegulatory model: U2722Dt/U2722DEt

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OverviewDell Display Manager is a Microsoft Windows application used to manage a monitor ora group of monitors. It allows manual adjustment of the displayed image, assignmentof automatic settings, energy management, window organization, image rotation, andother features on selected Dell monitors. After installed, Dell Display Manager runs eachtime the system starts and places its icon in the notification tray. Information aboutmonitors connected to the system is available when hovering over the notification-trayicon.Dell U2722D/DX/DE - StandardNOTE: Dell Display Manager uses DDC/CI channel to communicate withyour monitor. Ensure DDC/CI is enabled in the menu as follows.UltraSharp 27 MonitorBrightness/ContrastDisplay InfoInput SourceDDC/CIOnColorLCD ConditioningOffDisplayFirmwarePIP/PBPService TagUSBReset OthersMenuFactory ResetPersonalizeOthersExit4     Overview

Using the Quick Settings DialogClicking Dell Display Manager’s notification tray icon opens the Quick Settings dialogbox. When more than one supported Dell monitors are connected to the computer, aspecific target monitor can be selected using the menu. The Quick Settings dialogbox allows you to easily adjust the brightness, contrast, resolution, window layout, andso on. It also allows you to enable automatic switching between preset modes or toselect a preset mode manually.Dell U2722D/DX/DE2560x1440The Quick Settings dialog box also provides access to Dell Display Manager’sadvanced user interface that is used to adjust basic functions, configure auto modeand access other features.Using the Quick Settings Dialog     5

NOTE:FeatureFunctionDescriptionQuickDDMAccessQuick key tocall up DDM UI Ctrl Shift DUse Page Up/Page Down key or click on “ ” toflip through all Easy Arrange layouts.Controlindividualdisplay inmultipledisplay setup Select the monitor from the dropdown box. Ifmore than one monitor is connected to yourcomputer, an icon appears on the selectedmonitor for a second so you know whichmonitor you have selected.Perform monitor self-test feature check.Move DDM UI to the monitor to be controlled.Press Ctrl Shift D to bring up the miniUI underthe mouse pointer.6     Using the Quick Settings Dialog

Setting Basic Display FunctionsYou can select Manual Mode that enables you to manually select a preset mode orselect Auto Mode that applies a preset mode based on the active application. An onscreen message displays the current preset mode whenever it changes. The selecteddisplay’s Brightness and Contrast can also be directly adjusted from the Basic tab.Dell U2722D/DX/DE2560x1440NOTE: When multiple Dell monitors are connected, select “Enable displaymatrix control” to apply brightness, contrast and color presets controls toall monitors.Dell U2722D/DX/DE2560x1440Setting Basic Display Functions     7

Manage Display Functions with Multi-MonitorSync (MMS)When Multi-Monitor Sync (MMS) is turned ON, Dell Display Manager can only managethe first monitor connected to the system and has limited control over the rest of thedaisy chained monitor(s).iDell U2722D/DX/DE (s/n CN073k0)Control over daisy chained monitorsis limited when Multi-Monitor Sync isonDell Display Manager8     Manage Display Functions with Multi-Monitor Sync (MMS)

Assigning Preset Modes to ApplicationsThe Auto Mode tab allows you to associate a specific Preset Mode with a specificapplication, and apply it automatically. When Auto Mode is enabled, Dell DisplayManager automatically switches to the corresponding Preset Mode wheneverthe associated application is activated. The Preset Mode assigned to a particularapplication may be the same on each connected monitor, or it can vary from onemonitor to another.Dell Display Manager is pre-configured for many popular applications. To add a newapplication to the assignment list, simply drag the application from the desktop,Windows Start Menu or elsewhere, and drop it onto the current list.NOTE: Preset Mode assignments for batch files, scripts, loaders, and nonexecutable files such as zip archives or packed files, are not supported.You can also configure the Game preset mode to be used whenever a Direct3Dapplication runs in full-screen mode. To prevent an application from using mode, assigna different preset mode to it.Dell U2722D/DX/DEAssigning Preset Modes to Applications     9

Organizing Windows with Easy ArrangeEasy Arrange helps you to effectively organize your application windows on thedesktop. You first choose a pre-defined layout pattern which suits your work, thenyou just need to drag the application windows into the defined zones. Press “ ” or usePage Up/Page Down key to find more layouts. To create a custom layout, arrange theopen windows and then click Save.Dell U2722D/DX/DEFor Windows 10, you can apply different window layouts for each of the virtualdesktops.If you often use Windows snap feature, you can select “Hold down the SHIFT key toenable zone positioning”. This gives Windows snap priority over Easy Arrange. Youwill then need to press the Shift key to use Easy Arrange positioning.Dell U2722D/DX/DE10     Organizing Windows with Easy Arrange

If you are using multiple monitors in an array or matrix, Easy Arrange layout can beapplied across to all the monitors as one desktop. Select “Span multiple monitors” toenable this feature. You need to align your monitors properly to make it effective.Dell U2722D/DX/DESpan multiple monitorsThere are other advanced usage of Easy Arrange. Refer to table eCustomlayouts Save and name 5 customized Easy Arrangepatterns. Configure x*y patterns.5 MRU (most- Press Ctrl Shift Home to cycle among the last 5recently-used)MRU layouts.layoutsOn the flypartitionresizing Hold down Ctrl while resizing current EasyArrange layout to adjust the size and numbers ofcells in a layout. Newly formed Easy Arrange pattern is saved intothe Easy Arrange icon position. Hold down Ctrl while clicking on a modified layouticon to restore it to default layout.Easy Arrangelayouts forportrait mode Portrait mode Easy Arrange icons are presentedwhen monitor is rotated.NOTE: An application may require a minimum effective resolution for itsapplication window. Such application may not fit in an Ease Arrange zone ifthe zone is smaller than the required window size.Organizing Windows with Easy Arrange     11

Managing Multiple Video InputsThe Input Manager tab provides convenient ways for you to manage multiple videoinputs connected to your Dell monitor. It makes it very easy to switch between inputswhile you work with multiple computers.All video input ports available to your monitor are listed. You can give each input aname as you like. Please save your changes after editing.You can define a shortcut key to quickly switch to your favorite input and anothershortcut key to quickly switch between two inputs if you often work between them.Dell U2722D/DX/DEYou can use the dropdown list to switch to any input source.Dell U2722D/DX/DE12     Managing Multiple Video Inputs

If you want to use the split screen function, click PIP / PBP to select the window sizeto be split, and then press the save key to use the PIP / PBP function.Dell U2722D/DX/DEIf you want to use the KVM function, click KVM, enter the number of PCs you want toconnect to, and then press NEXT.Dell U2722D/DX/DEManaging Multiple Video Inputs     13

In PC1-PC3, select the Video Input Port to connected to the port and select the USBUpstream Port to connected to the port, then press NEXT.Dell U2722D/DX/DEDell U2722D/DX/DEDell U2722D/DX/DE14     Managing Multiple Video Inputs

Also,The PIP / PBP function can be used in this interface.Dell U2722D/DX/DEThen click Finish to complete your options.Dell U2722D/DX/DENOTE: DDM communicates with your monitor even when the monitoris displaying video from another computer. You can install DDM on thecomputer you frequently use and control input switching from it. You mayalso install DDM on other computers connected to the monitor.Managing Multiple Video Inputs     15

Restoring Application PositionsDDM can help you restore application windows into their positions when you reconnectyour computer to the monitor(s). You can quickly access to this feature by rightclicking on DDM icon in the notification tray.If you choose “Auto-restore window layout”, your application windows’ positions aretracked and remembered by DDM. DDM automatically puts the application windowsinto their original positions when you reconnect your computer to your monitor(s).To go back to a favorite layout, first select “Save current window layout” and then“Restore saved window layout”.You may use monitors with different models or resolutions in your daily routine, and youmay apply different window layouts on them. DDM is able to know the monitor youhave reconnected and restore application positions accordingly.In case you need to replace a monitor in a monitor matrix configuration, you can savethe window layout before replacement and restore the layout after a new display isinstalled.NOTE: You should keep your applications running in order to benefit fromthis feature. DDM doesn’t lanuch applications.16     Restoring Application Positions

Applying Energy Conservation FeaturesOn supported Dell models, an Options tab is available that provides PowerNap energyconservation options. You can choose to set the display’s brightness to the minimumlevel, or to put the display to sleep when the screensaver is activated.Dell U2722D/DX/DEApplying Energy Conservation Features     17

Other Shortcut KeysYou can define the shortcut keys for quick access to the following DDM functions: Program shortcut key: to quickly open the Quick Settings dialog box. Easy Arrange MRU shortcut key: to quickly apply the 5 recently used windowlayouts. Application window shortcut key: to launch a quick menu for options underAuto Mode and Easy Arrange. PIP position shortcut key: to quickly apply the PIP sub position of windowposition of Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Right or Bottom-left.Dell U2722D/DX/DECtrl Alt NCtrl Shift End18     Other Shortcut KeysCtrl Alt Num 3

Attach DDM To Active Window (Windows 10Only)DDM icon can be attached to the active window you are working on. Click on the iconfor easy access to below features.FeatureFunctionDescriptionAttach DDM to Change preset or DDM icon attached to active window and user canActive Window snap to differenteasily switch the window position, change color preset(Windows 10partitionsmode, and associate auto preset mode.only)Shortcut key On a running app window, press Ctrl Shift Ins totriggertrigger the attached DDM menu.Move appwindow amongEasy Arrangecells Send the app window to previous/next Easy Arrangecell.Move appwindow amongmonitors Send the app window to previous/next monitor.Attach DDM To Active Window (Windows 10 Only)     19

TroubleshootingIf DDM does not work with your monitor, DDM will show the following icon in yournotification tray.Click on the icon, DDM shows a more detailed error message.Please note that DDM only works with Dell-branded monitors. If you are using monitorsfrom other manufacturers, DDM doesn’t support them.If DDM is unable to detect and/or communicate with a supported Dell monitor, pleasetake the following actions to troubleshoot:1. Make sure the video cable is properly connected to your monitor and yourcomputer. especially the connectors should be firmly inserted into position.2. Check the monitor OSD to ensure DDC/CI is enabled.3. Make sure you have the correct and latest graphics driver from the graphicsvendor (Intel, AMD, NVidia, etc.). Graphics driver is often the cause of DDMfailure.4. Remove any docking stations or cable extenders or converters between themonitor and the graphics port. Some low-cost extenders, hubs or convertersmay not support DDC/CI properly and can fail DDM. Update the driver of suchdevice if the latest version is available.5. Restart your computer.20     Troubleshooting

DDM may not work with the following monitors: Dell monitor models earlier than year 2013 and D-series of Dell monitors. Formore information see Gaming monitors using Nvidia-based G-sync technology Virtual and wireless monitors do not support DDC/CI Some early models of DP 1.2 monitors, it may be necessary to disable MST/DP1.2 using the display OSDIf your PC is connected to the Internet, you will be prompted to upgrade to a newerversion of DDM when it is available. It is recommended to download and install thelatest DDM application.You may also check for new version by right clicking on DDM icon.Troubleshooting     21

Select the monitor from the dropdown box. If more than one monitor is connected to your computer, an icon appears on the selected monitor for a second so you know which monitor you have selected. Perform monitor self-test feature check. Move DDM UI to the monitor to be controlled. Press Ctrl Shift D to bring up the miniUI under