Lean PortfolioManagementYour Guides:Noël Rodriguez and Lynn Reling

Noël RodriguezStrategic Advisor, Business Transformation,Broadcom Enterprise SoftwareAccomplished agile leader with 29 years of experience across theMilitary, Education, Telecommunications, Retail, and Supply Chainindustries. A transformative servant leader, she has successfully ledorganizational change in these industries and steered other executiveleaders in top echelon organizations with this same mission. Whileher career has been dominated by technology, she maintains apassion for people and processes.Noël is energized by helping leaders create a culture of innovation,achieving great things with fast feedback loops and quick wins (orfast fails.) Her belief is that companies of all sizes must be armed topivot, built for change; the past year and a half has pushed theseideals to the forefront.

Lynn RelingExecutive Advisor, Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management,Broadcom Enterprise SoftwareWith decades of experience in the strategy and portfolio managementindustries, Lynn has successfully helped companies design, develop, andmanage their portfolios and financials, and she excels at helping leadersautomate those processes for maximum efficiency.Lynn is passionate about showing business leaders how they can overcomechallenges and drive real change, using software technology. As a leader atBroadcom in PPM, and a former principal of a software start-up, Lynn hasworked with some of the largest global companies to solve real businessproblems.Her career has allowed her to gain experience in numerous areas,including digital transformation, lean portfolio management, projectportfolio management, professional services, supply chain, ERP solutions,and, more recently, Value Stream Management.

4Agenda IntroductionWhat is Lean Portfolio Management and why does it matterKey Lean Portfolio Management PracticesHow to get startedLet Rego be your guide.

5Part 1:What is Lean Portfolio Management?Better yet, why does it matter?Let Rego be your guide.

What is Lean Portfolio Management?The alignment of strategy, through the business lens, with execution, where work happens.Business stakeholders can respond to change quickly with real time end-to-end transparencyBUSINESS LENSOptimize Around theFlow of Customer ValueEXECUTION LENSCapture andPrioritize aPortfolio of IdeasLean Modelsfor FundingCreate andIterate on LeanGuardrailsBUSINESS LENS: Manage Big PivotsEXECUTION LENS: Manage Small Pivots Manage strategy & competitive threatsClear line of sight into current strategies anddesired outcomesOptimize headcount to deliver resultsOptimize delivery & executionRespond to technology opportunitiesAutonomy to do what is right

ValueOps - Value Stream ManagementValue Stream Management enables organizations to optimize their end-to-end flow of valueValue Stream ManagementAlignment – Efficiency – EffectivenessStrategic Portfolio ManagementBoeing is a large corporation with a myriad of teams thathave to work in unison. To make sure that the funding isyielding the expected ROI, and that teams deliver on timeand that customer regulatory demands are met we useValueOps from Broadcom to match progress data from theteams with business objectives from the executives: - LyndaVan Vleet - BoeingAgile Program ManagementDigital ProductManagementLean Portfolio ManagementCollaborative WorkAgile TeamsWe need to have visualizations ofanalytics for the entire valuestream, that may consist ofteams outside of the definedhierarchy in Rally to eliminateblindspots”Agile and DevOps are keytransformation practices forsoftware delivery teams, but theyare not enough. VSM helps teamsidentify waste and focus on valuewhile providing end-to end visibilityto all stakeholders from planning toproduction” - Forrester

8Why Lean Portfolio Management?The ability of an enterprise to sense and respond to change quickly and confidently.Conventional wisdom once told us big companies are unbeatable. and eat smaller competitors forbreakfast.Not anymore. These days It's Not the Big that Eat the Small. It's the FAST that Eat the Slow! Jason Jennings and Laurence HaughtonLet Rego be your guide.

9Part 2:Key Lean PortfolioManagement PracticesLet Rego be your guide.

Key Lean Portfolio Management PracticesOrganize around the flow of customer valueAllocate investment using guardrails vs fixed scope and budgetAlign work to strategic themes and key resultsDefine high level roadmapManage the flow of work using KanbanMeasure performance and provide transparency

Organize around the flow of customer valueValue StreamsProducts /PlatformsEpicsLean Canvas vs.ComprehensiveBusiness Case

Allocate investments using guardrailsLet Rego be your guide.12

Align work to strategic themesLet Rego be your guide.13

Define high level roadmapSpeed up the flow ofvalue with a topdown approach toinvestment planning Prioritize work in orderto get the best valuepossible Communicate yourplans withstakeholders Organize work intoswimlanes and easilyswitch views fordifferent perspective

Manage the flow of work15

Measure performanceLet Rego be your guide.16

Provide transparencyLet Rego be your guide.17

18Part 3:How to get startedLet Rego be your guide.

Management Paradigm: Flip the TriangleEstimatedPeople/Co arametersScopePeople/Co tTime

Implementing Lean Portfolio ManagementTips to get startedParticipating Groups and RolesIn spirit of relentless improvement, maintain aprioritized backlog of changes to implement.Focus on high value experiments, that reduceoverhead and “waste.”-Start with value streams or products that havealready been identified.-Agile PMOPortfolio ManagerFinanceBusiness StakeholdersAuditRelease/Program Facilitators20

21Questions?Let Rego be your guide.

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Strategic Portfolio Management Digital Product Management Lean Portfolio Management Value Stream Management enables organizations to optimize their end-to-end flow of value Agile Program Management Agile Teams Value Stream Management Collaborative Work Boeing is a large corporation with a myriad of teams that have to work in unison.