ImagineEdgenuityNational Course List2022

Core Curriculum and ElectivesEnglish Language ArtsFFFFFFFFFFFFEnglish Language Arts 6English Language Arts 7English Language Arts 8English Language Arts 9HEnglish Language Arts 10 HEnglish Language Arts 11HEnglish Language Arts 12 HLiteracy & Comprehension ILiteracy & Comprehension IIExpository Reading and WritingIntroduction to Communications & SpeechClassic Novels & Author Studies**MathematicsFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFMathematics 6Mathematics 7Mathematics 8Pre-AlgebraAlgebra I HGeometry HAlgebra IIHPrecalculusIntegrated Mathematics IIntegrated Mathematics IIIntegrated Mathematics IIIMathematical Models with ApplicationsFinancial MathTrigonometry*StatisticsConcepts in Probability and StatisticsFor more information, contact: 877.725.4257 [email protected] ScienceEarth SciencePhysical ScienceBiology HChemistry HPhysicsHEnvironmental ScienceSocial StudiesFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFMiddle School Ancient World HistoryMiddle School U.S. HistoryMiddle School Civics, Government, & EconomicsMiddle School World Cultures & GeographyMiddle School Survey of World HistoryMiddle School Modern World HistorySurvey of World History HModern World HistoryU.S. History I HU.S. History II HSurvey of U.S. History HCivics and Citizenship*U.S. Government*HEconomics (semester)*HEconomics (full year)Human GeographyNational Test PreparationFFFFFFFFFACCUPLACER †ACT ACT WorkKeys †ASVAB † (Math, Verbal, Science)GED †HiSET †PSAT †SAT TASC †769048125

World LanguagesGeneral ElectivesMIDDLE SCHOOLMIDDLE SCHOOLFFFFFFFFFFSpanish 1Spanish 2French 1French 2German 1German 2Chinese 1Chinese 2Latin 1Latin 2HIGH SCHOOLFFFFFFFFFFFFSpanish ISpanish IISpanish IIIFrench IFrench IIFrench IIIGerman IGerman IIChinese IChinese IILatin ILatin IIAdvanced Placement All AP courses except Computer Science Principles, English Literature andComposition, Environmental Science, French, Human Geography, Psychologyand Spanish require textbooks. Textbooks are not included and can beordered from online booksellers.FFFFFFFFFFFFFFBiology†Calculus ABComputer Science PrinciplesEnglish Language & CompositionEnglish Literature & CompositionEnvironmental Science†French Language & CultureHuman GeographyPsychologySpanish Language & CultureStatisticsU.S. HistoryU.S. Government & Politics*World History: ModernFFFFFMiddle School Computer ScienceBTSDigital Literacy*Health Quest*Keyboarding and Applications*Online Learning and Digital Citizenship*HIGH SCHOOLFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFArt History IIntroduction to ArtIntroduction to Computer ScienceComputer Science PrinciplesComputer Applications: Microsoft Office 2016Contemporary Health (semester)*Contemporary Health (full-year)Foundations of Personal WellnessHealthy Living (semester)*Healthy Living (full-year)Lifetime Fitness (semester)*Lifetime Fitness (full-year)Personal Finance*PsychologySociology*Strategies for Academic Success*

Career and Technical EducationCTE Electives can be added to concurrent or site licenses for an additional cost.CAREER READINESSFFFFFFCareer Explorations II*F Banking Services Careers*F Introduction to Careers in Finance*Career Explorations III*GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONCareer Explorations I*Career ExplorationsCareer Management*Career Planning and DevelopmentCAREER CLUSTERSAGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCESFFFFFFFINANCEAgribusiness Systems*Animal Systems*Food Products and Processing Systems*Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources*Plant Systems*Power, Structural, and Technical Systems*ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTIONF Construction Careers*F Introduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction*ARTS, A/V TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONSF Fundamentals of Digital Media*BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATIONF Business Computer Information SystemsF Business Law*F Introduction to BusinessF Keyboarding and Applications*F Microsoft Office SpecialistF Small Business EntrepreneurshipF Technology and BusinessEDUCATION & TRAININGF Introduction to Careers in Education & Training*F Introduction to Human Growth and Development*F Teaching and Training Careers*For more information, contact: 877.725.4257 [email protected] Introduction to Careers in Government & PublicAdministration*HEALTH SCIENCESFFFFFFFFFFCareers in Allied Health*Health, Safety and Ethics in the Health Environment*Health Science ConceptsIntroduction to Careers in the Health Sciences*Introduction to Health ScienceMedical TerminologyNursing Assistant†Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited Potential*†Pharmacy Technician†Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians & OtherDoctors*F Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Health Care*F Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring & Maintaining Wellness*HOSPITALITY & TOURISMFFFFFood Safety and Sanitation*Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality*Planning Meetings and Special Events*Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality &Tourism*F Transportation and Tours for the Traveler*HUMAN SERVICESFFFFFamily and Community Services*Introduction to Consumer Services*Introduction to Human Services*Personal Care Services*

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYF Computer Science PrinciplesF Fundamentals of Computer Systems*F Fundamentals of Programming & SoftwareDevelopment*FFFFIntroduction to Coding*Introduction to Computer ScienceIntroduction to Information TechnologyIntroduction to Information Technology Support &Services*F Introduction to Network Systems*F Network System Design*F New Applications: Web Development in the 21stCentury*F Software Development Tools*LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY, CORRECTIONS & SECURITYFFFFCorrections: Policies and Procedures*Fire & Emergency Services*Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery*Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, &Security*F Law Enforcement Field Services*F Legal Services*F Security and Protective Services*MARKETINGF Careers in Marketing Research*SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING &MATHEMATICS (STEM)FFFFFFFEngineering and Design*Engineering and Product Development*Introduction to STEM*Science and Mathematics in the Real World*Scientific Discovery and Development*Scientific Research*STEM and Problem Solving*TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICSF Careers in Logistics Planning and ManagementServices*F Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, &Logistics*Social Emotional LearningPurpose Prep 6-12 and Look Deeper: Race run on the Edgenuity LMS andare available at an additional cost. Purpose Prep K-5 is also available on aseparate platform.PURPOSE PREPFFFFFFFFCharacter & Leadership DevelopmentClimate & Culture TransformationCollege & Career ReadinessMental Health & WellnessPersonal DevelopmentRestorative Practices and PrinciplesSocial & Emotional SuccessUnlock Your PurposeF Trauma-Informed LivingPOINT MADE LEARNINGF Look Deeper: Race

Subscription-based ElectivesThese electives are priced separately by enrollment.Career and elective courses by eDynamic LearningEdgenuity offers a suite of eDynamic Learning electives on a subscription basis, allowing students to pursue a largerange of interests in language arts, creative arts, STEM, and CTE. These electives are priced separately by enrollment.MIDDLE SCHOOL ELECTIVESFFFFFFFFFFFFFFMiddle School 2D Studio Art 1A*Middle School 2D Studio Art 1B*Middle School Coding 1A*Middle School Coding 1B*Middle School Digital Art & Design 1A*Middle School Digital Art & Design 1B*Middle School Exploring Music 1A*Middle School Exploring Music 1B*Middle School Game Design 1A*Middle School Game Design 1B*Middle School Journalism 1A*Middle School Journalism 1B*Middle School Photography 1A*Middle School Photography 1B*HIGH SCHOOL ELECTIVESFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAfrican-American History*American Sign Language 1A*American Sign Language 1B*American Sign Language 2A*American Sign Language 2B*American Sign Language 3A*American Sign Language 3B*Anthropology I*Anthropology II*Archaeology*Creative Writing*Gothic Literature*History of the Holocaust*Introduction to Women’s Studies*Lord of the Rings*Mythology & Folklore*Philosophy*Social Problems I*Social Problems II*Theater, Cinema, Film Production 1A*Theater, Cinema, Film Production 1B*World Religions*AGRICULTURE, FOOD, ANDNATURAL RESOURCESFFFFFFAgriscience 1*Agriscience 2A*Agriscience 2B*Forestry & Natural Resources*Principles of Agriculture, Food, andNatural Resources*Veterinary Science*ARTS, AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNOLOGY,AND COMMUNICATIONSFFFFFFFFFFFAnimation 1A*Animation 1B*Digital Photography 1A*Digital Photography 1B*Digital Photography II*Social Media*Journalism 1A*Journalism 1B*Music Appreciation*Public Speaking 1A*Public Speaking 1B*BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, &ADMINISTRATIONFInternational Business*HUMAN SERVICESFFFFFFFFCosmetology 1†*Cosmetology 2†*Cosmetology 3ACosmetology 3B*Fashion Design*Interior Design*Nutrition & Wellness*Peer Counseling*INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYFFFFCybersecurity 1A*Cybersecurity 1B*Game Design 1A*Game Design 1B*LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY,CORRECTIONS, AND SECURITYFFFFFFFCareers in Criminal Justice 1A*Careers in Criminal Justice 1B*Criminology*Military Careers*Law & Order*National Security*Principles of Public Service*MANUFACTURINGEDUCATION & TRAININGFFFFMARKETINGEarly Childhood Education 1A*Early Childhood Education 1B*Real World Parenting*ENERGYFFRenewable Technologies 1A*Renewable Technologies 1B*HOSPITALITY & TOURISMFFFFFFFCulinary Arts 1A*Culinary Arts 1B*Culinary Arts 2*Hospitality & Tourism 1*Hospitality & Tourism 2A*Hospitality & Tourism 2B*Restaurant Management*For more information, contact: 877.725.4257 [email protected] to Manufacturing*Advertising and Sales Promotion*Sports & Entertainment Marketing*SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICSFFFFFFFFFFFFAstronomy 1A*Astronomy 1B*Biotechnology 1A*Biotechnology 1B*Concepts of Engineering & Technology*Forensic Science I*Forensic Science II*Forensics: Science of Crime A*Forensics: Science of Crime B*Great Minds in Science*Marine Science 1A*Marine Science 1B*

Subscription-based ElectivesThese electives are priced separately by enrollment.Instructional Services ElectivesOffered with Edgenuity teachers only. All electives can be taught through a district teacher or a highly qualifiedEdgenuity instructor. However, the following electives are offered only through Edgenuity’s Instructional Services tohelp schools further expand their course offerings with Edgenuity’s instructors.FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAdaptive PE*Advanced PE 1 & 2Anatomy*Comprehensive PE*Concepts in Fitness*Credit Recovery PE 1 & 2Drugs & Alcohol*Exercise Science*Family & Consumer Sciences*Family Living & Healthy Relationships*First Aid & Safety*Fitness Fundamentals 1 & 2Flexibility Training*Group Sports*Health & Personal Wellness*Health Careers*FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFIndividual Sports*Intro to Coaching*Life Skills*Middle School Fitness Basics 1 & 2Middle School Intro to Group Sports 1 & 2Middle School Health*Middle School Intro to Individual Sports 1 & 2Middle School Life Skills*Personal Health and Fitness*Personal Training*Personal Training Concepts*Physiology*Running*Sports Officiating*Strength Training*Walking Fitness*HOPE 1 & 2* One-semester course** Supplemental modules (can be used alongside other courses)† These courses are not available via Instructional Services.BTSComing Back to School 2022Other courses are subject to teacher availability.HAlso available for honorsNotesAP , Advanced Placement , SAT , PSAT , and ACCUPLACER areregistered trademarks of the College Board.ACT and ACT WorkKeys are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc.ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is aregistered trademark of the United States Military EntranceProcessing Command.GED is a registered trademark of the American Council onEducation.HiSET is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service(ETS).TASC is a registered trademark of CTB. [email protected]

World Languages MIDDLE SCHOOL F Spanish 1 F Spanish 2 F French 1 F French 2 F German 1 F German 2 F Chinese 1 F Chinese 2 F Latin 1 F Latin 2 HIGH SCHOOL F Spanish I F Spanish II F Spanish III F French I F French II F French III F German I F German II F Chinese I F Chinese II F Latin I F Latin II Advanced Placement All AP courses except Computer Science Principles, English Literature and