JOB ANNOUNCEMENTExplore Knowledge Academy Charter School5871 Mountain Vista StreetLas Vegas, NV 89120www.ekacademy.orgAt Explore Knowledge Academy, we provide a rigorous K-12 academic program that empowers students bypersonalizing the student learning experiences. Explore Knowledge Academy is the only K-12 school inNevada to offer Public Speaking to all students. Our public speaking program empowers students todevelop leadership, creativity, and strong organizational skills.Salary Range: Based on qualifications, education, and experience; EKA benefits include PERS (stateretirement), Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance, Personal Time Off and Sick LeaveScheduled Work Hours170 days per year, August through May.Tuesday - Friday, 2 Mondays per monthScheduled Breaks (Thanksgiving- 1 week, Winter Break- 2 weeks, February- 1 week, Spring Break- 1 week)Open Teaching Positions for the 2022-2023 School Year Licensed Learning StrategistApplication Procedure:Applicants must provide the following items to be considered for an interview:1. EKA Employment Application (available at ResumeApplicants must provide the following items to be considered for employment:1. College or University Transcripts (Copies are acceptable at the time of interview. The originaltranscripts are required at time of employment.)2. Copy of a current Nevada Teaching license.3. A copy of all professional test results (PPST, PRAXIS II).4. Three letters of recommendation.Applications must be submitted online Incomplete applicant packets will not receive consideration.

Explore Knowledge AcademyRBG3 / ELL Learning StrategistPosition SummaryThe individual(s) selected for the RBG3/ELL full-time specialist position will coordinate and providespecialized support for kindergarten through Grade 5 teachers in literacy and kindergarten throughGrade 12 in language acquisition. These supports include, but are not limited to: assisting teachersin implementing high-quality, standards-based instruction for all students ; modeling research-basedstrategies in literacy and ELL; supporting teachers in scaffolding instruction and usingresearch-based strategies to meet the needs of all learners; providing side-by-side, job-embeddedcoaching; working collaboratively with teachers during data-driven, decision-making processes,including professional learning communities; assisting teachers in using a balanced assessmentsystem, including an interim assessment system, to analyze student achievement data to guide andinform instruction; assisting with the implementation of the Clark County School District’s K-12Literacy Plan; and providing professional learning opportunities for teachers focused on increasingstudent achievement. RBG3/ELL full-time literacy specialists selected for these positions will berequired to attend regularly-scheduled professional learning sessions. The individuals selected forthis position will report to EKA’s Principal.Responsibilities1. Supports school personnel with the implementation of high-quality, standards- basedinstruction.2. Plans, prepares, and facilitates professional learning and follow-up processes to supportschool-based personnel.3. Develops and coordinates professional learning aligned to literacy/ELL instruction and theSchool Performance Plan.

4. Works collaboratively with teachers to model effective data-driven, decision- makingprocesses focusing on professional learning communities.5. Provides coaching and mentoring support for teachers by conducting demonstration lessons,observing classroom instruction, and conferencing with teachers to implementresearch-based strategies addressing the needs of all learners, including students who havebeen identified as at-risk in literacy, students with special needs, and English languagelearners (ELL).6. Utilizes the coaching cycle to improve literacy instruction to promote student learning.7. Works collaboratively with administration and classroom teachers to effectively implementevidence-based practices for literacy instruction and tiered interventions to support allstudents.8. Works collaboratively with school-based administrators and classroom teachers to effectivelyimplement the required RBG3 assessments, including the Brigance Screener III andMeasures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessments and the required ELLassessments, including WIDA and WAPT.9. Assists school-based personnel with the analysis of data aligned with a balancedassessment system.10. Provides support for teachers in the balanced assessment system to determine areas ofspecific skill deficits to guide instruction and develop and implement intervention planning.11. Oversees the following RBG3 assessment protocols, including the administration of theBrigance Screener III to all kindergarten students within the first 30 days of school;administration of the MAP Growth assessment to all students in Grade 1 through Grade 5within the first 30 days of school; administration of the MAP Growth assessment to allstudents in kindergarten through Grade 5 during the winter and spring benchmarks; thedevelopment of a progress monitoring plan for every student identified as at-risk in literacy;and support systematic progress monitoring for every student identified as at-risk in literacy.12. Ensures parents and/or legal guardians are notified within 30 days of the determination thata student in kindergarten through Grade 5 is identified as at- risk in literacy.13. Ensures parents and/or legal guardians approve the intensive instructional plan for allstudents in kindergarten through Grade 5 who are identified as at-risk in literacy.14. Provides instruction and support to parents and/or legal guardians of students who havebeen identified as at-risk in literacy.15. Develops a working climate that promotes a trusting, professional relationship in whichteachers are open to self-reflection and working as a team to improve their instructionalpractices.

16. Participates in ongoing professional learning of the RBG3 full-time literacy specialistfollowing the roles and responsibilities of the RBG3 full-time literacy specialist as defined bythe Nevada Department of Education (NDOE) and EKA.17. Maintains confidentiality while building and maintaining a high-level of trust with staff andadministration.18. Performs other duties related to the position, as assigned.Minimum Requirements1. Must possess a Standard-Elementary: Grade Level K-5 or K-8 teaching license issued by theNevada Department of Education.2. Have completed a minimum of three (3) or more years of contracted teaching experience atthe elementary school level with effective or highly effective yearly evaluations.3. Demonstrated a positive impact in measurable student outcomes in literacy.4. Have experience in modeling teaching behavior to adult learners in a variety of settings (i.e.,workshops, seminars, courses, etc.).5. Demonstrated evidence of instructional leadership (i.e., team leader, departmentchair/coach, literacy specialist, instructional coach, system-wide committees, or grade-levelchair, etc.).6. Experience in providing successful professional learning aligned with high- quality,standards-based instruction in literacy.Preferred Qualifications1. Hold a master’s degree from an accredited college or university in literacy.2. Hold a reading specialist endorsement.3. Displayed evidence of participation in ongoing professional learning.Position Expectations1. Thorough knowledge of the K-5 ELA NVACS.2. Thorough understanding of Assembly Bill 289 RBG3.3. Thorough understanding of the Student Literacy Performance Plan (SLPP) within InfiniteCampus.4. Thorough knowledge of using data to identify gaps in student achievement.\

5. Effective communication, including oral and written; collaboration; and interpersonal skills.6. Effective skills in planning, organizing, and providing professional learning support toteachers.7. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.8. Willingness to maintain a flexible work schedule in order to conform to project needs.9. Demonstrated leadership abilities in organizing, implementing, and maintaining an effectiveliteracy program.Application ProcessPersons interested in being considered for this position must submit the following information:coverletter including name; address; phone number; current school location; and information detailinginterest in the position, including qualifications, and the identification and description of a positive,measurable impact on student achievement in literacy within the last three years; a resume; copiesof last three performance evaluations; copy of valid Nevada Standard-Elementary: Grade Level K-5or K-8 teaching license; names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of two supervisors, includingcurrent supervisor, from which a confidential references may be obtained.All applications must be submitted electronically to .AA/EOE StatementExplore Knowledge Academy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. EKA iscommitted to providing all applicants and employees equal employment opportunities withoutregard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, nationalorigin, genetics, disability, age, military status, or other characteristics protected by applicablelaw. Here at EKA we are a diverse group of people who honor the differences that driveinnovative solutions to meet the needs of our students and employees. We believe thatthrough a culture of inclusivity we have the power to reflect the community we serve.

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