HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceCONFERENCE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 2022International Advisory BoardHsin-Tzu (Tommy) CHEN TAECT / Chinese Culture UniversityWing Sum CHEUNGNanyang Technology UniversityXun GEAECT/ University of OklahomaPhilip HARRISAECTShih-chang HSINTAECT/ / National Tsing Hua UniversitySiu Cheung KONGThe Education Univeristy of Hong KongFeng-Qi LAIIndiana State UniversityAlice Y.L. LEEHong Kong Baptist UniversityJuhong Christie LIUSICET / James Madison UniversityWill W. K. MAThe Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong KongKay A. PERSICHITTEUniversity of WyomingBart RIENTIESThe Open University UKPeter SIDORKOHKAECTAllan H.K. YUENYew Chung College of Early Childhood EducationJianhua ZHAOSouthern University of Science and Technology3

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceOrganizing CommitteeConference ChairAnna TSOThe Hang Seng University of Hong KongProgram Co-ChairsTiffany Shurui BAIThe University of Hong KongLocky LAWThe University of Hong KongSteven K. K. NGMing-Ai (London) InstituteMembersAlbert CHANHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityWendy CHANThe Hang Seng University of Hong KongMiaoting (Cat) CHENG Shenzhen UniversityRose C.W. FONGQAHE / Northumbria University LondonTimothy K.F. HEWThe University of Hong KongAgnes LAMRoehampton UniversityNoble LOHelena SITCollege of Professional and Continuing Education, Hong KongPolytechnic UnviersityThe University of Newcastle4

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HKAECT 2022 International Conference7

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceABOUT THE HKAECTThe Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT; wasestablished in 1989 to promote for the public benefit the advancement of educational communications and technology; toadvance the professional quality and standards of educational technology and related areas in Hong Kong; and to broadenthe goals and influences of the Association to other local and international educational associations and media industries.Its first conference was organized in 1990, addressing “The Role of Educational Communication and Technology in Year2000”, with speakers coming from the United States, China, and Taiwan to discuss the outlook on educationalcommunications and technology. Throughout these years, the HKAECT has held a number of international conferences,symposiums, workshops, and talks with various themes to provide a platform to enable rich exchanges for academicians,practitioners, and professionals in the fields of communication and educational fields to make discourse about theshaping and changing issues on education, communication, and technology.List of HKAECT Presidents1989-2010Leo P. K. YAM2010-2016Allan H. K. YUEN2016-2021Will W. K. MA2022-2023Anna W. B. TSOThemes of the HKAECT Conferences since 19901990The Role of Educational Communications and Technology in Year 20001992Instructional Technology: Design, Utilization and Evaluation1994Telecommunications in Education1996Innovations and Quality in Teaching and Learning1997Tertiary Teaching in the Use of Technology: Vision and Practice1998New Challenges and Innovations in Teaching and Training into the 21st Century2001Education Reform: Integrating Information Technology, Communication, and Curriculum2004Media Innovations in Education: Input and Outcome in New Society2007Educational Communications and Technology as Learning Experiences2010Multiliteracies for the 21st Century: Education, Communication, and Technology2014New Media, Knowledge Practices, and Multiliteracies2017New Ecology for Education: Communication X Learning2018New Media for Educational Change: Effect on Learning and Reflection on Practice2019Shaping the Future of Education, Communication, and Technology2020Learning Environment and Design: Current and Future Impacts2021A New Paradigm for Digital Communication and Learning: Changes and Challenges2022Innovation and Transformation: The Post-pandemic Landscape of Education and Beyond8

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceCONFERENCE PROGRAMME AND SCHEDULENote: There are no passcodes for the conference zoom links.Day 116 June 2022 (Thursday)(HK Time)Registration09:30 – 09:45Zoom link 1 Opening - Welcoming Speechby Dr Anna TSO, HKAECT President09:45 – 10:00Zoom link 1 Session I (US Time - 20:45):Transforming Higher Education to Improve Student SuccessBy Dr. David WILEY, AECT PresidentModerator: Professor Steven NG,HKAECT2022 Conference Programme Co-Chair10:00 – 11:00Zoom link 1 Session II:Teaching for Trust: Resisting Surveillance Pedagogies (Recording)By Dr. Roopika RISAMModerator: Dr. Locky LAW,11:00 – 12:00HKAECT2022 Conference Programme Co-ChairZoom link 1

HKAECT 2022 International Conference12:00 – 14:00Lunch Break(Parallel) Paper Presentations ASession 1: Language Learning & Teaching(2 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 1Session 2: Assessment in Education(3 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link .us/j/96867377999Chair: Anna TSO, The Hang Seng Chair: Steven NG, Chung Hua UniversityUniversity of Hong Kong1. A Case-study on Revamping CourseStructure and Assessments of theExhibition Management and PlanningCourse to Online Learning During anOngoingGlobalPandemicofCoronavirus Disease in a TaiwanUniversity1. Intelligent CALL: Individualizing14:00 – 14:45Learning Using Natural LanguageGenerationJohn BLAKEUniversity of AizuPei-Ying WU, Kwan-Keung NG andShao-Fu LIChung Hua University and Ming-Ai(London) Institute2. TeachingShakespeare toStudents through TransmediaAnna TSOEFL 2. The Impact of COVID‐19 Pandemicon Higher Education: ReshapingWorkplace Learning and Assessment(WLA) after COVID-19The Hang Seng University of Hong KongBenson K. H. HUNG, Ryan K. H. FUNG,Candy K. Y. LIU, and Catter C. N. TOVocational Training CouncilBreak14:45–15:0010

HKAECT 2022 International Conference(Parallel) Paper Presentations BSession 3: Digital Citizenship,Entrepreneurship & Transformation(3 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Session 4: Learning Design(3 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 2Zoom link .us/j/96867377999Chair: Wendy CHAN, The Hang Seng Chair: Timothy HEW, The University ofUniversity of Hong KongHong Kong1. Bridging the Gap between DigitalDivide and Educational Equity byEngaging Parental Digital Citizenshipand Literacy at Post-COVID-19 Age inthe Hong Kong Context15:00 – 16:001. Use of Perusall for Pre-Class ReadingAssignments in an English Reading andWriting Course at the Tertiary Level:Students’ Perception of a FlippedApproachWai Sun Derek CHUN, Siu Ho YAU, Wai Frankie HAR and Eric HOMan CHAN and Chi Yan Iris LEUNGHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityThe Education University of Hong Kongand The Chinese University of Hong Kong2. Impact of Digital Entrepreneurship 2. One Size Fits All? PersonalizedEducation on Entreprenurial Intention Learning Path Planning Based onLearning Diagnostic Assessment induring the COVID 19 PandemicOnline i Xinya LI, Haoran XU, Chuanyan HAOALAHAKOON, Pethmi DE SILVA and and Bo JIANGHirusha AMARAWANSHANanjing University of Posts andTelecommunicationsUva Wellassa University3. Education Transformation for HongKong Cross-boundary Students Duringthe Pandemic and Beyond: A PlannedBehavior Perspective3. The Effect of Peer Collaboration onStudents’ Regression Modelling AbilitywithinaTechnology-enrichedEnvironmentKen LI and Merrilyn GOOSZhaoxun SONG, Jing WU, Hsinli HU andHong Kong Institute of VocationalXixue LIEducation and University of SunshineThe Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Coastand Sichuan University11

HKAECT 2022 International Conference16:00 – 16:15Break(Parallel) Paper Presentations CSession 5: Online & Blended Learning16:15 – 17:15(3 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 1 6: Multimodality & EducationTransformation(3 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 2 Locky LAW, The University ofChair: Helena SIT, The University of Hong KongNewcastle1. AR/VR - Enablers in Science1. Research on the Contributing Factorsof Postgraduate Students' Online Education in a Secondary School inSingaporeLearning ExperienceMengjie ZHANG and Feng LIUNanjing UniversityTelecommunicationsofPostsChoon Guan PANGand Nanyang Technological University2. Creativity and Digital Game-based2. How Vietnamese Foreign Language Learning:AGameSelectionTeachers Survive and Thrive: Tracing Framework for Non-gaming TeachersSuccessful Online Teaching during the (Feat. Animal Crossing: New Horizons)COVID-19 PandemicLocky LAWThi Thuy LE, Helena SIT and Shen CHENThe University of Hong KongHo Chi Minh City Open University andThe University of Newcastle3. What Do University Students Say3. An Investigation on the Teachers’Perceptions on “ICT Integration”: about Fully Online Teaching? AStudyonStudentEvidencefromIndonesianEFL l ARZAL, Shen CHEN and Helena Ka Yan LIU and Chung Kwan LOSITThe Education University of Hong KongThe University of Newcastle12

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceDay 217 June 2022 (Friday)(HK Time)09:30 – 09:45RegistrationKeynote Session III (US Time - 20:45):Students, Educators, Technology, Leadership?By Professor Scott MCLEOD, The University of Colorado DenverModerator: Ms Shurui BAI,HKAECT2022 Conference Programme Co-Chair09:45 – 10:45Zoom link 1 – 11:00Break(Parallel) Paper Presentations DSession 7: Positive Learning Environment(2 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 1 – 12:00Chair: Albert CHAN,Polytechnic UniversityHongSession 8: Teacher Training in thePandemic (3 Papers; 15 mins 5 minsQ&A each)Zoom link 2 Chair: Agnes LAM, HKAECT1. Enhancing Teacher Resilience for1. Exploring the Roles of Cognitive and Coping with Uncertainty and RidingAffectEmpathyinEnhancing the Waves of Change: Voices of EnglishProsocial Bystander Behavior in Language Teacher Trainers in VietnamSimulated Cyberbullying ContextThi Thuy LE, Thi Thanh Tra DO, and ThiChi-Keung Alex CHAN, Tsz-Hei Davis Thuy Linh NGUYENLEUNG and Ka-Tung Vivianne IP, HongHo Chi Minh City Open University, TayKong Shue Yan UniversityBac University, Vietnam NationalUniversity, Hanoi13

HKAECT 2022 International Conference2. Teacher Support and Student 2. Empowering Digital Competence forEngagement in Online LearningEnglish Language Teacher Educatorsin VietnamNguyen Thi Thuy Linh, Le Thi Thuy andQi XIA, Xinyan ZHOU, Xiaojing WENG Do Thi Thanh Traand Thomas K.F. CHIUVietnam National University, Hanoi, HoThe Chinese University of Hong KongChi Minh City Open University, and TayBac University12:00 – 14:00Lunch Break(Parallel) Paper Presentations ESession 10: Student Learning PerceptionSession 9: New Media &Self-paced Learning (2 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)(2 Papers; 15 mins 5 mins Q&A each)Zoom link 2 link 1 Noble LO, College of Professionaland Continuing Education, Hong KongChair: Cat Miao-ting CHENG, Shenzhen Polytechnic UniversityUniversity14:00 – 14:451. Lecturers’ Practices and Perceptions1. The Effects of Learning Analytics on on the Effectiveness of Feedback in theOnline Self-Regulated Learning: A Assessment of Academic Writing inMeta AnalysisHong KongYu BEN and GangYao ZHANGNanjing UniversityTelecommunicationsofPosts14Noble Po Kan LO and Sumie CHANand College of Professional and ContinuingEducation, Hong Kong PolytechnicUniversity, and The Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology

HKAECT 2022 International Conference2. ctive Undergraduates aboutUniversity studying: before & duringthe PandemicAnnie W. Y. NG2. Is Extra English for AcademicPurposes (EAP) Support Required forDegree Holders Pursuing MasterProgrammes in Less Familiar Fields?Noble Po Kan LO and Sumie CHANCollege of Professional and ContinuingThe Hong Kong University of Science Education, Hong Kong Polytechnicand TechnologyUniversity, and The Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology14:45 – 15:00BreakKeynote Session IV (UK Time - 08:00):Mobile Learning Futures Around the WorldBy Professor Agnes KUKULSKA-HULMEProfessor of Learning Technology and Communication,The Open University, U.K.15:00 – 16:00Moderator: Dr Rose FONG, Northrumbia University LondonZoom link 1

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceDay 318 June 2022 (Saturday)(HK Time)Registration09:30 – 09:45Zoom link 1 SessionUn-managing Schooling in the Time of Covid: From Subsisting,Imagineering to FlourishingBy Ms Meimei Shin Kwan CHAN9:45 – 10:45Principal of SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary SchoolModerator: Dr. Anna TSO, HKAECT PresidentZoom link 1 Symposium on “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning:11:00 – 13:00Transition of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Curriculum amidCOVID-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong” (Conducted in Cantonese)Hosted by Dr Eunice Pui Yu YIMThe School of Education & Languages,Hong Kong Metropolitan UniversityPresented by Dorothy Nga Yui TONG, Rachel Suet Wing CHAN, Toby WaiFong CHAN, Cherry Ching Wai NGAN, Jason Yu Chieh YANG, Katy WingYan YU and Eunice Pui Yu YIMThe School of Education & Languages,Hong Kong Metropolitan UniversityZoom link 1

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceSymposium Topics:1. 停課不停學: 疫情下香港幼兒教育課程的調適2. 疫情期間如何進行幼小銜接3. 施4. 幼稚園如何在疫情下進行多元化評估5. 疫情下幼兒如何從遊戲中學習6. 疫情下幼稚園對電子產品的應用7. Cross-disciplinary Skill Training at Workplace in Post-pandemic: A Case Study onAdapting Applied Behaviour Analysis into Mainstream Teaching Practice17

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceGUIDELINES TO PRESENTATIONGuidelines for Presenters(A) Paper Presentation SessionsThe following guidelines will help you design and prepare for your paper presentation viaZoom:1. Please check the session schedule on the official website/conference programmeto confirm the date, time, and designated Zoom link of your presentation(s).2. The duration of each presentation is approximately 15 minutes. The Q & A sessionwill be held after each presentation. Please follow the instructions of the SessionChair regarding the time allocated for your presentation if there are fewer thanthree presentations in a session.3. Please enter the designated Zoom meeting room at least 10 minutes before yoursession begins and report to the Session Chair.4. You should follow the instructions of Session Chair and designated Zoom meetingroom host on sharing and stop sharing your presentation slides before and afteryour presentation.5. For presenters who pre-record your presentations, please send your address([email protected]) one week prior to the conference (due on 10 June,2022 at or before 23:59 HKT).Resources for using 772869-Zoom-Rooms-UserGuide?mobile site true18

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceGuidelines for Session Chairs(A) Before the Commencement of a Session1. Please enter the designated Zoom meeting room 10 minutes earlier before asession starts.2. If there are any changes in the session, the Zoom meeting host will notify youbefore a session starts.3. In case a presenter does not show up timely, please notify the Zoom meeting hostas soon as possible.(B) During a Session1. Please arrive at the designated Zoom meeting room 10 minutes before a sessionbegins, briefly introduce yourself, and announce your arrangement of thepresentations to all presenters.2. Please start the session on time and follow the time allocated to each presentation(15 minutes for each presentation; 5 minutes for the Q & A after eachpresentation). No presenter can get any extra time for his/her presentation.3. Papers with more than one presenter will not get any extra time for thepresentations.4. Please instruct presenters how to share their presentation slides and start theirpresentation one by one following the session sequence listed on the conferenceprogramme.5. Please remind presenters of the remaining time they have three minutes beforethe end of their presentations. If a presenter goes beyond the allotted time, theSession Chair should ask him/her politely to close the presentation promptly.6. Please try to make sure the session (including Q & A) is timely proceeded sincesome attendees need to move from sessions to sessions.7. If there are any issues affecting the continuance of your session, please inform thehost at the registration Zoom meeting room immediately.8. Our hosts shall take a group photo (screen shot) at the end of each session. Pleasehelp gather the presenter and the audience for the photo shoot.Resources for using 772869-Zoom-Rooms-UserGuide?mobile site true19

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceKEYNOTESKeynote Session I (16/6/2022 10:00-11:00 HKT):Professor David WileyPresident, AECTDr. David A. Wiley is an American academic and writer who is the chief academic officer ofLumen Learning, education fellow at Creative Commons, and former adjunct facultyof instructional psychology and technology at Brigham Young University, where he waspreviously an associate professor. Dr. Wiley's work on open content, open educationalresources, and informal online learning communities has been reported in manyinternational outlets, including The New York Times, The Hindu, MIT TechnologyReview, and Wired. Wiley was also previously a member of the advisory committeeof University of the People.Keynote Title: Transforming Higher Education to Improve Student SuccessAbstractThis keynote will describe three technology-mediated innovations that can transform highereducation in order to dramatically improve student success. The first is innovative uses oftechnology designed to strengthen personal relationships between learners and teachers.The second is innovative uses of technology enabling us to continuously improve teachingand learning materials and tools. The third is innovative uses of technology designed tohelp learners become better learners and help teachers become better teachers.20

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceKEYNOTESKeynote Session II (16/6/2022 11:00-12:00 HKT):Dr Roopika RISAMAssociate Professor and Chair of Secondary and Higher Education, Salem State University,U.S.A.Dr. Roopika Risam is Chair of Secondary and Higher Education and Associate Professor ofEducation and English at Salem State University. Risam’s first monograph, New DigitalWorlds: Postcolonial Digital Humanities in Theory, Praxis, and Pedagogy, was publishedby Northwestern University Press in 2018. She is the co-editor of Intersectionality inDigital Humanities (Arc Humanities/Amsterdam University Press, 2019) and South sTechnology’sCulturalCanon (Routledge, 2020). Risam’s latest co-edited collection The Digital Black Atlantic inthe Debates in the Digital Humanities series (University of Minnesota Press) was publishedin 2021. Currently co-vice president of the Association for Computers and the Humanitiesand co-chair of the ACH 2021 conference, Risam previously served as a founding boardmember of Global Outlook::Digital Humanities (GO::DH) and co-chair of the ACH 2019conference. She also received the Massachusetts Library Association’s inaugural CivilLiberties Champion Award for her work promoting equity and justice in the digitalcultural record.Keynote Title: Teaching for Trust: Resisting Surveillance PedagogiesAbstractSince the onset of the pandemic, educational technologies have been adopted at anastounding rate as even the most technology-resistant instructors have had no choice butto begin using them. Without the pedagogical training to use these technologies in waysthat build trust between teacher and student, they have become a way of promotingsurveillance of students, revealing a fundamental lack of trust. In this talk, Risam willdiscuss how what she terms “surveillance state pedagogies” have been adopted inresponse to the pandemic and explore how we might change that mindset. In its place, shewill argue, we must model the use of educational technologies that demonstrate that we dotrust our students so they can, in turn, trust us as their instructors. Doing so, Risamproposes, is crucial to restoring the trust that has been lost between so many students andinstructors over the last several years.21

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceKEYNOTESKeynote Session III (17/6/2022 9:45-10:45 HKT):Professor Scott MCLEODThe University of Colorado DenverA Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver, Scott McLeod,J.D., Ph.D., is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on P-12 schoolleadership, deeper learning, technology, and innovation. He is the Founding Director of theUCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE),the only university center in the U.S. dedicated to the technology needs of schooladministrators, and is the co-creator of the wildly popular video series, Did You Know?(Shift Happens). He also is the co-creator of the 4 Shifts Protocol for lesson/unit redesign.Dr. McLeod has worked with hundreds of schools, districts, universities, and otherorganizations and has received numerous awards for his technology leadership work,including the 2016 Award for Outstanding Leadership from the International Society forTechnology in Education (ISTE). Dr. McLeod blogs regularly about leadership andinnovation at Dangerously Irrelevant and is a frequent keynote speaker and workshopfacilitator at regional, state, national, and international conferences. He has written or edited4 books and 170 articles and other publications, and is one of the most visible educationprofessors in the United States.Keynote Title: Students, Educators, Technology, Leadership?AbstractWhile we have a wealth of research on the benefits of educational technology when itcomes to students and their learning, scholarship on technology leadership is much thinner.In this interactive keynote, Dr. Scott McLeod will share what we know about technologyleadership in schools and some thoughts on research that would be helpful, particularlypost-pandemic. Join us and be ready to dialogue with conference colleagues!22

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceKEYNOTESKeynote Session IV (17/6/2022 15:00-16:00 HKT):Professor Agnes KUKULSKA-HULME,Professor of Learning Technology & Communication, The Open University, U.K.Agnes Kukulska-Hulme is Professor of Learning Technology and Communication in theInstitute of Educational Technology at The Open University, UK, and Past-President of theInternational Association for Mobile Learning. She leads the Learning Futures Researchand Innovation Programme and the Innovating Pedagogy annual reports. Her workencompasses online distance education, mobile learning, language learning, and educationfor migrants and refugees. In addition to well over 200 academic publications and papers,she has authored policy and practice reports for UNESCO, British Council, Commonwealthof Learning, International Research Foundation for English Language Education andCambridge University Press. Her co-edited book Mobile Assisted Language LearningAcross Educational Contexts (Routledge, 2021), promotes sharing of innovative practicesand explores inspiring emergent themes in mobile language learning. Professor KukulskaHulme is on the Editorial Boards of several journals including the International Journal ofMobile and Blended Learning. She has been an invited speaker at over 100 internationalconferences and events. She supervises doctoral students and mentors early careerresearchers. She is currently working on several projects exploring mobile technology useand the role of English in education in low-income countries in Africa and Asia, amongdisadvantaged communities and marginalised educators and students.Profile and publications: Keynote Title: Mobile Learning Futures Around the WorldAbstractThe field of mobile learning has been evolving and diversifying over the past quartercentury. Consequently, there are now many varieties of mobile learning and disparateagendas driving its development. The field grapples with divergent forces within educationalpractice, technological innovation, policy development and scientific inquiry. In this talk I willconsider some research agendas and innovation drivers that have characterised theculturally diverse field of mobile learning. I will highlight the shifting focus from classroombased instruction to mobile learning outside of class and in the online world. This shift ishighly pertinent to language learning, particularly since languages mediate broader accessto educational resources and social connections, which in turn can affect the life chances of23

HKAECT 2022 International Conferenceindividuals and communities. In the recent rush to adopt online and mobile learningapproaches in education, new opportunities are created but at the same time many learnersare left behind. Current projects at The Open University, UK, are providing insights into thelearning experiences of disadvantaged and marginalized young people and those in lowresource settings, shedding light on the interplay between educational cultures,technologies, and languages. Considering these aspects in the broader context of mobilelearning evolution, the talk will suggest how we might build a more hopeful and equitablefuture, or multiple futures, for mobile learning around the world.24

HKAECT 2022 International ConferenceCONFERENCE PRESENTATIONSPRESENTATION SESSION 1: Language Learning & Teaching(P1, 16/6/2022 14:00-15:00 HKT)P1-1 Intelligent CALL: Individualizing Learning Using Natural Language GenerationJohn BLAKEUniversity of AizuIntelligent computer-assisted language learning (Intelligent CALL) harnesses artificialintelligence, which is usually in the form of natural language processing pipelines.Intelligent CALL can be utilized to create individualized learning materials for learners ofEnglish. This chapter describes the theoretical underpinning, development and evaluationof an online natural language generation app, the Question Generator. This pedagogicapp individualizes language learning by creating interrogative statements fromdeclarative statements input by learners. Questions are created using a sophisticatednatural language generation pipeline. The Question Generator uses an extensive set oftransformation rules supplemented by machine learning to generate appropriatequestions. This open-access system enables learners to create their own individualizedcontrolled practice activity. By comparing the input and output, learners can raise theirawareness of the syntax of closed, tag and open questions. For example, throughinteracting with the web app, learners can discover inductively how negation andauxiliary verbs are used in tag questions. A pilot study was conducted with both schoolchildren and university sophomores. Both groups of language learners were engaged andstayed on task with mi

University Pei-Ying WU, Kwan-Keung NG and Shao-FuLI Chung Hua University and Ming-Ai (London)Institute 2.TheImpactofCOVID‐19Pandemic on Higher Education: Reshaping Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA)afterCOVID-19 BensonK.H.HUNG,RyanK.H.FUNG, CandyK.Y.LIU,andCatterC.N.TO VocationalTrainingCouncil 14:45-15:00 Break