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Optimize Job Scheduling& Automation in YourSAP EnvironmentFor companies that run their business with SAP,Tidal offers thebest solution to orchestrate SAP job scheduling and other application-related processes across the enterprise.With more pre-built adapters for SAP solutions than competitive alternatives, Tidal is the workload automationprovider of choice for companies that rely on SAP.Through our integrations,the Tidal platform takes control of SAP internal schedulersto centralize management of complex workloads across SAP – and more broadly, across other enterpriseapplications, systems and infrastructure. Tidal knows what is scheduled to run and, in real time, users can putin new tasks, edit or delete existing tasks and control jobs that are running. Businesses using SAP save timeand costs associated with managing independent schedulers and optimize their mission-critical businessprocesses with centralized control provided by Tidal’s workload automation solution.02

Centralize Your SAP SchedulingWhen you integrate Tidal with your SAP solutions, you canexpect real results and tangible benefits.Increase Visibility and ControlThe Tidal platform offers a single integrated view across all enterprise workload activities andtheir relationships with centralized, comprehensive scheduling of both SAP and non-SAP systems.Meet Service Level AgreementsOur platform manages process dependencies and resolves issues to ensure you meet, or exceed,service level agreements for your organization’s SAP business processes.Accelerate Time-to-value for SAP SolutionsAs you adopt new SAP applications and tools, it’s easy to automate them with our pre-builtadapters integrated with the Tidal platform, without the need for custom scripting or development.Satisfy Compliance RequirementsComprehensive audit logs maintain a record of what changes are made to your SAP processesso you can show you have controls in place to comply with various regulations and requirements,such as ISO 27001.03

Why Tidal for SAPThere are plenty of reasons Tidal is the provider of choice forbusinesses that rely on SAP. Here are just a few.Our integration with SAP solutions is accomplished through adapters, not agents.With our agentless technology, customers don’t need to install a Tidal component on their SAPserver in order for Tidal to manage the workload automation and scheduling.We offer a comprehensive set of adapters for different versions of SAP,their legacy and new technology stacks, and a variety of SAP solutions beyond ERP.Development of new adapters for SAP is reflected in our roadmap anddemonstrates our commitment to keeping pace with customer requirements for the ever-evolvingSAP solutions landscape. Our adapters go through a rigorous process to be certified by the SAPIntegration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), providing confidence and assurance for customersthat they have been thoroughly evaluated for use with SAP.We have proven success in replacing Redwood and other schedulingsolutions that are inadequate or no longer cost-effective.Our client roster includes some of the largest organizations in the world runningSAP. These clients count on Tidal to orchestrate their SAP job scheduling and optimize theirmission-critical business processes.04

Tidal Has You CoveredWe have nearly three decades of experience integrating Tidal with SAP solutions. The SAP landscape hasevolved a great deal in that time, yet SAP customers are not necessarily moving at the same pace. That’swhy we support R/3 and S/4HANA versions of SAP, ABAP and Java technology stacks, and a variety of SAPsolutions beyond ERP. Tidal can orchestrate SAP workflows whether they are running on-prem or in the cloud.Tidal Offers Integrations Across the SAP EcosystemSAP BusinessSuiteBusinessWarehousePortalProcess Integration/Process OrchestrationSAP ERP aSAP HANA DatabaseTidal Adapter AvailableTidal Adapter Coming SoonLEVERAGE TIDAL AUTOMATIONADAPTERS FOR: SAP R/3 ERP (ABAP) SAP R/3 Business Warehouse (ABAP) SAP S/4HANA ERP (ABAP) SAP S/4HANA ERP (Java) SAP S/4HANA Business Warehouse (Java) SAP S/4HANA Business Warehouse (ABAP) SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects Data Services SAP Financial Closing Cockpit SAP Integrated Business Planning SAP Process Integration SAP Process Orchestration SAP Solution ManagerNEW ADAPTER COMING SOON FOR: SAP HANA DatabaseSAP CERTIFICATIONSThe Tidal Automation Adapter for SAP R/3 &SAP S/4HANA has been certified for integration with: SAP NetWeaver 7.52 via the SAP integration scenarioBC-XBP 7.20 SAP S/4HANA 7.5 via the SAP integration scenario S/4HANA BC-XBP 1.0 SAP Business Warehouse 7.50 via the SAP integrationscenario BW-SCH 3.005

What Our CustomersSay About TidalSome of the largest companies in the world that rely on SAPto run their business are using Tidal’s workload automationsolution to orchestrate their SAP job scheduling.“ We use Tidal to run jobs across multiple application platforms. We have a lot of different connectors, then we bring all these jobs into Tidalso we can set up dependencies between jobs, e.g., an SAP job and an OS/400 job,allowing a cross-platform job flow."LEEANN MCLENNAN Application Engineer at Columbia Sportswear“ We use Tidal to run Hadoop, SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjectsbut SAP is the main thing. The goal is to use Tidal for managing and monitoring cross-platform, cross-application workloads.The ability to manage those loads is what they do well."SR. PLATFORM ENGINEER at a Major Software Company“ We wouldn’t be able to do many of the complex schedulingthat we do today without Tidal. For us, it is a mission-critical app.It is an essential tool for us to manage and run SAP jobs."TEAM LEAD at a Large Manufacturing Company“ We have integrations running on multiple platforms. This isa valuable feature Tidal provides compared to other schedulers.What’s beneficial for us is that it calls jobs, programs on SAP,and processes on Informatica, Windows Box and SQL Server."MOSES GUJJARLAPUDI Tidal Administrator at Devon Energy06

Tidal Automation Providessimplified orchestration of complex workloadsacross SAP and other enterprise applications,systems and infrastructure. Centralized controlincreases visibility and efficiency of your missioncritical business processes. With our broadcoverage across the SAP portfolio of solutions,you can rely on Tidal to deliver real businessvalue and optimize your SAP investment.Tidal Software is a leading provider of enterprise workload automation solutions for orchestrating the execution ofcomplex workflows across systems, applications and IT environments. With a comprehensive portfolio of productstida lsoft w mand services, Tidal optimizes mission-critical business processes and drives IT cost efficiencies. 2022 Tidal Software LLC All rights reserved. 6/22

SAP NetWeaver 7.52 via the SAP integration scenario BC-XBP 7.20 SAP S/4HANA 7.5 via the SAP integration scenario S/4HANA BC-XBP 1.0 SAP Business Warehouse 7.50 via the SAP integration scenario BW-SCH 3.0 LEVERAGE TIDAL AUTOMATION ADAPTERS FOR: SAP R/3 ERP (ABAP) SAP R/3 Business Warehouse (ABAP) SAP S/4HANA ERP (ABAP)