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Principles of ExcellenceStudent Financial Services Guide for Those Using Military Education

Principles of Excellence—Student Financial Services Guide for Those Using Military Education BenefitsFinancial Aid Shopping SheetBrown Mackie College system of schools is committed toensuring that military service members, veterans and theirfamilies are aware of the financial investment they are makingin their education. In accordance with the Principles ofExcellence (Principles) outlined in Executive Order 13607, forveterans and those students using military benefits, BrownMackie College has adopted the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet(Shopping Sheet) to assist in making an educated decision onwhere to attend a postsecondary educational institution. TheShopping Sheet, part of our commitment to increasing thequality of information for military students, will allow you tosee simplified, personalized cost of attendance and financialaid information in a standardized format from all institutionsof higher education that are adhering to the Principles.Please note that much but not all of your educational costmay be covered by military education benefits, so you mayneed to discuss other options with a student financial servicesadvisor. Unless you apply for Federal aid by completing theFree Application for Federal Student Aid, the Shopping Sheetwill not be able to display your estimated Federal aid (if any).In the case where military educational benefits will completelypay for the cost of all charged tuition and fees, it is notnecessary to borrow student loans to pay for tuition and fees.All student loans, with interest and possibly other fees, needto be repaid to the lender by the student borrower.The Shopping Sheet also provides institutional results atthe institution level and provides a comparison to nationalaverage institutional results, including graduation and Federalloan default rates, as well as information regarding the medianamount of Federal student loans borrowed by enrolledstudents.The Shopping Sheet is completed with the school’s StudentFinancial Services Department prior to your enrollment. Thiswill also provide you with an opportunity to discuss otherfinancial aid options and you may elect to complete a FreeApplication for Federal Student Aid prior to enrollment.The Shopping Sheet is being provided to all new and reentrystudents who are expected to receive military benefits andare expected to begin their coursework on or after July 1,2013. If you are a student receiving military benefits andstarted classes before July 1, 2013, please contact the school’sStudent Financial Services Department to receive moreinformation or for us to prepare a personalized ShoppingSheet.The Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that summarizes aprospective student’s total estimated cost of attendancefor an educational program for an academic year, such astuition and fees, housing and meals, books and supplies,transportation costs as well as other educational expenses.The Shopping Sheet outlines funding the student may beeligible to receive from scholarships and grants, which isfinancial aid that does not have to be repaid; provides acalculated net cost of attendance after scholarships andgrants; and provides options available to the student topay any net cost of attendance including, but not limitedto work-study opportunities, payment plan offered by theschool, and other outside resources.1

Financial Aid InformationFinancial aid information is published online on the school’swebsite and may also be found in printed materials at theschool. In addition to the military benefit options listed below,military students may also be eligible for various Federal, state,and institutional financial aid programs as described in BrownMackie College’s Financial Aid Guide. Your student financialservices advisor can help you to navigate through your optionsand the application process.If you are the spouse or child of a service member, you may beeligible for transfer of the service member’s Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to you. For more information on these benefits, of the requirements to maintain educational benefits issubmitting official transcripts from all previous post-secondaryinstitutions you have attended as well as military transcripts.It is the school’s policy that all transcripts are on file and allprior learning has been evaluated for transfer into the student’seducational program by the completion of two (2) academicquarters. Failure to have an evaluation completed by thistimeframe may result in a suspension of the student’s certifiedattendance to the VA until an evaluation is complete. To learnmore about educational benefits for military personnel andveterans, please begin with our military n-benefits.U.S. Military Education BenefitsIf you served on Active Duty, you may be eligible for educationbenefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).For example, the Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial supportfor educational and housing expenses to individuals with atleast 90 days of aggregate service after September 10, 2001, orindividuals discharged with a service-connected disability after30 days. You must have received an honorable discharge to beeligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill . In acknowledgement of your service to our country, thereare special benefits and repayment options for your Federalstudent loans available from the U.S. Department of Educationand the U.S. Department of Defense. Contact your student loanservicer for additional information on these options, includingeligibility information and what documentation you shouldprovide to receive the benefit. Please refer to this document fora summary of these special benefits and repayment options foryour Federal student loans, df.Active duty service members and their spouses who are usingtransferred Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits are not eligible to receivethe Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA). If you are currently serving in the military, you may be eligiblefor funding offered through the Department of DefenseTuitionAssistance program. Check your eligibility status and theamount for which you qualify with your Service prior toenrolling.If you are the spouse or child of a service member who isserving on active duty Title 10 orders in the pay grades ofE1-E5, O1-O2, or W1-W2, you may be eligible for financialassistance from the Department of Defense for education,training, and/or the occupational license and credentialsnecessary for a portable career.GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of VeteransAffairs (VA). More information about education benefits offeredby VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at Terms of Use.asp.Summary of Military Education Benefits 1Please refer to the school’s military web page for additionalinformation at efits.The following table is a brief summary of each of the majoreducation benefits offered to service members, veterans andin some cases their families.ProgramWhat is it?Who is Eligible?BenefitPost-9/11 Bill The Post 9/11 GI Bill provides upto 36 months (4 regular schoolyears) of education benefits toeligible service members andveterans for:Service members (Active Duty,Guard and Reserve) and Veteranswho have served at least 90 dayson active duty since 9/10/2001.Paid Tuition and Fees, Living (Housing)Stipend and Book Stipend.Some limitations apply to those currentlyon active duty.College, BusinessTechnical or Vocational CoursesBenefits can be transferred to Spouseor Family member.Correspondence CoursesApprenticeship/Job TrainingFlight TrainingLicensing & Testing ProgramsContinued on next pageBenefits are tiered based on numberof days on active duty.2

Principles of Excellence—Student Financial Services Guide for Those Using Military Education BenefitsSummary of Military Education Benefits, continuedProgramWhat is it?Who is Eligible?BenefitTuitionAssistanceTuition Assistance is a militarybenefit that pays the cost oftuition and some fees.Each branch of the militarydetermines eligibility requirementsfor tuition assistance.Tuition Assistance covers up to 100%Tuition and Fees Not to exceed:Students using TA must maintaina cumulative grade point average(GPA) of 2.0 or higher aftercompleting 15 semester hours,or equivalent, in undergraduatestudies, or a GPA of 3.0 or higherafter completing 6 semester hours,or equivalent, in graduate studies,on a 4.0 grading scale. 250 @ Semester Credit Hour 166 @ Quarter Credit Hour 4,500 @ Fiscal YearNote: Navy and Army have a 16 semesteror 24 quarter credit hour Annual Limit.Note: Navy and Coast Guard not toexceed 4,000 @ Fiscal Year.Reimbursement will be requiredfrom the Service member if asuccessful course completion isnot obtained. For the purposeof reimbursement, a successfulcourse completion is definedas a grade of ‘‘C’’ or higher forundergraduate courses, a ‘‘B’’ orhigher for graduate courses anda ‘‘Pass’’ for ‘‘Pass/Fail’’ grades.Reimbursement will also berequired from the Service memberif he or she fails to make up agrade of ‘‘I’’ for incomplete withinthe time limits stipulated by theeducational institution or 6 monthsafter the completion of the class,whichever comes first.TuitionAssistance“Top-Up”ProgramAn additional benefit intendedto supplement other tuitionassistance programs such as theGI Bill. The benefit is availablefor all courses that began on orafter October 30, 2000.To be eligible for the Top-upbenefit, the person must beapproved for Federal TuitionAssistance by a militarydepartment and be eligible forMGIB-Active Duty benefits.The amount of the benefit is limitedto the amount that the person wouldreceive for the same course if regularMGIB benefits were being paid.Yellow RibbonProvides additional fundingto veterans and eligibledependents with one hundredpercent (100%) eligibility ofChapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill when the cost of tuition andfees exceeds the annual cap, asdetermined by the Departmentof Veteran Affairs. BrownMackie College participatesin the Post-9/11 GI Bill YellowRibbon Program and hasagreed to make additional fundsavailable without an additionalcharge to the veteran’s GI Bill entitlement.Only Veterans entitled tothe maximum benefit rate,as determined by servicerequirements, or their designatedtransferees may receive thisfunding. Active duty Servicemembers and their spouses arenot eligible for this program. Childtransferees of active duty Servicemembers may be eligible if theService member is qualified at theone hundred percent (100%) rate.Brown Mackie College entered into aYellow Ribbon Agreement with VA andelected to contribute funds equal to50% of the cost of tuition and fees thatexceed the VA’s annual cap. VA willprovide funding for the other half. Somedegree programs may be subject to amaximum tuition and fee reimbursementamount per academic year from theYellow Ribbon Program.TutorialAssistanceProgramTutorial assistance for programsyou are having difficulty with.If you are receiving VA benefits ata half-time or more rate, you areeligible.VA may provide you with a tutor or withinformation for finding one.If you have questions on thisprogram please contact the tollfree number 1-888-442-4551.Continued on next page3Regular MGIB benefits will be reduced.

Summary of Military Education Benefits, continuedProgramWhat is it?Who is Eligible?BenefitMontgomeryGI Bill ActiveDuty & VeteranMGIB provides up to 36 months(4 regular school years) ofeducation benefits to eligibleveterans for:Active Duty members who haveserved at least two years onactive duty.Payments are issued to the studenteach month and based on the level ofenrollment.Veterans—there are fourcategories of Veteran eligibilitydepending on when you enlistedand how long you served onactive duty.The VA evaluates rates on a yearlybasis and updates are made effectiveeach October 1. Rates for current andprior years can be found on the GI Billwebsite.2Six-year obligation to serve in theSelected Reserve.Payments are issued to the studenteach month and based on the level ofenrollment.College, BusinessTechnical or Vocational CoursesCorrespondence CoursesApprenticeship/Job TrainingFlight TrainingMontgomeryGI Bill SelectedReserve(MGIB-SR)Same as MGIB-AD atreduced rates.Officers must agree to serve sixyears in addition to their originalobligation.High school diploma/GED.Maintain Selected Reserve Status.ReserveEducationAssistanceProgram (REAP)Same as MGIB-AD atreduced rates.At least 90 days on active dutysince 9/10/2001.Legislation was passed recentlyto eliminate the REAP (ReserveEducation Assistance Program,Chapter 1607) benefit.The National DefenseAuthorization Act of 2016ended REAP on November 25,2015. Some individuals will remaineligible for REAP benefits untilNovember 25, 2019, while othersare no longer eligible forREAP benefits.The VA evaluates rates on a yearlybasis and updates are made effectiveeach October 1. Rates for current andprior years can be found on the GI Billwebsite.240%, 60%, or 80% of the MGIB paymentrate as determined by total length ofactive duty time.For information on eligibility,please see EducationalAssistanceProgram (VEAP)Available if you elected to makecontributions from your militarypay to participate. For degree,certificate, correspondence,apprenticeship/on-the-jobtraining programs, andvocational flight trainingprograms. Remedial, deficiency,and refresher training may alsobe available.Meet all requirements:Entered service for the first timebetween January 1, 1977, andJune 30, 1985Opened a contribution accountbefore April 1, 1987Contributed 25- 2,700Completed 1st period of serviceDischarge/release was notdishonorable.Continued on next page4Your contributions are matched ona 2 for 1 basis by the Government

Principles of Excellence—Student Financial Services Guide for Those Using Military Education BenefitsSummary of Military Education Benefits, continuedProgramWhat is it?Who is Eligible?BenefitVA Work-StudyProgramIf you’re a full-time or 3/4-timestudent in a college degreeprogram, or a vocational orprofessional program, you can“earn while you learn” with a VAwork-study allowance.The VA work-study allowanceYou’ll earn an hourly wage equal to theFederal minimum wage or your Stateminimum wage, whichever is available to persons trainingunder one of the VA benefitprograms:GI BillVocational Rehabilitation(for Veterans)VEAPDEADependents may also be ) –Chapter 31Survivors’ andDependents’EducationalAssistanceProgram (DEA)VR&E provides services toeligible Service membersand Veterans with serviceconnected disabilities to helpthem prepare for, obtain, andmaintain suitable employmentor achieve independence indaily living. Visit for moreinformation on how to applyand set up a meeting witha Vocational RehabilitationCounselor (VRC)Veterans may be eligible if they:Education and trainingopportunities to eligibledependents of certain veterans.May be used for degreeand certificate programs,apprenticeship, and on-the-jobtraining.You must be the son, daughter,or spouse of a service memberwho died, is missing, or waspermanently disabled while onduty or as a result of a servicerelated condition.Have received, or will receive,a discharge that is other thandishonorableHave a service-connecteddisability rating of at least 10%,or a memorandum rating of 20%or more from the Department ofVeteran Affairs (VA)A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor(VRC) works with the Veteran todetermine if an employment handicapexists. An employment handicap existsif a Veteran’s service-connecteddisability impairs his/her ability toprepare for, obtain, and maintainsuitable career employmentApply for VocationalRehabilitation and Employment(VR&E) servicesDEA reduces your tuition amount—youmay pay three months’, instead of sixmonths’ tuition, for example.1Reference chart and materials: w resources/2Veterans Affairs Rates Tables: h s resources/rate tables.aspFinancial Aid ChangesPrivate Education LoansEvery year, many of the Federal aid policies, practices,and awards are up for review and approval by the Federalgovernment. The government also maintains the right tomodify all Federal aid policies at any time during the yearshould there be budgetary or regulation issues that need tobe addressed immediately. The school’s Student FinancialServices Department will be able to answer any specificquestions regarding how these changes may or may notaffect you and your financial aid award for the coming schoolyear; we will also review information about the maximumannual and aggregate amounts of Federal aid that may beavailable to you. For additional information, please also referto the Federal Student Aid office of the U.S. Departmentof Education website,, or the U.S.Department of Education Guide to Federal Student Aid fromthis same website for a summary.Private loans may be available to students and their parents(if applicable) through private lending institutions. Lendersreserve the right to choose the schools and borrowersthey will approve. Requirements vary, and all loans must berepaid. Federal loans should be sought first before applyingfor private loans. If you receive military education benefits,you may not need to borrow funds. For more information,please refer to Brown Mackie College’s Student ConsumerInformation page with in the Financial Aid ie/student-consumer-information, or contact the StudentFinancial Services Department directly. Note: On thewebsite, you will need to select the actual location thatyou plan on attending.5

Resources and Tools Available to UseWhen Comparing SchoolsThe following are resources and tools provided by the(3) The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet which is a modelDepartment of Education (ED) and Consumer Financialaid award letter designed to simplify the information thatProtection Bureau (CFPB) to assist you in comparingprospective students receive about costs and financial aidinstitutions and making informed decisions about whereso they can easily compare institutions and make informedto attend school. Please speak with your student financialdecisions about where to attend school. The Shopping Sheetservices advisor directly for additional guidance regardingcan be accessed at: of these tools.guid/aid-offer/index.html.(1) The College Scorecard which is a planning tool and(4) The “Paying for College” webpage which can be usedresource to assist prospective students and their families asby prospective students to enter the names of up to threethey evaluate options in selecting a school and is located at:schools and receive detailed financial information on each and to enter actual financial aid award information. Thetool can be accessed at: The College Navigator which is a consumer tool thatpaying-for-college/.provides school information to include tuition and fees,retention and graduation rates, use of financial aid, studentloan default rates and features a cost calculator and schoolcomparison tool. The College Navigator is located at: Bill Comparison ToolVA is making it easier to research colleges approved for thehas designed the GI Bill Comparison Tool to help you makeGI Bill . Answer just a few questions about yourself and theinformed decisions about how to make the most of yourschool you are considering. You’ll receive an estimate of yourVeterans Education Benefits. You can access this tool atGI Bill benefits and some information about the e and affordability. The Department of Veterans AffairsRefund Policy for Military Deployed StudentsThe add/drop and withdrawal policies for any student,including veterans and those students receiving militarybenefits, are listed in the school’s catalog. The catalog isavailable on the Student Consumer Information web pagewhich is on the school’s website, nt-consumer-information,within the Academics section. Note: On the website, you willneed to select the actual location that you plan on attending.For students who withdraw due to a qualified militarydeployment, any remaining balance that is owed for theterm or course of withdrawal will be forgiven after theconsideration of the refund calculation.Upon re-entry into school to the same program, for the firstacademic year in which the student returns, the student willreturn with the same tuition and fee charges that the studentwas or would have been assessed for the academic yearduring which the student left school. If the student is admittedto a different program and for subsequent academic yearsfor a student admitted to the same program, the school willassess no more than the tuition and fee charges that otherstudents in the program are assessed for that academic year.The refund policies are provided in the school’s catalogand enrollment agreement. The catalog is available on theStudent Consumer Information web page which is on theschool’s website, t-consumer-information, within theAcademics section. Note: On the website, you will need toselect the actual location that you plan on attending. OurAdmissions office will be able to provide the enrollmentagreement.6

Principles of Excellence—Student Financial Services Guide for Those Using Military Education BenefitsStudent Withdrawals Who Are ReceivingDepartment of Defense Tuition AssistanceFor any student withdrawing from school who is receivingTuition Assistance (TA) from the Department of Defense, theschool will return any unearned TA funds on a proportionalbasis through the 60 percent portion of the period forwhich the funds were provided. TA funds will be earnedproportionally during an enrollment period, with unearnedfunds being returned based upon when a student stopsattending school.Potential Debts to Students with MilitaryEducation BenefitsTuition and Fees:The student is responsible for keeping track of his/her tuitionand fee account balance and payments. The student shouldvisit the school’s financial office or his or her Brown MackieCollege student portal regularly to review his/her account,ensure the charges are correct and that payments andrefunds are processed correctly. The student should contactthe school’s SCO to ensure the certification information s/hesends to the VA matches the student’s schedule.As a reminder to all of our students utilizing military educationbenefits, changes in your enrollment with the school,especially those changes occurring after the school’s scheduleadjustment period, may cause an overpayment requiring thestudent to repay the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) or the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) some or allof the benefits paid.If the student decreases his/her training time (i.e. dropa course(s), leave school, etc.) and the VA has alreadyprocessed a payment for tuition and fees, an overpaymentmay occur. Not attending or pursuing courses as scheduledcould result in the creation of a debt against the studentand/or non-payment or the reduction of monthly housingallowance (MHA) and/or tuition and feeS. The courseattendance policy may be found in the school’s catalogor you may contact the school registrar directly for moreinformation.For students utilizing active-duty tuition assistance (TA),generally students who do not successfully complete a classwill be required to repay the TA. While TA amounts or rulesvary by branch and are administered by the Departmentof Defense, in general these agencies will not honor tuitionassistance if the course(s) are not approved by the agencyprior to the start of the term. Program requirements bybranch may be found on the DoD website, the School Certifying Official (SCO) notifies the VAof a change, a debt may be created against the student’saccount. The school will issue any refunds in accordance withits internal policy, which may not fully cover the debt with theVA. If the amount refunded by the school does not satisfy thedebt, the student is responsible for the remainder.The total number of actual credits that a student isattempting at the school, based on the student’s schedule ina particular term, will be reported and certified to the VA bythe school. Reported credits must be certified separately bythe school into residence, distance, and remedial/deficiencycourses, if applicable. Only residence, or on-ground, remedialcourses can be certified for payment with the VA. Onlineremedial courses cannot be certified for payment in anycircumstance.VA Remedial Coursework: If the school refunds money directly to the VA, the VA willclear the school’s debt and credit the student’s accountany amount the school refunds, but the student may stillhave a separate debt to clear with the VA.VA Housing Allowance:Per the new GI Bill, effective August 1, 2011, the amountpayable for the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) 3 is: If the school refunds money directly to the student, s/hemust clear the debt with the VA. U.S. In-Residence: The applicable Basic Allowance forHousing (BAH) 4 rate will be multiplied by the rate ofpursuit rounded to the nearest multiple of 10 to determinethe MHA. Students must have a rate of pursuit greaterthan 50% to receive the MHA.A decrease in credit hours by the student could also result inchanges to his/her housing allowance and books and suppliesstipend. If the VA has already issued the student a paymentfor the term, a debt may be created on his/her account.Continued on next page7

Potential Debts to Students with Military Education Benefits, continued Students enrolled at more than half-time but less thanfull-time will have their housing allowance prorated basedon the number of classes they are taking (also called rateof pursuit). This amount will be rounded to the nearesttenth. For example, an individual at a rate of pursuit of .54will receive 50% of the applicable BAH rate whilean individual at a rate of pursuit of .85 will receive 90%.An individual rate of pursuit equal to or less than .50, or50%, will not receive MHA.4 BasicAllowance for Housing (BAH) is a United States militaryentitlement given to many military members. The Basic Allowancefor Housing (BAH) is based on geographic duty location, pay grade,and dependency st

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