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EDI Training Manual: Table of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION & IMPLEMENTATION . 1INTRODUCTION TO EDI . 2Benefits of EDI . 6EDI Data Flow. 7EDI Standards. 8EDI Structure. 10Interchange Envelopes . 12Control Segment Hierarchy. 13ISA - Interchange Control Header . 14IEA - Interchange Control Trailer. 15GS - Functional Group Header . 16GE - Functional Group Trailer. 17Segments . 18Elements . 19Acceptance/Rejection. 20EDI IMPLEMENTATION . ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED.Driving Forces .Error! Bookmark not defined.Implementation Plan .Error! Bookmark not defined.SUPPORTED FORMATS . ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED.TRANSACTION SETS . ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED.GETTING STARTED. 21GETTING STARTED . 22EDI SETUP PROGRAMS . 23EDI Registration . 24EDI System Setup . 26Trading Partner Maintenance . 52Trading Partner Copy. 64Trading Partner Removal . 66Translation Import . 67EDI Import/Export Journal File Viewer. 68EDI Archive Viewer . 69Input File Sort. 70Output File Combine. 73EDI Notes Maintenance .Error! Bookmark not defined.EDI Trigger Maintenance. 75Active Files. 76Acknowledgement Scanner . 78Acknowledgement Query. 79Payment Maintenance . 81Replenishment Maintenance. 83Documents to Process Browse.Error! Bookmark not defined.Generic Document Maintenance. 84FTP Testing . 86 2007 Syspro Impact Software, Inc. All rights reserved.Page i

EDI Training Manual: Table of ContentsSystem Backup . 87System Update . 88Update Program Listing . 89Update Menu System . 90Update DDS Information . 91EDI Re-Index Facility . 92System Notes . 93DOCUMENT PROCESSING . 95PROCESSING INCOMING TRANSACTIONS . 96PROCESSING OUTGOING TRANSACTIONS . 99INCOMING DOCUMENTS. 102DOCUMENT: 820 AND BAI LOCKBOX AND REMITTANCE ADVICE . 103First Page Tab. 104Options 1 Tab . 106Options 2 Tab . 108Input Sort Tab. 110ANSI-12 Tab . 111DOCUMENT: 850 – PURCHASE ORDER . 112General 1 Tab . 113General 2 Tab . 115General 3 Tab . 117General 4 Tab . 119BEG Tab. 121Comments 1 Tab. 123Comments 2 Tab. 125Terms/FOB Tab . 127Dates Tab. 129Bins Tab . 131Header Tab . 133Pricing Tab . 135Detail Tab . 137Lookup Tab . 139Addresses 1 Tab. 141Addresses 2 Tab. 143Warehouse Tab . 144UOM/SDQ Tab. 146Order Suspend Tab . 148OUTGOING DOCUMENTS . 150DOCUMENT: 810 – INVOICE TRANSLATION . 151Page 1 Tab . 152Page 2 Tab . 154Comments/Kits Tab . 156Freight/Shipping Tab . 157REF/DTM Tab. 159CUR/PER Tab . 161Discounts Tab . 162Taxes Tab . 164 2007 Syspro Impact Software, Inc. All rights reserved.Page ii

EDI Training Manual: Table of ContentsPO4 Tab. 166BIG Tab. 167CAD Tab . 168ITD Tab . 169Addresses Tab. 171BL/PRO Tab. 172ISS Tab. 173IT1 Tab. 174IT3 Tab. 176CTT Tab . 177AMT Tab. 178TDS Tab . 179CTP Tab . 181PID Tab . 182ANSI X-12 Tab. 183DOCUMENT: 856 – ADVANCED SHIP NOTICE . 184Page 1 Tab . 186Page 2 Tab . 187Page 3 Tab . 189Addresses Tab. 191BSN Tab. 193CLD Tab. 194CTT/CUR/PER Tab . 195DTM Tab. 197FOB Tab. 198HL Tab . 200MAN - 1 Tab . 202MAN – 2 Tab. 203MAN – 3 Tab. 204LIN - 1 Tab. 205LIN – 2 Tab . 206SN1 - 1 Tab . 207SN1 - 2 Tab . 208SLN Tab . 209PRF Tab . 211PO4 - 1 Tab . 213PO4 - 2 Tab . 215PID Tab . 216MEA Tab. 217PKG Tab. 219REF Tab . 220TD1- 1 Tab . 221TD1- 2 Tab . 222TD3 Tab . 223TD5 - 1 Tab . 224TD5 - 2 Tab . 226BL/PRO Tab. 228Freight Tab . 230Ship Via Tab. 232 2007 Syspro Impact Software, Inc. All rights reserved.Page iii

EDI Training Manual: Table of ContentsCROSS-REFERENCE SETUP. 233CROSS-REFERENCE MAINTENANCE . 234Ship-To Locations. 235Entry/Scan/UPC Codes . 240Date/Time Qualifiers (DTM). 242Product Qualifiers . 248Reference Qualifiers (REF) . 251Item Description Qualifiers . 257Address Configuration (Outgoing) . 259Ship Via SCAC & Carrier Information. 269Inbound Ship Via Conversion . 273Unit of Measures. 274ITA Allowance and Charge Configuration (Outgoing). 275Qualified Part Cross-Reference . 283Incoming Allowance Handling. 285Warehouse Selection. 291Stock Code Substitution Table . 292Order Type Cross-Reference . 294Salesperson Cross-Reference. 295Salesperson/Commission Cross-Reference . 296Packaging Qualifiers . 297Allocation Sequencing . 298Blanket Order Cross-Reference . 299Order Split Information. 301Communications Path . 302Shipping Label Cross Reference. 308Carton/Pallet Dimensions. 310Shipping System Routing Guide. 314 2007 Syspro Impact Software, Inc. All rights reserved.Page iv

EDI TRAININGMANUALIntroduction & ImplementationSection1

EDI Training Manual: Section 1 – Introduction & ImplementationINTRODUCTION TO EDIEDI (electronic data interchange) is the electronic transmission of standard business documents from acompany's business application to its Trading Partner's business application. The transmission of EDIis done in a standard, pre-defined format that includes all required and optional data needed tocomplete a business transaction.To establish standard EDI transactions, the industry and various agencies have combined efforts todevelop common data formats. The two primary groups that develop EDI standards are ANSI X.12and EDIFACT.ANSI X.12 is the United States group which has the responsibility of developing EDI standards thatare flexible enough to be used by all domestic industries. ANSI X.12 standards are also referred to ascross-industry standards. EDIFACT is the worldwide EDI standards body and is charged with theresponsibility of developing global EDI standards.The EDI translator mapper system is an add-on package for use with SYSPRO. The translator movesinformation between SYSPRO and flat ASCII files. The flat ASCII files may be formatted in fourdifferent formats for integration with the major DOS/Windows based EDI communications packages.Sales Order/Invoicing IntegrationThe EDI translator integrates with the SYSPRO Sales Order system. Orders created by the system areno different then orders manually entered into SYSPRO. Invoicing and Advanced Ship Noticeinformation are retrieved from the sales orders after they have been set for invoicing.SPECIALNOTEThe example on the following page shows how many businesses depend on paper,conventional delivery methods and entry of data. The average time taken to order itemsfrom a vendor is around 5 to 8 days. 2007 Syspro Impact Software, Inc. All rights reserved.Page 2

EDI Training Manual: Section 1 – Introduction & ImplementationSPECIALNOTETo run a business, a tremendous amount of paper with other companies is exchanged, forexample, purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents etc. In order to do the latter, alarge amount of processing and expense is involved, for example, the major steps involvedin purchasing are as follows:In today’s fast moving, highly competitive marketplace, there has been a dramatic increase in therequirement to transmit orders, invoices, and various shipping documents electronically betweenbusinesses using technology known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). To increase accuracy andeliminate unnecessary manual entry, it is critical that these documents flow seamlessly between theaccounting and order entry systems in place. This is where the SYSPRO EDI system comes in.The SYSPRO EDI system is designed to be a mapper/translator that serves as an interface between theSYSPRO system and the EDI standards for sending and receiving electronic documents. There arethree parts to the full system, the Value Added Network Provider (VAN), the communicationssoftware (often supplied by the VAN), and the SYSPRO software with the EDI translator. The basis ofthe system is to translate a document file being received from your customer/Trading Partner (i.e.:Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club , Toys R Us, K-Mart, Home Depot, Ford) directly into the SYSPRO system asan automatic process and generate documen

cross-industry standards. EDIFACT is the worldwide EDI standards body and is charged with the responsibility of developing global EDI standards. The EDI translator mapper system is an add-on package for use with SYSPRO. The translator moves information between SYSPRO and flat ASCII files. The flat ASCII files may be formatted in four