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Secure Your Hardware In The Best Data Center Of San FranciscoDeploy and manage your existing hardware in ourpremier Tier-3 data center facility while maintainingthe access, control, and security of a data centerthat resides entirely on your premises. WithUnitedLayer Colocation solutions, you caneliminate the hassle and cost of running your owndata center while setting yourself up for a future inthe cloud.UnitedLayer provides Colocation services from itsdata centers located in San Francisco, Las Vegasand Los Angeles. San Francisco’s Paul Avenue 200data center is the only data center in SanFrancisco, which is built on solid bedrock. Thislocation serves many engineering, technology, andinternet service providers and is the leading datacenter for the Bay Area and San Franciscocolocation.UnitedLayer Colocation’s primary undertaking is tohelp organizations achieve higher availability anduptime. It can be a real game-changer as higheruptime can contribute significantly to theperformance of applications.UnitedLayer Colocation data centers alsoprovisions for power outages and emergencyrequirements. We test for fall back scenarios andensure that all emergency provisions are alwaysavailable, especially in case of failure.Copyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comUnitedLayer Colocation ensures that their datacenters are protected against disasters. Our coolingsystems provide that overheating does not damageany infrastructure. To ensure redundancy, data canbe stored in two data centers, which can also act asa disaster recovery measure in case there is afailure in any system.UnitedLayer Colocation assists Business Continuityplanning by preparing technological contingenciesto be put in place to ensure that businessoperations can resume without delay and difficultyfollowing any incident that could disrupt business.UnitedLayer Colocation data center providestop-notch security measures, surveillance, andmonitoring of your components. These securitymeasures include video surveillance, alarmmonitoring, access restricted to valid ID, and goesup to electric perimeter fencing.Our Colocation data centers also provide an edgeover on-prem systems with regards to bandwidth. Itis effortless to scale up and accommodate theneeds of a growing business.Discover the various benefits and features thatUnitedLayer Colocation provides to know why it isthe perfect colocation solution.Experience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

Best LocationUnitedLayer’s 200 Paul data center is the only datacenter in San Francisco built on bedrock with Zone4 construction and is not in a 100-year flood plain.UnitedLayer has over 40,000 square feet of fullyredundant data center space, which is not in theearthquake fault, liquefaction, or landslide zone forthe next 100-year. It is seismically rated forprotection against earthquakes.The network density at 200 Paul Avenue makes itan ideal interconnection point for the entire westcoast, providing connectivity to leading domesticand Asia Pacific carriers, which makes it extremelyviable to support any complex business need.Security and ComplianceMeeting compliance regulations can be challengingwithout the right data center partner. With SSAE-18certification incorporating controls & requirementsand a robust infrastructure that is regularly audited,we have the unique ability to assist our customersto achieve SSAE18 SOC1/2, PCI,FedRAMP/FISMA & HIPAA compliance if needed.UnitedLayer delivers highly compliantenterprise-grade solutions to meet the securitystandards across different industries.Typically targeted compliance standards include:-Federal Information Security ModernizationAct (FISMA),Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act (HIPAA),International Organization forStandardization (ISO 9001 and 27001),Payment Card Industry Data SecurityStandard (PCI DSS),Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX),System and Organization Controls (SOC 1to 3, SSAE 16), and General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR).Copyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comExperience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

Extreme Connectivity with UnitedConnectTMWith over 300 carriers at our interconnectionfacilities and direct access to over 3000carriers, we have extremely low latencyconnections to all clouds, enterprise datacenters, and edge locations.We have multiple peering platforms like Equinix40g Switching fabric, SFMIX, AIMSX, Telx, our data centers.UnitedLayer Colocation is integrated with AWSOutpost, Google Anthos, and Azure Arc usingour SaaS platform UnityOneCloud. Seamlesscloud-native integration of containers and MeshServices are delivered using Kubernetes, AWSEKS, GCP GKE, Azure AKS, AWS App Mesh,and GCP Anthos.With carrier-neutral carrier-dense interconnections with hyper-scale public cloud providers, we offer asuite of colocation services that provide a vast cost-advantage, scalability, and security for data centersolutions and Hybrid Cloud solutions. UnitedConnectTM provides on-demand multicloud connectivity intoAWS, Azure, and GCP.On-Demand Private Cloud ScalabilityUnitedLayer Colocation services come withon-demand scalability where customers can addadditional storage, compute, and networkingresources to meet the increased businessdemands.Customers can request additional infrastructureresources through the support desk. It will be upand running in 15 mins instead of monthstypically required for traditional infrastructuredesign, procurement, installation, and turn-up.UnitedLayer provides a seamless software-defined upgrade of the network, storage, and compute with aseamless software-defined upgrade of the network from 1G to 20G.Copyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comExperience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

Remote Data Center Management(powered by UNITYONECLOUD)UnitedLayer provides remote Managementservices like Multicloud Dashboard for entirecolocation facilities showcasing a single infraenvironment.UnitedLayer’s unified management platformprovides its colocation customers with a singlepane of glass to visualize, monitor, manage, andautomate their colocation infrastructure remotely.Customers can get a visual snapshot of all theirdevices in the colocation data center, monitortheir performance, and manage these devicesfrom their location without the need of thetechnical staff visiting the facility.Integrated automation tools to automateday-to-day infrastructure management tasks sothat your IT team can spend their valuable timeon tasks that create value for the business.IT Estate AssessmentWe have experience in delivering end-to-enddata center assessment of assets/hardware’sEnd of Life (EOL), End of support (EOS), forservers, routers, and console managers, etc.Ability to migrate existing assets into a newfootprint or to a new standard. We alsoprovide overall IT Assets Assessment toefficiently migrate to the new data center or anew cloud. This ensures that mission-criticalsystems can continue to run optimally.Because we believe that maintaining the peaklevels of infrastructure available in today’seconomy is not just the right policy – it isexpected.Copyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comExperience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

Tier 3 InfrastructureA Tier-3 data center with superior outage protectionto avoid any unplanned downtimes. Higher thanN 1 architecture for uninterrupted power andcooling.Our physical security, like secure cages and gatedbuildings with 24 7 CCTV, provides surveillanceand two-factor authentication access systems.Our N 2 redundant chiller configuration andredundant water sources ensure consistenttemperatures are maintained throughout ourfacilities.Our networks are at least 2N redundant and comewith multiple cabinet redundant panels, redundantUPS, automatic transfer generator, cabs, flexiblepower, high density (20KW) & DRT.Guaranteed power density to support current andfuture technologies with 20KW and 2N power.PartnersWe have five types of partner programs in whichwe are engaging with leading cloud companieslike technology and cloud providers, and channelpartners.Technology Partners like Cisco, Juniper,F5, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, CDW, DRT,SwitchNap, Equinix.Cloud Partners like AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud Platform, RedHat, Oracle & IBM forboth public and private cloud services.Channel Partners like Tech Mahindra,Wipro, Intelisys, Avant & CDW.Security Partners like Cisco, Juniper, F5,Citrix, Symantec & Trend Micro.Facilities Partners like Digital Reality,Equinix, SwitchNap & Coresite.Copyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comExperience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

The UnitedLayer AdvantageAt UnitedLayer, we put you on the fast track to growth and help you realize the full value ofyour investment in any Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. We design, build, and manageenterprise-grade colocation solutions that meet the performance, security, and scalability toserve your unique business needs.For more information aboutUnitedLayer, visit us online at Paul Ave #110 SanFrancisco, CA 94124, USAFor General queries/SalesSales: [email protected]: 1-888-853-7733U.S.A Canada U.K IndiaCopyright 2020 By UNITEDLAYER I Not for Redistribution www.unitedlayer.comExperience the best colocation facility in San Francisco

services like Multicloud Dashboard for entire colocation facilities showcasing a single infra environment. UnitedLayer's unified management platform provides its colocation customers with a single pane of glass to visualize, monitor, manage, and automate their colocation infrastructure remotely. Customers can get a visual snapshot of all their