Why Appian?Choosing a new technology is tough, no matter its purpose.So what happens when the technology in question has the powerto impact the entire organization?The difficulty compounds. Complexity rules.Smart businesses focus not only on the applications they neednow, but also those needed tomorrow. This is important, becausethe way employees and customers interact with applications isalways different and always changing.What if you could address your business challenges more easily?What if there was a unified, easy, and powerful platform thatcould ensure your approach remains current, and that yourcustomers enjoy a streamlined, consistent experience? And whatif you had the ability to keep up with that IT wish list withouthaving to worry as much about how you’ll address customer orregulatory demands?This is Appian. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

PEOPLE, PROCESSES, AND DATAPEOPLEPROCESSDATAManaging organizations is complex. It requires careful organization of people, processes, and data. To achieveorganization objectives, relationships between people must be managed effectively: Communications must be timely and direct Business partners must be engaged and informed Employees should represent the collective culture of your organizationBut, it’s not that simple. People must operate within the rules, processes, and procedures of the organization.These processes exist not only to get work done as efficiently as possible or ensure meeting regulatoryresponsibilities, but also to create a consistent and reliable customer experience.Similarly, data is the lifeblood that feeds good decision-making. It’s the knowledge to enable people, and theintelligence to create smart process actions. And like people, data is also prone to becoming siloed, leading touninformed decisions and fractured processes. In short, it’s a complex web.Mastering the interactions of people, process, and data is the foundation of any well-managed enterprise. Thetechnology an enterprise chooses should provide the tools necessary to harness and unite people plus processplus data.THE DISJOINTED CUSTOMER JOURNEYWhy Appian?2

Although your management of people, processes, and data may seem like an internal issue, it quickly impactsyour customers and constituents, creating a disjointed and confusing journey. This disruption results in a poorcustomer experience, leading ultimately to customer defections and lost opportunities to grow your organization.What’s more, when you add more people, more processes, more data, and more technology to the equation, theproblem becomes larger. You create more silos and more complexity. And so, all those solutions you bought tohelp you run your organization and address your problems inadvertently create a much bigger issue: massiveamounts of complexity.Key Challenges include: Disjointed applications result in a disjointed customer journey Increased organizational complexity blocks growth Heightened need for solutions outpaces an organization’s abilities to create themTHE CUSTOMER JOURNEY.WITH APPIANWhen the disjointed customer journey is unified, great things happen. Organizations that value a streamlinedcustomer journey choose Appian as their platform of choice. Why? With Appian, they can build, use, and changemany unified applications that pull together all the complex, disjointed steps of their customers’ journeys. Fromon-boarding or problem handling, to introducing new products, services, or even complex insurance, life-sciences,government, or financial services applications, all can be handled in Appian.By unifying process, people and data in a single platform, businesses streamline customer interactions andprovide better service. They can offer unique behaviors to their customers according to the customer’s needs, aswell as recommend certain products or features that make the most sense at any given moment in time. And, theyare empowered to deliver the optimal experience to each customer. When each customer is made to feel like themost important customer, customer retention is a byproduct; word of mouth becomes a common referral theme;and new customers are more easily cultivated.Why Appian?3

Appian fully supports the organizational agility needed in our new, fast-paced and information-driven world.As more applications are built, it becomes easier and easier to add data and services to the existing Appianinfrastructure. This is a stark contrast to alternatives that create more and more silos, feeding the beast ofcomplexity and convoluting your customers’ journeys.A LEADER IN BPMAppian supports a seamless journey, uniting people, process, and data through an industry-leading BusinessProcess Management (BPM) platform.BPM has evolved. It’s no longer just the ability to orchestrateExeworkflows and integrate systems. Today, BPM is based on an agiletecuDesignDesign, Execute, Manage, and Optimize how their business is run.AppianBPM SuiteThis is also known as the Integrated BPM Application Lifecycle.This continual, agile lifecycle allows Appian customers to quickly buildtiiz eageOpmdelivery methodology that allows business and IT alike to easilyManand deliver their own unique apps, transform vision into operationalexecution, and iterate so these solutions consistently refine businessoperations.Appian has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in Business Process Management since 2007 withacknowledgement for supporting all process styles, as well as a rapid innovation and discovery lifecycle.A LEADER IN CASE MANAGEMENTAppian supports all use cases and work patterns for building complete and powerful case management solutions.This includes support for highly structured work relying on rule decisioning and process orchestration to ad-hocand collaborative work between users.Common case management scenarios supported by Appian include: Process and Rule Decisioning Service Request Management Incident Management Investigative and Collaborative Work Compliance Management Customer and Employee On-boardingJust as it is in BPM, the Appian Platform is recognized by leadinganalysts as a Leader in Case Management, with specific call-outs forinnovative approaches to orchestrating and managing casework.Why Appian?4

APPIAN: AN ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORMAppian provides a unified platform that combines leading BPM, Case Management, and other capabilities into asingle product offering.Leaders across industries and sectors use Appian to quickly build end-to-end solutions that manage every aspectof their organization. Plus, with flexible deployment options—Appian is available in the cloud, on-premise, or ahybrid of both—you can feel confident your unique needs can be met.The Appian Platform is built on a foundation of unity, ease, and power. It is the core promise we deliver to ourcustomers: First, Appian is designed to unify your organization with capabilities that can seamlessly integrate people,process, and data from across systems into a cohesive solution. Second, Appian is built to maximize ease-of-design and ease-of-use, regardless of access point. We removethe burden of technical complexity from your solution designs. For example, Appian’s leading cloud offeringprovides immediate access to the infrastructure needed to roll-out a global solution, fast. In addition, allapplications built on Appian are immediately and simultaneously available on all leading web browsers andmobile devices, natively. This means any solution you build on Appian is accessible by any client. Finally, Appian is powerful. Built with enterprise scalability, reliability, and security. Appian meets the needs ofthe most demanding enterprises in the most competitive and regulated environments. With nearly two decadesof experience delivering mission critical solutions for leading organizations, Appian is truly the one applicationplatform for your success.UNIFIEDUnification of people, process, and data is directly supported inAppian Records. Appian Records converges all data from across theRECORDSorganization into a single, drillable, summary (i.e. Record). If moreinformation is needed, it’s clicks away with virtually no searching. Plus,process is embedded, so the right action may be taken every time.BY APPIANPEOPLEPROCESSAppian allows for fast discovery, access, and use of data from anywhereacross the enterprise.even if that data lives deep in legacy systems.DATAAppian’s included integration adapters to databases, services, andleading software products [such as SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics,Why Appian?5

SharePoint, and Oracle Siebel] enable creation of richdashboards that unite data from across your enterprise.Once defined, data is immediately available for socialcollaboration or processes. The single record view isimmediately enhanced by tagging to ad-hoc collaborations,as well as tasks and actions. This allows users to not only seethe data, but also take action on it and collaborate with fullsituational context.No longer a static view from a siloed database, your databecomes alive. Appian Records gives the complete view,allowing you to track data through the complete journey withyour organization.EASYEasy to Design. Appian’s focus on easy starts with thedesign-time experience. This is where our customersstart. An integrated design environment allows you torapidly build your application. A complete set of pointand-click tools enables the orchestration of people,process, and data. And finally, visual, drag-and-dropdesign makes it easy for non-technical business users tounderstand the design of an application and more easilycollaborate with IT on a joint solution.Easy to Execute. All applications in Appian may be instantlyexecuted. Appian’s unique runtime architecture interpretsyour visual designs and requires no code compilation.simplyhit run, or change rules, process, and interfaces on the flyto see them immediately take effect. The best part? It allhappens in real time.With a comprehensive set of integration adapters, Appianeasily connects to your data sources and brings it to life inrich interfaces and process orchestrations.Finally, all of your Appian applications are immediatelyavailable as a native iPhone, iPad or Android application, withno loss of functionality between the full desktop experience and your mobile experience.And, it all happens with no extra extra extra time.and no additional cost.Why Appian?6

Easy to Manage. As your applications run, Appian’scollaboration stream allows users to track and respond tokey business events.System alerts, hazards, and ad-hoc collaborations fromacross all apps are exposed in an intuitive user experiencethat can be personalized to suit each user.At any time, users can upload and share content as acollaboration or via a process action to associate to arecord. This makes Appian ideal for both highly structuredand loosely coupled work requirements, supporting the fullspectrum of case management work styles.Finally, if you identify an exception—an issue—managers can take action to re-assign work, reach out to askquestions, collaborate, or even re-design in-flight processes. Appian’s flexibility at run-time means any exceptioncan be handled with ease.Easy to optimize. Appian also makes it easy to analyze andoptimize your operations. With a market-leading BusinessActivity Monitoring (BAM) analytics engine, every processinteraction is recorded and available for detailed analysis.Aggregate work durations on activities, user or groupperformance, or overall process and task performance canbe queried in real-time and displayed on rich dashboards.Appian reports query all your enterprise data sources tocreate views that combine process performance data withenterprise data. This leads to discovery of unique businessinsights that help you sustain your results.As bottlenecks and inefficiencies are discovered, designers can quickly adjust processes and rules to continuallyoptimize customer journeys with your organization.Why Appian?7

NANALYTICS/REPORTSSECURITYMOBILEBPM?Case Management?Mobility?Business rules? Analytics? Security?COLLABORATIONCheck.Check.Check.Check, Check, Check.And that doesn’t account for the easy-to-build and use interfaces, content management, out-of-the-boxintegration capabilities, and collaboration that unites process and data for true situational awareness.Appian is the only product to incorporate all the functionality needed to support your organization on your questto address your unique challenges. Appian is a single, integrated platform that can help your organization standout for what makes you great.And, since Appian has been built organically, each component seamlessly operates with all others. Unlike othervendors where disjointed product offerings must be integrated at the customer’s expense, Appian easily combinesall of these core capabilities, accelerating time to solution and reducing total cost of ownership.Why Appian?8

APPIAN CLOUDThe market for enterprise corporate software is moving rapidly to the cloud. Cloud computing is the fastest wayto deliver enterprise applications that are dynamically scalable, virtualized, and delivered as a service over theinternet. Customers who employ Appian Cloud as their platform enjoy several benefits, including: Low startup costs Fast deployment Automatic upgrades No server maintenance Fast return-on-investment Predictable costsIn addition to Appian Cloud’s secure foundation, customers can choose their preferred geographic region to hosttheir data and applications to meet their regulatory and security requirements. In all cases, Appian ensures all datacontained in a customer’s Appian Cloud instance is protected and never copied outside the geographical regionsdesignated by the customer.Please consult for the most up to date information on Appian Cloud status.Why Appian?9

Reliability and ScalabilityAppian Cloud provides reliability that can be tough to match even by internally managed environments.With a 99.95% SLA uptime, Appian meets the needs of the most demanding enterprise customers.For mission critical enterprise applications, Appian offers a high availability deployment, available withPremier Support. This configuration replicates to 3 availability zones within the same geographic region,delivering load balancing among instances and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery TimeObjective (RTO) of 15 minutes.The Appian Cloud architecture is designed to deliver maximum uptime and minimal to zero data loss, but in casea major service disruption happens, Appian Cloud provides a formal Disaster Recovery plan to insure minimal-tozero loss of production data.Security and CertificationsAppian Cloud security and compliance program follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) 800-53 risk management framework, which directly aligns to HIPAA and other stringent complianceand security rules.Please consult for the most up to date information on Appian Cloud certifications.Furthermore, solutions built on Appian meet global regulatory requirements for data privacy in your chosen region.Appian is the recognized market leader in cloud BPM. What’s more, since solutions built on Appian are portablebetween on-premise and the cloud, you can be confident your unique deployment requirements are always met.Why Appian?10

CONCLUSIONAppian is one of the most reliable and trusted platforms to support mission critical applications deployed to meetthe most demanding challenges.We have achieved scalability at clients supporting millions of transactions and large user bases, across both onpremise and cloud deployments.Furthermore, Appian has a higher level of security certifications than any other vendor in our category. Thisincludes PCI DSS for secure payment processing, US HIPAA for handling patient healthcare information, andFedRAMP, the highest level certification for running US government operations in the cloud.And, even with all these capabilities, Appian still stands for simplicity.Your business.your solutions.your organization.are complex enough. Why add a complex solution to solveyour already complex problems? Appian makes it easy for our clients to quickly build solutions that meet theirunique needs.And, we are proud that leading analysts have acknowledged this. Identifying that Appian customers are able toachieve truly agile delivery of solutions and require fewer resources to deploy than with any other vendor.So ask for a demo. Experience what unified really means. See how easy it can be. Learn more about the powerfulcapabilities. And understand why more and more leaders are now Appian customers.Appian provides a software development platform that combines intelligent automation and enterpriselow-code development to rapidly deliver powerful business applications. Many of the world’s largestorganizations use Appian applications to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence,and simplify global risk and compliance.For more information, visit www.appian.comWhy Appian?11

A LEADER IN BPM Appian supports a seamless journey, uniting people, process, and data through an industry-leading Business Process Management (BPM) platform. Appian BPM Suite D e s i g n E x e c u t e M a n a g e O p t i m i z e BPM has evolved. It's no longer just the ability to orchestrate workflows and integrate systems. Today, BPM is .