Flexible, reliable, and configurablebioprocessing solutionsFor process development and production operations

Single-use bioprocessing equipmentSpeed to market and risk mitigation are top customerconcerns, and Thermo Fisher Scientific offers expertiseand solutions to address these concerns seamlessly. Wemanufacture single-use equipment to facilitate integrationand customization across upstream and downstreambioprocessing workflows. Our controls and hardware, utilizingDeltaV data management solutions from Emerson, createflexible operating systems with the integration of modularhardware, novel single-use sensors, and state-of-the-artbioreactors for strategic and streamlined bioprocess control.Benefits of single-use equipment and automation Quality and flexibility—innovative hardware andautomation systems designed for ease of useand integrationYou can now easily configure and standardize processesthat employ Thermo Scientific HyPerforma Single-UseBioreactors (S.U.B.s), Single-Use Fermentors (S.U.F.s),Single-Use Mixers (S.U.M.s), BioProcess Containers (BPCs),automation platforms, and other accessories for rapid scaleup—from process development to commercial manufacturing. Knowledgeable and comprehensive support—extensive documentation and global, field-basedtechnical support2 Efficiency in design—components are designed to beergonomic, scalable, compact, and easily configurable Adaptability and choice—hardware and softwareplatforms are available for ready assembly or forpreconfigured, turnkey operation

TruBio Bioprocess Control SoftwareAutomation software and control platformsThe technology and data transfer during the lifecycleof drug development, from bench-scale laboratoryapplications to large-scale production, is often challengingand time consuming, and involves many different userrequirements. Thermo Scientific TruBio BioprocessAutomation and Control Software improves tech transfertime and validation costs by running on a consistent datamodel from R&D to commercial production.For research and processdevelopment solutionsThe TruBio Discovery softwareplatform provides a simplified solutionto meet the needs of research andprocess development labs. Thissoftware platform provides thebenefits of transferring to processesthat require a higher level ofqualification and control. A single,workstation-based controller is utilizedto execute process control strategies.With TruBio software being powered by the DeltaV Discovery platform at lab scale and DeltaV DistributedControl platform at pilot, clinical, and production scales(both platforms from Emerson), considerable savings areachievable in risk mitigation, including reduced trainingand validation costs. Standardizing with open-architecturecontrollers simplifies data transfer and storage, which canresult in introducing new products to market faster.For production-scale solutionsTruBio software with the DeltaVplatform and the Thermo Scientific TruLogic controller provide flexibleand reliable state-of-the-art controlcapability. With multiple sensor loopsas well as gas and liquid additioncapabilities, this software can beused with both HyPerforma (S.U.B.s,S.U.F.s, S.U.M.s), and other thirdparty bioreactors to provide a processcontrol platform from researchthrough commercial manufacturing.For downstream solutionsBased on the same robust, validatedplatform as TruBio software,Thermo Scientific TruChrom andTruPur customizable softwareplatforms are designed specificallyto control common third-partychromatography and purificationskids. This allows for integration andcontrol of downstream processesto help ensure transferability of datathroughout the workflow.3

TruBio Bioprocess Control SoftwareFor production-scale solutionsTruBio Bioprocess Automation and Control Software forproduction-scale solutions provides easy-to-use processcontrol. It can be configured by the user through a visualinterface, eliminating the need to know process controlprogramming. TruBio software is powered by a DeltaVsystem from Emerson, has been developed accordingto GAMP 5 methods, and conforms to regulatoryrequirements for use in cGMP-compliant processes.Developed for use with HyPerforma controllers, TruBiosoftware is designed to support easy scaling of techtransfer, reducing the time required for validation services.It enables the user to build sophisticated process controlstrategies without knowledge of DeltaV programming. Itallows dynamic linking of interlocks and remote setpointswithout the need for a software download. Calibration ofmultiple devices can be performed at the same time. It alsoprovides the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of cellculture, fermentor, or mixing vessels and manage multipledata streams from several unit operations.TruBio software features Vessel key parameters displayed on overview graphic User interface provides display of setpoint (SP), outputs,and process value (PV) of all connected sensors Can create simple and complex control strategies fromthe user interface Can load the same vessel configuration to other vesselsthat have the same model of G3 controller Auxiliary control modules allow connection and control ofexternal analog devices Full record and display of the last vessel processinformation, including SPs Option to load previously defined vesselprocess parameters 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Auto-detection of internal pumps and Thermo ScientificTruFlow mass flow controllers (MFCs) Can calibrate multiple devices at the same time, even foranalog devices Allows dynamic linking of interlocks and remote setpointswithout the need for a software download Can save and load vessel configuration Pump dosing options: pump dose, ramp, bolus4 Event chronicle Interlock configurations Process data storage– Continuous historian– Audit trail– Alarm and events

TruBio software capabilitiesBasic operations Key parameter display on configuration page Backup and restore procedures Analyzer data entry pages User access configuration Vessel settings Online parameter updates 21 CFR Part 11 complianceSoftware capabilitiesProcess controllers for: pH*Calibrations pH Dissolved oxygen (DO)* DO Vessel weight Temperature Agitator Pressure Gas flow Agitator speed Vent filter heater control(HyPerforma G3Lite and G3Pro controllers) Vessel weight: zero, tare Auxiliary input Auxiliary analog equipment Pump dosing options: pump dose, ramp, bolusSupported communication interfaces OPC UA/OPC DA Serial Modbus RTU OPC A&E/OPC HDA Profibus DP Modbus TCP (with DeltaV PK Controller)Options Compatible with DeltaV Configuration Audit Trail (VCAT) Addition of DeltaV Batch for recipe creation Works with DeltaV Mobile and ControlSee for mobile alerts Have standard batch and non-batch templates forDream Report software Unique multi-feed scale option (tracks up to four feeds on one scale tosave cost and space)* Each parameter can control up to 4 separate devices (i.e. pumps and MFC devices).5

HyPerforma G3Lite ControllerThe Thermo Scientific HyPerforma G3Lite Bioprocess Controller is anopen-architecture control system that can be integrated with most S.U.B.sand S.U.F.s. The system consists of a control tower that leverages intelligenttransmitters, MFCs, pumps, sensors, and TruBio software that facilitates easy,reliable, and repeatable process development and commercial cell cultureprocesses. HyPerforma G3Lite Controllers are fully self-contained, movableunits that can be operated alone (for one vessel) or networked for multiplevessels. They are engineered to optimize capital cost for use in non-GMP andcGMP-certified production facilities.Key features Scalability—transfer any process from 30 L to 2,000 L Modularity—predefined configurations available for 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000,and 2,000 L bioreactors and 30 and 300 L fermentors Touchscreen interface for easy data entry and control Stand-alone or networked (for multiple vessels)—enabled by distributioncontrol system (DCS) Flexible upstream TruBio software powered by the DeltaV systemfrom Emerson Includes up to six MFCs with air, O2, N2, CO2 for drilled-hole spargers (DHS)and cross-flow filtrationHyPerforma G3Lite Bioprocess Controller specificationsCart dimensions (H x W x D)160 x 68 x 54 cm (63 x 27 x 21 in.)Enclosure ratingCart: NEMA 12/IP52, HMI-NEMA 4XOperating temperature5 C to 40 C (41 F to 104 F)Storage temperature–40 C to 70 C (–40 F to 158 F)Relative humidity5% to 95% (noncondensing)CertificationsCE specifications EN-60101 and EN-61325Weight/shipping weight68 kg/136 kg (150 lb/300 lb)pHPendoTECH Transmitter (electrochemical), pH transmitter (single-use)DOPendoTECH Transmitter (electrochemical), DO transmitter (single-use)TemperatureTransmitter (RTD)PressureTransmitterLoad cells*Transmitter (vessel has built-in load cells)Foam levelTransmitter and cable assemblyAgitatorVariable frequency drive (VFD) included to control agitator motor* Please refer to the HyPerforma S.U.B and S.U.F. literature for more information on load cells.6

HyPerforma G3Pro ControllerThe Thermo Scientific HyPerforma G3Pro Bioprocess Controller has manyof the capabilities of the HyPerforma G3Lite Bioprocess Controller and alsoenables an additional layer of versatility by allowing mobility and flexibility interms of any reconfiguration and application expansion.Key features Open-architecture capabilities to integrate with vessels from other suppliers Scalability that allows transfer of any process from 30 L to 2,000 L Adaptable for multi-product applications and to fit individual process needs Redundant sensor control mechanism, built-in circuit for optional stack light,and alarm relay for building alarm Probe configuration options that are flexible to connect electrochemical,single-use, or both types for pH and DO measurements Utilizes TruBio Bioprocess Automation and Control Software powered by theDeltaV platform with a touchscreen NEMA interface for data entry and control 8 additional analog input connectors (4–20 mA) plus 4 auxiliary control loopconnectors (4–20 mA) for system expansion capabilityHyPerforma G3Pro Bioprocess Controller specificationsUtility cart dimensions(H x W x D)914.4 x 609.6 x 228.6 mm(36 x 24 x 9 in.)Enclosure ratingNEMA 12/IP56Touchscreen control box: NEMA 4XOperating temperature5 C to 40 C (41 F to 104 F)Storage temperature–25 C to 85 C (–13 F to 185 F)Relative humidity5% to 95% (noncondensing)Weight/shipping weight18 kg/41 kg (40 lb/90 lb)Control cart weight/shipping weight75 kg (165 lb)/120 kg (265 lb)pH (up to 3 available)Thermo Scientific TruSens Transmitter (electrochemical mV),2 included as standard forredundancy, third is optionalDO (up to 3 available)TruSens Transmitter (electrochemicalnA), 2 included as standard forredundancy, third is optionalTemperature (up to 2)TruSens Transmitter (RTD),1 included as standardPressure (up to 2)PendoTECH PT-10,1 included as standardLiquid control4 variable-speed Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumpsPump headoptionsWatson-Marlow 114, 313, or 520 seriesGas controlTruFlow MFC: Option of up to 6 MFCs (up to 6gas inlets and 3 gas outlets)Options of high flow and very high flow ratesavailable up to 600 L/min on separate manifoldScales/balancesAI x 4 available for digital scales via Profibus(analog optional)Inputs/outputsAI x 4 (0–20 mA, 16-bit resolution) (24 V DC, PV)AI x 4 (0–20 mA, 12-bit resolution) (24 V DC, PV)AUX x 4 (0–20 mA, 12-bit resolution) (SP, PV)Thermal controlThermal control unit (TCU) for jacketed vesselsand optional heated S.U.B.External pumpsIn addition to the pumps on the cart, additionalexternal pumps can be mounted on a pumptower, and optional analog controlled casepumpsAgitatorVessel adapter box (VAB) with variable frequencydrive (VFD) supplied for HyPerforma andthird-party vesselsAlarmAlarm relay for building alarm, optional stack lightcircuitry (must order stack light separately)Vent filterheaterOption to control 2 or 4 vent filter heaters7

TruFlow Gas Mass Flow ControllerFor HyPerforma G3Lite and G3Pro ControllersThe TruFlow Gas Mass Flow Controller (MFC) is designedto work with all of the HyPerforma bioreactor controlsystems. Its compact assembly provides up to six standardmass flow controllers and three associated solenoidvalves. When connected, the TruFlow Gas MFC is instantlyrecognized by TruBio software to provide precise controlof gas flow, without requiring any configuration, even atextremely low flow rates.TruFlow Gas MFC key features Variety of flow rate options* Flow range configurability Plug-and-play connectivityTruFlow gas MFC specificationsEnclosure dimensions (H x W x D)Six mass flow controllers: 9.1 x 7.4 x 6.2 in.RatingNEMA 1, IP 51 (liquid wipedown), options of high flow and very high flow rates available up to600 L/min on separate manifoldMaximum gas flow rateConfigurable up to 50 L/min*Weight/shipping weight5.8 kg/9.1 kg (12.8 lb/20 lb)Operating temperature5 C to 40 C (41 F to 104 F)Storage temperature–40 C to 70 C (–40 F to 158 F)Relative humidity5% to 95% (noncondensing)CertificationsCE: EN-61326 and EN-61010Inlet pressure1.6 to 2.3 bar/25 to 35 psigOutlet pressure0 to 1.38 bar/0 to 20 psigAccuracy 0.8% of flow rate and 0.3% full scale (Burkert)Repeatability 0.1% full scale (Burkert)Cable assembly2 m (6 ft) standardSuggested range of operating ,000 LCrossflow1,000 LDHS500 LOverlay250 LCrossflow100 LDHSRecommendedmaximum gasflow rates (slpm)50 52510040402006060Exhaust load20209090Note: Due to size, MFCs higher than 50 LPM require different housing than represented in photo.* May require additional configuration for specific flow rate. Please consult with your local sales representative for more information.8180360

Sensors for superior process controlSingle-use and reusable sensorsThermo Fisher Scientific offers best-in-class single-use andreusable sensors for the measurement of pH, dissolvedoxygen, biomass, and headspace pressure—with highreliability and superior performance for cell culture andfermentation process monitoring to meet all of yourprocess analytical technology (PAT) needs.We offer a range of intuitive process sensors whetheryou’re incorporating them into a single-use bioprocesscontainer or an autoclavable vessel process—to help youmonitor processes, reduce failures, and gain efficiencies.To further enhance your processes, digital integration ispossible with the use of our bioprocess controllers pairedwith TruBio Bioprocess Automation and Control Software.9

TruSens Transmitter BladeThe Thermo Scientific TruSens Transmitter Blade is acombined technology designed to monitor all conventionalpH and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors. It allows theconnection of a resistance temperature detector (RTD)or a thermistor inputs to suit the user’s preferred sensortechnology in upstream processes.This transmitter blade with TruBio software allows fortemperature compensation and is compatible withelectrochemical sensors and digital sensors that outputnAmp or mV signals.Features Compatible with most single-use or reusable sensors Designed to easily integrate with TruBio BioprocessControl software Easily incorporated into the Thermo Scientific Bioprocess Controllers Minimal maintenanceTruSens Transmitter Blade specificationsPhysicalCase materialAluminum bracketDimensions (H x W x D)130 x 35 x 128 mm (5.1 x 1.4 x 5.0 in.)Weight/shipping weight0.1/0.3 kg (0.2/0.6 lb)MountingEnclosure mounted within utility towerDisplayTruBio Bioprocess Control Software (GAMP5)RFI/EMIEN 61326-1Operating temperature5 C to 45 C (41 F to 113 F) ambientStorage temperature0 C to 65 C (32 F to 149 F)Relative humidity10% to 90% (noncondensing)ElectricalPower supply24 VDC @ 150 mASignal outputs*6 analog 4–20 mA (1 electrochemical pH, 1 electrochemical DO,2 PT100 RTD, 2 thermistor)Signal inputspH (–520 mV to 520 mV), DO (0–500 nA) , PT100 RTD (0–100 C),thermistor (0–100 C for 10 kΩ, 15–130 C for 22 kΩ )Output accuracyAnalog: 0.1 mADigital: NA* If a sensor loop is activated but no sensors are attached, the following errors will be seen: the DO current will drop and produce a low “%SAT” reading, the pH will beunstable and indeterminate, RTD channels will read maximum temperature, and the thermistor channels will read minimum temperature.10

Superior, proprietarypump technologyOutstanding precision for dosing, feeding, mixing,transferring, or harvestingOur pumps have been designed to meet high-precisionliquid delivery requirements in upstream (with controller)and downstream (external pumps) bioprocess applications.The pumps combine industry-known Watson-Marlow pump heads with electronic boards. This pairing enablesoptimized control of dosing, feeding, product transfer/harvest, buffer mixing (gradient or step), or generalliquid management.520 series313 series114 series Auto-detection of the pump by the TruBio softwareUnleash your controllerThese pumps are standard in the G3 controller family andcan be interchanged if the process flow rate requirementschange or if the controller is used with a different size ortype of vessel. In G3 controllers, all pump communicationis aggregated by a master communication board; thisboard reads process values from and sends instructions tothe pumps.Pump specificationsPump series114313520Power supply24 V DC24 V DC24 V DCMax. current (at 25 C)0.25 A0.95 A1.5 A0.75 A1AAverage current (at 25 C) 0.2 A5 C to 50 C (41 F to 122 F)Operating temperatureStorage temperature–10 C to 70 C (14 F to 158 F)Humidity10% to 90% (noncondensing)Speed5 to 160 rpm1 to 300 rpm1 to 300 rpmAccuracy 2 rpm, or 2% of set point 1 rpm, or 2% of set point 1 rpm, or 2% of set pointCertificationsCE: EN-60101 and EN-61326CE: EN-60101 and EN-61326CE: EN-60101 and EN-61326Tubing (thickness, ID)0.8 mm, 4.8 mm0.8 mm, 8.0 mm1.6 mm, 9.6 mm11

Consistent, accuratedata managementConsistent, accurate data management plays an importantrole for organizations and individuals in bioprocessingprocess development and scale-up. Dedicated datamanagement platforms and automation solutions are a vitalcomponents of data governance. We offer flexible TruBiosoftware solutions powered by DeltaV distributed controlplatforms from Emerson—to help manage your mammaliancell culture and microbial fermentation processes.Robust data management can mitigate risks duringall stages in biopharmaceutical scale-up. Efficient,process-specific measurement of critical parameters aswell as the aggregation of the data enables you to getyour final product to market quickly. We help you so thatyou can focus on your process optimization and scale-up,rather than worry about the software tools needed to getyou there.Find out more at Research Use or Further Manufacturing. Not for diagnostic use or direct administration into humans or animals. 2019–2021 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific and itssubsidiaries unless otherwise specified. DeltaV is a trademark of Emerson Process Management. GAMP is a trademark of the InternationalSociety for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Inc. Watson-Marlow is a trademark of Watson-Marlow Ltd. COL014511 0221

programming. TruBio software is powered by a DeltaV system from Emerson, has been developed according to GAMP 5 methods, and conforms to regulatory requirements for use in cGMP-compliant processes. Developed for use with HyPerforma controllers, TruBio software is designed to support easy scaling of tech