ITIL Foundation v4Course OverviewThis course will introduce students to version 4 of the ITIL Foundation course. Thiscourse will cover digital transformation, key concepts, service value, and the Service ValueChain & Practices.Course IntroductionCourse Introduction2mChapter 01 - Course IntroductionLesson: Course OrganizationWelcome!Why are you here?What do you expect?Course StructureAgendaLesson: ITIL Foundation, “Set the Stage”Digital Transformation as an EnablerThe New World is ‘VUCA’Holistic View of the GoalThe Goal – Optimizing ValueUsing the Service Value ChainThe Journey14mChapter 02 - Digital TransformationDigital TransformationThe Digital EnterpriseLearning OutcomesLesson: Digital Transformation BasicsWhat is Digital Transformation?Digital Transformation: Basic PrinciplesDigital Transformation: Areas of GrowthDigital Transformation & Critical InfrastructureDigital Transformation: CEO PerspectiveDigital Transformation: Attributes of the Digital EnterpriseDigital Transformation: Key TechnologiesLesson: Digital Transformation & Service ManagementBecoming “Digital”Optimized Rate of ChangeOutside-in, Putting Customers FirstRole of ITIL in Digital TransformationSummary: Today’s Digital Economy23m

Chapter 03 - Key ConceptsKey ConceptsIntroduction – Key ConceptsLearning OutcomesLesson: Creating Value with ServicesValue: Outcomes, Costs & RisksValue & Value Co-creationStakeholdersOther StakeholdersLesson: Products & ServicesAspects of Products & ServicesComponents of Service OfferingsLesson: Service RelationshipsService RelationshipsService Relationships: Outcomes, Costs & RisksService Relationship ModelAchieving Value: Outcomes, Costs & RisksUtility & WarrantySummary: Key Concepts31mChapter 04 - Service ValueService ValueIntroduction – Service ValueLearning OutcomesLesson: Guiding PrinciplesIntroducing ITIL Guiding PrinciplesITIL Guiding Principles OverviewFocus on ValueApply the Principle: Focus on ValueStart Where You AreApplying the Principle: Start Where You AreProgress Iteratively with FeedbackApplying the Principle: Progress Iteratively with FeedbackCollaborate & Promote VisibilityApplying the Principle: Collaborate & Promote VisibilityThink & Work HolisticallyApplying the Principle: Think & Work HolisticallyKeep it Simple & PracticalApplying the Principle: Keep it Simple & PracticalOptimize & AutomateApplying the Principle: Optimize & AutomatePrinciple InteractionLesson: Four Dimensions of Service ManagementThe Four Dimensions of Service ManagementOrganizations & PeopleInformation & TechnologyPartners & SuppliersValue Streams & ProcessesLesson: Service Value SystemSystem Produces Service Value1h 20m

Principle InteractionGovernanceGovernance as a Practical MatterService Value Chain (SVC)Practices & Continual ImprovementLesson: Service Value ChainThe Service Value ChainPlanPlan – Input/Output FlowImproveImprove – Input/Output FlowEngageEngage – Input/Output FlowDesign & TransitionDesign & Transition – Input/Output FlowObtain/BuildObtain/Build – Input/Output FlowDeliver & SupportDeliver & Support – Input/Output FlowSummary: Service ValueChapter 05 - Service Value Chain & PracticesService Value Chain & PracticesService Value Chain & the Practices - IntroductionService Value Chain as a ThemeGeneral Management HeatmapService & Technical Management HeatmapLearning OutcomesLesson: SVC Plan PracticesIntroduction – SVC PlanSVC Plan – Practice Areas Heat MapContinual Improvement – SVC PlanContinual Improvement – Practice Area DetailsContinual Improvement ModelService Level Management – SVC PlanService Level Management – Practice Area DetailsInformation Security Management – SVC PlanService Continuity Management – SVC PlanRelationship Management – SVC PlanAvailability Management – SVC PlanSupplier Management – SVC PlanSVC Plan – Practice FitSummaryLesson: SVC Improve PracticesIntroduction – SVC ImproveSVC Improve – Practice Areas Heat MapContinual Improvement** – SVC ImproveChange Control – SVC ImproveChange Control – Practice Area DetailsProblem Management – SVC Improve2h 20m

Problem Management – Practice Area DetailsCapacity & Performance Management – SVC ImproveInformation Security Management* – SVC ImproveService Continuity Management* – SVC ImproveRelationship Management* – SVC ImproveSVC Improve – Practice FitSummaryLesson: SVC Engage PracticesIntroduction – SVC EngageSVC Engage – Practice Area HeatmapContinual Improvement** – SVC EngageIncident Management – SVC EngageIncident Management – Practice Area DetailsService Request Management – SVC EngageService Request Management – Practice Area DetailsService Desk – SVC EngageService Desk – Practice Area DetailsService Level Management** – SVC EngageInformation Security Management* – SVC EngageRelationship Management* – SVC EngageSupplier Management* – SVC EngageSVC Engage – Practice FitSummaryLesson: Design & Transition PracticesIntroduction – SVC Design & TransitionSVC Design & Transition – Practice Area HeatmapContinual Improvement** – SVC Design & TransitionChange Control** – SVC Design & TransitionService Configuration Management – SVC Design & TransitionIT Asset Management – SVC Design & TransitionRelease Management – SVC Design & TransitionDeployment Management – SVC Design & TransitionInformation Security Management* – SVC Design & TransitionService Continuity Management* – SVC Design & TransitionRelationship Management* – SVC Design & TransitionSupplier Management* – SVC Design & TransitionSVC Design & Transition – Practice FitSummaryLesson: SVC Obtain/Build PracticesIntroduction – SVC Obtain/BuildSVC Obtain/Build – Practice Area HeatmapContinual Improvement** – SVC Obtain/BuildChange Control** – SVC Obtain/BuildInformation Security Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildService Continuity Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildIT Asset Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildService Configuration Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildDeployment Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildSupplier Management* – SVC Obtain/BuildSVC Obtain/Build – Practice Fit

SummaryLesson: SVC Deliver & Support PracticesIntroduction – SVC Deliver & SupportSVC Deliver & Support – Practice Area HeatmapContinual Improvement** – SVC Deliver & SupportChange Control** – SVC Deliver & SupportIncident Management** – SVC Deliver & SupportProblem Management** – SVC Deliver & SupportService Request Management** – SVC Deliver & SupportService Desk** – SVC Deliver & SupportMonitoring & Event Management – SVC Deliver & SupportInformation Security Management* – SVC Deliver & SupportService Continuity Management* – SVC Deliver & SupportSupplier Management* – SVC Deliver & SupportSVC Deliver & Support – Practice FitSummaryChapter 06 - Course SummaryCourse SummaryKey ConceptsService Value & Service RelationshipsService Relationship ModelGuiding PrinciplesFour Dimensions of Service ManagementService Value SystemService Value ChainPractice Areas SVC PlanPractice Areas SVC ImprovePractice Areas SVC EngagePractice Areas SVC Design & TransitionPractice Areas SVC Obtain/BuildPractice Areas SVC Deliver & SupportThank you for attending ITIL FoundationCourse Closure24mTotal Duration: 5h 15m

Lesson: ITIL Foundation, Set the Stage Digital Transformation as an Enabler The New World is VUCA Holistic View of the Goal The Goal - Optimizing Value Using the Service Value Chain The Journey Chapter 02 - Digital Transformation 23m Digital Transformation The Digital Enterprise Learning Outcomes Lesson: Digital Transformation Basics