How Lubricant Marketers Can Benefit from CRM As a Lubricant Marketer in the Oil & Gas Industry, it’slikely you’re used to the way things have always beenwithin your company and haven’t gotten around toexploring other options, thinking, “If it’s not broken,why fix it?” Trust, us – we understand, but we alsoknow that just because something has been working foryou all this time that doesn’t mean something else can’twork better for your business’ future CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365and Salesforce, can help you solve manyongoing problems that we see frequentlytrending across the industry.Are you currently struggling with ways to see everything you want to know about your customer, or is their contactinformation in your salesperson’s cell phone, while their order history is in an old binder on that same salesperson’sdesk, and the account contact information is in that person’s wallet that they left at their house earlier that morning?We’ve heard this many times. It happens, right? Though you may have been a part of the Oil & Gas industry for yearsand years, and are used to your system, focusing on muscle memory and organized “chaos” as your current solution,the benefits of CRM may surprise and enlighten you.CRM (Customer Relationship Management), at its core, is a strategy and technology for managing and organizingcustomer information (and potential customer information) in one place. With CRM, you can see everything you couldwant to know about a customer in one place, track activities (like calls, tasks, meetings, etc.), learn how to cross-sell andupsell more effectively through suggestive selling, track goals versus actuals to meet end-of-year quotas, manageterritories to make the most of Field Sales Reps’ travels, avoid asking accounting for information by integrating backoffice software in your CRM, and much, much more.LUBRICANTMARKETERSTHRIVE WITHEFFICIENT &ORGANIZEDSOLUTIONSIf you are unfamiliar with these terms, don’t worry. We’llwalk you through all the basics (and more) in this eBook,and how other Lubricant Marketers like you are usingCRM to drive new business today. CRM can seem like anoverwhelming concept to those who have not yet tried orexplored it, but, believe us, the long-term pay off isextremely rewarding when implemented properly andwith the right partner. In this eBook, we will explainexactly how these functions in CRM can help you, as aLubricant Marketer, to leverage business, create newopportunities, see a quick ROI, and be a more efficientteam.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

In CRM, You Can 1.Gain 360-Degree Views of Your Customers2.Manage Opportunities and your Business Process3.Capture Share of Wallet Business4.Cross-Sell and Upsell with Suggestive Selling5.Track and Manage Sales Goals vs. Actuals6.Analyze Gap to Goal7.Manage Territories: Map and Plan8.Track and Manage Loaned Equipment9.Easily Integrate Data10. Send Fuel Price Notifications11. Manage Retail Fuels and C-Stores12. Become More Effective with the Mobile AppHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

1Gain 360-Degree Views of your CustomersIs all of your customerinformation in one place, orare you struggling to compileit into one organized system?As we mentioned in the beginning of thiseBook, right now we predict you may beusing multiple ways to keep track ofcustomer information or you are simplyrelying on memory. While this isn’t theworst thing you could be doing, it’s alsonot the most effective way for keepingtrack of everything you need to knowabout your customers. Though you maybe in close touch with your customers,consider the benefits of having all oftheir information in one place and whatimpact that could have on newemployees, for example.CRM allows for easy transition of accounts if/when the time comes.By having a 360-degree view of your customer in CRM, you will be able to see their basic and detailed information. Itmight be hard to believe if you’ve never worked in CRM before, but, with CRM, you can also see related informationabout them, such as their order history or notes from conversations your reps had with them. Eliminate all of the systemsyou may currently be opening to find information on a customer and hours of searching. Everything you need is in CRMwith a few simple clicks! While you may have several binders, documents, or spreadsheets that house this informationnow, in CRM, the customer data you need is always accessible and easy to update.With a 360-degree view in CRM, you can also see detailed information like invoice data and open activity tracking,and a12-month product summary. This is especially helpful for customer service reps to have access to, on top of yoursales team.If you are struggling to keep all of your customer information in one place, track customerupdates, record detailed information, transition customers to different sales reps, etc., this 360degree view will do wonders for the future of your team and business. You will notice increasedefficiencies in little time when your CRM is properly implemented.As a Lubricant Marketer, 360-degree views help you do your job better, and who doesn’t want that?!HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

2Manage Opportunities &Your Business ProcessDo you and your team struggle to see all Open Opportunities in your sales pipeline?With your current way of doing things, it’s likely you’re missing out on open opportunities that could be huge wins foryou and your team. In CRM, you are able to track Open Opportunities, and can see which brands are being pushed toprospects, customers, and leads. Opportunity Management helps you prioritize with the right deals, often the big ones.You can also more easily identify deals that are stuck by using Opportunity Management in CRM.In Open Opportunity dashboards, Sales managers and Owners can see their sales pipeline instead of asking salesreps what’s in it day in and day out. All the information they need is on one screen. From a process perspective,Opportunity Management will also ensure all of the steps in your sales process go through and none are missed,preventing lack of follow-through.The Open Opportunities in CRM help Lubricant Marketers identify where big opportunities are so they can prioritize.Once you take care of the initial data integration and migration during your CRM implementation, Open Opportunitydashboards and reports are easily updated thereafter.In CRM, you can also see Opportunity history, such as Won and LostOpportunities. Won Opportunities will help you see what you’re doingright, whereas Lost Opportunities will help you see where you need toimprove.With CRM, you create more time and opportunities for NewOpportunities.Lubricant Marketers that are using CRM love the reports anddashboards that come with Opportunities. As most Lubricant Marketersknow, having the right data in front of you with just a few clicks is like abreath of fresh air every time you work in CRM. CRM gives you a wayto easily open charts and show correlating or segmented data.CRM can be configured to meet every Lubricant Marketer’s individual needs. In CRM for Oil & Gas, powered byMicrosoft Dynamics 365, it’s easy to keep customer data top-of-mind with Opportunities.If you find yourself struggling to see where your Opportunities are, how to prioritize them, how to estimate close datesmore efficiently, and more clearly visualize your sales cycle, Opportunities will help you move forward smoother andquicker than before. Without CRM, you may otherwise spend ample time customizing Opportunity reports anddashboards, but a properly-implemented CRM system makes it easy.“ T h e r e w e r e l o s t s a l e s w e d i d n’ t ev e n k n ow a b o u tb e f o r e C R M .”GAUBERT OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

3Capture Share of Wallet BusinessAre you struggling to find out which of yourcustomers are buying other products fromyour competitors, and how to get them toswitch to you?Share of Wallet will help you look at many things as a LubricantMarketer. When you think of Share of Wallet (SOW), thinkabout not just wanting to sell a “piece of your pie” to yourcustomer or prospect, but wanting to sell them “the whole pie,”or selling your products and services to all of their business. Forexample, let’s say you’re selling them fuel right now, but alsowant to sell them antifreeze that you know they need.Share of Wallet will help you see these open opportunities, which we will explore in greater length in the next chapterof this eBook.Share of Wallet also helps Lubricant Marketers more closely identify Competitor Share of Wallet. This means beingable to see what products your customers are buying from your competition, so you can make a goal to get them toswitch to you, then act on it.You can add competitors, track opportunities to gain business, and more with Share of Wallet. Share of Wallet is agreat way Lubricant Marketers can create New Opportunities and is how they’re using CRM to grow.You want all of your customers to be buying all of the products they need that youhave from you, right? Share of Wallet will help you do exactly this.Whether you’re talking to an active prospect or current customer, a good salesperson wants to know which of theircompetitors have their business today, and Share of Wallet offers this specific advantage cross-departmentally to letCRM Users keep track of these future opportunities.“We can a ttribute a t least 10% growth int h e p i p e l i n e t o C R M .”ENGLEFIELD OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

4Cross-sell and Upsell with Suggestive SellingAre you struggling with your cross-selling and upselling sales techniques, or doyou even have a process to cross-sell and upsell effectively now?As discussed in the previous chapter, you may sometimes struggle to cross-sell and upsell with suggestive sellingbecause you may be unaware of what products your clients need or what they’re buying from your competitors, butshould be buying from you More experienced reps know if you buy ‘x’, then you should by ‘y’, but you lessexperienced reps may not. Consider: does everyone have access to the knowledge they need to succeed?Cross-selling means selling a different product or service to an existing customer, so, with suggestive selling in CRM,you can more easily identify which products they are interested in. Whereas, with upselling, you can more easilyidentify sales opportunities to get customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons from youto get a bigger sale.By using Suggestive Selling in CRM, Lubricant Marketers are able to getnotifications on what products or services they should be selling to customers.Without CRM, opportunities will easily be missed.Lubricant Marketers are able to track beyond 9, to 12 months back with Suggestive Selling, though this is usually thesweet spot for them to visualize. Share of Wallet also allows Lubricant Marketers to set up notifications and alerts forwhen customers say they want to talk about taking on more products. So, for example, if a customer says they don’twant to talk about buying antifreeze from you now, but will want to re-engage in 2 years, you can set up alerts forspecific dates.Lubricant Marketers use Suggestive Selling to stay on track with opportunity management, specifically with crossselling and upselling. It’s also a great tool for new employees to be trained on, and is easy for sales reps to use togenerate reports on what customers are and aren’t buying from your company to use as a guiding point duringmeetings with sales managers.“We found we were lacking in pipeline management,actually tracking overall. It was difficult to track customertouches and opportunities, which made it difficult todetermine our share of wallet with our customers. WithLedgeview, we’ve really grown together. Ledgeviewupdates the product to include what we need toconsistently coach our team to achieve our goals.”KELLERSTRASS OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

5Track Goals vs. Actuals?Are you tracking your goals vs. actuals, or doyou even have a way (or known reason) to?When you integrate your accounting system with CRM (with theright partner to help) and set goals within the solution, you canjoin the group of Lubricant Marketers that are using CRM totrack Goals vs. Actuals to create growth.It’s important to track goals vs. actuals to see how far away youare from reaching your goals. Though you may have an idea inyour head, your CRM system will provide you the clearinformation you need to know where you actually are withmeeting end-of-year quotas. This is crucial for a sales managerand salesperson to have access to, and gives them moremotivation to chase the right opportunities.By comparing goals to actuals, Lubricant Marketers can managetheir pipelines better and see how close they are to actuallyachieving their goals, which we will cover more in-depth in thenext chapter of this eBook. Lubricant Marketers may opt toanalyze Goals vs. Actuals based on Gross Profit or Volume.Though the function works the same, it uses different numbersdependent upon your selection. Remember, CRM is configurable.Within a Goal Dashboard, Lubricant Marketers can compare Goals vs. Actuals according to brand or product category,whichever is their preference. Lubricant Marketers can also track how they’re doing on growing current business (a la“Share of Wallet”), or goals with new customers.Sales Managers in the Oil & Gas Industry especially love this feature for helping to keep their team on task to reachingtheir goals and meeting organizational goals overall.Tracking Goals vs. Actuals helps to create accountability between sales managers and reps, which leads to moreefficient meetings and collaboration.Win, win, win!“ Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas Product gives my sales team a level ofownership they never had before. I’m seeing more robust pipelinedevelopment than we had prior to implementing this. ”GAUBERT OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

6Analyze Gap to GoalAre you having troubleidentifying the gaps you needto fill to meet your salesgoals?Lubricant Marketers that succeed in the Oil& Gas Industry use Gap to Goal Analysisto determine the gaps they need to close tofill their sales pipeline. Typically, when asalesperson or manager looks at a fullopportunity pipeline, they’re unable to seethe average win rate, number of daysremaining in their fiscal year, and averagedeal size they would otherwise use todetermine the likeliness their sales team willmeet or exceed end-year goals.These common problems Lubricant Marketers face day-to-day are solved with the right CRMsolution!Gap to Goal Analysis solves this problem and exceeds industry demands to help sales teams analyze and summarizedata to effectively and efficiently calculate their Gap to Goal. Gap to Goal allows Lubricant Marketers to review datawhenever they want. It’s always accessible and updated. What could be better? Having that information in front of you iscrucial to your success as a salesperson, sales manager, or business owner.Numbers will always be relevant this way, as the system encourages you to focus on Volume, Volume Goals, EstimatedVolumes or other Gap to Goal types. Whatever you have in mind, the information is always there for you in CRM. Youcan even think of it as your second brain for safekeeping.This is an incredible feature for the Oil & Gas Industry that Lubricant Marketers use to stay ahead of the curve, beatout competition, and be industry leaders. Lubricant Marketers can consider tracking Gap to Goal as like their dailyhow-to guide for achievement.“The Closing Ratio in our industry is, on average, a little under 20%. Sinceimplementing Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas Solution, we’re trackingdouble that. In fact, we’re close to 50%.”KELLERSTRASS OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

7Manage Territories: Map and PlanDo you have a way to manage your sales territories, and map and plan yoursalespeople’s travel routes to optimize customer interactions and create newopportunities?Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. We get it. Word of mouth isn’t the first or only solution anymore, nor ishappenstance or simply dropping by a customer or potential customer. CRM helps salespeople map out their travelroutes, and even drivers, to optimize customer relationships and create new opportunities. In CRM, you can identifyplot points along your way to a destination to stop at, check in on current customers, recruit new customers, scheduleappointments, and more.This is a wonderful tool for Lubricant Marketers to have in 2018. Once you pin point locations on your travel route,you will know exactly where to stop and how to maximize your sales travels. Lubricant Marketers use territorymanagement to map and plan their sales travels to see who they could be working with within the radius of a lead,identify nearby opportunities near current customers, gain a graphic representation of how to grow business within aterritory, and much, much more The potential is vast, and, when utilized in its full capacity, expands businesstremendously for Lubricant Marketers within the Oil & Gas industry.QUICK BENEFITS OFTERRITORY MANAGEMENT INCLUDE:- Addressing Appointment Cancellation: With CRM forOil & Gas, finding out who’s closest to make a visitto when someone cancels on you is easy!- Making the Most of your Travel Time: When youhave extra time between sales calls, you can makethe most of your sales travels to see who is closestto visit next.- See More Customers in Less Trips: You won’t bemaking any more trips to see just one customer, butcan really make the most of your travels by settingup several meetings with more opportunities.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

8Track and Manage Loaned EquipmentDo you really know where yourequipment is, such as expensivetanks, or do you rely on goodword alone to see your loanedequipment through?Face it – Lubricant Marketers can’t ever be100% sure that the right product is going intheir tanks and when they’re going to get themback without a system to keep thingsorganized. Though you may have previouslyrelied on phone calls with your customers ortheir vocal promises alone, CRM lets you takethings to the next level so there is no wonderingor guessing. What a relief, right?Equipment tracking in CRM lets Lubricant Marketers see who still has their equipment, where it is, and when thecontract is due. By tying a specific account to the equipment, Lubricant Marketers can record and track which customerhas which equipment and the product that is supposed to be in it! Consider: How much money do you have out there,and do you know where it really is?For example, in CRM, if an end date is blank in a record, it may indicate a customer still has the equipment you’veleant them. This enables Lubricant Marketers to easily track who is and isn’t meeting their commitments against productorder history. With Equipment Tracking in CRM, you can get rid of all of those pesky spreadsheets and documents youhave for tracking equipment now, and see everything you need to about your equipment: who has it, which tanks arewhere, which products are going into what tanks or not, and more.Dashboards provide easy visualization for Lubricant Marketers to track equipment, and, the bestpart is, Lubricant Marketers can fulfill their ROI on Equipment Tracking alone!The value of tracking and managing loaned equipment in CRM is undeniable. If you aren’t using it as a LubricantMarketer, you are missing out on a huge favor of properly-implemented CRM technology.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

9DO YOU HAVE A WAY TO Integrate Data?Do you have a way to make your data come alive?You have so much of it, but what are you really doing with your dataand how are you using it to drive growth and create new opportunitiesas a Lubricant Marketer? Does sales have access to the data they needto succeed? Seamless and clean data integration is a universal concernfor Lubricant Marketers, and, arguably, for those across industrieslooking to implement a CRM Solution.With a one-time data migration into CRM, things become a lot easier forLubricant Marketers to manage. This approach takes you through theprocess of loading all of your data into your CRM solution at once. Afterthat, you run a process to get updated information into your CRM systemnightly. Everything is automated so that once you complete this initialstep, information is continuously rolled from your accounting system to anFTP site to your CRM solution.This systematic approach takes the worry away from LubricantMarketers who may otherwise struggle organizing data. You eliminatethe guess work of your excel sheets, Word Documents, or even manualmedia like binders and post-it notes by having all of your data put inone place that is accessible to you and updated every day.If you struggle with data organization, cleanlinessand going through too many steps, a simple andsystematic one-time function such as this helpsLubricant Marketers get their fields locked in sothere is only “one version of the truth,” ensuringclean and reliable data.Lubricant Marketers use Data Integration to keep their data consistentand at their finger tips at any given moment.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

10 Send Fuel Price NotificationsDo you have a way to easily andautomatically get fuel pricenotifications to your customers orprospects?Fuel Price Notifications are a nice and simple way toget your fuel prices in front of your customers andprospects. Since fuel prices can change everyday,Lubricant Marketers use Fuel Price Notifications inCRM to blast out fuel price notifications to massaudiences.If you’re use to manual methods of reaching out toyour customers one-by-one, or even making calls,which can consume hours of your time, it’s time to lookinto the time-saving of Fuel Price Notifications in CRMthat help you put everything together simply.Fuel Price Notifications can be territory-specific sincedifferent regions have different taxes and pricing.Fuel Price Notifications include your company name, afuel price quote, the date, and specific productmarkups. Fuel Price Notifications will take care offilling in the rest of an email blast automatically. Youwill also need to fill in any disclosures and whether ornot you want to include a sale’s rep name and contactinformation.Lubricant Marketers send fuel price notifications to stay ahead of the curve, set up different product and pricingmargins for different customers, get information about all of their products out to the right people at the right time,generate closed activity records and activities, and more.Fuel Price Notifications are a huge benefit to Lubricant Marketers. By automatingthis process, they save more time on other tasks that need in-person attention, forexample. This is another great example of how CRM truly helps LubricantMarketers create new business and expand on current business, not to mention,staying ahead of competitors.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

11 Manage Retail Fuels and C-StoresDo you have a way to effectively andefficiently manage your Retail FuelSites and C-Stores in one place?For Retail Fuels and C-Stores, CRM can be used tocreate transparency, provide a more thoroughvisualization and capture information with dataintegration, capture key information on stations andsites including sales, equipment, activities, and more,and analyze all stations and sites a business has.Lubricant Marketers capture information about salesvolume, equipment management, activity tracking, andmuch more in CRM for Retail Fuels and C-Stores. InCRM, you can set up all sites and stations, record sitenumbers and addresses, break down sites by territoryor ownership type, and more. Lubricant Marketers cancategorize by brand and add improvement plans.They may also opt to include contract expiration datesso sales reps can keep up with contract renewals.CRM offers Lubricant Marketers a great way to keep track of to-do lists and utilize Activities for their Retail Fuel Sitesand C-Stores. Plus, they can keep track of specific equipment that’s at each site – even things like a popcorn machine,soda fountain, gas pump, etc. Whatever Lubricant Marketers want to track, they can. Being able to track activities isone of the top things Lubricant Marketers love about using CRM. (You can see why.)All of your data can be seen in one dashboard with your Retail Fuel Sites and C-Stores in CRM, so Lubricant Marketerscan monitor how their sites and stations are doing without having to click through many screens, software, betweenspreadsheets or documents, or flip through several binders. They can record information by territory, show dashboardsby territory, and more. They may categorize by brand or region, among other options. It’s easy to group and filter inCRM.Lubricant Marketers gain transparent data visualization and analytic reporting with their Retail Fuel Sites and C-Storesin CRM. It has proven to be successful for Lubricant Marketers across the industry time and time again to not onlyincrease efficiencies, but deliver quick ROI.“We knew if we went to Ledgeview, they’d be able to help us more efficientlybecause of their industry knowledge and their customized CRM product. Thedashboards were a big thing to us, and their industry experience put us at easeand made us feel comfortable.”HAMPEL OILHOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

12 Become More Effective with the Mobile AppDo you have an effective way to manage your CRM while you’re traveling on theroad?By taking advantage of the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App, your day-to-day will become moreeffective, accessible, and expedient. Imagine the convenience of being able to pull up yoursystem when you’re away from the office.Much of the functionality you’ve discovered in this eBook is also accessible via the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App.For example, you may be a salesperson visiting a client’s local office and see that they’ve recently updated theirbuilding’s appearance. You want to take a picture so other salespeople can refer to it when they’re traveling onlocation to this site. You can add that picture, and tie it to notes in your CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App. You may takepictures of new equipment, storage concerns, etc. – whatever you deem fitting for the account.In addition, Dashboards have been brought over to the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App as well as Opportunities.There, you can discover the health of your pipeline whenever you like. You can see where you’re winning and losing,and who’s managing which accounts just as easily as you can using your desktop computer.Activities are also easy to see on the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App, functioning as updated notifications to help yoube more efficient in your job function. You can see what’s due today or earlier, this week, this month, this year, etc.Using the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App is a practical way to let your team do their jobs easier and hit more homeruns. It’s another tool in your toolbox to help you become much more efficient! It helps you step into the world of moderntechnology with ease and confidence.HOME TO THENATIONWIDEPREFERREDCRM SOLUTIONFOR OIL & GAS

Lubricant Marketers Look toLedgeview for CRM SuccessTHENATIONWIDEPREFERREDSOLUTIONFOR THEOil & GasINDUSTRYIf you’re interested in a CRM solution that has proven time and time again to be numberone for the Oil & Gas Industry, let Ledgeview help! We work with Lubricant Marketers todeliver beyond expectations. You will be pleasantly surprised about what is possible withCRM and Ledgeview Partners Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ledgeview’s dynamic solution for the Oil & Gas industrywas built with the expertise Lubricant Marketers need to thrive. This industry-specific CRMsolution was configured specifically to create Oil & Gas industry leaders and help LubricantMarketers create growth and success.Our celebrated CRM for Oil & Gas Solution is available in Cloud or On-premise andcombines all of the power of ‘vanilla’ CRM software with invaluable features specific to theOil & Gas Industry, and Energy Distributors. It’s a turn-key, plug-and-play product thatcombines the power of ‘vanilla’ CRM software with invaluable features specific to theseindustries.The results don’t lie! This solution works to boost your Oil & Gas businesson so many levels.“If there are three things I can say CRMfor Oil & Gas does, it’s this: it enables usto create value for the customer, it enablesthe management team to actually managethe business instead of pulling datatogether, and enables the viewer to beable to take managerial claim, then takeaction.”“There’s no reason NOT to useLedgeview’s CRM for Oil & GasProduct. It’s not a sales tool. It’s anorganizational success tool.”C O R E Y M C C O R T, C A R S O N O I LVP OF SALES & MARKETINGMIKE ADKINS, ENGLEFIELD OIL VP ANDHEAD OF THE LUBRICANTS DIVISIONC O N TAC T U S T O G E T S TA R T E D :[email protected] 920.560.5571 @LedgeviewCRM

Contact Ledgeview for CRM Support98% Customer Retention RateLedgeview is with youEvery step of the wayLedgeview Partners is a business and technologyconsulting company who partners with organizations totransform sales, marketing and customer serviceoperations & processes that are supported by coretechnologies including Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Marketing Automation.Ledgeview Partners’ consultants combine savvy businessintellect with strong technological aptitude to providesolutions that extend well beyond softwareimplementations. It’s about building relationships,transforming business,

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), at its core, is a strategy and technology for managing and organizing . CRM to drive new business today. CRM can seem like an . With a 360-degree view in CRM, you can also see detailed information like invoice data and open activity tracking, and a12-month product summary. This is especially helpful .