Australian Campervan and 4WD Rentals Effective 01 April 2021 - 31 March 2022Issued 19 April 2021Thank you for choosing Britz. We are very proud of our product and our reputation, and we have built our business on providing the best possible experience for ourcustomers. Your safety and security are our greatest concerns, so to assist you in making your holiday a wonderful experience, it is important for you to carefully readthese terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or complaints about these terms and conditions please contact us on freecall 1800 331 454. These termsand conditions do not exclude, restrict or modify the application of any provision, the exercise of any right, or the imposition of any liability under any statute (includingthe Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or the Australian Consumer Law).1)2)RATES AND CONDITIONSRates and Conditions quoted in ourdocumentation are subject to change withoutnotice. However (subject to changes inlegislation or errors) we will not alter rates orconditions applicable to your rental once yourbooking has been confirmed by Britz. Anybooking amendments will result in the ratebooked being re-calculated at the rateapplicable on the date of amendment. Pleasenote all prices are quoted and payable inAustralian dollars.DEFINITIONS‘Agreement’ means the Rental Agreementand these Terms and Conditions.‘Customer’ means the person or personsnominated as the hirer and any person whosecredit or debit card is presented for paymentof the Customer’s charges. Refer to clauses24, 27 and 34 for information about theLiability Deposit requirements and credit anddebit card payments.‘Britz’ means Tourism Holdings Australia PtyLtd.‘Damage’ means any and all damage asdescribed in clause 24.8.‘Liability Reduction Option’ means the liabilityreduction option described in clause 24.‘Rental Period’ means the hire period or anyagreed variation thereof and any additionalperiod during which the Vehicle is in theCustomer’s possession or control.‘Vehicle’ means the Vehicle hired by theCustomer and includes tyres, tools,accessories, camping utensils, and all otherequipment, documents, or additional hireitems related to the Vehicle and anyreplacement or substitute Vehicle that may beprovided.‘Liability’ means the amount the Customer isliable for under this Agreement in respect ofthe Vehicle and the Customer’s Use of theVehicle.‘Liability Deposit’ means the deposit paid bythe Customer to Britz on the day the Customercollects the Vehicle from Britz which will beused to reimburse Britz for the cost of anyDamage caused by the Customer to theVehicle under the terms of this Agreement.‘Restricted Road’ means each of the roadsand areas described in clause 18.3.The ‘Britz Inclusive Pack’ means the productoffered by Britz to its Customers that includesthe Liability Reduction Option and cover forthe cost of damage resulting from a singleVehicle rollover as described in clause 18.1(a).‘The Bundle’ means the product offered byBritz to its Customers that, when purchased inconjunction with the Liability ReductionOption, provides cover for the cost of damageresulting from a single Vehicle rollover asdescribed in clause 18.1(a).3) DURATIONRental days are calculated on a calendar daybasis. When calculating the number of daysthe Vehicle is rented, the day of pick-up iscounted as day one of the rental, regardless ofpick-up time. The day of the Vehicle’s return iscounted as the final day of the rentalregardless of drop-off time.Minimum rental periods are subject tochange, and any such change will be notifiedto you prior to booking confirmation.Britz may apply a minimum rental chargeequivalent to the number of hire days in theminimum rental period multiplied by theapplicable daily rental rate/s. If a Customerwishes to hire a Vehicle for less than the rentalperiod, and Britz agrees, a fee equivalent tothe difference between the rate for the RentalPeriod and the minimum rental charge willapply.Late pick-up or early return of the Vehicledoes not entitle the Customer to any refund ofthe unused portion of the rental.DELIVERY AND RETURN OF VEHICLEThe Customer acknowledges having receivedthe Vehicle in a clean condition, with a full fueltank and full bottles of gas (if applicable).The Customer will return the Vehicle in a cleancondition with a full fuel tank and full bottlesof gas (if applicable and subject to any prepurchase fuel and/or pre-purchase gas optionbeing taken), on the return date, time andlocation set out in the Rental Agreement.Failure to adhere to these requirements willresult in additional charges. Should theCustomer have the pre-purchase fuel and/orthe pre-purchase gas option there is no refundfor unused fuel and/or gas.Britz reserves the right to charge theCustomer a cleaning fee in the amount ofAU 250 if the Vehicle is not returned in aclean condition (at Britz’s sole discretionacting reasonably). This includes smokingrelated cleaning, as smoking is not permittedat any time in the Vehicle or animal relatedcleaning as animals are not permitted in (l)(m)Vehicle (with the exception of registeredguide dogs).The toilet and wastewater tank (ifapplicable) must be emptied prior to thereturn of the Vehicle, or an additionalAU 125 soiling fee will be charged to theCustomer.BRANCH HOURS OF OPERATIONAll Vehicles must be collected from, andreturned to a Britz Campervan branch. BritzBranch opening dates and hours can beobtained from a Booking Host (freecall 1800331 454) and are available on the Britzwebsite. Customers must allow adequate timeto complete the required paperwork whencollecting or returning the Vehicle.4WD Vehicles are only available to and fromBroome, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns,Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.A surcharge of AU 100 will apply to all Vehiclerentals that are collected or dropped off onthe following days:05 April 2021 – Easter Monday(applies to all Britz branches);25April2021–ANZACDay(applies to all Britz branches);03 May 2021 – Labour Day (applies toBrisbane and Cairns branches only) and MayDay (applies to Alice Springs and Darwinbranches only);07 June 2021 – Western Australia Day (appliesto Broome and Perth branches only);14 June 2021 – Queen’s Birthday (applies toAdelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Melbourne,Sydney and Hobart branches only);02 July 2021 – Alice Springs Show Day (appliesto Alice Springs branch only);23 July 2021 – Darwin Show Day(applies to Darwin branch only);02 August 2021 – Picnic Day (applies to AliceSprings and Darwin branches only) and BankHoliday (applies to Sydney branch only);11 August 2021 – Royal Queensland Show(applies to Brisbane branch only);27 September 2021 – Queen’s Birthday(applies to Broome and Perth branches only);04 October 2021 – Queen’s Birthday (appliesto Brisbane and Cairns branches only) andLabour Day (applies to Adelaide and Sydneybranches only);02 November 2021 – Melbourne Cup (appliesto Melbourne branch only);26 December 2021 – Boxing Day(applies to all Britz branches);

(n)(o)(p)5.46)6.16.27)7.17.28)14 February 2022 – Royal Hobart Regatta(applies to Hobart branch only);07March2022–LabourDay(applies to Perth branch only); and14 March 2022 – Adelaide Cup Day (applies toAdelaide branch only), 8 Hours Day (applies toHobart branch only) and Labour Day (appliesto Melbourne branch only).Customers must allow adequate time tocomplete the required paperwork whencollecting or returning the Vehicle. All Vehiclesmust be collected from and returned to a BritzCampervan branch.CHANGE OF DROP-OFF DESTINATIONIf the Customer wishes to change the drop-offdestination, they must first obtainauthorisation from Britz by calling 1800 331454. Subject to the change being approved,an additional charge of up to AU 750 mayapply, which will be notified to you at time ofapproval and is required to be paidimmediately via credit or debit card. The feemay apply in all change of drop-off destinationcases irrespective of the reason for thelocation change.Notwithstanding clause 6.1 above, if theCustomer is unable to return the Vehicle tothe agreed drop-off destination because ofcircumstances beyond the Customer’s control,they must first contact Britz to agree on a newdrop-off destination for the Vehicle. Thefollowing are examples of circumstances thatmay be beyond the Customer’s control: aweather event, natural disaster (includingearthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption orwild fire), public health event (includingepidemic / pandemic), strike, terrorist act,governmental, regional or local authorityrestrictions, change in law. Britz may charge afee to cover any reasonable costs it incurs as aconsequence of the agreed change in drop-offdestination. This fee will be notified to you attime of agreement and is required to be paidimmediately via credit or debit card.LATE DROP-OFFSIf the Customer wishes to drop-off the Vehicleto a Britz branch after business hours, theymust first get approval from Britz by calling1800 331 454. The Customer will incur anadditional fee of AU 150 per day (in additionto the daily rate being charged) if theCustomer fails to obtain such approval fromBritz prior to the late drop-off of the Vehicle.This late drop-off fee and the additional rentalcharges will be charged to the Customer’scredit or debit card.If the late drop-off is approved, a fee ofAU 150 is applicable and the Customer will berequired to pay an extra day’s LiabilityReduction Option charge (if applicable) asthey will be held responsible for the Vehicleup until the time that it is checked in by a Britzstaff member the following day. This latedrop-off fee is required to be paid via theCustomer’s credit or debit card on approval ofthe late drop-off.LATE PICK-UPSIf, due to unforeseen circumstances, theCustomer wishes to collect their Vehicle afterbusiness hours, they must first get approvalfrom Britz (call 1800 131 454). If the late pickup is approved, a fee of AU 150 is applicable.9)9.19.2RENTAL EXTENSIONIf the Customer wishes to extend the rentalwhilst on hire, they must first obtainauthorisation from Britz by calling1800 331 454. This is subject to availability.The extra cost of an extended rental must bepaid by the Customer by credit or debit cardon confirmation of the rental extension.Failure to obtain an authorisation for a rentalextension will result in a late fee of AU 150per day in addition to the daily rental rate(plus Liability Reduction Option charges) foreach day until the Vehicle is returned. Thedaily rental rate charged will be the rateapplicable on the day of extension (which maydiffer from the original rate booked) perVehicle for the extended rental period. Thesecharges will be applied to the Customer’scredit or debit card on a daily basis until theVehicle is returned.10)RENTALS IN BROOMEAn additional remote location fee of AU 750applies to all Vehicles picking up or droppingoff in Broome. Only one remote location fee ischarged per vehicle. This is in addition to anyOne-Way fee if applicable. This fee will becharged to the Customer at the time ofbooking except in the case of a change indrop-off destination occurs in accordancewith clause 6 in which case this fee will becharged at the time that change is made.11)HOBART PICK UP FEEA pick up fee of AU 100 per hire will apply toVehicles picking up in Hobart.12) ONE-WAY RENTALS12.1 Subject to availability, one-way rentals areavailable between thl branches in Broome,Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Hobart,Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.12.2 A One-Way fee of AU 165 applies whereVehicle collection originates from Cairns,Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart orAdelaide and returns to one of theselocations. Should the hire originate or returnto Darwin, Broome, Alice Springs or Perth theone-way fee is AU 250. One-way fees areadditional to any other fees that may apply.The One-Way fee will be charged to theCustomer’s credit or debit card at the time ofbooking except in the case of a change indrop-off destination in accordance with clause6 in which case the One-Way fee will becharged at the time that change is made.13)MULTIPLE RENTALSShould a Customer have more than oneconsecutive rental, the bookings can becombined to qualify for longer-term hirediscounts off the daily Vehicle rates.Consecutive campervan hire in South Africafor Britz and maui; and in Australia and NewZealand for Britz, maui and Mighty can becombined to qualify if travel is within a 3month period.14)EXTRA DRIVER FEESAn extra driver fee applies for each additionaldriver’s licence added to the rental agreementexcept where The Bundle or the Britz InclusivePack has been purchased.15)ADDITIONAL KILOMETRE CHARGEAll 4WD Vehicles have 300 kilometresincluded per rental day. Thereafter a charge of 0.50 per kilometre may apply. Customerswho purchase the 4WD Max Cover will beupgraded to unlimited kilometres per day.16)LICENCEA full (non-probationary) resident countrydriver’s licence must be presented at the timeof rental for each nominated driver. If thelicence is not in English format, aninternational driver’s licence is also required.17)AGE RESTRICTIONSDrivers must be 21 years of age or over withthe exception of the hired Vehicle being theAction Pod which requires drivers to be 18years of age or over.18) USE OF THE VEHICLE18.1 The Customer agrees that, during the RentalPeriod, the Customer will not allow theVehicle to be:(a)driven otherwise than in a prudent andcautious manner. A single Vehicle rollover isconsidered a breach of this condition. A singleVehicle rollover may include, but is not limitedto, a Vehicle that has rolled, tipped or fallenover and this has caused damage to the sideand/or roof area of the Vehicle incircumstances within the control of theCustomer. Customers who have purchasedThe Bundle (in conjunction with the LiabilityReduction Option) or the Britz Inclusive Packwill have the cost of damage resulting from anaccidental single Vehicle rollover covered,providing that the Customer has nototherwise breached this Agreement inrelation to the rollover;(b)driven at a speed in excess of a speed limitdisplayed in relation to the road that theCustomer is driving on and as posted by therelevant state or territory authority;(c)driven at a speed in excess of 110 kilometresper hour at any time, including where theposted legal speed limit is in excess of 110kilometres per hour;(d)driven at a speed in excess of 90 kilometresper hour at any time, including where theposted legal speed limit is in excess of 90kilometres per hour (only applies to 4WDVehicles when driven on recognized unsealedroads);(e)driven by a person under the influence ofalcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol levelin excess of that permitted by law;(f)left with the ignition key in the Vehicle while itis unoccupied;(g)submerged in water, brought into contactwith salt water, used in a creek or rivercrossing (applies to 2WD vehicles), driven on abeach or through flooded areas;(h)used for any illegal purpose or in any race,rally or contest;(i)used to tow any vehicle or trailer;(j)used to carry passengers or property for hireor reward;(k)used to carry more persons than is permittedby any relevant authority or detailed in theVehicle manual or on the Vehicle or specifiedin this Agreement;(l)used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosivesor other corrosive or inflammable material;and(m) used for the purpose of transporting andhaulage of goods other than what might bereasonably expected of a leisure rental.18.2 Use of Britz products and servicesThe Customer is responsible for the activityand use of all goods and services purchasedfrom Britz.

The Customer and any user that the Customerpermits to use a Britz product or service, issolely responsible for observing safe driving,operating, and other practices so as to avoidaccidents or injury to persons or property. It isthe Customer’s responsibility to use all Britzproducts and services (including the use andreliance of any data provided through anassociated device (“Data”)) in a careful,sensible, responsible and safety-consciousmanner. You must not use or knowinglypermit others to use the products or servicesfor any fraudulent, malicious, inappropriate orillegal purposes, or in a manner that maythreaten or cause harm to any other person,Britz, or otherwise disrupt the properoperation of the product, service, or network.Use of Data or any feature provided through aBritz product or service is at the Customer’sown risk and is intended as a reference toolonly. The use and interpretation of the Data isyour responsibility and you acknowledge andagree that the Data may not be suitable orverified by anyone, and may containinaccurate or incomplete information due tothe passage of time, changing circumstances,sources used, and the nature of collectinggeographic data, any of which may lead toincorrect or unreliable results.18.3 Driving campervans on certain roads inAustralia is both difficult and dangerous.Accordingly, to protect customers’ safety,Britz limits the roads our customers can travelon. Road restrictions apply as follows:(a)2WD Vehicles must not be used on anyunsealed road (being a road not sealed with ahard material such as tar, bitumen orconcrete). Off road conditions include, but arenot limited to: fire trails, beaches, sand,tracks, fields or paddocks. The only exceptionto this is reasonable use of access roadslimited to a maximum of twelve kilometres inlengthtorecognisedcommercialcampgrounds and major tourist attractions.(b)4WD Vehicles can be driven on recognisedunsealed roads.(c)4WD Vehicles may only travel to the followingareas with the written permission of Britz:Simpson Desert, Strzelecki Track, GunbarrelHighway, Cape York, the Bungle Bungles,Oodnadatta Track, Birdsville Track, TanamiTrack, the Plenty Highway, Gibb River Road,Burke Development Road from Chillagoe toNormanton, Savannah Way from Normantonto Borroloola, Finke Road (between AliceSprings and Oodnadatta), Central ArnhemRoad, Arnhem Land in general and ChambersPillar, and(d)Vehicles are not permitted on the CanningStock Route, the Old Gunbarrel Hwy, the LostCity in Litchfield Park, the Old Telegraph Tracksection of the road to Cape York, Boggy Hole(Finke Gorge National Park), Ghan HeritageRoad (from Titjikala to Finke) and Fraser Islandat any time. Travel to Cape York between themonths of December to May is not permitted.The Customer is responsible for all damage iftravelling on these roads as defined in clause24.8.18.3 A Breach of Road Restriction Rules(a)The Customer acknowledges and agrees topay to Britz a fee of AU 300 on each occasionthat it is identified by Britz that:(i) a Customer has taken a 2WD Vehicle onan unsealed road or a Restricted Road;and or(b)18.4(a)(b)(c)18.518.618.718.818.9(ii) a Customer has taken a 4WD Vehicle on aRestricted Road,The fee described in 18.3A(a) will be due andpayable by immediate deduction from theCustomer’s credit or debit card.We value your well-being, and for safetypurposes, Britz reserves the right, at its solediscretion, to restrict Vehicle movements incertain areas due to:adverse road or weather conditionsthe distance to nominated destinations inrelation to the length of the hire period; andany concerns Britz, its employees or agentsmay have regarding driver experience orability.Britz will advise you on pick-up of any travelrestrictions known at that time.Where Britz mandates a change in drop offlocation, fees as per clause 6 will not apply.The Customer shall not make any alterationsor additions to the Vehicle without the priorwritten consent of Britz.Up to two cats or dogs may be carried in theVehicle. A pet service fee will apply. Britzreserves the right to charge the Customer aAU 250 cleaning fee for any animal relatedsoiling of the Vehicle.The Customer shall take all reasonable stepsto properly maintain the Vehicle and willcontact Britz immediately should any and allVehicle warning lights indicate anymalfunction or potential malfunction.All Spirit of Tasmania ferry bookings must bemade for a 7.7m long vehicle to allow for achange in vehicle type.19) MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS19.1 Britz will reimburse the Customer forexpenditure up to AU 100 reasonablyincurred in rectifying any mechanical failure tothe Vehicle. For repairs costing over AU 100,Britz will need to be informed and confirm therepair in advance. Repairs will be approvedand reimbursement for expenditure will bemade (where applicable), provided theCustomer was not responsible for thedamage. In all cases, receipts must besubmitted for any repair or the claim will notbe paid.19.2 Unless the Customer has taken the LiabilityReduction Option, the Customer will pay forthe cost of repairing or replacing tyresdamaged during the Rental Period except ifthe tyre is defective and is returned by theCustomer to Britz for inspection and is subjectto a warranty claim on the manufacturer.20) ON-ROAD ASSISTANCE20.1 Britz provides 24 hour on-road assistancesupport. Please contact Britz on free call: 1300850 805 if you require assistance.20.2 Any problems associated with the Vehicleincluding equipment failure, must be reportedto Britz within 24 hours of the Customerbecoming aware of the problem in order togive Britz the opportunity to rectify theproblem during the rental. A failure to do somay impact any claims for compensation.Nothing in this clause is intended to affect theCustomer’s rights, or limit or exclude Britz’sliability, under the Competition and ConsumerAct 2010 (Cth) or the Australia Consumer Law.20.3 The on-road assistance will cover, free ofcharge, any technical malfunction of theVehicle arising from a manufacturing ormaterial fault that directly renders the partconcerned unfit for operation during theRental Period and for which a claim is notexcluded in accordance with clause 20.4below.20.4 Claims will be excluded, and the Customer willbe charged for any on-road assistance, wherethe malfunction was caused by theCustomer’s actions or omissions, or where thefault is not covered by the Vehiclemanufacturer’s guarantee. This will includeany on-road assistance for the following:(a)The Vehicle running out of fuel(b)The keys being locked inside the Vehicle orlost(c)Flat batteries caused by incorrect usage of thebatteries and or incorrect usage of anyequipment that requires the batteries tooperate(d)A breakdown caused by wilful neglectThe charges will comprise, but are not limitedto, a call-out fee and the cost of repair(including any replacement parts, ifapplicable) and must be paid directly by thecustomer to the applicable service provider.21) VEHICLE AVAILABILITY21.1 Vehicles cannot be requested by make ormodel, only by vehicle category.21.2 Britz will endeavour to supply the vehiclecategory selected, however should the vehiclebooked be unavailable through unforeseencircumstances, Britz reserve the right tosubstitute an alternative vehicle without priornotification. The alternative vehicle shall be asclose a substitute for the booked vehicle aspossible.21.3 Should the Customer decide to voluntarilydowngrade their vehicle category from thatbooked, they will not be entitled to a refund.22)TITLE TO VEHICLEThe Customer acknowledges that Britz retainstitle to the Vehicle at all times. The Customershall not agree, attempt, offer or purport tosell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge, mortgage,let on hire or otherwise part with or attemptto part with the personal possession of orotherwise deal with the Vehicle.23)FOR YOUR PROTECTIONPersonal Injury is covered in most casesthrough Registration Third Party Insurance.Britz does not accept any liability for personalinjuries sustained during the rental. Exceptwhere such loss or damage is caused by Britz’s(or that of its employees or agents) ownnegligence or breach of this Agreement, Britzdoes not accept liability for any loss ordamage to any personal belongings orproperty of the Customer (or any person orentity related to the Customer). Britz stronglyrecommends that the Customer takes outpersonal travel insurance to cover any injuryor loss.24)VEHICLE DAMAGE – LIABILITY AND LIABILITYREDUCTION OPTION24.1 The Customer understands that:(a)the Vehicle is insured for third party vehicleand property damage;(b)subject to clause 24.2, the Customer will haveto pay the first AU 5,000 for the HiTop, ActionPod and Voyager or the first AU 7,500 for allother 2WD campervans, of the cost of anyDamage incurred whilst the Vehicle is in theCustomer’s possession (or the total cost ofDamage, if clause 24.2 applies);

(c)subject to clause 24.2, the Customer will haveto pay the first AU 8,000 for a 4WD Vehicle ofthe cost of any Damage incurred whilst theVehicle is in the Customer’s possession (or thetotal cost of Damage, if clause 24.2 applies);(d)subject to clause 24.2, the Customer’s liabilityfor Damage may be reduced by taking out theLiability Reduction Option.24.2 The Customer will be responsible for the totalcost of any Damage, and the LiabilityReduction Option (if taken) will be void, if:(a)the Customer breaches any of the terms ofthis Agreement, and that breach is the causeof or contributes to the relevant Damage; or(b)the Damage is covered by any of theexclusions set out in clause 26.24.3 If the Liability Reduction Option is not taken,the Customer must pay the Liability Deposit tocover the first AU 5,000 for the HiTop, ActionPod and Voyager or AU 7,500 for all other2WD campervans and the first AU 8,000when the Vehicle is a 4WD Vehicle of the costof any Damage (subject to clause 24.2). TheCustomer must provide a valid credit or debitcard to pay the Liability Deposit and theamount will be debited to the Customer’scredit or debit card on the day of Vehiclecollection. The Liability Deposit is fullyrefundable, including the 1.6% credit cardadministration fee, if the card used to providethe Liability Deposit is a Visa credit or debitcard or MasterCard credit or debit card,provided the Vehicle is returned withoutDamage. Britz recommends that customersuse a Visa credit or debit card or MasterCardcredit or debit card for the Liability Deposit, asthe credit card administration fee that applieswhen using American Express credit card isnot refundable. Refund of the LiabilityDeposit is not a waiver by Britz of theCustomer’s liability under this Agreement,and Britz retains the right to recover moniesfor Damage notwithstanding the return orrefund of the Liability Deposit.24.4 At the commencement of the Rental Period,the Customer has the option to take out the“Liability Reduction Option”, which incurs anadditional charge per day. Subject always toclause 24.2, if the Liability Reduction Option istaken when the Vehicle is a 2WD campervan,the Customer will not have to pay a LiabilityDeposit and will not be responsible for thecost of any Damage. Subject always to clause24.2, if the Liability Reduction Option is takenwhen the Vehicle is a 4WD, the Customermust pay the Liability Deposit to cover the firstAU 500 of the costs of any Damage. However,the Liability Reduction Option does notprovide cover for the costs of any Damageattributable to a single Vehicle rollover (asdescribed in clause 18.1 (a)). Customers whohave purchased The Bundle (in conjunctionwith the Liability Reduction Option) or theBritz Inclusive Pack will have the cost ofDamage attributable to a single Vehiclerollover (as described in clause 18.1 (a))covered, provided that the Customer has nototherwise breached this Agreement inrelation to the rollover.24.5 If the Customer does not take out the LiabilityReduction Option then subject to clause 24.2,where the Customer is at fault but otherwiseis not in breach of this Agreement, theCustomer is responsible for the cost of theDamage (up to AU 5,000 for the HiTop, ActionPod and Voyager or AU 7,500 for all other2WD campervans and up to AU 8,000 whenthe Vehicle is a 4WD) at the time the accidentreport is completed, not at the completion ofthe Rental Period. An amount equal to thecost of the Damage will be deducted from theLiability Deposit (which but for the Damagewould otherwise be refundable). Uponwritten request, Britz will provide theCustomer with an itemised bill of any amountsdeducted from the Liability Deposit.24.6 The Liability Deposit will:(a)be refunded to the Customer upon adetermination by the relevant insurancecompany that the Customer was not at fault inrelation to the damage;(b)be deducted by Britz in the amount equal tothe damage caused by the Customer upon adetermination by Britz’s insurance companythat the Customer was at fault in relation tothe damage.24.7 The Customer’s liability (the first AU 5,000 forthe HiTop, Action Pod and Voyager orAU 7,500 for all other 2WD campervans andAU 8,000 for 4WD Vehicles) of the cost of anyDamage applies in respect of each claim, noteach rental.24.8 Damage includes any and all damage to thirdparty property, damage to the rented Vehicleincluding windscreens, tyres, towing andrecovery costs, theft, fire, break in orvandalism. The costs of any damage willinclude the costs of repairing the damage,and, where the damage is the Customer’sfault, the costs of the daily rental rate for theperiod the Vehicle is being repaired. Inaddition to the costs associated with theDamage, a processing fee of AU 60 andassociated damage assessment fees will beapplicable per claim.Important Note: Britz reserves the right torepair all damage incurred during an accidentusing a preferred Britz repairer.25)4WD MAX COVERThe 4WD Max Cover is only available with4WD Vehicle hires and when the LiabilityReduction Option has been purchased by theCustomer.Subject to clauses 24 and 26, the 4WD MaxCover extends the cover available for 4WDVehicles to include a NIL liability, cover foraccidental Damage to the overhead andunderbody sections of the 4WD Vehicle,towing and Vehicle recovery costs in the eventtowing and vehicle recovery is required from4WD roads where permission from Britz isrequired to travel in advance (see 18.3 (c) fora list of these roads). Customers requiringVehicle towing and Vehic

Australian Campervan and 4WD Rentals Effective 01 April 2021 - 31 March 2022 Issued 19 April 2021 Thank you for choosing Britz. We are very proud of our product and our reputation, and we have built our business on providing the best possible experience for our