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Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewTABLE OF CONTENTS1What is RapidiOnline? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32What is the RapidiConnector? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93What can I do with RapidiOnline? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 The advantages of our pre-configured integration solution . . . . . . . . . . 155 Sales History App Extension for Salesforce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 186 hat Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics AX versionsWdoes RapidiOnline support? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com2

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solution1 WHAT IS RAPIDIONLINE?RapidiOnline has deep knowledge about bothSalesforce and the Microsoft Dynamics products,which allows them to provide thorough and tightintegration solutions between these systems. Thiswas just what I was looking for. It was also a moreaffordable solution. That first project wasdelivered on time and within budget, and the levelof service and responsiveness was very high.”Bertil Palmqvist, Former Service Manager AX at Berling Media AB, SwedenAt Rapidi, we believe you shouldn’t need to feel the pain of lost productivity hours or experience theheadache of thinking about where to start your data integration when you use our solution – RapidiOnline.Our years of knowledge and expertise have culminated in a product that is simple, fast yet flexible,robust and secure.The multi-fold benefits of RapidiOnlineA simple,flexible andsecure tionalconnectorsSales historyApp inSalesforceto displayERP dataService andSupportincludedSIMPLERapidiOnline is an innovative software product that is three-fold in its simplicity; in design, installation and use.It is a cloud integration system that comes out of the box with pre-configured templates allowing you toquickly integrate various systems, for example Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. We’ve designed it tospecifically enable direct integration so your data will never get stuck in-between your two systems.You’ll always know exactly where your data is located, plus you can be confident in trusting the integrityof your data.Installation is easy with just a few clicks, even for advanced setups. We have taken care to simplify ourintegration product – which features our RapidiConnector – and no programming is required even if youwant to extend your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics with add-on solutions or customizations.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com3

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewOnce RapidiOnline is up and running, the system is intuitive and simple to use. Our current customershave consistently rated RapidiOnline highly for its simplicity in design and usability on SalesforceAppExchange.We also offer simplicity in getting help when you needit as you can choose what suits you best: visit our resource page with links to set up guides & our highly informative blogvisit our dedicated MyRapidi wiki with technical downloads& documentation to guide you every step of the wayraise a support ticket from within the product itself – no need to visitan external support siteIf you prefer to use an in-house data integration expert – then you have one in us! Wherever you are,whenever you need us, we will be there to support you.FAST YET FLEXIBLEOur technology supports fast implementation as RapidiOnline is a cloud integration system so allconfigurations happen online. We don’t need to apply any additional code or programming to Salesforceor Microsoft Dynamics to perform your integration, even if you want to extend the product’s capabilitieswith customizations.RapidiOnline is fully adaptable to integrate with many other systems and databases apart fromSalesforce and Microsoft Dynamics such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2 and others. We alsosupport a number of different types of generic interface technologies such as REST, SOAP. All this meansthere’s little to no future upgrade costs and maintaining RapidiOnline is easy and stress-free.We also offer flexibility in setup and function. Choose to use a fixed ‘out-of-the-box’ configuration ortweak it to meet your specific needs. With our built-in scheduler, transfers can be set to run whenever youlike either automatically or manually; you choose what suits you best.RapidiOnline can also easily meet different company needs, whether you’re a large corporate with complexsystems or a small startup with limited customer data consolidation needs.ROBUST AND SECUREIn today’s cyber-world, maintaining the integrity of your data while it’s being integrated is paramount. Andwe’ve used our 20 years of experience to ensure RapidiOnline does just that.When you use RapidiOnline, your systems are never exposed to the outside world so hackers cannotgain access. Our service runs via the RapidiConnector, a unique technology that ensures datacommunication between RapidiOnline and your on-site systems is not compromised. The RapidiConnectorresides in your network and automatically compresses and SSL encrypts data before transferring, makingit practically impossible to decipher. If you require an extra level of security, we can use your ownSSL certificate.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com4

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionAll transmissions via the internet are SSL encrypted (our encryption follows the newest TLS standards,currently TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2) and all data is processed end-point to end-point in memory directly, withno intermediate storage. No customer data is stored on any Rapidi server. Any sensitive configurationdata is stored only an encrypted-basis.RapidiOnline is designed according to the latest certification standards. We have multiple professionalcertifications; as an application development partner for Microsoft and as an AppExchange partner forSalesforce. We continually ensure we are updated about Salesforce’s new requirements and comply withall new security standards. These updates and upgrades extend to supporting future versions ofSalesforce, Salesforce API and Microsoft Dynamics.As a further backup, we always monitor your system setup and even provide pro-active support if weidentify anything that may jeopardize your data and/or transfers. We quickly spot any type of interruption– for example, if your server is not responding, or if you are trying to exchange invalid data – then we logthe incident and immediately notify you.AN IN-DEPTH GUIDE TO KEY RAPIDIONLINE FEATURESRAPIDIONLINESTANDARD API & DATABASE osoftDynamics 365Data MappingMicrosoftDynamics NAVMicrosoftDynamics CRME-ConomicScheduling & logMicrosoft SQLMySQLORACLEIBM DB2Data tool box& APIODBCRESTSOAP MonitoringEnd pointMicrosoftDynamics AXEnd pointRAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.comMicrosoftDynamics GPSTANDARD INTEGRATIONSOLUTIONSSalesforceDynamics 365SalesforceDynamics AXSalesforceDynamics GPSalesforceDynamics NAVSalesforceE-conomicMicrosoft CRMDynamics AXMicrosoft CRMDynamics NAV5

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionFEATUREDESCRIPTIONData transferData is SSL encrypted and transferred in binary format,packed and compressed by the RapidiConnector. Thisensures fast and secure data communication.Salesforce API and accessRapidiOnline is Salesforce certified and communicationwith Salesforce is done using the Salesforce Webservices API. The certification enables you to integrateSalesforce Professional edition without having topurchase Salesforce API access.UPSERTRapidiOnline can be setup to use UPSERT whenprocessing data to SFDC, enabling it to process 200records with one API call instead of 1 call per recordgetting the maximum out of the API calls available inyour Salesforce subscription.Microsoft Dynamics AX API and accessWhen we write to Microsoft Dynamics AX, we useMicrosoft Dynamics AX Web Services. However we canalso read data directly from the Microsoft Dynamics AXSQL database which is usually much faster.RapidiOnline connects as a native client when possible.For example, with Microsoft SQL we connect as aMicrosoft SQL client providing full transaction control,access permission handled on normal user level on theserver and full blown SQL filter syntax including SelectIn, JOINS etc.SecurityRapidi is Salesforce App Exchange Partner certified. Alltransmissions via the internet are SSL encrypted (ourencryption follows the newest TLS standards, currentlyTLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 ) and all data is processed endpoint to end-point in memory directly, with nointermediate storage. No customer data is stored on anyRapidi server. Any sensitive configuration data is onlystored on an encrypted-basis.SaaS solutionRAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.comWeb 2.0 based setup and configuration. Because theRapidiOnline solution runs as a service it’s alwaysmonitored and up to date.6

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionFEATUREDESCRIPTIONIP address and FirewallFast installation with no need for fixed IP adresses andno need to open any inbound ports on your firewall (seeRapidiConnector)RapidiConnectorConnects Microsoft Dynamics AX with your RapidiOnlineservice and compress, packs and SSL encrypts databefore it’s sent in an optimized binary format formaximum performance.Read designWith one click we read the database design whichmakes all tables and fields (incl. metadata) available forthe data mapping.Data mappingStoreNewIDNew or modified data onlySchedule transfer frequencyRAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.comField list: Transfer only specific fieldsFilters: Transfer only specific data within the filterSub Transfers: e.g. Sales Header and Lines in onetransactionTags: Reuse an existing mappingStoreNewID captures the destination assigned key whenadding a new record and writes it back to a field in thesource record to link the systems together in an optimalway, e.g when adding a new Customer to MicrosoftDynamics AX from a Salesforce Account, the Customer No.assigned in Microsoft Dynamics AX can be written back tothe Salesforce Account Record in the same transaction.Changes only: When running on databases withtimestamps on the tables.Mirror: A Rapidi technology to transfer only new ormodified data if timestamps are not available in thedatabase.Transfers can be set according to your subscription level.The intervals are daily, hourly, 10 minutes, 1 minute,triggered.Within your subscription rights, you can define a specificschedule (group of transfers) to tune with a certaininterval. You can create unlimited schedules andtransfers.7

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionFEATUREDESCRIPTIONAdvanced data toolboxRapidiOnline has a ‘no programming’ approach. Howeverit can be convenient to align data with different format,structures etc. For that purpose the Advanced datatoolbox offers a comprehensive Excel-syntax likeformulas to align data formats and field structures.Ready-to-use formulas are included in the pre-configuredstandard templates.SchedulesA schedule runs a group of transfers. On a schedule youcan define the order in which transfers run, thefrequency, notification rules etc.Log and notificationRapidiOnline saves detailed information (no customer data)about the run of schedules and transfers. In the event ofan error (e.g. invalid source data or if the internetconnection is down), RapidiOnline will generate an error.You can set up criteria on how and when you get notified bye-mail with the error message and a direct link to the error.Additional connectorsThe RapidiOnline Platform offers a long list of alternativeconnectors: Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics (365, AX,GP, NAV, CRM) – Microsoft SQL – My SQL – ORACLE – IBMDB 2 – Lotus Notes – eConomic – REST – SOAP – ODBC.Data can be transferred between any of the connectorsthat we support for example Salesforce - Oracle, MySQL- IBM DB2, etc.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com8

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solution2 WHAT IS THE RAPIDICONNECTOR?RapidiOnline and the RapidiConnector work in harmony to perform your data integration.SECURE & ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONThe RapidiConnector is a unique technology that ensures data communication between RapidiOnline andyour on-site systems is secure. It resides in your network and automatically compresses and SSL encryptsdata before transferring, making it practically impossible to decipher.STRAIGHT-FORWARD DEPLOYMENTBesides opening one outbound port, you don’t need to change anything in your network or firewalls todeploy RapidiOnline and the RapidiConnector. No inbound ports need to open in your firewall. This ensuresthe highest level of security and also makes it very easy to get started.SalesforceMicrosoft DynamicsSales & Service CloudSTAY SECURESQL ClientWeb ServicesConnectorNo need to open any firewallonly one outbound portSSL EncryptedWeb ServicesOnlinePacked – Compressed – SSL EncryptedOn-premise/Azure firewallCloudOPTIMIZED & MOST EFFICIENT DATA TRANSFERWe use a proprietary protocol to enable commuication between RapidiOnline and the RapidiConnector. Thisis highly efficient in reducing the amount of data and number of packages sent and received. The protocolfirst strips all meta information and then sends just the relevant data in a binary format. Furthermore, thepackage is compressed before sending, resulting in the most optimal rate of data transfer.This method can reduce the amount of data sent by a factor of up to 50. For example, instead of sending1000 bytes for each customer record, the RapidiConnector only needs to send 20 bytes. This dramaticallyreduces both the transfer time and bandwidth needed.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com9

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverview3 WHAT CAN I DO WITH RAPIDIONLINE?Once we saw the data coming from AX we had instant user adoption ofthe CRM system, which was very important to us.Now the sales people have instant access to theirreal critical data.”Stephen Griffin, VP of Finance at Lindab USATHE 8 MOST COMMON INTEGRATIONS BETWEEN SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX1. Account – customerThe most common driver for a Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics AX integration is the need to optimizeyour Quote in Salesforce to a sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX. To process an order, you first needyour customer data transferred because the order is linked to that customer. The logical thing to do isthen to integrate customers from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics AX because a customer account willtypically originate from a lead in Salesforce. But that’s not always the case. If so, we can implement acustomer integration that is bi-directional, for example, both the sales and financial division of yourorganization can maintain the customer information. Doing it this way eliminates conflicts between salesand finance about whose task it is to update the account in the other system.2. Contact – contactIt may be a little funny to list this as one of the common data integration transfers as in most MicrosoftDynamics AX solutions, a main finance contact is the only thing needed. There are, of course, many othergood reasons to integrate contact data, but in most cases, the contacts integration is limited. A decidingfactor in this type of integration comes down to the fact that contact data is typically ‘master data’ andis the most difficult to maintain as people switch position, employer or even name. A good principle toabide by is you should never transfer data you do not implicitly trust3. Product – itemIf your business primarily sells products and you want to create quotes from your Salesforce system, thenyou need to ensure your product information is available in that system. Furthermore, if you want to supporta Quote to Sales Order process, then this data must also be consistently maintained in both systems.The terms ‘Products’ and ‘Items’ are a good example of how different naming in different systems cancreate doubts about whether you are mapping the correct fields. Very often, the data labels have differentnames, so it requires insight into both systems to perform an accurate map.It is however, fairly easy to integrate ‘Products’ and ‘Items’, and the integration can be one way or bidirectional depending on your business process for creating new items.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com10

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewNote: you will be in a better position if you avoid creating redundant data between your systems manually.It’s much easier to create new records (for example, items) via the integration. This way, the link betweenthe two records is created from the beginning, and no additional work is needed.4. Item price – Product priceSalesforce and Microsoft Dynamics AX have different pricing and discounting models so at a first glance,it may not seem easy to integrate them. But it is fairly straightforward and once you have a method inplace, you can replicate and reuse it for future integrations. For example, at Rapidi, we’ve done a lot ofSalesforce – Microsoft Dynamics AX integrations where the pricing in Microsoft Dynamics AX and thediscount models have been converted into price books and in many cases, also include the currencydimension.5. Quote – orderMany companies create a quote in their Microsoft Dynamics AX system and then manually enter thetotals in their Salesforce system. When the quote becomes an order, they then just convert the quote toa sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and then manually update Salesforce. It’s a workaround that isfairly simple and flexible.However, there is a downside to this. In this scenario, you don’t have the final details in Salesforce andthe sales person then has to operate multiple systems throughout the day to collect the informationneeded to perform the sales process. This is not optimal.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com11

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewAnother downside is you can’t combine statistics, such as sales of specific products related to specificactivities. The solution for this has been to build a data warehouse as a separate system and load datafrom Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics AX into it. While it’s hard for us to claim data integration cancompletely eliminate the need for data warehouses, to a large extent, you will be able to make all therequired reports directly from your Salesforce system, with updated data, and at lower costs.The best part of a robust integration is the sales organization only works with your Salesforce system.They don’t need to touch your Microsoft Dynamics AX system. This transforms the perception of yoursalesforce system from being a supporting tool to being the sales operating system. This results inefficiency and cost gains as you don’t have to buy the sales user license for both systems.For more complex sales processes, it’s fairly common to employ an add-on solution. They exist both forboth Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforce, but it is best to maintain a strict process around this so youonly perform product configuration in one system. Otherwise it will be very difficult to replicate the exactsystems behavior and algorithms.You can have a product configurator in Microsoft Dynamics AX and a simplified guided selling system inSalesforce. In these cases, there are two alternatives to integrating to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Salesorder. Either the additional Salesforce sales app updates a standard quote on a sales prospect, or theintegration can be switched from the quote module to the other module. Both work equally well and thebest fit will be determined by what suits your business process and reporting requirements best.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com12

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverview6. Sales order – sales orderThis process is often forgotten when thinking about data integrations. Once the quote is transferred fromSalesforce to a sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the sales order should be synced back to Salesforcein order to maintain a full picture on the account /opportunity.Another element in the integration is to continually synchronize the order if there are changes to it. Forexample, it can be the customer changing the order, part delivery, part invoicing or replacement of oneproduct with another. You should also be aware that some of Microsoft’s embedded standard integrations(e.g. between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX) do not support this and are therefore of limited value.Note: the synchronization can be one direction or bi-directional depending on your business needs andprocesses.7. Sales history (invoices and credit memos)Sales history is always on the list of integrations because of the value of information. In a system likeSalesforce that has supporting Artificial Intelligence, sales history is a valuable asset for chartingpredictive actions.Sales history is captured by transferring booked invoices from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Salesforce. Toget the full picture you will also need to include credit memos.In Microsoft Dynamics AX, an invoice contains an invoice header and invoice lines, so when you transferit between the systems, you are actually transferring multiple tables. We recommend transferring alldetails as the effort is basically the same.To get the most out of your sales history, you can link the information to the related tables in Salesforce.Of course the customer is linked to the account, but the items on the order item line should also be linkedto the items table to enable better reporting and drill down facilities in Salesforce.In Salesforce, you can create additional roll up summary fields based on the sales history records so youdon’t have to pull a report to see summarized information such as total sales FY.8. PaymentsTo complete the quote to cash process, we recommend transferring payments (via ledger entries) as well.It gives additional information that is often hard to get such as payment patterns, overdue amounts etc.directly on a prospect or account in Salesforce. Besides being valuable information to the salesorganization, it can also help your cash collection and be used as a negotiation parameter for new dealswith the customer.Payments can be linked to the exact invoice/prospect/account etc. in Salesforce, which activates the useof payment information and source statistic reports.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com13

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewADDRESSING THE NEEDS OF INTERNATIONAL AND MULTI-SITE COMPANIESRapidiOnline can be used to synchronize just two systems or support more complex system environmentssuch as those with distributed databases across multiple sites, both locally and internationally.A typical example scenario is when you want to consolidate several ERP instances into one global CRMsystem. Another is when you want to synchronize master data (such as items, pricing, dimensional setup,etc) to ensure your entire organization operates using the same perfectly synchronized master data.Some key reasons why our solution can easily do this: RapidiOnline is an open platform, designed to integrate many different systems and databases, so you can quickly consolidate data from multiple databases and keep all yoursystems in sync.RapidiOnline is robust and secure so you can be confident your data will remain protected.On the technical side, if you are running on an infrastructure where all your domains are notconfigured as trusted domains, RapidiOnline will still run unaffected, making it easy for you tointegrate new sites or companies.All of this is done without adding any code to your systems which saves you time and moneyand reduces upgrading efforts.Rapidi is committed to supporting all future versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforceso you’ll never be left out in the cold when it comes to upgrading.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com14

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solution4 T HE ADVANTAGES OF OUR PRE-CONFIGUREDINTEGRATION SOLUTIONRapidiOnline has enabled a high degree ofvisibility into our data, which we now can accessfrom anywhere at any time. This allows us to actmore pro-actively to market demands.”Stephen Griffin, VP of Finance at Lindab USARapidiOnline’s pre-configured standard integration and ‘no programming’ approach offer you two distinctadvantages:1. It’s fast and easy to implement your Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics AX integration2. You can quickly and simply make changes to your integration when needed i.e. add new tables orfieldsAn Example of a Typical Integration Using Pre-Configured Tables & FieldsSalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics andard PricelistStandard Item PricesOpportunitiesSales OrdersSales OrdersSales OrdersPayment HistoryCustomer EntriesSales HistoryBooked InvoicesThe illustration above is indicative of a typical case. However, your integration doesn’t have to work thesame way.RapidiOnline is functionally rich enough to handle even complex cases in a very simple way. You candecide whether your integration for each table is bi-directional or just in one direction. You can setspecific rules related to specific events on a record to determine what happens with your data.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com15

SolutionoverviewIntegration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionOur pre-configured templates have been mapped based on the most commonly used fields from ourpast experience and best practices. However, you can easily add a customized table or field to yourintegration within minutes. We encourage you to take advantage of all of your data and utilize its fullscope to help you improve your customer service and company’s bottomline.A Typical Data y(Quote)2Order2Ledger entries3Invoice/Credit note43OrderInvoiceLedger entriesNote: In the image above, the blue boxes represent Salesforce and the white boxes represents Dynamics AX.Let’s say your company receives a lead. The lead is created in Salesforce. As the sales process movesalong, the lead in Salesforce is converted to an account, a contact, and an opportunity. This is standardwhen using the Salesforce Sales Cloud. At a trigger point – for instance when the first quote is accepted– a transfer in RapidiOnline will create a customer, a contact and the order in the company’s MicrosoftDynamics AX. The integration will also secure that moving forward and the record will stay in sync.As there is now an open sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the sales order will be transferred backinto Salesforce as a copy of the sales order. It can be displayed under an opportunity or an account – orwherever it makes most sense. Using RapidiOnline, you can also trigger additional workflows to notify yourback office e.g. to make a credit check on the new customer or to review the order before it’s released;whatever you need during your order fulfillment process.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com16

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverviewOne of the key benefits of RapidiOnline is you can follow any changes to the order in Salesforce becauseit ensures the systems stay in sync. When an order is invoiced, it also syncs from Microsoft Dynamics AXto Salesforce, and the sales order is consequently removed from the open sales orders in both systemsand re-appears as a posted invoice.When the customer pays the invoice, the payment is shown as a ledger entry which enables you to followthe client’s balance and payment history directly in Salesforce without having to switch systems. Thepayments are balanced out with the matching invoices, giving a fantastic customer overview as well aspossibilities for improved reporting directly from Salesforce.Now this might not be your exact process, but it illustrates how system integration can remove all timeconsuming and error-prone manual transfers or double data-entries. By bringing all relevant historicalcustomer data into your Salesforce, your salespeople have a 360-degree view of your customers, helpingto service them in the most optimal fashion, thereby increasing your bottom line.RAPIDI A/S · [email protected] · www.rapidionline.com17

Integration: SALESFORCE AND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AXOverview of RAPIDIONLINE solutionSolutionoverview5 S ALES HISTORY APP EXTENSIONFOR SALESFORCEAnother bonus of using RapidiOnline is the out-of-the box Sales History App Extension for Salesforce. Itadds complementary functionality to Salesforce and was developed based on learnings from what worksbest on the ERP side. It incorporates the ERP thinking into the sales environment as sales people candrill dow

Salesforce API and access RapidiOnline is Salesforce certified and communication with Salesforce is done using the Salesforce Web services API. The certification enables you to integrate Salesforce Professional edition without having to purchase Salesforce API access. UPSERT RapidiOnline can be setup to use UPSERT when