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IntroductionIntroductionThe INVOIC message claims payment for goods and services ordered under conditions agreedbetween the trade partners and Winning Appliances.GS1 EANCOM 1997The GS1 EANCOM standard is an implementation guideline on the use of subsets of relevantUN/EDIFACT messages. This Message Implementation Guideline (MIG) is based on the EANCOM 1997 Guidelines for the Invoice Message derived from the international UN/EDIFACT directoryD.96A.About the Winning GroupEstablished in 1906, the Winning Group is a proudly family-owned, Australian company driven by asingle-minded focus on the satisfaction of its clients and customers. The Group incorporates fourdistinct business entities including traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer Winning Appliances, onlinebusiness Appliances Online, national installation company Handy Crew, and clearance retailerElectro Seconds Factory Outlet.About Winning AppliancesEstablished in 1906, Winning Appliances is a fourth generation family owned and run kitchen,cooking and laundry specialist. With seven showrooms across NSW, two in Queensland and three inWestern Australia, Winning Appliances has an unmatched selection of the world's best kitchen andlaundry brands. The business, through its retail stores and commercial division, also works witharchitects, developers and the construction industry to provide appliances for commercial projectsacross Australia.About Appliances OnlineAppliances Online was founded by John Winning in 2005 with a laptop, a rented truck, and a 1300number diverted to a mobile phone. Also vital in the business start-up was an unfaltering belief inonline retailing as the only way to service the growing number of time-poor consumers whoappreciate the efficiency of shopping online. Appliances Online now employs upwards of 250 peopleand is Australia's largest online retailer of appliances, delivering to majority of the population, andstocking more brands than any other online whitegoods or appliance retailer, at competitive prices.Appliances Online's customer service was awarded the best in the world by the World Retail Awardsin 2014.1

About Handy CrewHandy Crew is the Winning Group's logistics and installation team. The Handy Crew logistics divisionhas the best two-man delivery team for bulky goods in Australia. Handy Crew's installation divisionincludes a team of appliance installation specialists operating throughout the Sydney, Melbourne,Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth metropolitan areas, as part of the Winning Group of companies.About Electro Seconds Factory OutletJoining the Winning Group in April 2015, Electro Seconds is the only seconds retailer in Australia thatoffers 24/7 phone support, free delivery to metro areas and full manufacturer's warranties on allproducts. Electro Seconds Factory Outlet, Appliances Online's Clearance Outlet, offers the bestbargains on brand new and factory second whitegoods, cooking appliances, computers and audiovisual, operating 24/7 through its website and 7 days a week through its store located on ParramattaRd, Auburn, Sydney.About MessageXchangeMessageXchange is a cloud B2B integration service. We provide a multi-tenanted cloud service forhosting your B2B Gateway with elastic provisioning so you only pay for what you use but with thehighest service level.The MessageXchange service is an easily accessible, high performance platform that streamlines theexchange of information (such as EDI and XML messages) between your IT systems and those of yourcustomers, partners, suppliers and Government.MessageXchange has over 15 years of experience and processes over 100 million messages everyyear. Our B2B gateway cloud service is configurable so it can be flexibly applied to yourrequirements with minimum effort. Our integration team are specialists in message routing andmapping and are always on hand to assist you in setting up or troubleshooting your B2B gateway.MessageXchange was developed by our development team specifically for cloud B2B integration andthey ensure the service is up-to-date with the latest industry standards, functionality and security soyou always have the best service at your disposal.Highly secure and reliable, we guarantee the viability, continuity and efficiency of your business.Change HistoryVersionDateNature of Amendment1.007/12/2015Final Version2

CopyrightThis document is the property of Evision Pty Ltd. Unauthorized access, copying, replicationand usage for a purpose other than for which this is intended is prohibited by Copyright Laws.The holder is responsible for incorporating revisions into his copy of the document and keeping thecontents up-to-date.3

NotesIndicatorsThe segments are presented in the sequence in which they appear in the message. The segment or segmentgroup tag is preceded by the User Status, and followed by the Segment Description, the Base Status(M)andatory / (C)onditional indicator, and the maximum number of occurrences.(M)andatory data elements in EDIFACT segments retain their status in EANCOM.Additionally, there are five types of status for data elements with a (C)onditional EDIFACT status, whether forsimple, component or composite data elements. These are listed below and can be identified when relevant bythe following abbreviations:REQUIREDRIndicates that the entity is required and must be sent.DEPENDENTDIndicates that the entity must be sent in certain conditions, as defined by therelevant explanatory note.OPTIONALOIndicates that the entity is optional and may be sent at the discretion of the user.NOT USEDXIndicated that the entity is not used and should be omitted.ADVISEDARecommended to be used.Format and picture of data elementsThe following conventions apply in the documentation:Character typea: alphabetic charactersn: numeric charactersan: alpha-numeric charactersSizeFixed: all positions must be usedVariable: positions may be used up to a specified maximum.Examplesa3 :n3 :an3 :a.3 :n.3 :an.3 :3 alphabetic characters, fixed length3 numeric characters, fixed length3 alpha-numeric characters, fixed lengthup to 3 alphabetic charactersup to 3 numeric charactersup to 3 alpha-numeric characters4

Format and picture of actual dataNumeric FormatsZ: Single digit which may or may not be present9: Single digit which will be presentExampleZZZ9.995

RulesThis section describes how electronic invoices (INVOIC document) are to be used in tradingelectronically with Winning Appliances.Winning Appliances rules for electronic ordering (Invoices)1. The Supplier will send the invoice to Winning Appliances.2. At a future date and with the agreement of Winning Appliances suppliers may send CreditNotes via EDI as outlined below.3. An Invoice is related to a single delivery and a single purchase order. For example if you havetwo deliveries for a purchase order there should be two invoices, one for each delivery.4. Suppliers are not to send duplicate Invoices or Credit Memos.5. Zero Value Invoices are not accepted via EDI.6. The Supplier must provide their ABN number on the Invoice.6

Invoice - SummaryThis section contains an overview of the content and structure of the Invoice message as an aid tounderstanding. It should be noted that while this is indicative of the content and structure of anInvoice message, the detailed implementation guideline that forms the majority of the document isthe only authoritative source of content and structure. In the event of a discrepancy between theinformation in this section and the information in the detailed implementation guideline, thedetailed implementation guideline should prevail.Heading SectionPageNo.Pos.No.Seg.IDName0003UNAService String AdviceMM10005UNBInterchange HeaderMM10010UNHMessage headerMM10020BGMBeginning of messageMM10030DTMDate/time/periodMM2Segment Group 1: RFFCRReferenceMMSegment Group 2: NAD-SG3CRName and egment Group 3: RFFCOReferenceMMSegment Group 2: NAD-SG3CRName and addressMMSegment Group 3: RFFCOReferenceMMSegment Group 7: CUXCOCurrencyMMMax.Use13111311111Segment Group 8: PAT-DTM-PCD-MOACOPATPayment terms e gment Group 15:ALC-SG19-SG21COAllowance or ChargeMMSegment Group 19: MOACRReferenceMMSegment Group 21:TAX-MOACONotes 0770MOAMonetary amountCO17

Detail SectionPageNo.Pos.No.Seg.IDNameCD0900LINSegment Group 28: LIN-PIA-IMD-QTYMOA-FTX-SG28-SG34Line itemMM10910PIAAdditional product idCR20920IMDItem 01120PRI11601170RFF1310BaseStatusUserStatusSegment Group 26: MOACRMonetary amountMMSegment Group 28: PRICRPrice detailsMMSegment Group 29: RFFCRReferenceMMMax.UseGroupRepeatNotes andComments999111111Segment Group 33: TAX-MOACD1320TAXDuty/tax/fee detailsMM111330MOAMonetary amountCO1Section ControlPageNo.Pos.No.Seg.IDName1790UNSSection es andCommentsGroupRepeatNotes andComments1Summary SectionPageNo.Pos.No.Seg.IDName1800CNTControl totalCRSegment Group 48: MOAMMMonetary 111Segment Group 50: TAX-MOACD1870TAXDuty/tax/fee detailsMM111880MOAMonetary amountCR11930UNTMessage trailerMM1UNZInterchange trailerMM18

Invoice - DetailsSegment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:UNA Service String Advice00030Mandatory1To define the characters selected for use as delimiters and indicators in the rest of theinterchange that follows.Example:UNA: .? 'Data Element 0040M0050M0060NameCOMPONENT DATA ELEMENT SEPERATOR:ColonDATA ELEMENT SEPERATORPlus sign DECIMAL NOTATION.Fill stop / PeriodMAttributes1an1M1an1M1an1RELEASE INDICATOR?Question markM1an1RESERVED FOR FUTURE USENot UsedSEGMENT TERMINATOR'ApostropheM1an1M1an19

Segment:UNB Interchange HeaderPosition:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:00050Mandatory1To start, identify and specify an interchange.Example:UNB UNOA:3 TRADEPARTNER:ZZZ 9377779227398:14 120630:1730 10 1'Data Element 2S002RMMNameSYNTAX IDENTIFIERSyntax identifierUNOBUN/ECE level BSyntax version number3Version 3MMAttributes1a4Mn10004INTERCHANGE SENDERSender identificationMM0007Partner identification code qualifierC001014EAN InternationalZZZMutually definedINTERCHANGE RECIPIENTRecipient identificationMMS0031an.35an.41an.35Production GLN: 260029003100320035Test GLN: 9377779227398TPartner identification code qualifierCan.414EAN InternationalZZZMutually definedDATE AND TIME OF PREPERATIONM1Date of preparationMn6Date in YYMMDD formatTime of preparationMn4Time in 24 hour-clock formatINTERCHANGE CONTROL REFERENCEM1an.14The value presented here must match with the value presented in DE 0020 insegment UNZ.RECIPIENTS REFRENCE PASSWORDM1APPLICATION REFERENCEM1an.14PROCESSING PRIORITY CODEC1a1ACKNOWLEDGEMNT REQUESTC1n1COMMUNICATIONS AGREEMENT IDC1an.35TEST INDICATORC1n11Interchange is a test10

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:UNH Message header00100Mandatory1A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message typecode for the Invoice message is INVOIC.Note: Invoice messages conforming to this document must contain the following datain segment UNH, composite S009:Data element 0065 INVOIC0052 D0054 96A0051 UNDependency Notes:Notes:Example:UNH ME000001 INVOIC:D:96A:UN:EAN008'Data Element ameAttributesMESSAGE REFERENCE NUMBERM1an.14Sender's unique message reference. Sequence number of the messages in theinterchange. DE 0062 in the UNT will be exactly the same. Sender generated.MESSAGE IDENTIFIERM1Message type identifierMan.6INVOICInvoice messageM0052Message type version numberMDDraft version/UN/EDIFACT Directoryan.3M0054Message type release numberMan.3Man.2Can.696AM0051Controlling agencyUNR0057Version 96AUN/CEFACTAssociation assigned codeEAN008EAN Version control number11

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:BGM Beginning of Message00200Mandatory1A segment by which the sender must uniquely identify the invoice by means of itsname and number and when necessary its function.This segment is used to indicate the type and function of a message and to transmit theidentifying number.Example:BGM 388:::TAX INVOICE INV000001234 9'Data Element 130551000R1004R1225NameAttributesDOCUMENT/MESSAGE NAMEC1Document/message name, codedCan.3381Credit note388Tax invoiceTo comply with the Australian Tax Office Rules this is theonly Invoice Code allowable.Code list qualifierCan.3Code list responsible agency, codedCan.3Document/message nameCan.35The use of this segment when DE 1001 388 is optional, but it may be used tostate the literal text: TAX INVOICE.DOCUMENT/MESSAGE NUMBERC1an.35Invoice or Credit Memo Number.MESSAGE FUNCTION CODEDC1an.39Original12

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:DTM Date/time/period00301Mandatory2A segment specifying general dates and, when relevant, times related to the wholemessage. The segment must be specified at least once to identify the invoice date.Examples of the use of this DTM segment is: "shipped on date" or "delivery date".The Date/time/period segment within other Segment groups should be used wheneverthe date/time/period requires to be logically related to another specified data item e.g.Payment due date is specified within the PAT Segment group.Dependency Notes:Notes:This segment is used to specify the date of the Invoice and the effective date of theinvoice if different.Example:DTM 137:20121002:102'This example dates the message as the 2nd of October 2012.Data Element od qualifierMan.3137Document/message date/timeMandatory: Invoice (Message) date454Accounting value date (EAN Code)Optional: Invoice effective date (if different) PaymentTerms would apply from this date.Date/time/periodCan.35Date/time/period format qualifierCan.3102CCYYMMDDCalendar date: CC Century ; YY Year ; MM Month ;DD Day13

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:RFF Segment Group 1: Reference00801Conditional (Required)2A group of segments for giving references and where necessary, their dates, relatingto the whole message e.g. contract number, import/export license number,reservation number.This segment group is used to send various reference numbers, including:For the Invoice- Delivery Note Number- Original Purchase Order NumberFor the Credit Note- Original Invoice NumberSegment Max.Use1Group:Repeat14

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:RFF Reference0090 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 1 (Reference)Conditional (Required)1Mandatory1A segment identifying the reference by its number and where appropriate a linenumber within a document.Invoice example:RFF DQ:125845454'RFF ON:458585855'Credit Note example:RFF IV:125845454'Data Element FERENCEReference qualifierDQIVONMMAttributes1an.3Delivery note numberInvoice: Mandatory to provide Delivery docket numberCredit Memo: Not applicableInvoice numberInvoice: Not applicableCredit Note: Required to refer to previous Tax Invoice.Order number (purchase)Invoice: Mandatory to provide original Purchase OrderNumberCredit Memo: Not applicableR1154Reference numberCan.3515

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:NAD Segment Group 2: Name and address01101Conditional (Required)3A group of segments identifying the parties with associated information.Segment SummaryMPos.No.01200150Seg.IDNADNameName and addressReq.Des.MSegment Group 3: ReferenceCMax.Use1Group:Repeat116

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:NAD Name and address0120 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 2 (Name and address)Conditional (Required)1Mandatory1A segment identifying names and addresses of the parties, in coded or clear form, andtheir functions relevant to the invoice. Identification of the seller and buyer parties ismandatory for the invoice message. It is recommended that where possible only thecoded form of the party ID should be specified e.g. The Buyer and Seller are knownto each other, thus only the coded ID is required, but the Consignee or Deliveryaddress may vary and would have to be clearly specified, preferably in structuredformat.This segment is used to identify the trading partners involved in the invoice process.Identification of the buyer and supplier of goods and services is mandatory using DE's3035 and C082.You must provide either the Buyer (BY) or Bill and ship to (BS) parties.You must provide the Supplier (SU) party.The Invoicee (IV) is optional.NAD BY 9377779227398::9'NAD SU 9300000000001::9'Data Element 911313055NameAttributesPARTY QUALIFIERM1an.3BSBill and ship toDependent: Winning Appliances GLN: 9377779227398BYBuyerDependent: Winning Appliances GLN: 9377779227398IVInvoiceeOptional: Winning Appliances GLN: 9377779227398SUSupplierRequired: Supplier GLNPARTY IDENTIFICATION DETAILSC1Party id. identificationMan.35GLN NumberCode list qualifierCan.3Code list responsible agency, codedCan.39EAN (International Article Numbering association)17

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:RFF Segment Group 3: Reference0150Segment Group 2 (Name and address)Conditional (Required)2Conditional (Dependent)1A group of segments giving references only relevant to the specified party rather thanthe whole invoice.Dependency rule: This Reference Segment Group is only required for the Supplieri.e. NAD DE 3035 SUSegment Max.Use1Group:Repeat18

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:RFF Reference0160 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 3 (Reference)Conditional (Dependent)2Mandatory1A segment identifying the reference by its number and where appropriate a linenumber within a document.This segment is used to specify reference numbers related to the trading parties identifiedin the previous NAD segment.This RFF Segment is only required for the Supplier i.e. NAD DE 3035 SU.Example:RFF AMT:13003660331'Data Element FERENCEReference qualifierAMTVAR1154Reference NumberFormat: n11AttributesM1Man.3Goods and Services Tax Identification NumberThis code related to the Australian Business Number(ABN).VAT registration numberThis code has been superceded with the code AMT. It isincluded for those suppliers who have not migrated to usingthe AMT code.Can.3519

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:CUX Segment Group 7: Currencies02801Conditional (Optional)1A group of segments specifying the currencies and related dates/periods valid for thewhole invoice. Currency data may be omitted in national applications but will berequired for international transactions.Segment MMax.Use1Group:Repeat20

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:RMRDataElementC504CUX Communication contact0290 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 7 (Currencies)Conditional (Optional)1Mandatory1A segment identifying the currencies required in the order e.g. the order currency. Arate of exchange may be given to convert a reference currency into a target currency.Example:CUX 2:AUD'Data Element SummaryComponentElement NameCURRENCY DETAILS6347Currency details qualifier2Reference currency6345Currency, codedAUDAustralian dollarCMAttributes1an.3Can.321

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:PAT Segment Group 8: Payment Terms Basis03101Conditional (Optional)2A group of segments specifying the terms of payment applicable for the wholeinvoice.These segments are only applicable for Invoices.Segment SummaryMPos.No.0320Seg.IDPATNamePayment terms 340PCDPercentage detailsC1O0350MOAMonetary amountC1Group:Repeat22

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:PAT Payment Terms Basis0320 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 8 (Payment Terms Basis)Conditional (Optional)1Mandatory1A segment identifying the payment terms and date/time basis.This segment is used by the issuer of the invoice to specify the payment terms for thecomplete invoice.Example:PAT 1 5:3:D:28'Data Element 2475O2009R2151R2152NameAttributesPAYMENT TERMS TYPE QUALIFIERM1an.31BasicPayment conditions normally applied.PAYMENT TERMSC1TERMS/TIME INFORMATIONC1Payment time reference, codedMan.35Date of invoice68Effective dateUse when an accounting value date has been stated in theDTM at header i.e. the payment terms are relative to thiseffective date.Time relation, codedCan.33After referenceType of period, codedCan.3DDayMMonthWDWorking daysYYearNumber of periodsCn.323

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:DTM Date/time/period0330Segment Group 8 (Payment Terms Basis)Conditional (Optional)2Conditional (Optional)1A segment giving the specific date/time/period, if needed, of any payments,discounts, instalments etc.This segment is used to specify the date associated with the payment of the invoice.Example:DTM 13:20121015:102'This example shows the date on which payment must be made.Data Element 2379NameDATE/TIME/PERIODDate/time/period qualifier13Terms net due date.Date/time/periodDate or time or period format r date: CC Century ; YY Year ; MM Month ;DD Day24

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:PCD Percentage Details0340Segment Group 8 (Payment Terms Basis)Conditional (Optional)2Conditional (Optional)1A segment specifying the discount, interest, penalty as well as instalment percentage.This segment is used to specify the discount associated with payment of the invoice on orbefore the due date.Example:PCD 12:2.50'Data Element amePERCENTAGE DETAILSPercentage qualifier12DiscountPercentageFormat : Numeric (Z9.ZZ)Minimum Length: 1Maximum Length: 5MMAttributes1an.3Cn.1025

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:MOA Monetary amount0350Segment Group 8 (Payment Terms Basis)Conditional (Optional)2Conditional (Optional)1A segment specifying amounts related to payment discount penalties or instalments.Example:MOA 52:100.00'Data Element ameMONETARY AMOUNTMonetary amount type qualifier21Cash discount52Discount amountMonetary amountFormat: Numeric (ZZZZZ9.99ZZZ)Minimum length: 4Maximum length: 12MMAttributes1an.3Cn.1826

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:ALC Segment Group 15: Allowance or Charge05701Conditional (Optional)1A group of segments specifying allowances and charges for the whole invoice. Theallowance or charge specified within this Segment group may either relate to the totalinvoice in which case it cannot be overridden at detail level, or it can relate to the lineitems as a default allowance/charge and can be overridden by the ALC Segmentgroup within the detail section. Where relevant, additional information, tax andalternate currency details are to be indicated in the TAX and MOA segments.The basis for the calculation of the allowance/charge may be a quantity, a percentage,an amount or a rate and one of the Segment group 15-19 should be used accordingly.Segment SummaryMPos.No.058006900750Seg.IDALCNameAllowance or ChargeReq.Des.MSegment Group 19: Monetary AmountSegment Group 21: Duty/Tax/Fee DetailsCCMax.Use1Group:Repeat1127

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:ALC Allowance or Charge0580 (Trigger Segment)Segment Group 15 (Allowance or Charge)Conditional (Optional)2Mandatory1A segment identifying the charge or allowance and, where necessary, its calculationsequence.Example:ALC C'Data Element CE OR CHARGE QUALIFIERCChargeMAttributes1an.328

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:MOA Segment Group 19: Monetary Amount0690Segment Group 15 (Allowance or Charge)Conditional (Optional)2Conditional (Required)1A group of segments specifying a monetary amount for an allowance or charge. Arange to which the allowance or charge applies can be specified, e.g. an allowance of5000 BEF may be specified if goods value ordered is greater than 100000 BEF.Segment SummaryMPos.No.0700Seg.IDMOANameMonetary AmountReq.Des.MMax.Use1Group:Repeat29

Segment:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Dependency Notes:Notes:MOA Monetary amount0700Segment Group 19 (Monetary Amount)Conditional (Required)2Mandatory1A segment identifying the monetary amount for the allowance or charge.This segment is used to specify any freight charges.All amounts show shall be exclusive of any tax that may be applicable. The taxcomponent shall be shown in subsequent TAX/MOA segments.Example:MOA 64:48.13'Data Element ameMONETARY AMOUNTMonetary amount type qualifier64Freight chargeMonetary amountFormat: Numeric (ZZZZZ9.99ZZZ)Minimum length: 4Maximum length: 12MMAttributes1an.3Cn.1830

Group:Position:Group:Level:Usage:Max Use:Purpose:Notes:TAX Segment Group 21: Duty/tax/fee details0750Segment Group 15 (Allowance or Charge)Conditional (Optional)2Conditional (Dependent)1A group of segments specifying tax related information for the allowance or chargeand, when necessary.A group of segments specifying tax related information for the previous charge.If GST is applicable on the freight charge, this segment group is required to specify theGST amountSegment SummaryMPos.No.0760S

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