Updated June 2021Academic Partnerships: Bachelor’s Degree Agreements1.) Albright College – Renewed in Spring 2017, Albright College’s dual admissions agreement was crafted forgraduates seeking the many benefits of a small liberal arts college. Albright College has advising guides forBiology, Business, Crime and Justice, Liberal Arts, and Psychology. Transfer scholarships available for RACCgraduates based on cumulative GPA.2.) Alvernia University – Renewed in Fall 2018, Alvernia University’s dual admissions agreement was crafted forgraduates seeking the many benefits of a Franciscan education. Alvernia College has created advising guides forhealth care professions, business, and criminal justice programs. Graduates can earn up to 17,000 through meritand transfer scholarships. Also new to the agreement is a concerted co-branding marketing campaign.Alvernia University has committed to a new RACC Scholars program, modeled after the Reading High AlverniaScholars program, starting fall 2019. Details about how the program will work are still being designed byAlvernia. RACC’s commitment will be to recruit at least 10 RACC students from the incoming freshman class.3.) Bloomsburg University – First signed in Spring 2014, Bloomsburg University’s articulation agreement wascrafted for students in RACC’s Technical Academy at Berks Career and Technology Center and ReadingMuhlenberg Career and Technology Center and in career programs. RACC students in more than 20 associate ofapplied science degree programs can choose Bloomsburg’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Leadershipprogram where courses can be completed using online technology and classes on RACC's campus. A blocktransfer of 60 credits will be accepted from RACC, with up to 75 RACC credits applicable to Bloomsburg’sBachelor of Applied Science in Technical Leadership. A renewal agreement is being reviewed by Bloomsburg,which includes a Letter of Understanding for use of RACC resources, sent to Bloomsburg on February 20, and wascreated from a similar LOU with LCCC for the BAS-TL agreement.4.) Boise State University – Renewed June 2020, Boise State University’s program-to-program, “DegreeAdvancement” agreement was crafted as a pathway for graduates of RACC’s AAS in Respiratory Care with theearned credential of being a Registered Respiratory Care Therapist by the NBRC to complete their Bachelor’s ofScience in Respiratory Care through a completely online program. This degree completion agreement provides anaffordable and online option for a BS in Respiratory Care for a nationally recognized program with respiratory carepractitioners teaching all courses.5.) Bucknell University – First signed in August 2015, Bucknell University’s program-to-program agreement wascrafted as a stackable pathway from Early College, targeting students taking either Project Lead the Way and/orSTEM Academy courses and RACC dual enrollment at their high school. Bucknell accepts at least 54 credits ofthe Engineering Transfer degree, including high school dual enrollment credits into the College of Engineering.RACC students who maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA for their AS in Engineering Transfer Program are eligible foradmission consideration to one of Bucknell University's Bachelor of Science programs of study: BiomedicalEngineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering,Electrical Engineering Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.6.) California University of Pennsylvania - Renewed in Spring 2015, California University of Pennsylvania’sprogram-to-program agreement was crafted for RACC graduates in Mechatronics Engineering Technology,Machine Tool Technology and Electric Utility Technology with minimal loss of credit. Students transfer theirassociate of applied science to the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management program at CaliforniaUniversity of Pennsylvania.

Updated June 2021This pathway provides a 2 2 2 articulation model that allows students to progress seamlessly from the secondaryCTC, to RACC’s associate of applied science, to California University of Pennsylvania’s Bachelor of ScienceDegree in Technology Management.7.) Chamberlain University – First signed Spring 2016, Chamberlain University’s RN – BSN online pathwayaccepts the entire nursing program. Chamberlain is a highly reputable nursing school with a 10% discount ontuition.8.) DeSales University – First signed Summer 2018, DeSales University’s core-to-core dual admission agreementaccepts the full programs for associate of arts, associate of science, and associate of applied science of CriminalJustice. The agreement allows for students to take a DeSales course at no cost to “try out” the University.Graduates will receive ½ off the prevailing tuition rate when enrolling as full-time students. RACC graduates areconsidered junior status.9.) Drexel University eLearning, Inc. First signed Spring 2012, Drexel University’s e-learning Letter ofUnderstanding (LOU) was crafted for graduates of RACC’s ADN and licensure. Up to 90 credits accepted with40% off tuition rates for this online program.10.) Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) – Renewed Spring 2017, Eastern Mennonite University’s agreement wascrafted for an RN – BSN pathway. EMU is a hybrid/online model and accepts up to 80 RACC credits (71 Nursing 9 additional general education credits).11.) Elizabethtown College (EC) – First signed Spring 2018, Elizabethtown College’s Dual Admissions agreementwas crafted for graduates of eleven guided pathways. Up to 64 RACC credits are accepted. RACC students whosign a letter of intent prior to 30 credits with RACC are eligible to take two tuition-free courses with ElizabethtownCollege. Phi Theta Kappa students are eligible for scholarships as well as RACC associate degree graduates areeligible for scholarships based upon their GPA.12.) Kutztown University - Renewed in Spring 2017, Kutztown University’s dual admissions agreement was craftedfor graduates’ seamless transfer of general education core requirements. Transfer scholarships are available toRACC graduates. Changes to the Spring 2017, agreement include GPA minimums for admissions to specificprograms, such as Education, and scholarship dollars for tuition and books.RACC has a reverse transfer agreement with Kutztown University, and through this agreement, KU sends toRACC students’ transcripts who have transferred to KU prior to graduating with RACC. Reverse Transfer allowsfor students to earn their associate degree with RACC through transferring KU credits to RACC. RACC’scompletion coach works with these students to graduate them in a program.Fall 2018, Kutztown University began to implement the BSW Cohort Agreement. This agreement outlines an oncampus RACC program for graduates of RACC’s AA in Social Work. Students take 39 upper-level social workcredits with Kutztown University in an accelerated model and the remaining credits of general education andelectives with RACC to fulfill the 120 credit BSW program requirements. Two cohorts are currently running atRACC’s campus.Fall 2021, Kutztown University will begin its BSED (PreK-4) Cohort Agreement. This agreement outlines an oncampus RACC program for graduates of RACC’s AAS in Early Childhood Teaching and begins courseworkthrough the Teacher Academy, a partnership with the Career Technology Centers (CTC)13.) La Salle University – First signed Fall 2017, La Salle’s Dual Admissions agreement was crafted for seamlesstransfer of the general education core requirements. Sizable merit scholarships are available to students.La Salle University also has a program-to-program agreement crafted for graduates of the AA in Social Work tocomplete their Bachelor’s of Social Work on an accelerated pathway or a traditional day pathway.

Updated June 202114.) Lebanon Valley College – First signed Fall 2018, Lebanon Valley College’s Dual Admissions agreement wascrafted for seamless transfer of the general education core requirements. A small, regional liberal arts college closeto home and the right size for many of Berks County high school students, Lebanon Valley College offers sizablemerit scholarships to students. Students seeking degrees in Actuary Science, Analytical Finance, Music Business,and Accelerated Accounting/MBA Program.15.) Lock Haven University - First signed in Spring 2010, Lock Haven University’s program-to-program agreementwas crafted for graduates of the AS of Science and want to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology,Biology/Chemistry, and Science with a minor in Nanotechnology.16.) Lycoming College – First signed Spring 2016, Lycoming College’s program-to-program agreement was craftedfor graduates of the AA in Sociology/anthropology or Liberal Arts. A beautiful liberal arts school in Williamsport,PA, the students have opportunities to study abroad and develop service learning projects. Transfer scholarshipsavailable for RACC graduates based on cumulative GPA.17.) Millersville University - A long-standing agreement, Millersville University has a dual admissions agreement aswell as a number of program-to-program agreementsa. AAS in Nanoscience to AS in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology: Agreement is in conjunction withPennsylvania State University (PSU) prepares students to enter the Bachelor of Science program in IndustrialTechnology with a concentration in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology at Millersville University. Ofnote, the summer semester, which is 18 credits with PSU, has a 2500 laboratory fee.b. Signed in September 2016, Millersville University’s program-to-program agreements were crafted for graduatesof the following:1. AA in Communication to BS in Speech Communication;2. AA in Liberal Arts to General Education Curriculum;3. AA in Business Administration to BS in Business Administration;4. AS in Science to BS in Biology, and5. AA in Secondary Ed to BS in Education.18.) PA College of Health Sciences - Renewed Spring 2016, the PA College of Health Sciences program-to-programagreement was crafted for graduates pursing the following pathways: RN in Nursing to BSN in Nursing, AS inHealth Sciences to BS in Health Administration, AAS in Respiratory Therapy and Medical Laboratory Technicianto BS in Health Sciences, and AAS in EHR to BS in Healthcare Administration.19.) Penn State University – Berks Campus - New agreements signed Spring 2017, Pennsylvania State University –Berks Campus’ program-to-program agreements were crafted for graduates pursing the following program-toprogram agreements:a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.AA in Business Administration to BSBBK in Business;AA in Communication to BA in Professional Writing;AA in Creative Writing to BA in Professional Writing;AAS in Criminal Justice to BS and BA in Criminal Justice;AA in Psychology to BA Applied Psychology;AS Science Transfer to BS Science, Life Science Option;AA Addiction Studies/Human Services to a BS in Rehabilitative Health and Human Services.Spring 2021, AS in Engineering to BS in Electromechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering withguidance from an RACC advisor. This pathway begins with the Technical Academy (see below for moredetails)i.Renewed in Spring 2015, the PSU – Berks Campus’ program-to-program agreement was crafted for studentspursing Nanoscience. This agreement prepares graduates to enter the Bachelor of Science in Science, General

Updated June 2021Science option with a concentration in Nanoscience. RACC graduates take a capstone semester studying atPenn State's main campus.20.) Purdue University – Calumet - First signed in Fall 2008, Purdue University-Calumet’s program-to-programagreement was crafted for students pursuing Mechatronics engineering. RACC graduates with an Associate ofApplied Science degree in Mechatronics can transfer up to 66 credits to Purdue’s Bachelor of Science inMechatronics program.21.) Shippensburg University First signed in Summer 2019, Shippensburg University’s dual admissions agreementwas crafted for graduates seeking the many benefits of Shippensburg’s programs; in particular in engineering andbusiness.22.) Southern New Hampshire – First signed in Spring 2020, the fourteen Pennsylvania Community Colleges signed ageneral agreement, coordinated through the PA Commission statewide agreement. This agreement providescommunity college alumni 10% off tuition.23.) Susquehanna University – First signed in Spring 2021, Susquehanna University’s dual admissions agreement wascrafted for graduates who will be considered juniors (third-year students), fulfilled general education requirements,and up to 31,000 in scholarships based on GPA’s, and an additional 5,000 for Phi Theta Kappa members.24.) St. Joseph’s University – First signed Fall 2013, St. Joseph University’s dual admissions agreement was craftedfor graduates seeking a bachelor’s in general studies or liberal arts, both programs housed in St. JosephUniversity’s Online College of Professional and Liberal Studies. Typically, though, the College of Professionaland Liberal Studies serves an adult population, not direct-from-high-school graduates. The agreement allows for 75transferrable RACC credits and a 10% reduction of St. Joseph’s tuition rates.25.) Temple University – First signed in Fall 2013, Temple University’s dual admissions agreement was crafted forgraduates seeking the many benefits of a Philadelphia university experience. Transfer scholarships available forRACC graduates.In Fall 2017, RACC signed a Core-to-Core agreement enhances the dual admissions agreement by guaranteeingthe general education requirements are met with a RACC associate of arts and associate of science degree.Effective Fall 2020, RACC business administration students can transfer their complete program to TempleUniversity’s Fox School of Business.26.) University of Cincinnati – Renewed June 2020, this agreement details for two health professions program-toprogram agreements. articulation of 60 credits, plus review of the math requirement (statistics)a. AAS in Medical Laboratory Technician to the BS program in Medical Laboratory Science at the College ofAllied Health Sciences of the University of Cincinnati. This is an online program, with working professionalsas a target population.b. First signed June 2020, Reading Area Community College’s AAS in Respiratory Care details a P2P for 70credits fulfilling the BS in Respiratory Care. An online program, this agreement is great for workingprofessionals.27.) Higher Education Council of Berks County Cross Registration Agreement: The HECBC agreement allowsfull–time students (12 credits a semester) attending Alvernia University, Albright College, Kutztown University,

Updated June 2021Reading Area Community College, or Penn State Berks to cross-register one course a semester at no additionaltuition cost.Reading Area Community College also participates in the Transfer Articulation and Oversight Committee and hasstatewide program agreements that allow graduates to transfer their program to a PASSHE school and complete theircorresponding bachelor’s degree in 60 credits. These statewide agreements include: Early Childhood Education, SocialWork, Psychology, and Art. For more information on these agreements, please visit College Cooperative Agreements: The benefit of these agreements is students pay in-county/sponsorshiptuition rates.1.) Lehigh Carbon Community College – RACC students transfer to LCCC Physical Therapy Assistant Clinicals;LCCC students transfer to RACC Respiratory Care and Medical Laboratory Technician Clinicals.2.) Northampton Community College – NCC students transfer to RACC Respiratory Care and Medical LaboratoryTechnician Clinicals.

accepts the entire nursing program. Chamberlain is a highly reputable nursing school with a 10% discount on tuition. 8.) DeSales University – First signed Summer 2018, DeSales University’s core-to-core dual admission agreement accepts the full programs for associate of arts, associate