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An excellent opportunity for8 CE Credits!!! CONTINUING EDUCATION at the BASEWHEN . FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20THTIME . 8:00 AM till 5:00 PMREGISTRATION. 7:30 to 8:00 AMLOCATION . Century of Flight HangarMuseum of Aviation SPEAKERS Dr. Jeff Nordin, Capt, USN (What’s New in Operative Dentistry) Dr. Tommy Fisher, Col, USAF Oral Med/Hospital Dentistry (Oral Med Topic) Dr. David Reznik Grady Hospital and CDC(Ebola/AIDS) Dr. Don Spiller, CIV Orthodontist (Cone Beam for Diagnosis or Orthodontic Emergencies?) Dr. Toni Bowden, CDR, USN (Local Anesthetics) Dr. JoAnna McPherson, Lt Col, USAF (Supplement Use) Dr. Steve Chartier, Lt Col, USAF (The Reality of Erosion, Abrasion and Abfraction) Army Dentist (TBD) f E v enCalendar ots2015February 6OSHA TrainingFebruary 19CDDS Meeting WRAFB MuseumFebruary 20Base CE WRAFB MuseumMarch 25Law DayMay 7CDDS Meeting at Idle Hour Country ClubDr. Bridget Wright speakingTREASURER’S REPORTYear end 2014Balance Brought Forward . 30,363.31WithdrawalsMacon Letter Service‐newsletter/legislative reception . 1,285.18Taylor Trophy . 58.85Office Depot Name badges . 133.71CGTC Scholarships 500.00 x 2 . 1,000.00Idle Hour CC Nov. Mtg . 2,131.36Brickyard, Leg. Reception . 4,664.10DepositsNov. Mtg. Receipts . 1,565.00GADPAC Raffle . 740.00Affinity Bank Honorarium . 1,000.00Balance Checking . 24,419.85We will have a lunch provided along with a table clinic(lunchtime) presentation by the CGTC Hygiene students.We are also having a canned food drivebenefitting the local food bank. For every4 cans attendees donate they will receive araffle ticket with a chance to win some nicedoor prizes!CDDS News February 2015 Page 2Balance Morgan Stanley . 4,400.87Total CDDS Assets . 28,820.72Respectfully SubmittedDon BentonC!Support GADPAce!!and your practiuoytsorppsutICDDS News February 2015 Page 9

The Ty Report.I told you so!I am not sure, but I may have used this title before. If I have, I am justtrying to get your attention. Last weekend I was minding my ownbusiness when I was informed that someone had dropped a DentalTherapist Bill in the South Carolina legislature. Since I had just left theGDA Board of Trustees Meeting and had heard nothing about it, Ithought that the messenger was misinformed. Well a couple of e‐mailslater when I got home, proved that this was no hoax. It may have been abad joke, but it was no hoax.Now South Carolina has had their share of trouble in the statelegislature before. Also, some of their top leadership always seemedmore interested in placating the powers that be at the ADA level thanrepresenting the interest of the membership. (This is probably a goodtime to remind everyone that the opinions in this article are my opinionsand may or may not have anything to do with people who appear orwant to appear saner than I am.)If anyone is interested in seeing the bill, send me a request [email protected] This bill is a real trip. Besides the standard dentalprocedures that these high school graduates can learn in two years, theSouth Carolina bill allows for Therapists overseeing up to 5 extendedduty dental assistants and taking out adult teeth as long as they haveplus two or three mobility. (Does anyone have a mobility scale tomeasure this in your office?). There are things in this bill that areastounding.So what is the purpose of my comments. It is simply this, HOW DIDTHIS BILL DROP OUT OF THE SKY WITHOUT ANYONE ALERTING THESOUTH CAROLINA DENTAL ASSOCIATION? If they were as involved asthey should be with their legislators, courtesy would dictate a heads upby the sponsor of the bill. So we are back to the message that is alwayswoven in our tapestry of involvement. It is not important for you to knowyour legislators. IT lS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR LEGISLATORS TO KNOWYOU. Functioning in the legislative process is the key to surviving in thiscrazy world. Attending the legislative reception each year is not enoughto complete the deal. I urge you, no I implore you, to realize that eachand every one of you needs to take seriously the importance of beinginvolved in the legislative process. The legislature can with the push of abutton negate the investment of your years of schooling that wererequired to obtain your diploma and the credentials to perform dentistry.It can happen here in Georgia if we are asleep at the switch!‐ Ty lveyCDDS News February 2015 Page 8jORDS FROM THE PRESIDENTA practice can do well by controlling cost. GDA has certainlyhelped my practice. It has also helped us control cost by havingdifferent programs like GADIS, Contract review, etc.Another way it has helped control cost is CE. This is a licenserenewal year and please make sure that you have all the required CEby the end of the year. If you attend all the meetings done by CDDS,not only do you get great education regarding variety of topics, but itis the cheapest CE you can get. CDDS provides about 16 hrs. of CEevery year. There are 4 meetings in the evening (8 CE), OSHAmeeting (2 CE) and Base meeting (6 CE). Cost to attend all themeetings about 130. That is less than 8 a CE credit!There are two great CE events this month OSHA training andRobins Air Force CE meeting. OSHA training is mandatory for everyoffice, this year Patterson Dental is helping us organize the meeting.The other meeting is the Robins Air Force CE meeting organized bythe 78th Dental Squadron. Both are great events and you can get over11 hours of CE if you attend all.Please sign up for Law Day which is on March 25th as that is youronly voice, we need to let the legislators know that we matter.Vin [email protected] cell (215) 370-6773Governmental Affairs CommitteeLaw Day for the Central District isWEDNESDAY, MARCH 25THPlease check your calendars and make sure toschedule your morning with us atthe Capitol in Atlanta.Please email me [email protected] let me know you will be attending!Amber LawsonCDDS News February 2015 Page 3

CDDS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTNovember 11,2014Office of Dr. Cameron Garvin, 7 pmAttending: Cam Garvin, Lindsay Holliday, Paul Fraysure, Deena HollimanSmith, Mike Loden, Amy Loden, Kara Moore, Nancy O'BrienChed Smaha, Pinkney Gilchrist, Amber Lawson, Vin Bhasin, Don Benton,Michael Wright. Board of Trustees Report Review: See enclosed Report ADA Report: See Kara's Report Awards: Deena and her committee reported no eligible awards for thiscycle. Constitution & Bylaws: No Report Council on Dental Health: Amy Loden working on project for Feb. Sheencouraged the EC to spread the word and keep track of dollaramount in donated dental services for Children's Dental Health Monthto be reported to the GDA office at end of Feb. This is an opportunityto help children that need help the most! Please document and reportto the GDA by end of Feb. Finance Committee: No Report Forensic Committee: No Report Governmental Affairs: Amber Lawson encouraged all to be inattendance at the annual Reception for our legislators on Dec. 4 at TheBrickyard. This event is critical and we need maximum attendance toshow our unity and support. GDA president Torbush, GDA GADPACBoard Chair Richard Weinman and new director of GovernmentalAffairs staff member Fatimot Lapido all plan on being with us so weneed our best effort on attendance! GADPAC: Michael Wright has lined up some Atlanta Dental SupplyCompany surprises to continue the PAC raffle Thurs. evening. Member Services: J. Mitchell no report. Peer Review: Greg Burns no report. Public Relations: Lindsay Holliday noted that spokesperson training iscoming up in November. Anyone interested contact the GDA office toget a slot to improve our message delivery skills and a review of themost current talking points. Recruitment and Retention: Katie Garvin no report. Workforce Committee: Pinkney Gilchrist no report. Task Force on Medicaid: no report. Future meetings: Cam Garvin is working with Lt. Col. Stephen Chartier,78th Dental Squadron Commander regarding our February meeting onThursday the 19th and all day CE on Friday the 20th. More details willfollow as they are available. Newsletter: Please submit all reports for the newsletter in a timelyfashion to not hold up Macon Letter Svc. putting it together! Treasury Report: See report.CDDS News February 2015 Page 4also announced that the GDA would offer a program for 2015 GRUdental graduates that featured free and/or reduced fee malpracticecoverage for one year. A greater emphasis will be placed on the young dentists and thebusiness of dentistry at the Annual Meeting. Herman Cain with be thespecial keynote speaker for the 2015 meeting. The GDA has plans to track the pro bono work GDA members provideand tell positive stories about charitable care. Dr. Vernon reported that the Foundation is seeking to become anapproved Amazon Smile charity. Once approved, members, staff,patients, and family members can shop at and designatethe GDA Foundation to receive a portion of the purchase price of anyitems. The GDA is obtaining feedback from dentists participating inthe Nursing Home Initiative to bolster additional grant fundingrequests for staff training modules. The goal is to purchase enoughmodules to place one in every Georgia nursing home. GRU College of Dental Medicine Dean Dr. Carol Lefebvre reported onthe following: Dr. Kevin Frazier is the new CODM vice dean; the grandopening of the education commons, the freshman class welcoming 85students, student community service, student debt, consolidation withAugusta State, dental scholars program, the MBA/DMD program,practice management courses, approval of oral surgery MD program,potential periodontal and endodontic PhD program, planning for nextCODA accreditation process under the new CODA guidelines, CODMstrategic plan, state budget cuts and CODM cost controls. Dr. Weinman discussed the donated dental services charitable careprogram which assists patients with severe medical issues who cannotafford needed dental care. The GDA will establish to establish a public Facebook page as a forumfor public relations initiatives, such as National Brush Day. Local GMOM chairs Dr. Jimmy and Wendy Cassidy have been promotingthe next GMOM event which takes place June 18‐21, 2015, in Perry,GA. In November, GDA staff started on the GMOM Volunteer OnlineRegistration system, with an anticipated go‐live date in early January2015. It was also noted that this event is being used by those who arepushing for mid‐level providers to demonstrate a “need” for alternativetreatment delivery models. It was noted that Students/Recent Grads want three things. 1) Helpfinding a job. 2) Help managing debt and 3) help with licensure. It was also noted that we can more effectively engage new dentists withsmall group discussions, panel sessions and better communicationbetween the new dentist committee and the BOT.CDDS News February 2015 Page 7

Highlights from the Board of TrusteesOctober 18, 2014by Dr. Cameron Garvin Meeting held on 10/18/14 at the Georgia Regents University College ofDental Medicine. Dr. Torbush distributed commemorative coins to each person present.The coin featured his presidential theme of “Invest the Time to Make aDifference.” The GDA has formed three committees. The Future of Dentistry (chair Dr.Evis Babo) will examine what dentistry will look like in the future, theprofession’s challenges, and what we must do to prepare for thesechallenges. Governance (chair Dr. Marshall Mann) will examine how wegovern ourselves now and into the future and how we can get moredentist members involved in leadership roles at all levels. StrategicPlanning (chairs Drs. Doug Torbush, Ed Green, and Jim Hall) willdevelop a long term comprehensive plan for the GDA. Dr. Torbush introduced Mrs. Molly Bickford who discussed HealthySmiles from the Start, an Alliance of the ADA prenatal and postnataldental health care education program for moms‐to‐be and caregivers ofnewborns. Dr. Jay Harrington discussed the ADA’s work to help nine states onMedicaid program challenges and to extend the deadline past June 1 foropting in or out of the Medicare program. Dr. Harrington also reporteddetails of the oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court in the caseof North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal TradeCommission. Dr. Torbush reported that Dr. Chris Hasty(GA) was elected vice chair ofthe Council during the ADA Annual Session in San Antonio. Mr. Frank Capaldo introduced Carol Galbreath (Senior Director ofMarketing and Public Relations), Stephanie Lotti (Director of MemberPractice Services and Research) and Fatimot Ladipo (Director ofGovernment Relations and Policy). He mentioned that the GDA alsowelcomes Ashley Daly who is serving as an intern for the 2015 GeorgiaMission of Mercy event. Mr. Capaldo discussed “[t]he State of Oral Healthcare in Georgia”symposium in October at the Moorehouse school of Medicine inAtlanta. The school will utilize grant funding from W.K. KelloggFoundation to research dental demand, access, and workforce inFlorida, Mississippi, and Georgia. The GDA will monitor this researchand resulting studies and keep the Board informed. Mr. Capaldo stated that the GDA health insurance program for 2015will feature new group and individual plans and competitive rates. HeCDDS News February 2015 Page 6 Emile T. Fischer Foundation: Paul Fraysure updated us regarding theEmile T. Fischer Foundation for Dental Education noting that someDistricts were having trouble placing someone on the Board for theFoundation. Paul noted that there were typically two meetings a year thatcoincided with House of Delegate meeting dates and the meetings wereafter the HOD. Additionally a conference call or two is held during theyear if need arises. GMOM: Vin reminded everyone of the upcoming GMOM event in PerryJune 18, 19, 20, 2015! He encouraged us to be involved with our staff forthis opportunity to serve in a very tangible way!No other business, meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.Respectfully submitted,Don BentonOM June 18,19, and 20. Thursday is setup day andGM Friday and Saturday are clinic days. Registration willopen online by March 1 and we need both clinic andcommunity volunteers. We'll be at the Fairgrounds in Perryand it'll be a fun and rewarding experience. We've alreadyhad commitments from Northern and Southwestern dentists,but have a few more leadership positions to fill and pair upwith experienced folks, so call or email us to sign up!Thanks, Wendy and JimmyNew Dentist Socialwill going to be held at Wild Wing Cafe in Maconon February 12th at 6:30.Invitation to follow!Thanks!Katie GarvinEXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETINGTuesday ‐ February 17th at 7:00 pmat the office of Dr. Cameron Garvin2953 Vineville Avenue, Macon 31204All Committee Chairpersons, Delegates, and Officers are membersof the Executive Committee and are required to attend.Any CDDS member is welcome to attend.CDDS News February 2015 Page 5

(lunchtime) presentation by the CGTC Hygiene students. We are also having a canned food drive benefitting the local food bank. For every 4 cans attendees donate they will receive a raffle ticket with a chance to win some nice door prizes! e CDDS News February 2015 Page 9 S u p p o r t G A D P A C !