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DiscountsPremium discounts include: 30% No Claim Discount if You are 3 years or more claims freeunder Your existing Home insurance policy.10% discount for Real Reward members.20% discount if a SuperValu Insurance Car policy also in force.20% discount for a working monitored Burglar Alarm.Excess amountsBuildings & Contents 500(excess of 1,000 applies to Water or Subsidence damage claims)No Policy Excess amount for the following claims: Door Locks replacement - Up to 500 Fire Brigade Charges - Up to 1,000 Liability incidents. Loss or Damage to Visitors' Property - Up to 1,000 Preparing new Title Deeds - Up to 750Useful Contact No's24/7 Home Claims Helpline - 01 859 9700Customer Service Team - 1890 719 425Opening Hours: Mon-Fri ( 9am to 6pm)Find a Local Repairer 24/7 - 1850 924 012

ContentsIntroduction to Your Policy .3Policy Definitions.10Section 1 - Your Buildings Cover .13Loss of Rent Cover (where applicable).21Section 2 - Your Contents Cover .22Section 3 - Your Liability To Others Cover .29Section 4 - Your Liability To Domestic Employees .31How Claims will be settled.32Unoccupied Properties ( Special Terms & Conditions apply) .33What to do if an event insured occurs.34Important Policy Terms & Conditions .37Important General Exclusions .40Endorsements .43Holiday Home Policy 3

Introduction to Your SupervaluInsurance Holiday Home PolicyWelcome to Your SuperValu Insurance Holiday HomePolicy underwritten by AIG Europe Limited andarranged by Musgrave Financial Services Limitedtrading as SuperValu Insurance.Thank You for arranging Your Holiday Homeinsurance cover with Us.Important InformationThis is Your Holiday Home insurancepolicy. It is a contract of insurancebetween You and Us, AIG EuropeLimited, and is made up of this policywording, Your Home InsuranceSchedule and Your Statement of FactsProposal Form. Please read thesedocuments carefully.Your Statement of Facts Proposal Formis based on all of the information Youprovided to Us. Please check thisinformation carefully and let Us knowimmediately if any part of thisinformation is not correct.Your Home Insurance Schedule willindicate which cover option You haveselected. You should read this HolidayHome Policy wording and Your HomeInsurance Schedule together. Pleasecheck these documents carefully tomake sure they give You the cover Youwant. Throughout the body text of thispolicy wording, cover limits arebolded.4 Holiday Home PolicyCooling-Off PeriodYou have 14 days from the start dateof the policy to write to Us at theaddress shown at the bottom of Yourcover confirmation letter if You want tocancel Your Holiday Home Policy. Thisis known as a cooling-off period.If You cancel Your Holiday HomePolicy during this period of time,provided You have not made a claim,We will refund Your premium.However, You will be charged with apro-rata premium for the period onrisk, during the cooling-off period.Your Duty of DisclosureYou must advise Us immediately if theuse of Your Holiday Home changes,such as it becoming let out to tenants,becoming Unfurnished, or being usedfor any business purpose.You should also tell Us immediately ifthe nature of Your Holiday Homechanges in a way that might affectOur attitude to the cover provided –

for example during the building of anextension or the re-roofing of theproperty with non-standard materials,for example thatch. If You are in anydoubt as to whether a change ismaterial, please notify Us.Inflation ProtectionTo protect You against the effects ofinflation, Your Buildings and ContentsSum Insured, may be increased in linewith an appropriate index* when Yourpolicy falls due for renewal. If We doincrease Your sums insured at renewaltime, We will inform You.*For Buildings, We will consult boththe House Rebuilding Cost Indexprepared by the Department of theEnvironment - the latest guide to houserebuilding costs issued by the Societyof Chartered Surveyors Ireland *For Contents, Wewill consult relevant sections of theConsumer Price Index prepared by theCentral Statistics Office You have paid or agreed topay the premium, We will, subject tothe terms, conditions, limitations andexclusions of this policy, provide theinsurance as described in thefollowing pages for those sections ofthe Holiday Home Policy You havechosen. You agree to keep to theconditions of the policy.Thank you for choosing AIG andSuperValu Insurance.Signed for and on behalf ofAIG Europe Limited.Declan O’Rourke, General ManagerAIG Europe Ltd., Ireland BranchContract of InsuranceThis Holiday Home insurance policy,which includes and shall be read asone document with Your HomeInsurance Schedule, Endorsementsand Your Statement of Facts ProposalForm, evidences a contract ofinsurance between You and Us.Holiday Home Policy 5

Additional Information You Need to be Aware ofGoverning LawThis Policy is governed by the laws ofthe Republic of Ireland and anydispute arising from its interpretationwill be subject to the exclusivejurisdiction of the Courts of theRepublic of Ireland.InsurerThe insurer with which Your HolidayHome Insurance contract will beconcluded is AIG Europe Limited.Insurance Act 1936 (or futureamendments thereto)All monies which become or maybecome payable to Us under this policyshall in accordance with Section 93 ofthe Insurance Act 1936 be payable andpaid in the Republic of Ireland.Finance Act 1990 (or futureamendments thereto)The appropriate stamp duty has beenor will be paid in accordance with theprovisions of Section 5 of the StampDuties Consolidation Act, 1999, asamended.SuperValu Insurance ComplaintsProcedureSuperValu Insurance and AIG EuropeLimited Customer ComplaintsProcedure is coordinated centrally bya dedicated Customer ComplaintsOfficer, in order to respond flexiblyand consistently across the company6 Holiday Home Policyto the evolving changes in Ourbusiness and also in the regulatoryenvironment in which We operate.SuperValu Insurance and AIG EuropeLimited want to give You the bestpossible service. If You feelYou have cause for complaint, Youshould contact the relevant SuperValuInsurance Home Manager at AIG,Merrion Hall, Strand Road,Sandymount, Dublin 4.1890 719 425.If after such contact You remaindissatisfied, You may also write to theCustomer Complaints Officer at AIGEurope Limited, 30 North Wall Quay,International Financial ServicesCentre, Dublin 1.Telephone 01 208 1400.If the complaint is not resolved to Yoursatisfaction, You should contact theGeneral Manager,AIG Europe Limited, 30 North WallQuay, International Financial ServicesCentre, Dublin 1.At any stage, You may contact any ofthe following:Insurance Ireland,Insurance House, 39 MolesworthStreet, Dublin 2.Telephone: 01 6761820;Fax: 01 6761943;Email: [email protected];Web:

The Central Bank of Ireland, P.O. Box559, Dame Street, Dublin 2Telephone: 1890 77 77 77;Fax: 01 6716561.E-mail: [email protected];Web: Financial ServicesOmbudsman’s Bureau,3rd Floor, Lincoln House,Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.Lo Call: 1890 882090;Phone: 01 6620899;Fax: 01 : information, payment cardand bank account, credit referenceand scoring information, sensitiveinformation about health or medicalcondition, driving pattern informationobtained from telematic devices incustomer vehicles (where customershave consented), and other PersonalInformation provided by You.Personal Information may be used forthe following purposes: How We Use Personal InformationAIG Europe Limited is committed toprotecting the privacy of customers,claimants and other businesscontacts. "Personal Information"identifies and relates to You or otherindividuals (e.g. Your dependents). Byproviding Personal Information Yougive permission for its use asdescribed below. If You providePersonal Information about anotherindividual, You confirm that You areauthorised to provide it for use asdescribed below.Depending on Our relationship withYou, Personal Information collectedmay include: identification and Insurance administration, e.g.communications, claimsprocessing and payment;Decision-making on provision ofinsurance cover and payment planeligibility;Assistance and advice on medicaland travel matters;Management and audit of ourbusiness operations;Prevention, detection andinvestigation of crime, e.g. fraudand money laundering;Establishment and defence of legalrights;Legal and regulatory compliance,including compliance with lawsoutside Your country of residence;Monitoring and recording oftelephone calls for quality, trainingand security purposes;Marketing, market research andanalysis.To Opt-Out of MarketingCommunicationsContact Us by email at:Holiday Home Policy 7

[email protected] or by writingto: Customer Service Team, AIGEurope Limited, Ireland Branch, 30North Wall Quay, InternationalFinancial Services Centre, Dublin 1.If You opt-out We may still send Youother important communications,e.g. communications relating toadministration of Your insurancepolicy or claim.Sharing of Personal InformationFor the above purposes PersonalInformation may be shared with Ourgroup companies, brokers and otherdistribution parties, insurers andreinsurers, credit reference agencies,healthcare professionals and otherservice providers. PersonalInformation will be shared with otherthird parties (including governmentauthorities) if required by law.Personal Information (includingdetails of injuries) may be recordedon claims registers (i.e. InsuranceLink and Claims and UnderwritingExchange (CUE) ), and shared withother insurers. We may search theseregisters to detect and prevent fraud.Details on how Insurance Linkoperates can be found athttp://info.insurancelink.ieand CUE at Information may be sharedwith prospective purchasers andpurchasers, and transferred upon a8 Holiday Home Policysale of Our company or transfer ofbusiness assets.International TransferDue to the global nature of Ourbusiness, Personal Information maybe transferred to parties located inother countries, including the UnitedStates and other countries withdifferent data protection laws than inYour country of residence.Security and Retention of PersonalInformationAppropriate legal and securitymeasures are used to protectPersonal Information. Our serviceproviders are also selected carefullyand required to use appropriateprotective measures. PersonalInformation will be retained for theperiod necessary to fulfill thepurposes described above.Requests or QuestionsTo request access or correctinaccurate Personal Information, orto request the deletion orsuppression of Personal Information,or object to its use, pleaseemail: [email protected] orwrite to Data Protection Officer, AIGEurope Limited, Ireland Branch, 30North Wall Quay, InternationalFinancial Services Centre, Dublin 1.More details about Our use ofPersonal Information can be found in

Our full Privacy Policy at You may request a copy using thecontact details above.This insurance is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited. Registered in England and Wales.Company number: 01486260. Registered office: The AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, LondonEC3M4AB, United Kingdom.AIG Europe Limited, Ireland Branch, registered branch office 30 North Wall Quay, InternationalFinancial Services Centre, Dublin 1.Branch registration number 906664. Tel: 353 1 208 1400.AIG Europe Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom, and isregulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.Musgrave Financial Services Limited trading as SuperValu Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank ofIreland.Holiday Home Policy 9

Policy DefinitionsThe following words shall have thesame meaning wherever they appearin this SuperValu Insurance HolidayHome Policy wording.Accidental DamageUnexpected and unintended damagecaused by something sudden andexternal.AerialsSatellite dishes, television or radioaerials, aerial fittings, aerial masts andtheir plinths.BuildingsThe Buildings are made up of twoparts, namely:(1) The Holiday Home (which includesgarages with direct access andexclusive access from the HolidayHome but not shared garages, carparks or any communal parkingfacilities), including fixtures andfittings therein and thereon,occupied for residential purposesonly, built brick, stone or concreteand roofed substantially with10 Holiday Home Policyslates, tiles, or other incombustiblematerials;and(2) Domestic outbuildings, detachedgarages (but not shared garages,car parks or any communalparking facilities), swimmingpools, tennis courts, includingfixtures and fittings therein andthereon, fuel storage tanks,terraces, patios, driveways,footpaths, walls, gates and fences,all situate as stated in Your HomeInsurance Schedule on a site notexceeding two acres in area.ContentsHousehold goods and PersonalEffects, and aerials not exceeding30 feet in height, all belonging toYou (or for which You are legallyresponsible) or belonging to members

of Your Household and DomesticEmployees residing with You, all inthe Holiday Home and domesticoutbuildings.Overall limit for Contents of lockeddomestic outbuildings is 3,000 inany one Period of Insurance.The maximum cover in respect ofaerials is 1,000 any one loss.Money is included up to a maximumof 500.The maximum cover in respect of anyone item is 5% of the Contents suminsured or 3,000 (whichever isgreatest), excluding: Property otherwise insured;Property of any tenant;Motor vehicles, (other thanmechanically propelledlawnmowers), water craft (other thancanoes, rubber dinghies, sailboards, surf boards), caravans,trailers and aircraft or parts, keys oraccessories of, on or in any of them;Animals and livestock;Deeds, bonds, securities for money,manuscripts, certificates, bills ofexchange, promissory notes anddocuments of every kind unlessspecifically mentioned;Property used in connection with anytrade or business.Domestic EmployeeAny employee engaged by Youcarrying on solely private domesticduties in connection with theBuildings (including repair,maintenance or decoration butexcluding work involving structuralalterations, roof repairs, demolition,construction or any operationincidental thereto, or farming).Independent contractors and/orconsultants and/or their employeesare also excluded.EndorsementAny alteration to this policy wording.FungiAny type or form of fungus, includingbut not limited to, all forms of mouldor mildew and any mycotoxins, spores,scents, vapors, gas or substanceincluding any by-products produced orreleased by fungi.Policy ExcessThe amount, shown on Your HomeInsurance Schedule, of any lossYou must pay Yourself, unlessotherwise indicated within this policywording.Home Insurance ScheduleSets out details of the insurance coverYou have purchased.Holiday Home Policy 11

HouseholdYou and others that permanentlyreside with You.Sum InsuredThe most We will pay for claimsresulting from an event insured.MoneyBanknotes, coins, cheques, bankdrafts, postal or money orders, stamps(not forming part of a collection),savings stamps and certificates,premium bonds, gift tickets, traveltickets.UnfurnishedNot adequately furnished or equippedfor normal living purposes. In the caseof a newly constructed or renovatedhouse, it will be deemed Unfurnishedif either the water or electricity servicehas not been connected.Period of InsuranceThe period shown on Your HomeInsurance Schedule and anysubsequent period for which Weaccept a renewal premium.UnoccupiedNot stayed in overnight by a memberof Your Household or any otherperson authorised by You.Personal EffectsArticles normally worn or carried onthe person.Statement of Facts Proposal FormYour Statement of Facts Proposal Formis a precise record of the informationYou provided to Us when arrangingthis contract of insurance. Theinformation contained in YourStatement of Facts Proposal Form shallbe incorporated into the contractbetween You and the insurer, AIGEurope Limited. Your Statement ofFacts Proposal Form shall be read inconjunction with Your HomeInsurance Schedule and this policywording.12 Holiday Home PolicyWe, Our, UsAIG Europe Ltd,30 North Wall Quay,International Financial ServicesCentre,Dublin 1.You, YourThe person or people shown on YourHome Insurance Schedule as ‘theinsured’.All other definitions as detailed inthe policy.

Section 1 – Your Buildings CoverWe will cover You by payment (which may be in staged payments) or, at Ouroption, by reinstatement, replacement or repair, for loss or damage by any ofthe causes listed in paragraphs numbered 1 to 12, to the Buildings, subject tothe terms, limitations, exceptions and exclusions set out in this policy.In the event of a loss in respect of Buildings, our maximum liability is limited tothe Sums Insured stated in Your Home Insurance Schedule or endorsed thereon,less the amount of the excess stated in Your Home Insurance Schedule in respectof each loss, except where indicated within the policy wording.WHAT YOUR POLICY COVERS(EVENTS INSURED)LOSS, DESTRUCTION AND/ORDAMAGE CAUSED BY:YOUR POLICY DOES NOTCOVER THE EXCESS AMOUNT(S)STATED ON YOUR HOMEINSURANCE SCHEDULE ORLOSS OR DAMAGE:1. Fire, Explosion, Lightning,Earthquake and Thunderbolt To properties built prior to 1920unless rewired in the last 20 yearsby a certified electrician.2. SmokeMeaning direct damage from smokeincluding the sudden and unusualoperation of any domestic heater ordomestic cooking appliance locatedwithin the Buildings. To properties built prior to 1920unless rewired in the last 20 yearsby a certified electrician;By smoke from fireplaces, or anygradually operating cause orprocess;By smog or from agricultural orindustrial operations. 3. Storm or Flood To fences and gates, lawns,hedges, trees, shrubs and plants;By frost;To roofs constructed with torch-onmineral or other felt exceeding 10years of age;Holiday Home Policy 13

4. Freezing, Escape or Overflow ofWater from Within any Plumbingor Heating System, Fixed WaterApparatus or Fixed DomesticAppliance. Trace and AccessWe will pay up to a maximum of 750to remove or replace any part of theBuildings necessary to repair any fixeddomestic water, gas or heatinginstallation from which water hasescaped. To properties that have incurredflood damage in the past 10 years;To properties where incorrectinformation has been given inrelation to flood history.To properties built prior to 1920unless re-plumbed in the last 20years by a certified plumber;While the Holiday Home isUnfurnished;To any plumbing or heating system,fixed water apparatus or fixeddomestic appliance from which thewater escapes;To any fixed water or heatinginstallation due to wear and tear,rust or gradual deterioration;Resulting from escape or overflowwater from gutters;Caused by the gradual ingress ofwater from shower units and baths;Should You retain any experts orcontractors other than thosecarrying out emergency workswithout Our express consent. Theengagement of these experts orcontractors will at all times besubject to Our approval, and Wereserve the right to select expertsfrom Our own panel.Increased Policy Excess:For this event insured, the standardpolicy excess amount is increased to 1,000 for each and every lossincident.14 Holiday Home Policy

5. Escape or Overflow of Oil fromWithin any Plumbing or HeatingSystem or Fixed DomesticAppliance Trace and AccessWe will pay up to a maximum of 750to remove or replace any part of theBuildings necessary to repair any fixeddomestic water or heating installationfrom which oil has escaped.6. Stealing (or Attempted Stealing) 7. Impact by Aircraft, AerialDevices or Articles dropped fromthem, Rail Vehicles, RoadVehicles or Animals To properties built prior to1920 unless re-plumbed in thelast 20 years by a certifiedplumber;While the Holiday Home isUnfurnished;To any plumbing or heatingsystem, fixed water apparatus orfixed domestic appliance fromwhich the oil escapes;To any fixed water or heatinginstallation due to wear and tear,rust or gradual deterioration;should You retain any experts orcontractors other than thosecarrying out emergency workswithout Our express consent. Theengagement of these experts orcontractors will at all times besubject to Our approval, and Wereserve the right to select expertsfrom Our own panel.While the Holiday Home isUnfurnished;To any part of the Buildings whichare loaned let or sub-let unlessinvolving entry or exit by forcibleor violent means;Where incorrect alarm andsecurity information has beenprovided.To Buildings caused by animalsowned by You or a tenant.Holiday Home Policy 15

8. Falling Trees and Branchesand/or falling ExternalTelevision/Radio Aerials, Mastsand Satellite Dishes 9. Riot, Civil Commotion, Strikers,Locked-out Workers or PersonsTaking Part in LabourDisturbances Caused by felling of trees orlopping of branches;To hedges and fences;arising from the cost of removingfallen trees unless they haveotherwise resulted in a valid claimunder the policy.To boundary walls, hedges, tenniscourts, gates, fences, terraces,patios, driveways, footpaths,swimming pools, lawns, trees,shrubs and plants.10. Malicious Damage andVandalism(Other than by malicious fire andexplosion): While the Holiday Home isUnfurnished; By any person lawfully on thepremises or any person invitedonto the premises by You, by amember of Your Household or bya tenant; To boundary walls, hedges, tenniscourts, gates, fences, terraces,patios, driveways, footpaths,swimming pools, lawns, trees,shrubs and plants.11. Subsidence or Heave of theSite on Which the InsuredHoliday Home Stands orLandslip 16 Holiday Home PolicyTo properties that have incurredsubsidence damage in the past;To properties where incorrectinformation has been given inrelation to subsidence history;Resulting from demolition,structural alteration or structuralrepair;

Resulting from faulty workmanship,defective design, the use of defectivematerials, settlement of newly madeup ground and coastal, lake or rivererosion;To boundary walls, gates, fences,terraces, patios, driveways,footpaths, swimming pools andtennis courts unless the HolidayHome is damaged at the same timeby this cause;Resulting from the bedding down ofany structure;To solid floor slabs or loss ordamage resulting from themovement thereof unless thefoundations beneath the externalwalls of the Holiday Home aredamaged by the same cause and atthe same time;Resulting from tunneling work;Should You retain any any experts orcontractors other than those carryingout emergency works without Ourexpress consent. The engagement ofthese experts or contractors will atall times be subject to Our approval,and We reserve the right to selectexperts from Our own panel,Increased Policy Excess:For this event insured, the standardpolicy excess amount is 1,000 foreach and every loss incident.Holiday Home Policy 17

12. Accidental Damage (but onlyif indicated as covered onthe schedule) To the Buildings other than to theHoliday Home itself;By settlement and shrinkage;Caused by animals owned or in thecare custody or control of You,members of Your Household ortenants;Caused by scratching, abrading ordenting;Caused by faulty workmanship,defective design, the use of defectivematerials or loss or damageresulting from them;To pottery, porcelain, terracotta,glass or other brittle articles, whilebeing handled or actively used;To photographic, television, radio orother receiving, recording orreproducing equipment as a resultof the fitting, repairing, adjusting, ordismantling of any part of suchapparatus, or to lamps, tubes, orelectronic components in suchapparatus;To records, audio, video orcomputer discs, compact disks,tapes or cassettes;As a result of tree root action;which comes within the terms of anyexclusion or limitation set out in thispolicy wording including, but notlimited to, Paragraphs 1 to 11 of thissection.Note: For exclusions which apply to the whole of Your policy see also General Exclusions and theSpecial Terms and Conditions that apply to Unoccupied Holiday Home Properties.18 Holiday Home Policy

Your Buildings Cover Also IncludesDebris Removal CostsWe will pay for the cost of debrisremoval, demolition and/or shoringup costs necessarily incurred withOur consent following loss ordamage to the Buildings by aninsured cause.Architects/Surveyors FeesArchitects/surveyors and legal feesnecessarily and reasonably incurred,with Our consent in the reinstatementof the Buildings following loss ordamage to the Buildings by aninsured cause but excluding feesincurred in the preparation of aclaim. In addition, We are not liablefor the fees of any public lossassessors You may decide toengage.Reinstatement of Sum InsuredAfter LossThe Sums Insured will not be reducedby the amount of any loss.Public Authorities RequirementsCostsWe will pay the cost of complyingwith any government, localauthority, building or otherregulation to the extent that theseapply to parts of the Buildingsdamaged by an insuredcause (but not where notice has beenserved on You prior to theoccurrence of the loss ordamage or where We were notadvised that the property to beinsured is a listed building or aprotected structure).Purchaser’s InterestIf You have contracted to sell theBuildings, the contracting purchaserwill have, at Your request, the benefitof this section up to the date ofcompletion of the sale. This extensiononly applies if the Buildings are nototherwise insured and shall notprejudice Your or Our rights.Service Pipes and CablesWe will cover You for accidentaldamage to service pipes and cablesfor which You are legally responsible.The total amount payable is limitedto 5% of the Buildings Sum Insured.Breakage of Glass and SanitaryFittingsAccidental breakage of:1. Fixed glass in doors, windows,skylights, fanlights and verandas;2. Fixed wash-hand basins, fixedbaths, cisterns, fixed sanitaryfittings and fixed shower units,glass in fixed furniture, fixed hobs(not moveable cookers) and fixedmirrors.Excluding loss or damage toswimming pools.Holiday Home Policy 19

Clean Up ExpensesVouched expenses incurred to cleanup (but not to landscape), followingescape of oil from any fixed domesticheating system or appliance will bepaid, subject to a maximum amountof 1,000 and provided no paymentis made under Contents cover on thisor any other insurance policy.Excluding loss or damage while theHoliday Home is UnfurnishedDoor Locks ReplacementWe will pay the cost of replacingexternal door locks and keys of YourBuildings, specified in Your HomeInsurance Schedule, where the keys ofsuch locks have been stolen followinga break-in at the Holiday Home orfollowing an assault on You or amember of Your Household.The maximum amount payable willbe 500.No policy excess applies to this coverbenefit.Fire Brigade ChargesWe will pay the cost of the chargesmade on You by a local authority (aspermitted by legislation) for FireBrigade attendance, as a result ofany incident which is insured by Yourpolicy. The maximum amountpayable will be 1,000.20 Holiday Home PolicyNo policy excess applies to this coverbenefit.Title DeedsThe cost of preparing new title deedsto the Buildings if they are lost ordamaged while in the Holiday Homeor in Your bank for safe-keeping.The maximum amount payable is 750.No policy excess applies to this coverbenefit.

Loss of Rent Cover(Applicable only if Rental UseAllowed is shown as operative onYour Home Insurance Schedule)We will pay for loss of rent Youshould have received but wereunable to collect while theHoliday Home was unfit to live in asa result of an insured cause.This cover is limited to the periodnecessary for reinstatement and thetotal amount payable is limited to20% of the Buildings Sum Insured orthe equivalent of 12 months rent,whichever is the lesser.period prior to the loss;3. Any share of rents or any othercharges or expenses payable toletting agents;4. Loss of rent after the HolidayHome is fit to be let;5. The refunding of any deposits totenants.Note: For exclusions which apply to the wholeof Your policy see also General Exclusions andthe Special terms and conditions that apply toUnoccupied Holiday Home Properties.The amount payable is limited to therent that could reasonably have beenexpected to be received given thepre-loss condition of the propertyand the general rental prospects ofthe Holiday Home.We will take into account historicalrental income achieved and advancebookings in the period in question.What is Not Covered Under Loss ofRent1. Rental income in respect of themonths October to Marchinclusive will not be covered unlessthere is a historical pattern of suchrentals or an advance booking forthe period in question;2. Any rent owed to You for aHoliday Home Policy 21

Section 2 – Your Contents CoverWe will cover You by payment (which may be in staged payments) or, at ouroption, by reinstatement, replacement or repair, for loss or damage by any ofthe events insured listed in paragraphs numbered 1 to 12, to the Contents,subject to the terms, limitations, exceptions and exclusions set out in thispolicy.In the event of a loss in respect of Contents our maximum liability is limited tothe Sums Insured stated in Your Home Insurance Schedule or endorsedthereon, less the amount of the excess stated in Your Home InsuranceSchedule in respe

Discounts Premium discounts include: 30% No Claim Discount if You are 3 years or more claims free under Your existing Home insurance policy. 10% discount for Real Reward members. 20% discount if a SuperValu Insurance Car policy also in force. 20% discount for a working monitored Burglar Alarm. Excess amounts Buildings & Contents 500 (excess of 1,000 applies to Water or Subsidence damage .