Bachelor of Science in NursingConcurrent Enrollment Program:What You Need to KnowThe Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) gives you the opportunityto earn an associate degree from Pima Community College and finishyour bachelor’s degree from NAU at the same [email protected]/cep602-728-9510

About the Concurrent Enrollment ProgramNorthern Arizona University is proud to have created the first Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) in the stateand one of the first ever in the nation, in 2011. With more than 1,000 BSN CEP graduates, NAU is a provenleader in BSN completion course delivery. NAU started CEP and we have determined what it takes to helpstudents be confident and successful.Program Information and RequirementsNAU CEP offers a 90/30 credit split, this means that you can transfer in 90 credits and you will need to completejust 30 credits at NAU to meet the BSN requirements. NAU is the only CEP partner that will accept 90 communitycollege transfer credits. All NAU classes are completed online with the exception of 2 hybrid classes that aretaken in-person in the Tucson area during the first semester of the program. Students will not have to travel toFlagstaff at any time to complete any part of the NAU CEP.This program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).Eligibility RequirementsTo be considered for participation in the CEP, the following is required: Attend an online or in person nursing information session. Acceptance into the Pima nursing program is necessary to complete the CEP application. Meet the minimum GPA of 3.0 in all prerequisites that are noted with one asterisk (*).Pima Prerequisites Psychology or Human Development (PSY240/ECE107)*Human Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO201in/BIO201h)*Human Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO202in)*Human Nutrition & Biology(FSN127IN/ BIO127IN/FSN154) *Math - MAT 142 by Assessment Exam or MAT151*Microbiology (BIO205in)*Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)*Composition I (WRT101) with a “C” or higher or CLEP*NAU Prerequisites Composition II (WRT102) with a “C” or higher or CLEP*Biology OR Chemistry**(BIO156in or (BIO181in BIO157) or CHM130in)Human Pathophysiology (BIO218)*Statistics (MAT167 or PSY230)*Liberal studies, AGEC, or Posted baccalaureate degreeYou may apply to the NAU CEP with up to 7 credits of NAU prerequisites still in progress. Thoseprerequisites must show as in-progress on your transcript and they must be successfully completed priorto starting your NAU coursework.*Courses used for GPA calculation.**NAU will not accept High School Biology or Chemistry to satisfy this requirementPage 2 of 5

Steps to Success Register for and attend a PCC Nursing information session.Seek advisement about course requirements and transcriptevaluation from your community college advisor.Seek advisement through NAU about CEP and scholarshiprequirements.Complete PCC prerequisites and apply to the PCC nursingprogram.Finish NAU prerequisites and confirm your acceptance with PCC.Upon CEP acceptance, you will need to accept your placementby completing the steps outlined in your acceptance email.Attend the mandatory NAU Orientation Session.Successfully complete all PCC ADN and NAU BSN classes.ADN and BSN awarded and you will be eligible to take theNCLEX-RNHealth and Safety RequirementsPCC and NAU School of Nursing have health and safety requirements that must be met prior to enrolling andparticipating in clinical experiences. Healthcare agencies throughout the state have vaccinations, titers, andother health-related requirements. Examples of these requirements are background checks, CPR, anddrug/nicotine testing. These requirements are subject to change per healthcare agency contracts with theeducational institution, and students must be compliant with agency requirements prior to and throughout theprogram.Tuition and FeesThe total NAU cost is approximately 15,000 for 2021-2022 academic year. Books may be an additional 1,000.Scholarship Opportunities: Students who are applying to the CEP may quality for the 2NAU Scholarship. Signup to participate in 2NAU as early as possible to qualify for the 2NAU Scholarship and receive maximum benefitsof this college pathway program. With the 2NAU Scholarship, tuition can be reduced to approximately 11,000.Northern Arizona University - Online2NAU Scholarship30 credits 14,782Up to 1,000 per semester for4 part-time semesters- 4,000Total Estimated Tuition with the 2NAU Scholarship 10,782Or you may qualify for the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship, which is up to 2,000 per semester for four parttime semesters. This scholarship can reduce the tuition to about 8,283.Scholarship awards can be combined. Please meet with your NAU representative to discuss ways to maximize yourscholarship opportunities.*Tuition rates are based on the 2020-2021 academic year. Costs vary based on part-time or full-time schedules, and number of semesters tocomplete degree. Scholarship awards are contingent on meeting eligibility criteria. Scholarship and tuition rates are subject to changePage 3 of 5

Sample Course ScheduleThe plan of study is outlined below and must be followed. (In the event that modification of this course of study isnecessary, approval by your NAU CEP advisor is required). To maintain your status as a CEP student, you mustbe enrolled in an NAU course every semester as noted below. Unless noted, all NAU courses are online.Summer StartSummer – 1st SemesterNAUNUR 330 (in-person)Nursing as a Discipline and Profession3NAUNUR 321Gerontology3Fall–2ndSemesterStart PCC RN ProgramPCCNRS 104Nursing Process I8PCCNRS 108Drug Calculations1PCCNRS 155Pharmacology3NAUNUR 307Health Assessment for Registered Nurses1NAUNUR 307L (in-person)Health Assessment Lab (at Pima CC)1Spring -3rdSemesterPCCNRS 105Nursing Process II9NAUNUR 320Basic Principles in Palliative Care3NAUNUR 390WResearch and Evidence Based Practice in Nursing3Summer - 4th SemesterNAUNUR 420Family Nursing Roles3NAUNUR 424Nursing Informatics & Health Care Policy3Fall -5thSemesterPCCNRS 201Nursing Process III9NAUNUR 442Public Health Nursing Roles5Spring -6thSemesterPCCNRS 202Nursing Process IV9NAUNUR 450CNursing Leadership3NAUNUR 452Nursing Leadership Applications2TOTAL NAUWhite background PCC courses Blue background NAU courses Updated October 2021. Information is subject to change.Page 4 of 530

UFall – 1st SemesterNUR 330 (in-person)NUR 321NUR 307NUR 307L (in-person)Spring – 2nd SemesterNRS 104NRS 108NRS 155NUR 320Summer - 3rd SemesterNUR 390WFall - 4th SemesterNRS 105NUR 420Spring - 5th SemesterNRS 201NUR 424Summer - 6th SemesterNUR 442Fall – 7th SemesterNRS 202NUR 450CNUR 452Fall StartNursing as a Discipline and ProfessionGerontologyHealth Assessment for Registered NursesHealth Assessment Lab (at Pima CC)Start PCC RN ProgramNursing Process IDrug CalculationsPharmacologyBasic Principles in Palliative Care3311Research and Evidence Based Practice in Nursing3Nursing Process IIFamily Nursing Roles93Nursing Process IIINursing Informatics & Health Care Policy93Public Health Nursing Roles5Nursing Process IVNursing LeadershipNursing Leadership Applications932308133TOTAL NAUNAU is Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. Information is subject to change.Page 5 of 5

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Concurrent Enrollment Program: What You Need to Know The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) gives you the opportunity to earn an associate degree from Pima Community College and finish your bachelor's degree from NAU at the same time. [email protected] 602-728-9510