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2Prerequisites:1. You must obtain the special RSNC timer interface cable from FarmTek. It hastwo leads, one connects to the “Input” jack on the FarmTek console, the otherconnects to the “Output” jack. The cable that connects to the Output jack islabeled with an “O”for Output. The cable which connects to the Input jack isnot marked. If the label on the output cable is missing, you will be able todetermine which cable is which later in these instructions.2. Your FarmTek Polaris console must be updated with new software. ContactFarmTek to make these arrangements.3. You must have Build 3229 or later of the RSNC software.4. You must check “Set Timer Horn Times” in the RSNC “Classes and Options”settings. See example below:Once the following test is successful, each team will have their horn times adjustedto correspond with their handicap, so that the warning horn will sound 30 secondsprior to their time expiring and the final horn will sound when their time hasexpired.7/17/2011Timer Instructions

3When you are ready to run a class, click on “Post Times from Timer” in the mainmenu. The first thing you will see is a screen like this:Confirm that the timer is set up correctly and the cables are plugged in, then click“Yes”. The next thing you will see is a screen like this:FarmTek Timer Port: is the port the timer will use on this computer. See theTrouble shooting Guide on page 5 for instructions on how to determine the portnumber.Warning Horn Seconds: is the number of seconds before the Final horn soundsthat the Warning horn will sound. For this test, it is set at 5 seconds, but you maychange it if you wish. It cannot be a greater value than the Final Horn Secondsvalue.7/17/2011Timer Instructions

4Final Horn Seconds: is the number of seconds before the Final horn sounds. Thisis the time allowed for the sorting. In this test, the Final horn will sound after 10seconds has elapsed. You may change this value if you wish, but it must be greaterthan the Warning Horn Seconds value.Time on Console: When the test has completed successfully, this value will agreewith the time on the FarmTek console.Once all values are set correctly, click on “Test Cable and Timer Port”. The nextthing you will see is a screen like this:Follow the instructions. As soon as the timer has started, click “OK”. If the test issuccessful, when the “Final Horn Time” has elapsed, the time on the screen will beupdated to agree with the display on the console. If the test was not successful, youwill see the following message:The usual cause for this message is that the input and output cables to the consoleare reversed. Swap the cables and run the test again. FarmTek recommends turningthe timer off before unplugging the cables, so you should do that, then restart the7/17/2011Timer Instructions

5test. Once the test is successful, mark the cables with tape or something similar soyou know the correct sequence in the future.Trouble ShootingIf you need to find out what port that you are using you can find it by followingthese directions. Depending on the way your computer is set up you may not needto follow exactly but this will help you to find out where to go. buttonGo to SettingsGo to Control PanelGo to SystemsGo to HardwareFind Device Manager and click on it.Find the Ports and click the ( ) beside it.This will give you all the ports that are on your computer. You will have to trythem one by one to see which one the timer is connected to. Insert that numberinto the software.Go to RSNC SoftwareClick on Classes and Options7/17/2011Timer Instructions

6Type in the number that had a “ ” beside it, for example it is 4.Then click the box next to Set Timer Horn Times. Then click Exit and Save.Hit set up, hit next, want format set final horn, enter 76, then hit enterDoes it say team penning again,FarmTek Timer Port: 4Warning Horn Seconds : 5Final Horn Seconds: 10Time on Console: 0.007/17/2011Timer Instructions

RSNC FarmTek Timer Instruction and User Manual Horn Handicap Feature Ranch Sorting National Championships PO Box 1 Wellington, CO 80549 Phone: 970-897-2901 Fax: 970-897-2921 Email: [email protected] Web Site: . 2 7/17/2011 Timer Instructions Prerequisites: 1. You must obtain the special RSNC