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Intellinder Product Catalog / Page 3The Next Step inPosition Sensor TechnologyThe evolution of position sensingtechnology has taken a smartstep forward with the IntellinderAbsolute Position Sensor design.By integrating a highly engineeredsensor into the hydraulic cylinder,this Parker design eliminates thetime and costs associated with gundrilling, as well as unprotectedexternal sensors with complexlinkages. Installation is virtuallyplug-and-play.The Intellinder Sensor signalsabsolute positioning, rather thanposition relative to the startinglocation of the rod. Positionidentifying bar codes are markedright on the rod so its position iscommunicated continually anddirectly to the controller. Positionreport occurs at power-on. Thesensor even enables monitoringin double-rodded cylinderapplications without the necessityof bolt-ons.This proprietary technology hasundergone exhaustive laboratoryand field testing to validateits ability to maintain signalfidelity in extremely challengingenvironments. The IntellinderAbsolute Position Sensor sustainsperformance in applicationsexposed to vibration, dust, gravel,corrosives, chemicals, axial load,side load, and immersion. Itremains impervious to electronicnoise and has been tested toensure signal strength for overone million cylinder cycles.The Intellinder Absolute PositionSensor performs across a widerange of temperatures andprovides long stroke capabilitiesof 20 feet [6,096mm] or more. Itfeatures highly sensitive healthmonitoring to detect and diagnosepotential cylinder malfunctionsbefore they can disrupt operations.The bar code markings are wideenough to allow for misalignmentof the rod-eye during welding,assembly stack-up, and torsionunder loading, without impedingthe sensor’s ability to readthe rod’s position, for highlyconsistent, accurate monitoring.The Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor is ideal for material handling, construction, waste handling, forestryand other extreme performance applications.

Page 4 / Intellinder Product CatalogDifferent by DesignParker Mobile CylinderSensor MountRod Markedwith IntellinderPatternWhether used with the Parkerfamily of hydraulic cylinders or inconjunction with other systems,this breakthrough positionfeedback technology offers severaladvantages over alternativeapproaches to position sensing.Unlike magnetostrictive sensors,the Intellinder Absolute PositionSensor requires minimal cylindermodification and eliminates gundrilling. Its robust design enablesa longer stroke and its compactsize eliminates the dead zonesassociated with magnetostrictivesensors. In the unlikely event ofa necessary repair, the IntellinderSensor can be quickly removedand replaced without timeconsuming removal of theentire cylinder.In contrast with variableresistance sensors (string pots), theIntellinder Sensor never requirescalibration, not even duringinitial installation. It also operatesacross a wider temperature rangeand can be expected to provide alonger, trouble-free service life.When compared with theoptics used in laser gauges, theIntellinder Sensor’s opticaldesign is not subject to the dirtand fog associated with reflectivemirrors. Its protected lens ishighly resistant to dust and othercontaminants.V4 Series SensorAn Eye for PerformanceThe Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor combines time-tested, highlyengineered optics with a proprietary lens design that provides excellentresolution, linearity, repeatability, accuracy, and hysteresis. Theresulting sharp bar code imaging translates into consistent, predictablecontrol of your critical operations.How It WorksWith the Intellinder Absolute Precision Sensor, you simply turnthe sensor “on” and look at the bar to identify precise position.No calibration is required.

Intellinder Product Catalog / Page 5Innovation at WorkSensors can be installed in multiple independent configurationsfor monitoring and controllingdiverse functions, such as autolevel, load management, andsteering.In addition, since versatileIntellinder Sensors are designedto be interchangeable acrossmultiple systems and indiverse applications, inventoryrequirements and downtime canbe significantly reduced. Onlytwo screws and an electricalconnector are required for setup, so installation and the bill ofmaterials are greatly simplified.This robust sensor technology alsofeatures health monitoring thatcontinuously scans the rod surfaceto identify conditions that might,left undetected, cause sensordamage, seal leaks, and systemdowntime.A unique design that eliminates linkages and removes the opticalsensor from harm’s way, allows for easy installation on double-roddedcylinders to support limp-home applications.

Page 6 / Intellinder Product CatalogPerformance TestedThe Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor technology has been comprehensively tested and proven to retainsignal strength and seal life, using a full range of industry standard and Parker customized testing protocols.Cylinder TestingOver 1 million cycles under Axial Load conditionsper SAE J214 – sharp fidelity, no leaksSignal Response vs. Cycles12.0Signal Response10."Minimum acceptancewith factor of safety"2.00.0-2004006008001,000Number of Cycles (Thousands)Over 1 million cycles under Side Load conditions –sharp fidelity, no leaksUnder Arizona Road Dust Testing – sharp fidelity,no leaksSensor TestingThe Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor retainedfidelity and maintained seal integrity in: Environmental Testing – operating temperatures,thermal shock, humidity, and vibration Ingression Testing - dust and water inpowerwash and fully immersed conditions Electrical Testing - radiated susceptibility,radiated emission, and electrical transients

Intellinder Product Catalog / Page 7SpecificationsAccuracy 0.010 inResolution 0.0013 inSensor PerformanceHysteresis 0.0038 inRepeatability 0.0014 inLinearity 0.0026 inSalt Spray Corrosion Testing of Rods perASTM B117 to 200 hoursChemical ResistanceNickel Chrome Plated 1045Chrome Plated 1045Chrome Plated 17-4PHResistant to fertilizers, cleaners, bleach, moisture, and dustcontrol agentsOperating Temperature: -40 C to 105 CEnvironmental RobustnessRod DiameterStroke LengthShock:Per IEC 68-2-27, 100g, 6 directionsVibration:Per SAE J1455, 12g RMS 25Hz to 2kHzIngression:IP68, IP651.0 to 5.0 in [25 to 125mm]0 to 96 in [2438mm]0 to 20 ft [6096mm] (longer lengths also available)Power Input8-32VDC, 2WReport Rate10 to 1000 msElectrical PerformanceSupply Voltage: 8-32VDC (less than 2 watts)Electrical ImmunityEN 61000-6-4Radiated SusceptibilityEN 61000-6-2Control/Networking ProtocolNetworking: Up to 8 sensors per CAN network with separate PGNsData I/O Generic J1939 CAN: Proprietary PDU, 250 KBaud, 29-bit IDConnector: Flying Leads or Deutsch 8-PinRod TestingIn testing to ASTM B117, markedrods remained corrosion free after200 hours of exposure to saltspray. When tested for resistanceto fertilizer, ammonia, bleach,battery acid, cleaners, moisturecontrol agents, and dust-controlagents, the marked rods exhibiteddurability on par with standardchrome rods.

Page 8 / Intellinder Product CatalogVersatile in ApplicationReal-World Validation with Sensor Positions as ainedperformancefor 2152 mls[3645 ith Lift,Tilt, andFrame SwayCapabilitiesAcceleratedLife Tested forthe equivalentof sevenyears of he Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor has been field proven in these grueling high-performance applications. Waste Removal Material Handling Agriculture Marine Military

Intellinder Product Catalog / Page 9Tilt Cylinder:This actuator controls thepivoting of the implement(forks shown here) at the endof the telescoping arm.Extend Cylinder: This cylinderextends the telescoping arm. Asshown here, the external cylinderis mounted inside the squarecross-section arm; it can also bemounted external to and underthe arm.Lift Cylinder:This actuator controls the lift ofthe main arm, as it pivots aboutits base.Steering Cylinder:This is typically a double-roddedcylinder that connects the steeringlinkages to the wheels on eitherside of a vehicle.The Proof is in the PerformanceWith the Parker IntellinderAbsolute Position Sensor you candeploy a wide range of functionssuch as electronic cushioning,auto-leveling, load monitoring,and return to position, improvingproductivity and reducingdowntime. To further ensureoptimum uptime, integratedcondition monitoring provideson-screen alerts. ForestryLift, Extend, Handle· Rough Terrain Forklifts· Access Systems· Forestry Vehicles· Reach Stackers· Gantry CranesCompress, Compact· Refuse Vehicles ConstructionSteer, Brake· Truck Systems· Skid SteerOpen, Close· Door Systems· Grabs and BucketsLoad, Tip· Loader ArmThe highly engineered Intellinder Absolute PositionSensor has been specifically designed to provideconsistent monitoring and control in challenginghigh-performance applications like these.

Page 10 / Intellinder Product CatalogApplication ConsiderationsParker Hannifin Corporation isthe world’s leading diversifiedmanufacturer of motion andcontrol technologies and systems,providing precision-engineeredsolutions for a wide variety ofmobile, industrial and aerospacemarkets. Parker has beensupporting the mobile hydraulicsindustry with highly engineeredsolutions for over 90 years.Intellinder technology is designedto provide load monitoring,auto-leveling, danger zoneavoidance, speed control, autostow, and other challengingfunctions, in conjunction with theParker IQAN Electronic ControlSystem, Parker Hydraulics, andParker Mobile Electronics.Control LoopParker Mobile ElectronicsTarget Position CommandFaultCheckParker HydraulicsHydraulicPowerActual PositionBar CodePositionFeedbackA Parker Technical Representative can helpyou integrate Parker Absolute Position Sensortechnology with system-compatible pumps,valves, cylinders, fittings, hoses, and mobileelectronic controls for successful monitoringand control in harsh application environments.

Intellinder Product Catalog / Page 11Ordering InformationSensor Ordering Part NumbersIts fully integrated design makesthe Intellinder Absolute PositionSensor easy to change-outshould replacement be required.The system is so simple to installthat it is virtually plug-and-play!Sensors are shipped standardwith Deutsch DTM04-08Connector.V4 Series sensor (8 ft stroke)376 8888 008V4 Series sensor (22 ft stroke)376 8888 012V4 Series sensor with mm output 8 ft [2438mm] stroke376 8888 011V4 Series sensor with mm output 20 ft [6096mm] stroke376 8888 014AccessoriesInstallation kit376 8888 004Installation kit (metric)376 8888 003Deutsch connector kit (Sensor)376 8888 006Deutsch connector kit (Controller)376 8888 007Channel selector resistor kit376 8888 005Minimum Rod Diameter1.0 in [25 mm]Maximum Rod Diameter5.0 in [125mm]Maximum Stroke96 in [2438.40mm]Standard Maximum Rod Length20 ft [6,096mm]Optional Maximum Rod LengthCustomized diameters, strokes, lengths availableRod Surface OptionsNickel Chrome Plated 1045, Chrome Plated 1045, Chrome Plated 17-4PHCreate a preliminary design basedon the parameters in the chartabove, using this rod diagramas your guide. Once you haveidentified the diameter, stroke,and length of your rod, along withthe number of strips/degreesdesired, your Parker TechnicalRepresentative can work withyou to ensure a custom designto meet your requirements. Keepin mind that the additional buildlength to your cylinder will beminimal. Multiple redundanciescan be built in by using two ormore sensors mounted around asingle piston rod.LENGTH OF ROD (OAL)ROD DIAMETER (OD)BARCODE MARKING: 1 STRIP, 2 STRIPS, OR FULL 360 Rod Marking ConsiderationsRod Diameter (OD)Length of Stroke (SL)Length of Rod (OAL)Marking Coverage** 1 strip, 2 strip, or full 360 marking is available.Please consult the full Parker Cylinder Catalog for a complete range ofbore, mount and porting options.

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Extend Cylinder: This cylinder extends the telescoping arm. As shown here, the external cylinder is mounted inside the square cross-section arm; it can also be mounted external to and under the arm. Lift Cylinder: This actuator controls the lift of the main arm, as it pivots about its base. Steering