AATTENTION: READ ALL CAUTIONSAND WARNINGS BEFORE USINGYOUR ULTIMA OTC DEVICECONTRAINOICATIONS Do not use this device if you have a cardiac pacemaker,implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic orelectronic device. Such use could cause electric shock.burns, or electrical interference or death.WARNINGS Do not use the device across or through your chest. If youare susceptible to heart rhythm disturbances, use of thedevice must be done under the direction of a physician. Stop using the device and consult with your physician ifyour pain does not improve, becomes more severe, orlasts more than five days, as this may indicate a severecondition. Use of the device on the following skin conditions maycause a condition to become worse. Do not use the deviceover, or in proximity to, these skin conditions: abnormalskin, skin that is not intact, uncleaned, unhealthy, openwounds, rashes, swollen, red, infected, inflamed areas,skin eruptions, or cancerous lesions. Electrical stimulation during common activities mayincrease the risk of injury. Do not use the device when inthe bath or shower, sleeping, driving, operating ofmachinery or any activity in which electrical stimulationcan put you at risk of injury. Do not use the device on children or let children handlethe device. Do not use this device if you are pregnant, orsuspect that you are pregnant, unless under the directionof your physician. Do not apply the device across yourhead.PRECAUTIONS Using the device when you have suspected or diagnosedepilepsy or heart disease may cause unexpectedreactions. Always consult your physician before using thedevice.WARRANTYYour Ultima OTC device is covered by a 1-year,no questions asked warranty against allmanufacturers defects. Call 1-800-239-7880or visit to learn more.

TROUBLESHOOTINGLittle or no impulse output fromelectrodes [the intensity is not felt)Check the contact of leadwires and electrodes.Check the electrodes adhesive quality. If theyloose the adhesive quality, please apply finespray of water to reactivate the adhesiveness.If battery symbols are flashing, replacebatteries.l fJ LTIMA OTCCongratulations on your purchase of theUltima OTC. This innovative technology is asafe, drug-free, and easy to use solution tohelp manage your pain.Read this User Manual carefully before youstart using your Ultima OTC unit.Device does not power onEnsure batteries are inserted correctlyaccording to the indication on batterycompartment. Replace with new batteries.Difficult to attach the pads to the skinDo not use is perspiring. If pads were attachedafter washing, sufficiently dry pads beforeapplying. If the adhesive of the pads is damaged,replace with new pads.The skin turns red or the skin feelsirritatedIf the adhesive pads are dirty, wash adhesivesurface of pads softly with fingertips for underslow running clean water about several seconds.Your therapy time may be too long. Stop usingthe device until skin condition recovers.HOW DOES TENS WORK?TENS [Transcutaneous Electrical NerveStimulaiton) is believed to work bystimulating your own body's natural defenseagainst pain.The unit produces a gentle stimulusthrough the pads normally placed over thearea of pain. This stimulus helps the bodyto produce natural pain relievers calledendorphins.The correct positioning of the pads isimportant. Some people feel immediatebenefit from TENS, however some may onlyachieve benefit after repeated treatmentsessions and over an extended period oftime.

PACKAGE CONTENTSELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEYour Ultima OTC package should containthe following: Ultima OTC TENS Device4 Self Adhesive Electrode PadaLead Wires2 AA BatteriesHOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR DEVICE1 . Remove the battery cover and insert twobatteries inside the battery compartment.Replace the battery cover.2. Decide wether you wish to use the unit withone lead or two. If using two leads, insert thelead wire plugs into both jacks on the device.If using one lead, only insert one plug.ANKLE SPRAINUsing both lead wires, place pads over the topand base of the knee. Avoid placing directly onthe kneecap.

ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEHOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR DEVICE3. Remove the electrodes from the bag andconnect them to the other end of the leads.CALFPlace pads on the calf/leg where you feel pain.There are two placement options as follow:\4. Select your electrode placement location, andthoroughly clean and dry your skin beforepositioning the electrodes. Reccomendedelectrode placement for each preset can befound in the back of this manual.5. Consult the next section to select yourtreatment mode and begin using your device.

DEVICE OPERATION The ON/OFF key is used topower on and off your TENSdevice. When powering on, thedevice intensity always starts atzero.8Use the PROG key to select betweenthe preset treatment programs.They are identified on the devicescreen by arrows pointing to thespecific pain area.foW\PROG The HAND key lets you quickly access the hand treatment preset.r;;:;:;;"\ The BACK key lets you quickly access the lower back treatmentpreset. The FOOT key lets you quickly access the foot treatment preset.Use the UP and DOWN keys toscroll through preset programswithin a specific treatment areacategory.The START/PAUSE key is used tostart or pause your treatmentprogram. The LIGHT key will activatethe backlight on the LCD display.The intensity knobs are located atthe top of your device. Use thesetwo rotary knobs to adjust the levelof treatment intensity for eachindividual channel.ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEKNEE PAINUsing both lead wires, place pads over the topand base of the knee. Avoid placing directly onthe kneecap.

ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEHIP/ THIGHUsing both lead wires, place the pads from onewire either side of the spine, on your lower back.Then place the pads from the second wire, onthe area of pain, on your hip.DEVICE FEATURES1 . When changing presets, the intensity willautomatically be reset to zero.2 . When the unit is powered on, it willautomatically recall the preset used in theprevious treatment session.3 . The two knobs on top of the device controlthe intensity by turning clockwise orcounter-clockwise.4. When the batteries begin to run low, the LCDwill display a flashing battery indicator icon.5. When the device intensity levels are set tozero, and the device has not been in use forfive minutes, the unit will shut offautomatically.TREATMENT SESSIONSTo begin a treatment session, complete thefollowing steps:1 . After you have positioned your electrodes andconnected the leadwires to both your deviceand electrodes, Press the ON 1 OFF key topower on your device.2 . Use the PROG key to select your desiredprogram. You can also use the ARM, BACK,or LEG keys to jump quickly to the programsfor each area. The UP and DOWN keys canbe used to select a sub-program from withinthese categories.

TREATMENT SESSIONS cont.3. Once you have selected your treatmentprogram. press the START I PAUSE key tobegin the program. Use the intensity knobsat the top of the device to slowly increase ordecrease the intensity. Intensity should beincreased until you feel a slight tingle in thetreatment area.4. Once the program reaches the end of itspreset time, the device will reset the outputintensity to zero and end the program. Youcan then choose to run another program, orpower off your device.5. Once your treatment session has ended,remove your electrodes and return them totheir packaging. Refer to the next section forproper electrode care.ELECTRODE PADSThe pads supplied with your Ultima OTC deviceare self-adhesive and can be used several times.Pads should be removed periodically to allowskin to breathe. When not in use, the padsshould be placed onto the clear plastic shield.The condition of the pads does affect theconductivity, and therefore the performance ofthe unit. When the pads initially lose theiradhesive quality, it is possible to reactivate theiradhesivesness by applying a fine spray of water.Once the pads have finally lost their adhesivequality, new pads should be purchased.ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEWRIST PAINYou can use a single channel [CH1 ), place thecouple of electrodes over the area of maximumpain, involving both sides of the wrist.

ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDESHOULDER/ DELTOIDUsing both leads, position electrode pads eitherside of the spine, at the site of pain. Do not placeon the backbone or spine.ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEThe following pages detail each preset program,and include illustrations detailing recommendedelectrode placement for each.Please study the body maps in this guide, whichshow you correct positioning of the electrodesdepending on your symptoms.At the end of each lead wire you will find red andblack adapters. These are cathode and anoderespectively. The following general points aremade for your information:1. More sensation tends to come from the blackadapter [cathode).2. Where applicable place the black adaptercloser to the spinal column; e.g. if the arm isto be treated, place the black adapter higherup the arm than the red adapter.

ELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDEELECTRODE PLACEMENT GUIDELOWER BACKSCIATICAUsing both leads, position electrode pads eitherside of the spine, at the site of pain. Do not placeon the backbone or spine.Using both leads, position electrode pads eitherside of the spine, at the site of pain. Do not placeon the backbone or spine.1N. QzR

5. Once your treatment session has ended, remove your electrodes and return them to their packaging. Refer to the next section for proper electrode care. ELECTRODE PADS The pads supplied with your Ultima OTC device are self-adhesive and can be used several times. Pads